Not-So-Junior Ranger Program

Cover of book with graphic of bear and map. Text reads Journeys at Katmai An Activity Book for Not-So-Junior Rangers

Become a Not-So-Junior Ranger

Journeys at Katmai: An Activity Book for Not-So-Junior Rangers is geared toward young adults and adults. This book delves deeper into Katmai's history and resources on an exploratory journey fit for any National Park fan.

Your journey starts right here. Get your free activity book at the King Salmon and Brooks Camp visitor centers or download it now (26.9 MB file).

You can turn in your book at either the King Salmon or Brooks Camp visitor center to have it checked by a park ranger who will then swear you in as an official Not-So-Junior-Ranger. If you are unable to visit either of these locations, don’t worry; you can mail your book to the park and a ranger will sign your certificate and mail you an official patch that you can wear with pride.

Mail completed books to:

Katmai National Park and Preserve
Division of Interpretation
P.O. Box 7
King Salmon AK 99613

Alternatively, submit completed books electronically by emailing and request your patch.

Be sure to include your mailing address so that we can send your book and patch to you!

If you’re looking for a bonus adventure, use the video below to be officially sworn in by a Katmai National Park Ranger.

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1 minute, 55 seconds

Get sworn in by a Katmai Park Ranger after completing Journeys at Katmai: An Activity Book for Not-So-Junior Rangers.

Last updated: April 20, 2022

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