How to Pack for 10 days in Katmai’s Backcountry

November 02, 2022 Posted by: Makenzie Kutyba

Imagine being dropped off in the wilderness for days at a time with only the essentials. That’s just another day in the life of a Wilderness Ranger.

backcountry gear laid out on the floor

Whatever we pack, it must not only be under maximum weight load, but fit into the plane. Park Pilot, Troy Hamon, is the master of tetris. Available space varies depending on the type of plane used.

Two pictures of people and gear in front of planes

The cook tent not only serves as shelter but can also be used to hang our water filtration system and drying waders.

Two pictures, one looking out of tent, one of waders drying on the outside of a tent

All rangers carry their luxury items… my item of choice is a cribbage board for the tent days when the legendary Katmai Coast weather rolls in.

Two pictures, one of a person pulling games out of a bag and another of dice on the lid of a bear barrel

Whatever we bring, we must consider how length of the schlep to reach our campsite from the plane drop off location.

Three pictures of a person carrying lots of gear

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Last updated: November 2, 2022

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