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Welcome to Kalaupapa National Historical Park!

Kalaupapa National Historical Park is dedicated to preserving the memories and experiences of the people forcibly sent here so that valuable lessons may be learned. The park was established in 1980. The park's mission is to provide a well-maintained community that ensures the present patient-residents of the Kalaupapa Settlement may live out their lives peacefully and comfortably. The park supports education concerning Hansen's disease (leprosy), a disease shrouded in fear and ignorance for many centuries.

Hawai'i State law requires all individuals to secure a permit prior to entering Kalaupapa National Historical Park. Visitor permits can be secured through one of two tour companies:

1.Kekaula Tours LLC / associated with the Mule Ride can arrange and sponsor permits for their clients on a fly-in, mule ride or a hike-in package. Please check their website: or by phone: 808-567-6088.

2.Saint Damien & Mother Marianne Cope Molokai Tours, LLC. can also arrange and sponsor permits for their clients on a fly-in or hike-in package. Please contact by phone: (808) 895-1673.

There is only one airline currently providing commuter flights to/from Kalaupapa:
Mokulele Airlines, please call (866) 260-7070 or visit

In addition to the strictly limited access to Kalaupapa National Historical Park, please be aware of several critical pieces of information before planning your visit.

  • Persons under 16 years of age are not permitted to visit Kalaupapa.
  • There are no medical facilities at Kalaupapa. Any emergency medical response can take hours and may require a helicopter flight to Oahu or Maui.
  • There are no dining or shopping facilities available at Kalaupapa. Guests of residents need to bring their own food and sundry supplies, and plan on taking their trash with them when they leave. Snacks and soft drinks are available to visitors at the local bar.
  • Photography of patient-residents and their property is strictly prohibited without their express written permission.
  • The 3.5 mile trail to the park is extremely steep and challenging with uneven surfaces. Rock and mudslides on the trail are common. Hiking the trail is physically demanding and careful consideration should be given to your physical fitness level before beginning the hike. Read more about trail safety here.
  • Overnight accommodations are available only to guests of residents.

For additional information about planning your visit, refer to our Basic Information page.

Last updated: August 9, 2021

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