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Kalaupapa is an extremely isolated place, surrounded on three sides by ocean and two-thousand foot cliffs on the fourth. Consequently, there is no road access into the peninsula. Kalaupapa cannot be reached by automobile and there are presently no food and beverage services. Furthermore, once you are down in Kalaupapa, there are no medical services. Be prepared that in inclement weather or potential other challenges, it is possible that getting out of Kalaupapa will not be feasible. Due to this, it is suggested that upon a visit to Kalaupapa, you should bring any needed medications and even some extra food. To get to the park visitors must travel by one of the following methods:

By Air

The park can be reached by air from O'ahu, and Ho'olehua, Molokai. Scheduled small aircraft serve Kalaupapa Airport (LUP) daily from Oa'hu through:

Makani Kai Air (877.255.8532 toll free)

Mokulele Air (877.260.7070 toll free)


By Mule

Descend the 2,000 foot sea-cliffs riding on the back of a sure-footed Molokai mule. Contact Molokai Mule Ride (808.567.6088) for information about rates, reservations, and visitor permits.


By Foot

The trail to Kalaupapa descends 26 switchbacks with a nearly 2,000 foot elevation change over 3.5 miles. The trail is considered strenuous. Hiking the trail is physically demanding and careful consideration should be given to your physical fitness level before beginning the hike. Trail conditions can be wet and muddy in the winter and hot and humid in the summer. Footing can be slippery. A rain jacket is recommended as well as a brimmed hat and sunscreen. Visitors who hike the trail should carry plenty of water.

At the bottom of the trail, visitors must connect with a commercial tour, either Kekaula Tour ( or 808 5676088) or Saint Damien & Marianne Cope Molokai Tours, LLC. (808) 895-1673. Both tours are owned and operated by Kalaupapa patient-residents. The tours both offer visitors a tour of the Kalaupapa and Kalawao Settlements.

By Boat

It is prohibited to come within 1/4 mile of the Kalaupapa shoreline. Access by boat within the quarter mile offshore park boundary requires a special use permit. For more information regarding this offshore closure please contact Kalaupapa National Historical Park or the State Department of Health at Kalaupapa.

Last updated: July 2, 2019

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