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To learn more about the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail, we have provided a list of suggested books and media.

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Many Worlds: Native Life Along the Anza Trail

Text by Katherine Brumage, Illustrations by Mona Caron

A children's activity book featuring stickers and puzzles. Explore the past and present of California Indian life along the Anza Trail, from the Sonoran Desert in Mexico to San Francisco. Use colorful stickers, your favorite markers and pencils, and, of course, your imagination to guide a Chumash canoe through a maze to the Channel Islands, read an Ajachemem star story, identify traditional Kumeyaay foods, learn to count in Quechan, and much more.

Publisher: Heyday (2012)
ISBN 978-1597141673


The Anza Expedition 1775-1776 (DVD)

In 1775, Captain Juan Bautista de Anza began an epic expedition that would change history. His expedition made the difficult 1200 mile trek from Tubec, Arizona, to San Francisco. This is the story of that expedition (in Spanish and English).

Producer: Western National Parks Association (2012)
ISBN: 9781583691472


Discovering Early California Afro-Latino Presence

by Damany M. Fisher

Although it is not generally apparent from paintings and other depictions of early California, many members of the pioneering Anza expeditions and Spanish California's most prominent families were of mixed race-Hispanic, Indian, and African. At a time when slavery was still legal in the United States, these Afro-Latinos made major contributions to early California. They were landowners, soldiers, judges, governors, and patriarchs of some of the state's most influential families. They opened up trails, led rebellions, and established ranchos and pueblos that would become the basis for many of today's cities.

Publisher: Heyday (2010)
ISBN: 978-1597141451


Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail

by Donald T. Garate

A 16-page booklet about the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail, written by Don Garate, Anza historian and re-enactor.

Publisher: Western National Parks Association (2009)
ISBN: 9781877856440


The Anza Trail and the Settling of California

by Vladimir Guerrero

With original translations, fresh commentary, and fifteen new trail maps, this book synthesizes firsthand documents and diaries from the expeditions to illuminate and bring to life this important but little-known chapter in the history of the American West.

Publisher: Heyday (2006)
ISBN: 1-59714-026-0


A Guide to the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail

(Antepasados Volume XI - 2005) - This publication was one of the Anza Trail Challenge Cost Share projects in 2005 and produced through Los Californianos. Greg Bernal-Mendoza Smestad, Ph.D. traveled the entire Anza Trail in Arizona and California to write this guide. Each section covers a county along the trail and provides maps, driving directions, hiking/biking suggestions, historical background, sites of interest, and a CD with music, sounds, and interviews. This Anza Trail Guide is availabe on-line at

To purchase a black and white paperback version contact: Los Californianos, c/o Maurice and Marcy Bandy, 4002 St. James Place, San Diego, CA 92103-1630, or visit

ISBN 0-9651592-7-2


Tracing Anza’s Trail: A Photographer’s Journey

In this book, anthropologist and award-winning photographer, Nina Egert, Ph.D., combines her stunning images of the trail today with excerpts from the explorers’ diaries to relay a different sort of story about Anza’s and Font’s insights and struggles as they negotiate the landscape before them.

For more information, visit
Send orders to: P.O. Box 42, Canyon, CA 94516


Native People, the Anza Expedition, and the Settlement of California

This publication was one of the Anza Trail Challenge Cost Share projects in 2008 and produced through Heyday Institute. It reveals the perspectives of individual contemporary native people and their understanding or beliefs of the 1776 Anza Expedition, as well as its impact on native California. It is a supplement in the fall quarterly issue of the magazine News from Native California (Vol. 22, No. 1, Fall 2008).

For information about "News from Native California," visit or call (510) 549-3564.This pamphlet can also be viewed in the History & Culture section of the website on the People webpage.

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