Illustration of hundreds of people and horses leaving a mission in Tubac
Anza Expedition leaving Tubac

Cal Peters

Anza Expedition Members

Who went on the 1775-76 expedition?

  • More than 240 colonists, including 30 soldiers, their wives, and more than 100 children
  • Eight women were pregnant at the outset of the journey
  • The colonists were an ethnically diverse mix of Native American, European, and African heritage
  • The expedition also included:
    • Vaqueros, muleteers, servants, and Native American guides
    • Juan Bautista de Anza, the expedition lead
    • Father Pedro Font, the expedition chaplain
    • 1,000 head of livestock, including cattle, horses, and mules

Attendee Names & Ages

The following list is adapted and does not include the Native American guides, vaqueros, mulateers, servants, and other members of the Anza Expedition of 1775-76 (including Father Font and Anza himself). We welcome your input and additional research you may have conducted to help us improve this list.
Members of the Expedition
Soldiers and Their Families Age
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    Last updated: June 12, 2024

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