An Expedition of Change

An Expedition of Change - High School World Geography: The curriculum lesson plan has three components and culminates with students developing a tour based on the Anza Trail Google Earth file. Lesson One and Three are conducted in the classroom. Lesson Two is an outdoor component and can be conducted during a neighborhood walk, trail hike, or on the school grounds.

The list below includes the lesson plan, each lesson, all the lessons together in one file titled "Entire Curriculum," and a link to the Anza Trail Google Earth file.

Lesson Plan

Lesson One - Immigration, Geographer Tools, Spanish Colonialism, Resouces list

Lesson Two - Trail Exploration, Trail Safety Guidelines, Student Trail Worksheet, Compass & Topo Map Activities, Teacher Trail Summary

Lesson Three - Google Earth Tour Project

Entire Curriculum - All lesson files

Anza Trail Google Earth file (for further instructions, visit the Anza Trail Park Home page)

Last updated: February 22, 2018

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