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Wayside Guide

Anza Trail Wayside Exhibit Style Guide (2014)

Provides partners a framework for developing effective and engaging wayside exhibits to interpret their sites along the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail. Download the style guide at the link above or view the online version.

Wayside Exhibit templates in Adobe InDesign are available upon request.

Santa Cruz County Wayfinding Report cover

Wayfinding & Wayside Interpretation Plan for Santa Cruz County, AZ

Wayfinding and Wayside signage plan for Santa Cruz County, Arizona, to highlight the Anza Recreation Trail.

Anza Trail 2016 Action Plan

Action Plan for 2016: Mission, Goals, and Strategies (2012)

Prepared by Anza Trail staff in 2012, this document summarizes staff goals and strategies through 2016, the National Park Service centennial year.

Engagement and Outreach Plan

Engagement and Outreach Plan (2011)

An action plan for engagement and outreach prepared for the Anza Trail in 2011.

LRIP Cover

Long Range Interpretive Plan (2003)

Anza Trail staff, volunteers, and partners contributed to the development of this plan as a guide for interpretive services and products along the trail. The interpretive themes in this document describe the essence of what the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail is. The themes hold true in some degree for each segment of the trail. Through an understanding of these themes, visitors develop an appreciation for the trail's significance and make the connection to the trail that fosters stewardship.

Cover of Anza Trail 1996 Comprehensive Management and Use Plan

Comprehensive Management and Use Plan (1996)

This plan responds to the congressional designation of the trail and the requirements of the National Trail System Act, as amended. This document identifies issues and concerns surrounding the management of the Anza Trail.

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