The South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club Members:

Edward Jay Allen
Dewitt Clinton "D.W.C." Bidwell
F.T. Bissell
James W. Brown
Hilary B. Brunot
John Caldwell, Jr.
Andrew Carnegie
Thomas Carnegie
C. A. Carpenter
John Weakley Chalfant
James A. Chambers
George H. Christy
Thomas S. Clarke
Charles John Clarke
Louis Semple Clarke
A.C. Crawford
William T. Dunn
Cyrus Elder
Daniel R. Euwer
John King Ewing
Aaron French
Henry Clay Frick
Dr. Walter Franklin Fundenburg
R.C. Gray
A. G. Harmes
John A. Harper, Sr.
John A. Harper, Jr.
Howard Hartley
Henry Holdship
Americus Vespucius Holmes
Durbin Horne
George Franklin Huff
John D. Hunt
Christopher Curtis "C.C." Hussey
Mrs. Harriet Hussey, widow of C.C. Hussey
Lewis Irwin
John B. Jackson
George W. Jope
Philander Chase Knox
Frank B. Laughlin
John Jacob "J.J." Lawrence
John G.A. Leishman
Jesse H. Lippincott
Sylvester Stephen "S.S." Marvin
Francis "Frank" Thompson McClintock
Oliver McClintock
Walter Lowrie McClintock
James S. McCord
James McGregor
William Ambrose "W.A." McIntosh
Henry Sellers McKee
Andrew Mellon
Edward A. Meyers
Reuben Miller
Maxwell K. Moorhead
Daniel J. Morrell
William Mullens/Mullins
Henry Patton
Duncan Clinch Phillips
Henry Phipps, Jr.
Robert Pitcairn
Dr. David Nevin Rankin
Samuel Rea
William Rea
James Hay Reed
George Brooke Roberts
Benjamin Franklin Ruff
Marvin Frisbee Scaife
James M. Schoonmaker
James Ernest Schwartz
Frank Semple
Christian Bernard Shea
Moses Bedell Suydam
F. H. Sweet
W. C. Taylor
Benjamin Thaw
Colonel Elias J. Unger
Calvin Wells
Oliver F. "O.F." Wharton
James B. White
John F. Wilcox
James Hays Willock
Joseph R. Woodwell
William K. Woodwell
Henry C. "Harry" Yeager

Last updated: May 20, 2019

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