Permits & Reservations

Contact the park superintendent well in advance to discuss possible permit or authorizations requirements to allow for sufficient time to process the application.

Special Park Use Permits

Permits are required for some activities such as night sky photography, weddings and other ceremonies, meetings, gatherings, memorializations such as the scattering of ashes from human cremations, and other activities that are otherwise controlled or prohibited. Fees may be charged for many of these permitted activities.

Commercial Use Authorizations

Authorization is required before conducting any commercial business activity within the park. The first step is to complete a Commercial Use Authorization Application. Additional forms needed to complete the process include the Acknowledgement of Risk Form and the Annual Report Form.

Wildlife Transportation

Wildlife legally taken outside of John Day Fossil Beds National Monument may be transported through the park in a vehicle but does require a free permit. Please contact the park for more information.

Research Permits

Researchers who wish to study in the monument (paleontology, geology, history, biology, air quality, water, or any other research) must apply for a permit issued by the monument's research coordinator. See the Visiting Researchers page for information that researchers need to know before submitting a request. If a permit is issued, only then can scientific work be conducted in the monument. Permits will only be issued to bonafide research institutions that have submitted proposals well in advance.
A ranger shows a skull to two seated boys.

Reservations for Educational Groups

If your educational group wants to participate in the park's education program, Ranger led education programs are available without cost for K-12 school groups, college classes, and continuing education groups by reservation only. Educational materials are also available for groups who cannot visit the park.

Last updated: July 10, 2018

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