Fire Safety

Be Aware of Fire Dangers

Summer is a dry time of year in Eastern Oregon and the highest visitation months are also the peak of wildfire season. Whether accidental or intentional, people start wildfires every year in Oregon which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to suppress and endanger lives and natural resources.

Visit the Skip Navigation LinksOregon Department of Forestry for current fire restrictions.

A ranger walks on a trail through the aftermath of a fire. Blackened earth dominates the right side of the photo.
A ranger looks at the damage along a trail after a fire.

NPS Photo

Do your part to prevent wildfires:

  • Prevent Vehicle-Caused Wildfire: Stay on designated roads and never park or drive over dry grass. The exterior of your exhaust system can reach temperatures up to 2800F and vegetation could gather on top of your exhaust system causing it to ignite. Your hot engine can act like a match!
  • Cigarette Fires: Make sure all burning materials are put out properly, and never discard your cigarette butts on the ground! If they’re cold – they’re litter; if they’re still burning, they can start a wildfire!
  • Campfires: During fire season, June through mid-September, campfires are not allowed in Eastern Oregon. Know if it is legal to have a campfire. On federal lands, abandoned campfires are the number one source of human-caused wildfires. For more information on fire prevention and current fire restrictions, visit
  • Fireworks: Remember that fireworks are always illegal on public lands.

Last updated: December 8, 2017

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