Directions & Transportation

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument is located in rural Oregon. It can only be reached by road.

The Sheep Rock Unit is located between the towns of Dayville and Kimberly. The Thomas Condon Visitor Center is on Highway 19, two miles north of the junction with Highway 26. The Cant Ranch Museum is slightly north of the Visitor Center on the opposite side of the road. Trails and picnic areas are also available in the unit.

The Painted Hills Unit is located 9 miles northwest of of the town of Mitchell. Three miles west of Mitchell, turn north on Burnt Ranch Road from Highway 26. Travel six miles up Burnt Ranch Road and turn left onto Bear Creek Road to enter the monument. There is no visitor center at this unit, but there is a picnic area as well as several trails.

The Clarno Unit is located on Highway 218 between the towns of Fossil and Antelope. There is no visitor center at this unit, but there is a picnic area as well a few trails.

The Grant County People Mover runs from Bend to John Day a few times each week with stops in local towns. However, it does not go to any of the three units of the monument.


Distances & Driving Time Between Park Units

Sheep Rock Unit to Painted Hills Unit - 45 mi. (1 hour)
Painted Hills Unit to Clarno Unit - 75 mi. (1 hour 30 minutes)
Clarno Unit to Sheep Rock Unit - 81 mi. (2 hours)

Scenic Bikeways

Many stretches of Highways 26, 19, 207, and 402 are Oregon Scenic Bikeways. Share the road as you travel to the 3 units of the park.

Gasoline and Diesel Fuel

It is now legal to pump your own gas in rural Oregon; however, many of the gas stations in the area do not have pumps capable of self-pay. Thus, it can still be extremely difficult to get fuel after hours. Please note that some gas stations may not be open 7 days per week or may have varying hours.

Last updated: January 27, 2023

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