List of amphibians found at John Day Fossil Beds

Image of a Long Toed salamander.
Long Toed salamanders are the only salamanders found in the park.

Al St.John

Class Amphibia
Order Caudata
Family Ambystomidae [Mole Salamanders]
Ambystoma macrodactylum – Long-toed Salamander
Habitat: Variety of habitats, semi-arid sagebrush, moist forested
areas and meadows.
Order Salientia
Family Ranidae [True Frogs]
Rana pipiensNorthern Leopard Frog
Habitat: Freshwater sites with heavy vegetation, brackish marshes and
moist field.
Rana pretiosa – Spotted Frog
Habitat: Mountainous areas near cold streams and lakes.
Family Bufonidae [Toads]
Bufo boreas – Western Toad
Habitat: Near springs, streams, meadows and woodlands.
Family Hylidae [Tree Frogs]
Hyla regillaPacific Tree Frog
Habitat: On the ground among shrubs and grass close to water.

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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