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Junior Ranger gold badge for John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

Junior Ranger

John Day Fossil Beds Junior Ranger badges are awarded to those who visit the park and complete the appropriate number of activities in the Junior Ranger booklet. Learn more about being a Junior Ranger at John Day Fossil Beds!


When you become a WebRanger, you can customize your own ranger station, hike trails, earn rewards, and play games! For kids of all ages.

Two children and an adult enjoy coloring, stamping, and learning together while seated at a table in the Junior Ranger room of the visitor center.
Drawing and coloring in the classroom is fun for the whole family.

Coloring Pages

Print Your Own Coloring Pages of John Day Fossil Beds. For kids of all ages.

Image of young visitors watching a paleontologist work in the lab.
The laboratory viewing window allows visitors to watch the paleontologists at work.

Last updated: January 9, 2018

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