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Interested in volunteering? John Day Fossil Beds National Monument is always looking for qualified volunteers to assist park staff. Below are position descriptions and some logistics that potential volunteers need to know about ahead of time.

Like most parks, the monument's volunteer program is not able to offer payment or stipend, and there is no housing provided by the park.

RV/Trailer Pads - For some positions below that involve more than 30 hours per week of work, reimbursement for the cost of a trailer pad with hook-ups (water, sewer, and electric) could be covered if funds are available. Volunteers that stay in the area need to provide their own personal transportation between the monument and where they are staying.

Most positions are located at the Sheep Rock Unit of the monument, and many of the positions are seasonal in nature. All volunteers must complete required training for the NPS, the monument, and the job. Most positions require background checks. All volunteers are expected to wear NPS VIP identification (such as a badge or pin) and volunteers who have regular contact with the public may be required to wear a volunteer uniform; uniforms and identification will be provided by the park. Full job descriptions are available for positions listed below.

Questions? Want to apply? Email the Volunteer Coordinator or call (541) 987-2333.


Current Volunteer Opportunities


Visitor Services

Interpretation & Education Volunteer: The Interpretation & Education Volunteer opportunity is available during the spring through fall months, and involves helping to staff the Thomas Condon Visitor Center and/or the Cant Ranch Historical Museum at the Sheep Rock Unit of the monument.

The volunteer will answer visitor questions, operate AV equipment and a cash register, and may choose to develop formal or informal interpretive programs or work on other interpretive projects. The volunteer may also hike on this unit's five miles of trails to monitor conditions, greet visitors, and note needed repairs.

Knowledge and interest in history, geology, biology, and/or paleontology is desired. Each volunteer's tenure will last a minimum of one month.

Painted Hills Pals: We need volunteers to hike and/or monitor trails and report any safety or resource concerns. Volunteers would greet visitors and give brief presentations on the exhibits, answer visitor questions, and provide basic orientation information on the monument and the region. The volunteer may also rove trails and other outdoor visitor areas to contact visitors and check on trails, exhibits, and facilities. The volunteer will wear identification as a volunteer for the National Park Service. You may also reach out to the park for any questions by email or phone 541-987-2333.


Natural Resource Management

Resource Management Assistant: This position consists primarily of fieldwork and is seasonal in nature. Volunteer duties include recognizing and mapping non-native species. Volunteer works with NPS employees to remove non-native plants, add protection screens around young riparian plants, and help accomplish other similar tasks. The volunteer may also collect data on park plant species, including prescribed fire effects on vegetation.



Paleontology Assistant: Volunteer Paleontology Assistants are accepted by referral only and must possess skill in working with irreplaceable, extremely fragile fossil specimens and familiarity with basic field or laboratory tools, materials, and methods. Paleo certification through a museum or other organization is desirable.

The Paleo Assistant aids park paleontology staff or permitted researchers in activities related to field paleontology, which may include: prospecting for vertebrate, invertebrate, plant, or trace fossils; collecting of loose or out-of-context material; consolidation and recording of in-situ fossil material; collecting geological samples for scientific study; and assisting park staff in the excavation of in-situ fossils. Alternatively, the volunteer may help park staff with laboratory and museum activities, which may include removing matrix and preparing specimens for display or study; washing and labeling specimens; casting and molding; data entry; and using proper techniques for moving specimens from one curatorial space to another.

All JODA Paleontology volunteers will work under the direct supervision of a NPS paleontology staff member and must be approved by the Chief Paleontologist. All volunteers must follow established safety procedures for lab activities, fieldwork, and museum work. Familiarity with basic field or laboratory tools, materials, and methods is desired.

The volunteer should possess the endurance to hike moderate distances over uneven ground in hot, dry conditions as well as the ability to carry approximately 40 pounds of gear or specimens for varying distances.



Maintenance Assistant: The volunteer Maintenance Assistant supports the Maintenance division by completing agreed upon tasks or projects, which may include trailwork, groundswork, housekeeping/cleaning, painting, carpentry, or other activities. The length of service will depend on the nature of the project and will be agreed upon in advance between the volunteer and the supervisor.

The monument will provide tools and personal protective equipment; the volunteer must provide his/her own water bottles, packs, gear, and clothing and footwear appropriate to working conditions.

Last updated: October 30, 2022

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