These video presentations are to inform and educate the historical and cultural significance that embodies
Gateway Arch National Park.


Watch the 360° version of Night Sky Heritage at Gateway Arch National Park
The Missouri Chapter of the International Dark-Sky Association (“IDA Missouri”) is pleased to announce the release of a virtual reality film entitled “Night Sky Heritage at the Gateway National Park”. The eight-minute, immersive experience provides a 360-degree panoramic view of the night sky above the grounds of the Gateway Arch National Park.

Please note this version does not have audio description. Closed Captioning can be turned on. Use your mouse to click and drag to get the full 360° effect.

Park Video Series

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Ranger Kathy Presents: Virginia Louisa Minor
A look into the life of one of America's first leaders in the stuggle for Women's Rights.

Ranger Don Sings Songs of the Past
"Musical Ranger Don" sings and explains the meanings behind some historical songs that you will probably recognize.

The Percy Green Interview
Ranger Chanda and Shaniqua Jones of Gateway Arch Foundation interview activist Percy Green about his involvement in the protest at the Gateway Arch on July 14, 1964. This year 2020 marks the 56th anniversary of the protest.


Ask The Ranger Video Series
Many frequently asked questions about the Gateway Arch and the park are answered by a National Park Ranger.


Last updated: November 16, 2023

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