What You Can Do?

infected firewood
Infected firewood.

Troy Kimoto, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Canada

National Parks, forests and urban neighborhoods are threatened by EAB and other nonnative insects that can kill large numbers of trees. You can help protect the park's White Ash "Rosehill Ash" tree population and wooded areas throughout the country by not moving firewood.

EABCaution sign
  1. Leave firewood at home
  2. At campgrounds or parks, use firewood from local sources
  3. If you have moved firewood, be sure to burn it all before leaving your campsite.

Additional ways you can help:
Don't plant ash trees
Learn to identify infestations (in Missouri call 866-716-9974)

Rosehill Ash on Arch grounds
Rosehill ash trees align main walkways on Arch grounds.

Sue Ford/NPS

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Last updated: April 10, 2015

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