Oral History Project

The JNEM Oral History Project is a collection of interviews of former JNEM employees and others who have played an important role in the history of the Gateway Arch or the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. Most interviews were conducted by JNEM Historian Bob Moore. Both audiotapes and transcriptions of the interviews are available in the JNEM park library.

An asterisk (*) following an entry indicates either the audiotape or its transcription is not yet available in the library.

Allen, Norris, Lawyer at OCH in the 1920s.

Baer, Howard, St. Louis businessman and civic leader.

Barr, J. Henderson, Member of the Saarinen design team.*

Bauman, G. Duncan, St. Louis Globe-Democrat publisher.

Blackburn, Robert, Aide to Mayor Raymond Tucker.*

Bowser, Dick, Inventor of the Arch Transportation System.

Boyle, Terry, Landscape Architect from Dan Kiley Office.*

Breitenstein, Harry, JNEM maintenance employee.*

Breun, Ray, Executive Director of JNEHA.

Brown, LeRoy, Superintendent of JNEM, 1965-1968, and 1974-1975.

Burley, Bob, Architect with Eero Saarinen and Associates. *

Chandler, Bob, Superintendent of JNEM, 1975-1979.

Connelly, George P., Laborer on the Arch project. *

Deaton, Neal, Designer of animal exhibits, Museum of Westward Expansion.

Detmers, Bruce, Architect with Saarinen and Associates.

Dickmann, Tom, Worked on Arch construction.

Doll, Janet, JNEM Superintendent's secretary, 1970s and 1980s. *

Donnell, John, Secretary to William D'Arcy of JNEMA.*

Dorris, George and Andy, Grandsons of George P. Dorris, inventor and auto manufacturer.

Dorris, Preston, Son of George P. Dorris, inventor and auto manufacturer.

Everhart, William, Historian at JNEM, 1959-1962.

Ferrara, Peter, Lawyer, handled cases in OCH, 1935-1940. *

Fleishman, Alfred, Founder of Fleishman-Hillard, Inc. *

Frumkin, Herman, Engineer for Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel. *

Gruber, Howard, Engineer who supervised demolition of riverfront buildings, 1939-1942.

Guggenheim, Charles, Filmmaker who created film Monument to the Dream.

Hall, George H., Newspaper reporter who covered the Arch story.

Hartzog, George, Superintendent of JNEM, 1959-1962; Director of NPS, 1964-1972.

Holland, John, Landscape architect; laid out and supervised construction of JNEM landscape.

Kelly, Robert, JNEM Chief of Maintenance, 1975-1993.*

Kiley, Dan, Landscape architect; member of the original Saarinen design team.

Knox, Russ, Oiler on cranes used in railroad relocation; worked on early erection of Arch.*

Lammert, Warren, President of JNEMA.

Lewis, Ralph, Museum exhibit designer with NPS; JNEM staff 1940-1946.

Lovelace, Eldridge, Landscape architect with Harland Bartholomew; worked on Arch.

Mardirosian, Aram, Designer of the Museum of Westward Expansion.

Martin, Malcom, Lawyer and booster of expansion of JNEM to the East Side.

Mayberry, Mike, Worked on landscape construction in 1970s. *

Minner, Joe, MacDonald Construction Co.; wrote winning bids for Arch construction. *

Murphy, Dan, Interpretive Supervisor at JNEM, late 1970s. *

Murphy, Jim, Sheet metal worker; installed HVAC system at the top of Arch, 1966-1968. *

Peterson, Charles E., Historic Architect; JNEM employee, 1936-1941.

Pfanz, Harry W., JNEM Superintendent, 1968-1971.

Phillips, Frank, Contract Supervisor, Museum of Westward Expansion, 1974-1976.*

Quigley, Bill, Creeper derrick operator, Arch construction. *

Rennison, Ted, Arch project inspector for Eero Saarinen and Associates.

Roche, Kevin, Architect and partner of Eero Saarinen.

Ronscavage, John, Landscape architect; laid out and supervised construction of JNEM landscape.

Saarinen, Susan, Daughter of architect Eero Saarinen.

Schober, Jerry, Superintendent of JNEM, 1979-1991.

Schmitt, James C., Aide to Mayor Raymond

Sheehan, Tom and Ann, Stepdaughter of Mayor Bernard Dickmann. *

Smith, Christine Ely, Granddaughter of attorney and civic leader Luther Ely Smith. *

Stone, Deryl B., Chief of Law Enforcement and Safety at JNEM, 1989-1998.

Torrini, Rudolph, Sculptor of statue of 5th Infantry Bugler, Museum of Westward Expansion. *

Tucker, John T., Son of Mayor Raymond Tucker. *

Vacho, Pierre, Editor of the film Monument to the Dream.*

Wittcoff, Raymond H., Real estate developer; owned KMOX building. *

Wood, Sue Ann, Reporter who closely covered the Arch story for St. Louis Globe-Democrat and St. Louis Post-Dispatch. *

Wright, Arthur, President of Downtown St. Louis, Inc. *

Please ask the librarian for current information regarding the JNEM Oral History Project.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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