Audio-Visual Collection


1. The American West

2. Authentic Representation: The Problem of Transmitting Cultural Messages

3. The Boy Who Made Dragonfly

4. Catch the Whisper Of The Wind

5. The Civil War

6. Fourth Kentucky Regimental Band

7. Go West: The Songs And Music of the Oregon Trail

8. Griessman Live; Lessons Learned From High Achievers

9. History Alive Through Music; America: 1750-1890 - The Heart Of A New Land

10. History Alive Through Music: Westward Ho! The Heart Of The Old West

11. How to Coach an Effective Team; Leadership That Counts

12. How To Deal With Difficult People

13. Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains

14. Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Brochure

15. Keepers of the Animals; Native American Animal Stories

16. Keepers of The Earth; Native American Stories

17. Mr. Jefferson's Music

18. Musical Memories of Laura Ingalls Wilder

19. Old-Time Cowboy Songs

20. Old-Time Gathering

21. The Sound of Your Voice

22. St. Louis Stories

23. Stories At The Tipi; Live at Wheelright Museum With Joe Hayes

24. Thinking Outside the Lines: Power Thinking for the 21st Century

25. Touch the Past

26. Tourists and Tourism, Why We Travel

27. Twenty-One Days To Self Discovery


1. Access to Parks and Recreation: Disabled People Speak

2. Accessibility Awareness Workshop NPS

3. Accessibility Awareness Workshop (JNEM)

4. Adventures of the Old West: Frontier Justice: The Law and the Lawless

5. Adventures of the Old West: Great Chiefs at the Crossroads

6. Adventures of the Old West: Pioneers and the Promised Land

7. Adventures of the Old West: Scouts in the Wilderness

8. Adventures of the Old West: Texas Cowboys and the Trail Drives

9. Adventures of the Old West: The 49ers and the California Gold Rush

10. African American Heroes of World War II

11. Africans in America (series) parts 1-4

12. Alaska's National Parklands

13. America by Air; Treasures of the West

14. America's Battlegrounds

15. America's Great Indian Leaders

16. America's Great Indian Nations

17. America the Beautiful

18. Anasazi; Hisatsinom-The Ancient Ones

19. Antiques Roadshow-St. Louis, Mo.

20. The Arch; A Silver Celebration

21. Arch Construction Archive Footage

22. Arch Music for St. Louis

23. The Arch - What Might Have Been

24. Articulate Space: The Architectural Heritage of St. Louis

25. Ash Hollow State Historical Park

26. At Journey's End

27. Bandelier National Monument

28. Basic Art Handling

29. Bent's Old Fort

30. Beyond Eden's Gate

31. Big Bend; America's Last Primitive Frontier

32. Biological Diversity Curriculum Video

33. Bison Brain-Tanning and Tipi Making

34. Black History and Freedom School

35. Black History Lecture Series, 1991: Part One

36. Black History Lecture Series, 1991: Part Two

37. Blacks in the West (Lecture)

38. Booker T. Washington: Life and Legacy

39. Broken Rainbow

40. The Buffalo Soldiers

41. Buffalo Soldiers at The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

42. Buffalo Soldiers, Black Cowboys and Mountain Men

43. Buffalo Soldiers West

44. Cahokia Mounds: Ancient Metropolis

45. Camping; A Video Guide to Our National Parks. Vol. 1

46. Camping; A Video Guide to Our National Parks. Vol. 2

47. Camping; A Video Guide to Our National Parks. Vol. 3

48. Canyon Voices

49. Carver: Man of Vision

50. Charles M. Russell: An American Artist

51. Churches and Synagogues (St. Louis Chronicles)

52. Civil War Generals: Ulysses S. Grant

53. The Civil War on Inland Waters (with Ed Bearss)

54. Colonel Robert Campbell: Mountain Man to Millionaire

55. The Colorado: Secrets at the Source

56. Come Join Us: A Recruitment Video for Volunteers In Parks

57. Construction Film - Gateway Arch

58. Continental Cablevision Presents Black History

59. Contrasts: The Weapons, Dress and Gear of the Plains Indians Warrior and the U.S. Cavalryman of the 1870s

60. Culture Shock: Fire Protection for Historic and Cultural Property

61. Dakota Conflict

62. Dan Kiley Visits JNEM

63. Dedication of George Hartzog Visitors Center at JNEM

64. Demolition Film - Gateway Arch

65. Desert Song: Natural History of the Mojave Desert

66. Disabled Museum Visitors: Part of Your General Public

67. KETC-TV. Disaster! The St. Louis Chronicles

68. Diversity; Voices of Youth

69. Docents On Tour

70. The Donner Party: A Documentary Film

71. Dred Scott Trial Reenactment

72. Earthquake Preparedness

73. Easy Access National Parks

74. ECS: A Supervisor's Alternative

75. Educating Gifted Children

76. Effective Performance Management

77. Ella Mae Blackbear; Cherokee Basketmaker

78. Employee Awareness Training

79. Employee Drug Testing Program (U.S. Department of The Interior)

80. The End: The Career of George Hartzog

81. Entrances to the Past: Accessibility and Historic Preservation

82. An Evening with Abraham Lincoln

83. Everyone's Welcome: Universal Access in Museums

84. First Road West the Oregon Trail Through Wyoming

85. Flood Watch '93

86. For The Long Run

87. Fort Caspar; Gateway to The North Platte

88. Fort Phil Kearney; The Hated Post On The Little Piney

89. Frederick Douglass

90. Frederick Douglass: An American Life

91. Freedom Rising

92. The Freeman Tilden Award...A Decade Of Excellence

93. Furniture Care and Maintenance

94. The Gateway Arch: National and Local Coverage of the 25th Anniversary 1990

95. Gateway Arch - The Silver Anniversary

96. Gateway Art

97. Gateway to the West

98. George Hartzog Roast (Tape One)

99. George Hartzog Roast (Tape Two)

100. Geronimo and the Apache Resistance

101. Geysers of Yellowstone

102. The Gold Rush

103. Golden Spike

104. Goldminers Out West

105. The Grace Lewis Miller Collection (Lecture)

106. Grammar For Business Professionals: Punctuation

107. Grammar For Business Professionals: Sentence Structure

108. Grammar For Business Professionals: Spelling & Usage

109. The Great Flood of '93

110. Great Plains

111. Harriet Tubman

112. A&E Biography: Harry S Truman

113. Hidden Treasures of America's National Parks

114. A Higher Standard

115. Historic Landscape Directory

116. History and Mission of the National Park Service

117. A History of Slavery in America

118. History of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

119. A History of the Old Courthouse (St. Louis, MO.)

120. Hopi, Songs of the Fourth World.

121. Housekeeping For Historic Sites

122. How the West Was Lost: Volume 1

123. How the West Was Lost: Volume 2

124. How the West Was Lost: Volume 3

125. I Will Fight No More Forever

126. Immigration Experience: St. Louisans Remember

127. The Internet For Everybody

128. Interpretation in The National Park Service (With Dan Murphy)

129. Into the Circle (Of The Powwow): An Introduction to Oklahoma Powwows and Celebrations

130. It's in Your Hands

131. JNEM Western History Program at the National Park Service 75th Anniversary Symposium

132. Johnstown Memorial: Black Friday

133. Keep Your Face to The Sunshine: University City, Missouri

134. Kids Explore America's National Parks

135. The Last Cowboys

136. Last Stand at Little Big Horn

137. Learning Disabilities Lecture

138. Lessons Learned From High Achievers

139. Lewis and Clark Expedition

140. Lewis and Clark Puppet Show

141. Lewis and Clark Trail

142. Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery (Ken Burns film)

143. Life and Times Of Buffalo Bill Cody

144. Lincoln: I Want To Finish This Job (Part 3)

145. Lincoln: Now He Belongs to the Ages (Part 4)

146. Lincoln: The Making of A President (Part 1)

147. Lincoln: The Pivotal Year (Part 2)

148. Longing To Learn

149. Lovejoy: The Vigil

150. Madam C. J. Walker

151. Meet Me In St. Louis

152. Memories (St. Louis Chronicles)

153. Memory and Imagination; New Pathways to the Library Of Congress

154. A&E/History Channel: The Mighty Mississippi

155. The Mississippi River

156. Missouri Masterpieces: State Parks and Historic Sites

157. Missouri On the Move; A History of Transportation in the Show-Me-State

158. Monticello: Home Of Thomas Jefferson

159. Monument to the Dream

160. Monumental Story - The Gateway Arch and the Old Courthouse

161. More Than Bows and Arrows

162. Mr. Potter's Traveling Adventure Show

163. Museum Volunteer Orientation Video

164. Music of Stillness: The World of Sara Teasdale

165. The National Park Service: An American Mosaic

166. National Park Service At Union Station/Sitka National Park

167. National Park Service Ranger Programs At St. Louis Union Station (Part One)

168. National Park Service Ranger Programs at St. Louis Union Station (Part Three)

169. National Park Service Ranger Programs at St. Louis Union Station (Part Two)

170. National Parks; An American Legacy

171. Native American Heritage Days

172. Nez Perce: Portrait of a People

173. Niagara: Miracles, Myths and Magic

174. Northwest Passage; The Story of Grand Portage

175. Odyssey: Myths and Moundbuilders

176. Offerings: African-American History (Part One)

177. Offerings: African-American History (Part Two)

178. On Guard: Protection is Everybody's Business

179. On The Oregon Trail at Fort Caspar

180. Operation Future: Reengineering and Restructuring of the NPS

181. Oregon Trail: Episode 2; Across the Plains

182. Oregon Trail: Episode 3; Through the Rockies

183. Oregon Trail: Episode 4; The Final Steps

184. Oregon Trail; Episode One: Beginnings

185. Oregon Trail Opportunity

186. The Oregon Trail - Pony Express

187. Orientation to the Employee Assistance Program

188. The Park, the Visitor, and the Interpreter

189. Parks as Classrooms

190. Petticoat Pioneers: A Celebration of Courageous and Spirited Women Who Helped Build 19th Century America

191. Portrait of America: Missouri

192. The Process of Interpretive Critiquing

193. Protecting Your Back Workshop

194. Rebirth of a City: 20 Years of the Lowell National Historical Park

195. Rescuing Records: Recognizing the Problems of Preserving Documents in Research Collections

196. The Return of the Bison

197. Ribbons of the Osage; Art & Life of Georgeann Robinson

198. Riverboat Pilot Program

199. Saarinen in His Studio

200. Secrets of a Master Builder; The Story of James B. Eads

201. Self-Critique: A Tool For Evaluating Interpretive Services

202. Seneca Reflections: Celebrating 150 Years of Women's Rights

203. Silent Witness: Protecting American Indian Archeological Heritage

204. Silver On The Mississippi; 25 Years of the Gateway Arch

205. Society of Historic Architects Lecture

206. Songs of Indian Territory

207. Spectrum: Blacks and the Old West, and the Freedom School

208. The Spirit of Crazy Horse

209. Spirit of Exploration: Discovering the Wonders of Carlsbad Caverns

210. The Spirit of St. Louis

211. The St. Louis Arch (Discovery Channel Documentary)

212. St. Louis Mercantile Library-The Third Major League (Lecture)

213. The Statue of Liberty (Ken Burns film)

214. Stewardship (National Park Service)

215. Story of America's Canyon Country

216. Story of America's Great Northwest

217. Story of America's Great Volcanoes

218. The Story of Charles A. Lindbergh

219. The Story of Grand Canyon National Park

220. The Story of The Oregon Trail

221. The Story of Yellowstone National Park

222. The Story of Yosemite National Park

223. Storytelling With Opalanga Pugh

224. The Strength of Life: Knokovtee Scott, Creek Shellworker

225. Susan Strauss Telling Stories of the Wolf

226. Sweet Auburn: Martin Luther King National Historic Site

227. Techniques of the Masters

228. Thomas Hart Benton (Ken Burns film)

229. Thomas Jefferson (Ken Burns film)

230. Thomas Jefferson: A Complex Legacy

231. Thomas Jefferson; The Pursuit Of Liberty

232. Time Machine: The Buffalo Soldiers

233. Time Tactics of Very Successful People

234. Total Image: National Park Service Uniforms

235. Touring the Gateway Arch

236. Toward a Distant Land

237. Tower and Braid; A Chronicle of Fort Snelling

238. The Trail to Oregon

239. Traveling the Heartland of America-The Mississippi

240. Trolley; The Cars That Built Our Cities

241. Underground Railroad

242. Union Station: The Second Century

243. VIP: Welcome to the National Park Service

244. Vital Signs

245. Vocal Coaching: Communicating Effectively

246. The Voyage of Discovery: Spanish Colonial Exploration (in English)

247. Voyage of Discovery: Spanish Colonial Exploration (in Spanish)

248. VP Fair Coverage 1991: World Wide Magazine

249. We All Live Downstream

250. We Proceeded On...The Expedition Of Lewis and Clark

251. West to Santa Fe

252. Westward Expansion Seasonal Training

253. What Do You When You See a Blind Person? American Foundation for the Blind

254. Where We Live Special

255. Wilderness First Aid: Emergency Care for Remote Locations

256. The Wilderness Idea; John Muir, Gifford Pinchot, and the First Great Battle for Wilderness

257. The Wolf; A Howling in America's National Parks

258. Working on the Past

259. Working with NAGPRA

260. A World of Difference: A Prejudice Reduction Program

261. A World on Display; The World's Fair

262. Writing St. Louis History (A Brief Talk Given by Father. Wm. Faherty)

263. Yellowstone (Everything Else is Just a Movie)

264. Yellowstone Fires 1988

265. York Programs at JNEM

266. You Can't Arrest Freedom

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