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A family enjoys the Historic Lantern Tour route in Jewel Cave.  This tour is offered only during the summer months.
A family enjoys the Historic Lantern Tour route in Jewel Cave.  This tour is offered only during the summer months.

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The Historic Lantern Tour is an adventurous tour into Jewel Cave.

Step back in to the past on the Historic Lantern Tour where your Park Ranger is dressed in a 1930s-style uniform. This adventure gives you a sense of what it was like to tour the cave in earlier days. Visitors enter and leave the cave through the historic entrance using an unpaved trail. The only light is provided by a lantern most tour participants carry and you will visit passages to the Dungeon Room or the Heavenly Room. The tour lasts approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The tour route is approximately 1/2 mile long through low, narrow passages, and includes roughly 600 steep wooden steps (ladder-like stairs). This tour requires some bending, stooping, and duck walking along an unpaved, rocky trail. This tour is considered strenuous. The age requirement, strictly enforced for safety reasons, is 6 years old or older.

This tour is offered during the second full week of June through Labor Day Monday in September. Tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis. There is a limit of 20 participants on each Historic Lantern Tour. Tickets for the Historic Lantern Tour must be purchased at the ticket kiosk near the visitor center parking lot at least 30 minutes before tour time. Participants must be at the Historic Area, which is one mile west of the visitor center, at least 15 minutes before the tour time and prepared for the cave tour.

Come prepared for this adventure: wear long pants and a jacket or sweatshirt. The cave temperature is a constant 49 degrees Fahrenheit or 9 degrees Celsius. For safety reasons: sturdy, low-heeled, rubber-soled shoes such as sneakers, tennis shoes, or hiking boots are required to take part in an Historic Lantern Tour. Due to the uneven, rocky terrain of the cave, open-toed shoes and close-toed sandals (including Crocs, Teva footwear, and KEEN hiking sandals) are prohibited. Persons who have heart or respiratory conditions, back or lower joint problems, have recently been hospitalized or have a fear of closed-in spaces, should talk with a park ranger before selecting this tour. Due to the rugged nature of the cave and for personal safety, please leave cameras and bags secured in your vehicle. Food, gum, candy, drinks, tobacco products, backpacks, purses, handbags, monopods, tripods, pets, weapons, and walking sticks are not allowed on any cave tour.

Please Note: All participants will be screened for White Nose Syndrome (WNS), which is a bat disease. To prevent the spread of WNS, all shoes, clothes, or gear worn in any other cave or mine since 2005 will NOT be allowed inside Jewel Cave. This includes private caves and mines within South Dakota and around the world. Furthermore, clothing and footwear used on the Candlelight Tour or the Wild Cave Tour at nearby Wind Cave National Park are also NOT allowed within Jewel Cave. If necessary, visitors must change their footwear, and/or clothing, before taking part in any cave tour. If a person is unable to change their footwear, they will not be allowed to enter the cave.


Last updated: August 4, 2018

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