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Books and Articles Referenced

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Cultural Landscapes Inventory Reports

The Cultural Landscapes Inventory (CLI) is a database containing information on the historically significant landscapes within the National Park System. This evaluated inventory identifies and documents each landscape’s location, size, physical development, condition, landscape characteristics as character-defining features, as well as other valuable information useful to park management. Cultural landscapes become approved inventory records when all required data fields are entered, the park superintendent concurs with the information, and the landscape is determined eligible for the National Register of Historic Places through a consultation process or is otherwise managed as a cultural resource through a public planning process.


Edisen Fishery & Rock Harbor Lighthouse
Washington Island


Tobin Harbor


Barnum Island
Fisherman's Home
Holte Fishery/Wright Island


Captain Kidd Island - McPherren Compound
Crystal Cove - Megeath Compound


Isle Royale Light Station-Menagerie


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