Step Outside

Cultural landscapes surround you. These areas reveal our relationship with place and strengthen our understanding of historic events, significant people, and patterns in American history. This is your guide to cultural landscapes in the National Park System.

A narrow path leads to a cinder-block and wood building, surrounded by grass, trees, and fog.

Find Your Cultural Landscape

Cultural landscapes help preserve complex stories of conflict, commerce, civil rights, construction, conservation, and more.

The school at Nicodemus is surrounded by the flat, open landscape of the Kansas Great Plains.

Featured Stories

Cultural landscape connections to our nation's stories of civil rights, preservation history, and social development.

A team of NPS staff stands along a wooden fence on a winter farm landscape.

Reference Library

In search of cultural landscape documentation or preservation guidance? Start here.

Oil painting of the birthplace of Herbert Hoover shows the land's rural and commemorative character

Centennial Poster Series

Our Centennial Poster Series highlights art, artists, and cultural landscapes from each region of the country.

Wide, solid brick arches at Fort Point in San Francisco.

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Historic image shows workers in uniform using tools to dig a row of fence posts.

A Preservation Timeline

Explore 165 years of cultural landscape preservation in the United States.

Last updated: March 31, 2017