Erik DeLuca (Artist-in-Residence, 2011)

Erik DeLuca Portrait
Erik at Isle Royale

Isle Royale Reflection

"A few months later while I was approaching Isle Royale National Park from Houghton on the Ranger III, through dense fog, I saw an isolated and closed-off island that appeared to be one long self-similar image. If close attention was not paid the islands unfolding line was masked quickly by the vastness of Lake Superior and it’s mirages. These two situations helped define my time on the island and provided a model for observation. In opposition to my time in the Cascades, and understanding that I was in a completely different season, I quickly noticed that things aren’t so potent here. This place, during this season, through my senses IS about subtleties and fine details.

Peering out to Blake’s Point and Passage Island, sitting on the “inspirational bench” behind Dassler’s Cabin, I realize that, like eyes acclimating to a dark space, here at Isle Royale, my ears were gradually tuning into the sounds and fluctuating systems that define this place and time. After a couple days of this acclimation I began to notice the huge repertoire of natural sounds happening in the parks un-built space and the background babel of humans with their boats, airplanes, and generators..."

- Read Erik's entire Isle Royale reflection

Erik DeLuca Portrait
Erik at Dassler Cabin, Isle Royale

About the Artist

Erik DeLuca is an artist who explores sound as historically entangled and evolving. He makes sound installations that are essays, writes sculpturally, and teaches as a kind of performance. He was an Isle Royale Artist-in-Residence from July 5th to July 23rd, 2011, where he recorded a variety of island sounds and created Lake: for string quartet along with a 8mm film. View the performance of Erik's work by Voxare String Quartet.

DeLuca received a PhD in Composition and Computer Technologies from the University of Virginia, was recently an American-Scandinavian Foundation postdoctoral fellow, and worked in Yangon, Myanmar with the support of an 2018 Asian Cultural Council grant. From 2016, DeLuca has lectured at the Iceland University of the Arts (teaching both graduate and undergraduate courses across the departments of Music, Design & Architecture, Fine Arts, and Performing Arts). Erik currently teaches sonic arts and scholarship as Visiting Assistant Professor of Music and Multimedia at Brown University.

- Adapted from Erik's webpage, where you can go to see his latest projects


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