Visiting City Tavern

Exterior view of three story red brick building with many windows on each floor.
This tavern hummed with activity - from meals to business deals to lavish balls.

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City Tavern is located at the corner of 2nd and Walnut Streets. The entrance door is on 2nd Street.

Hours and Fees

This site is currently closed. When open, there is no fee to enter the site.


No tickets are required to visit City Tavern. When open, entrance is first-come, first-served.


There are three rooms to view on the first floor of the building. City Tavern was a popular gathering spot for residents and visitors alike in the late 1700s. Some members of the Second Continental Congress dined regularly here. The original building was demolished in 1854. Today's reconstuction dates to 1975.


The building is wheelchair accessible via an outdoor lift. There are no restrooms (accessible or otherwise) at this location. Learn more about the accessibility services offered throughout the park on our website.

Images and Historical Information

See images of the site in the photo album below. Check out the historical information to learn more about this important meeting place.

Last updated: September 8, 2023

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