Junior Ranger for iPhone and iPad

Screen shot showing NPS Independence mobile app with kids activities listed on left, and Junior Ranger completion screen on right.
Play one activity, or play them all!  Complete all five for your Junior Ranger certificate.  Enjoy the activities at home, or in the park.

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Become a Junior Ranger using your iPhone or iPad and the Independence Jr Ranger app. It's FREE. Search "Independence Junior Ranger" in the App Store.

There are five interactive activities for you to explore - Ring the Liberty Bell, Sign your Declaration of Independence, Create your own portrait, Print on Benjamin Franklin's press, and Create your own seal. Complete all five activities to earn your Junior Ranger certificate.

In the park? Show your certificate to a park ranger in the Independence Visitor Center for your Junior Ranger badge. (Sorry, badges cannot be mailed).
Screen of NPS Independence app showing the Liberty Bell against a green background.
Tap on the blue circles to learn more about the Liberty Bell.  Then turn up the volume and tilt your iPhone or iPad.

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Ring the Liberty Bell
Want to ring the Liberty Bell? Just tilt your iPhone. But first, learn more about the famous crack. Each activity begins with a story. Tap on the blue circles and listen carefully. You may hear these words: Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants thereof. What does liberty mean to you?
Screen shot of NPS Independence mobile app printing activity for kids with view of composing stick.
Set type and print, just like Benjamin Franklin!  He started his apprenticeship in printing when he was 12 years old.

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Print on Benjamin Franklin's press

Drag the letters in your name on to the composing stick and then use your finger to coat them with ink. When you're ready, pull the lever to earn your Printer's badge. So, why didn't Ben Franklin just use a computer? Visit the Franklin Court Printing Office to see park rangers print on a reproduction 18th century printing press.

Screen shot from the app showing the words "...we mutually pledge to each other our skateboards, our dogs and our little sisters."
Personalize your own Declaration and then sign it using your finger. 

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Sign your Declaration of Independence

Personalize your own Declaration and then sign it. The men of the Second Continental Congress pledged to give up what was important to them for freedom. What would you give up for freedom?

Screen shot of NPS Independence mobile app portrait activity showing a boy wearing 18th century clothing.
What will you choose for your portrait? 

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Create your own portrait

Look at Benjamin Franklin's portrait to learn how to uncover clues in a painting. Then choose objects for your own portrait that tell people about you. Maybe you'll choose a fancy dress from long ago, or a park ranger's hat, or even a mustache. Stop by the Portrait Gallery in the Second Bank and you may get some ideas!

Screen shot of NPS Independence mobile app kid's activity showing a purple dinosaur inside a shield.
Choose characters that mean something to you when you create your own seal.

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Create your own seal

Learn about the Great Seal of the United States, and then create your own seal. You choose the shield, the characters and even a name. Visitors to the park should look for seals in Congress Hall, Independence Hall, the President's House Site, the Portrait Gallery, and the Benjamin Franklin Museum, just to name a few places.

Last updated: April 8, 2015

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