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Ever wonder what a scientist does in the field? How about what collecting data looks like? Or what does a scientist talk about and sound like? Explore our photo galleries, podcast, and multimedia stories to get a behind-the-scenes look at how our team at the Northeast Coastal and Barrier Network does science. You'll meet members of our field crew team, scientists from the eight national parks within our network, and even some wildlife along the way.

Closeup of a vibrant map with areas of yellow, purple triangle markers and a light blue river
Podcast: Stewardship Savvy

Our pilot episode features Mark Adams, a GIS specialist at Cape Cod National Seashore.

An aerial view of a breached barrier island, with sand fanning outward in a series of swirls
In the Field: Hurricane Sandy

Learn about our research into the impacts of Hurricane Sandy

Cover slide of multimedia story. A bat perches on a rock in a dark cave
StoryMaps: Bat Population Monitoring

Learn about white-nose syndrome among bat populations and how NCBN parks support bat conservation

Screenshot of a StoryMap. White intro text on grey background on left with map on right
StoryMaps: NCBN Monitoring Sites

Zoom in and zoom out, explore our network parks and partners on an interactive map

Two field crew members carrying square-framed nets walk into the distance on a sandy beach
Photos: Cape Cod National Seashore

Snapshots of fieldwork at Cape Cod National Seashore

A field crew member bends down to stick a metal rod into a marsh
Photos: Fire Island National Seashore

Snapshots of fieldwork at Fire Island National Seashore

A park scientist stands in a salt marsh and points with his left hand at something in the ground
Photos: Gateway National Recreation Area

Snapshots of fieldwork at Gateway National Recreation Area

A park scientist writes numbers on a long white pole with a black marker
Science Stories

Go into the field and behind the scenes with our scientists

Last updated: February 3, 2022