Science Stories

Closeup of a vibrant map with areas of yellow, purple triangle markers and a light blue river

Podcast: Stewardship Savvy

Our pilot episode features Mark Adams, a GIS specialist at Cape Cod National Seashore.

A park scientist holds up a long 8in nail

In the Field: Big Egg Marsh with George

In 2002, an experiment began to restore a salt marsh. 20 years later, scientists return to see how it's doing.

An intern walks in the distance, in a vegetated salt marsh by a wide river

Park History: Jamaica Bay, Gateway NRA

Jamaica Bay of New York City is an urban ecosystem, where salt marshes are the remaining oases for wildlife.

An aerial view of a breached barrier island, with sand fanning outward in a series of swirls

In the Field: Hurricane Sandy

Learn about our research into the impacts of Hurricane Sandy

Numerous pairs of mating horseshoe crabs, a larger one on top of a smaller one, line a beach at dusk

Articles: Species Spotlight

Our coastal parks teem with splendid wildlife. Get to know them!

A park ranger in tan ranger hat and grey-blue short-sleeved NPS collared button-down

Articles: Our Work, Our People

Managing our parks and its natural resources takes care and dedication. Meet some of the people who help protect our parks into the future.

Three screenshots of a phone placed side by side

Articles: Methodology

Protecting our parks means knowing their conditions and behaviors. Learn how different tools help us gain this long-term insight.

A colorful geologic map of Colonial National Historical Park with areas of pink, mint green, yellow

Articles: Geodiversity Atlas

Our parks are geodiverse with a variety of geologic and soil resources and processes. Explore these unique landscape features.

Last updated: January 13, 2022