Meet Our Staff

Stacey carrying a ton of gear including a huge pack, a cooler, and a drybag.

Stacey Ostermann-Kelm, Ph.D.

Program Manager

Primary responsibilities: Planning, management, implementation, and coordination of all aspects of the MEDN I&M program. Protocol lead for stream condition and landscape dynamics monitoring.

Education: PhD, Conservation Biology, Univ of California, Davis; MS, Wildlife Ecology, Oregon State University; BA, Zoology, UC Davis

Prior to moving to the Mediterranean Coast Network in 2010, I was the quantitative ecologist at the Greater Yellowstone Inventory & Monitoring Network. Before joining the National Park Service, I worked as a biomonitor for the US Fish and Wildlife Service in Carlsbad, California.

Joey outside in uniform, digging among some shrubs.

Joseph Algiers

Restoration Ecologist, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Primary responsibilities: Lead for the Restoration Program which includes restoration, invasive plant control and the park's native plant nursery

Education: MS, Biology, California State University Northridge; BA, Biology with emphasis in Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology, California State University Channel Islands

I have 15 years of experience working in resource management for Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. I lead the park’s restoration program including wetland, grassland, shrubland and riparian restoration. I lead the invasive plant control program, which includes weed treatments of the park's most ecologically damaging species. I work closely with the park’s native plant nursery manager to oversee the growing of native plants for restoration, education, outreach, research and conservation. For years, I’ve been managing, training and educating technicians, student interns, partners and the public in restoration practice and theory.

Stacy Baker

Biologist, Channel Islands National Park

Primary responsibilities: Terrestrial vertebrate monitoring

Ken Convery

Chief of Natural Resources Management, Channel Islands National Park

Primary responsibilities: Technical Committee member and Chief of Natural Resources at Channel Island National Park

Katy standing in a stream, with a California newt crawling from one of her hands to the other.

Katy Delaney

Wildlife Ecologist, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Primary responsibilities: Lead for terrestrial and aquatic herpetofauna long-term monitoring programs, reintroduction of California red-legged frogs to Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, bird point counts.

Education: PhD, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UCLA; BS, Biology, UCSD

Scientist Profile

Scott Gabara

Ecologist, Channel Islands National Park

Primary responsibilities: Lead for kelp forest community long-term monitoring program.

Linnea Hall

Executive Director and Avian Conservation Biologist, Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology

Primary responsibilities: Lead for landbird long-term monitoring program.

Annie Little

Supervisory Ecologist, Channel Islands National Park

Primary responsibilities: Manage terrestrial programs, including wildlife, vegetation, and invasive plants

Education: BS, Biology, Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution, UC San Diego

Prior to joining the Park Service in 2019, I worked for 23 years as a Wildlife Biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. From 1996-2002, my work centered on endangered species conservation (bird, herps, mammals, plants) in southern California. From 2002-2019, I worked on multiple seabird restoration projects and the reintroduction of the Bald Eagle on the Channel Islands. My focus is the conservation of unique island ecosystems, including eradication and control of invasive species, habitat restoration, re-establishment of native species, and Inventory and Monitoring programs. I serve as the U.S. coordinator for the Trilateral Island Initiative which promotes island conservation and collaboration among partners in Canada, U.S., and Mexico.

Keith Lombardo

Director, Southern California Research Learning Center

Primary responsibilities: Technical Committee member and Director of the Southern California Research Learning Center

David Mazurkiewicz

Wildlife Biologist, Channel Islands National Park

Primary responsibilities: Lead for long-term seabird monitoring program, seabird habitat restoration

Education: BA, Marine Ecology and Natural History, Prescott College; Graduate Certificate, Restoration Ecology, University of Idaho; MA, Environmental Studies-Conservation Science, Prescott College

Jessica on a bluff overlooking a small bay with turquoise water.

Jessica Weinberg McClosky

Science Communication Specialist

Primary responsibilities: Updating, editing and authoring digital content

Education: BA, Psychobiology, Arcadia University

I began my career with the National Park Service in 2010 as a science communication intern in the San Francisco Bay Area. I found science communication to be a great fit. It perfectly melded my background in conservation biology and photography with my skills as a writer and web designer. Now based in New York, I continue to work with several NPS entities to communicate science in parks to broader audiences.

Portrait of Mark by a large valley oak tree.

Mark Mendelsohn

Biologist (Vegetation & Wildlife), Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Primary responsibilities: Long-term native & invasive plant monitoring; Bird point count & nesting surveys

Education: MS, Biology (Ecology), San Diego State University; BS, Ecology & Systematic Biology, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

I have been working with the flora and fauna of the SMMNRA since 2012, following prior biological research and consulting for the US Geological Survey and private firms. In addition to studying plants, I have worked on a reintroduction project for the California red-legged frog, and monitoring efforts for California tiger salamanders, arroyo toads, other herps, birds and small mammals from the San Francisco Bay Area down to the US-Mexico border.

Katherine Mills-Orcutt

Biological Science Technician - Fisheries Diver, Channel Islands National Park

Primary responsibilities: Kelp forest and rocky intertidal long-term monitoring

Lauren smiling outside in her National Park Service uniform and hat. San Diego Bay and the city are out of focus behind her.

Lauren Pandori

Natural and Cultural Resources Program Manager, Cabrillo National Monument

Primary responsibilities: Lead for rocky intertidal long-term monitoring program.

Education: PhD, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UC Irvine; BS, Physiology & Neuroscience, UC San Diego

While my PhD thesis research at UC Irvine focused on California mussel population declines, I am interested in using field experiments and ecological statistics to support the conservation and management of intertidal and marine habitats. I joined the Natural Resources Management & Science Divison at Cabrillo National Monument in 2020.

Daniel Pickard

Aquatic Invertebrate Taxonomist, CDFW Aquatic Bioassessment Laboratory

Primary responsibilities: Lead for stream condition monitoring program.

Juliann Schamel

Biologist, Channel Islands National Park

Primary responsibilities: Terrestrial vertebrate monitoring

Lynn St. Martin

Budget Analyst

Primary responsibilities: Shared budget analyst for 5 I&M networks

Education: BA, Management (Public Administration)

A "park brat", I was raised around the National Park Service and it was my first job out of college. I have worked for Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Grand Canyon National Park, the Intermountain Regional Office, and now for Pacific West Region Inventory & Monitoring! I also support Klamath, Pacific Islands, San Francisco Bay Area, and Sierra Nevada Inventory & Monitoring Networks in a budget and administrative capacity.

John Tiszler

Chief of Planning, Science, and Resource Management, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Primary responsibilities: Technical Committee member

Kimberly Weisenborn

Assistant Data Manager

Primary responsibilities: Data management for Mediterranean Coast and Pacific Islands Inventory & Monitoring Networks

Steve in rain gear, holding a clipboard in front of a rocky intertidal plot as the ocean churns right behind him.

Stephen Whitaker

Marine Ecologist

Primary responsibilities: Lead for shoreline monitoring at Channel Islands National Park including the rocky intertidal and sandy beaches & lagoons long-term monitoring programs.

Education: PhD Candidate, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, UC Santa Barbara; MS, Marine Biology, California State University, Fullerton; BS, Marine Biology, College of Charleston

I have been studying coastal ecosystems in southern California for over twenty years. In my current position, I am responsible for monitoring the shoreline habitats at the islands including rocky intertidal reefs and sand beaches. I also log dozens of dives annually assisting the Kelp Forest Monitoring Program. For my master’s thesis, I investigated factors affecting restoration success for the intertidal rockweed alga, Silvetia compressa. In 2018, I returned to graduate school to pursue a doctoral degree at the University of California, Santa Barbara investigating the patterns and long-term trends in the abundance and distribution of foundational species on rocky shores. Concurrently while working and schooling, I am collaborating with colleagues across multiple institutions on a largescale project to restore rockweeds in California.

Scientist Profile

Cameron B Williams

Botanist, Channel Islands National Park

Primary responsibilities: Native plant communities monitoring lead, rare plants, weeds, restoration, research

Education: PhD, Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley; MS, Biology, Humboldt State Univeristy; BS, Biology (Natural History) & Botany, Humboldt State University

I have been botanizing since 1996, emphasizing epiphytes, lichens, community ecology, wood anatomy, tree architecture, forest structure, forest canopy ecology, and the dynamics of plant water use. Before joining Channel Islands, I was a postdoctoral researcher at Franklin and Marshall College studying the physiological ecology of epiphyte communities in the cloud forests of Monteverde, Costa Rica. I am also currently a research associate with the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.

Last updated: April 30, 2024