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Mediterranean Coast Network Staff Contacts
Name Title/Position Phone Number
Stacey Ostermann-Kelm Program Manager 805-370-2347
Rebecca Key Data Manager (Acting) 805-370-2338
Lena Lee Data Manager (On Detail) 805-370-2338
Keith Lombardo Chief of Natural Resource Management and Science (CABR) 619-557-5450 x4584
Adam Taylor Biological Science Technician (CABR) 619-557-5450 x4583
Kenneth Convery Chief of Natural Resources Management (CHIS) 805-658-5709
David Kushner Marine Bioloigst (CHIS) 805-658-5773
Joshua Sprague Marine Bioloigst (CHIS) 805-658-5700 x5803
Steve Whitaker Marine Bioloigst (CHIS) 805-658-5700 x5807
Dirk Rodriguez Plant Biologist (CHIS) 805-658-5751
David Mazurkiewicz Seabird Biologist (CHIS) 805-658-5700 x5831
Laura Shaskey Wildlife Biologist (CHIS) 805-658-5700
Jerald Weaver Chief of Planning, Science and Resource Management (SAMO) 805-370-2339
John Tiszler Plant Biologist (SAMO) 805-370-2340
Mark Mendelsohn Botanist (SAMO) 805-370-2360
Joseph Algiers Restoration Ecologist (SAMO) 805-370-2370
Katy Delaney Wildlife Ecologist (SAMO) 805-370-2386

Mailing Address

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area
401 West Hillcrest Drive
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Last updated: October 26, 2018