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Additional Full Performance Level Competency

Module 440: Effective Interpretation of Archaeological Resources


A good resource that has been developed specifically for this shared course of study may be found on-line in "Archeology for Interpreters: A Guide to Knowledge of the Resource" []

A. General

1. An entry level video on basic knowledge and concepts should be produced if one
cannot be found.
2. "Resources" listed in the NPS Interpretive Development Program Curriculum
Module 101.
3. Central office and/or regional archeological partnerships.
4. NPS or college archeology-related basic-knowledge courses.

B. Park specific

1. Regional and park-based content-based literature.
2. Park videos, books, manuscripts, archives, etc.
3. Records, reports, and expertise of archeologists in parks and archeological centers.
4. Park resource management plans.
5. Park interpretive plans.
6. Local and regional subject-matter experts.

C. Publications

1. Archaeology: Down to Earth by David H. Thomas, Harcourt Brace, 1991. [A
comprehensive introduction to the theories and methods of American archeology.]

2. The Practical Archaeologist: How We Know What We Know about the Past by Jane McIntosh. Facts on File Publications, New York. 1986. [A well-illustrated presentation of archeological methods with short summaries of specific sites or topics. Examples are primarily from Great Britain, Europe, and the Mediterranean by an archeologist well acquainted with these areas.]

3. Intrigue of the Past: A Teacher’s Activity Guide for Fourth through Seventh

3. Invisible America: Unearthing Our Hidden History, Mark P. Leone and Neil
Asher Silberman Henry Holt: New York, 1995.

4. Presenting Archaeology to the Public: Digging for Truths, John H. Jameson, Jr.
(ed.) AltaMira Press, 1997.

5. Native Americans and Archaeologists: Stepping Stones to Common Ground,
edited by Nina Swidler, Kurt E. Dongoske, Roger Anyon and Alan S. Downer,
AltaMira Press. Published in cooperation with the Society for American
Archeology, 1997.[selected articles]

6. Protecting the Past, George S. Smith and John E. Ehrenhard (eds.), CRC Press,
Inc., 1991.[selected articles]

8. "Archaeologists as Storytellers," Historical Archeology Vol. 32, #1, 1998.

9. Archaeology magazine: selected articles.

10. Images of the Recent Past: Readings in Historical Archaeology edited by
Charles E. Orser, Jr., AltaMira Press, 1996.

11. "The Blooming of Historical Archeology" by Mary C. Beaudry, Archeology ,
March/April 1998.

12. "The Business(es) of Interpretation and Environmental Education, "Edward M.
Mahoney in What is Past is Prologue: 1990 National Interpreters Workshop,
Charleston , South Carolina, David L. Kulhavy and Michael H. Legg, 1990.

13. The Archaeology Education Handbook: Sharing the Past with Kids.”
Karolyn E. Smardz and Shelley J. Smith (eds.), AltaMira Press, 2000.

For additional information contact:
Barbara J. Little
Archeology and Ethnography Program, NPS
1849 C St., NW, NC 210
Washington, DC
20240 202-343-1058 (voice)
202-523-1547 (fax)


Last module update: September, 2002
Editors: Hembrey, Heather A. and Barbara J. Little

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