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Full Performance Level Park Ranger Interpreter

Module 340

Title: Interpretive Research and Resource Liaison

Recommended prerequisite: Foundations of Interpretation (formerly Module 101)

Competency Context
Full performance interpreters protect resources by provoking audiences to greater levels of care about and for those resources. Full performance interpreters possess advanced Knowledge of the Resource (KR) and advanced Knowledge of the Audience (KA) and the ability to connect resource meanings to multiple audience interests and perspectives. The GS-0025-09 Interpretation position description requires a full performance National Park Service Ranger to have, "a repertory of presentations that the Ranger can present on short notice, tailoring the particular topics and methods of presentation to the specific audience." The position description further insists, "The Ranger has to…be prepared to modify presentations in progress if necessary to fit the interests and needs of the various audiences while still putting across the essential points that will meet the objectives of each program."

This module provides a framework for the complete realization of full performance interpretive work. It is consistent with the Interpretive Equation introduced in Module 101. The components, "Advanced Knowledge of the Resource" and "Advanced KR and Resource Liaison" provide resource –based research skills and guidance for working with NPS resource managers and other subject matter experts. The component "Advanced Knowledge of the Audience" provides advanced audience research skills. "Appropriate Technique: Connecting Multiple Resource Meanings to Multiple Audience Interests and Perspectives" applies advanced KR to connect multiple audiences to resource meanings and provoke care about the resource.

Competency Assessment

An annotated bibliography of the foundational sources that inform the subject matter (bibliography includes a description of how each source is useful for interpretation) and three "Interpretive Product Essay(s)" each using advanced KR to connect resource meanings to a specified audience.

Competency Curriculum
The following curriculum components outline the developmental learning elements that compose the skills set for this competency. From these outlines, 1) employees and their supervisors can determine
learning needs and strategies, 2) instructors can develop sessions and lesson plans.

Learning Resources and Opportunities


Within 12 months of reaching GS-9.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free software to read the module in a .pdf format, including the components, submission guidelines, and rubric.

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Last module update: September, 2008
Editor: STMA Training Manager Interpretation

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