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Full Performance Level Park Ranger Interpreter

Module 330

Title: Leading Interpreters: Training and Coaching*

Interpretive training and coaching embody a distinct set of skills necessary to accomplish the jobs of interpreters.

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Competency Context
Interpretive training and coaching embody a distinct set of skills necessary to accomplish one outcome -- helping visitors make intellectual and emotional connections to the meanings and significance of park resources, through the efforts of others.

The Full Performance Interpretive Ranger uses a knowledge of park and interpretive goals, skills in communication and interpretation, and abilities to connect interpretive efforts to successfully serve resource protection and visitor satisfaction. Professional skills in training and coaching will help coworkers and others (i.e., seasonal rangers, VIP's, interns, SCA's, cooperating association and concession employees, etc.) develop their effectiveness in the same areas. This competency will help the interpreter extend the effectiveness of supervisors and limited resources. The interpreter will contribute critical support toward achieving the day-to-day interpretive goals of the site by serving the developmental needs of coworkers, providing ongoing learning opportunities at the local level, and modeling successful programs and services.

Competency Assessment
A completed short-answer questionnaire with explanatory essay describing the learner's ability to coach, train, and lead by example.

Note: Your project may be designed and submitted coupling more than one Full Performance competency. You may develop one competency project, to be reviewed against any combination of one, two, three, or four of the Full Performance competencies-if your circumstance allows. The project would then be measured against each competency standard separately. Keep in mind that the requirements on the "Preparing Your Project for Submission" page for every competency you couple with your project must be met (i.e., you must submit an essay, and a facsimile, and a questionnaire if you choose to combine Planning, Media, and Training/Coaching in one submission).

If you choose, you may develop a separate project for each Full Performance competency, and submit them individually as you have in the past. If you choose to combine the reviews and address more than one competency with a single project, be sure to indicate clearly on your project which full performance competencies (Planning Park Interpretation, Media Development, Interpretive Leadership, Research/Resource Liaison) you wish to have the project reviewed against.

Competency Curriculum
The following curriculum components outline the developmental learning elements that compose the skills set for this competency. From these outlines, 1) employees and their supervisors can determine
learning needs and strategies, 2) instructors can develop sessions and lesson plans.

Learning Resources and Opportunities

A new NPS-developed on-line course for Training and Coaching Interpreters can be found at

To complete the full performance competencies for Ranger Careers.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free software to read the complete module in a .pdf format, including the components, submission guidelines, and rubric.

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Last module update: September 19, 2008
Editor: STMA Training Manager Interpretation

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