Oral Histories: L

Valeria LaMere
Valeria LaMere

LaMere, Valeria
Interviewed November 18, 1985

Valeria LaMere, first nurse and companion, later housekeeper, worked for Bess W. Truman from October 1977 to Truman's death in 1982. LaMere discusses Truman's birthday parties, daily routine, President Carter's visit in 1980, shopping with the Secret Service and local friends and visitors.

Interview (pdf - 5.3MB)

Maxine LaRoe
Maxine LaRoe

LaRoe, Maxine E.
Interviewed August 2, 1991

Maxine LaRoe, librarian at the Independence branch of Mid-Continent Public Library, often assisted Bess W. Truman during her frequent visits to the library. LaRoe discusses the books chosen by Mrs. Truman and remembers Mike Westwood's presence in the library.

Interview (pdf - 165KB)

Robert Lockwood
Robert Lockwood

Lockwood, Robert
Interviewed June 26 & November 11, 1985

Robert Lockwood was first assigned to the Truman detail for a period of thirteen months from 1967 to 1968. Lockwood then served as the special agent in charge of the Secret Service assigned with the protection of Mrs. Truman from 1973 until 1982.

Interview (pdf - 86KB)

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Lockyer, Albert
Interviewed August 21, 1989

Albert Lockyer worked in the Truman home on several occasions performing remodeling tasks to prepare the home for the Truman's return from Washington, D.C. Lockyer describes the Trumans' attitude towards the workers and the various changes made in the attic in 1954 and 1955.

Interview (pdf - 121KB)

Mary Sue Luff
Mary Sue Luff

Luff, Mary Sue
Interviewed June 21, 1991

Mary Sue Luff, a longtime resident of Independence, discusses growing up, attending school, and interacting with the Truman family from the 1930s to the 1970s. Through her group of friends and eventual marriage to Jack Luff, Mary Sue Luff "watched history" at 219 N. Delaware Street from across the street in the Luff home.

Interview (pdf - 184KB)


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