Oral Histories: G

Barbara Gard
Barbara Allen Gard

Gard, Barbara Allen
Interviewed August 27, 1991

Barbara Allen Gard was born and raised in Independence as a next-door neighbor of the Truman family. Along with her three sisters, Gard was a childhood friend of Margaret Truman. The Allen sisters were part of the neighborhood group "Hen House Hicks." Gard explains how Independence residents adjusted to having a President of the United States living in their midst and provides glimpses of life in the 1930s through 1950s.

Interview (pdf - 688KB)

Sue Gentry
Sue Gentry

Gentry, Sue
Interviewed December 9, 1985 and June 18, 1991

Sue Gentry, a newspaper reporter from Independence, Missouri, has written for the Independence Examiner since 1929. Miss Gentry served as a local liaison for national reporters during the Truman presidency.

Interview 12-9-1985 (pdf - 165KB)
Interview 6-18-1991 (pdf - 220KB)

Glen Gibeson
Glenn Gibeson

Gibeson, Glenn
Interviewed August 17, 1989

Assigned as a special officer to the Truman Protective Division of the United States Secret Service in 1981, Glenn Gibeson was a member of the team of men who protected Bess W. Truman until her death in October 1982.

Interview (pdf - 200KB)

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Goddard, Sterling
Interviewed June 6, 2000

Mr. Goddard was a longtime acquaintance of the Truman family. He was involved with the Truman Farm Home Foundation from 1980-1986. He discusses the restoration of the Truman Farm Home.

Interview Not Transcribed

Dr. Wallace Graham
Dr. Wallace Graham

Graham, Dr. Wallace
Interviewed December 9, 1985

Wallace H. Graham, M.D. (October 9, 1910-January 4, 1996) was a colonel in the United States Army when President Truman chose him to be his personal physician and medical advisor. From that point in September 1945 until the death of Bess Truman, Graham was the Truman family physician.

Interview (pdf - 131KB)

Hazel Graham
Hazel Graham

Graham, Hazel
Interviewed August 23, 1989

Hazel Graham served as the executive director of the Jackson County Historical Society in Independence, Missouri. Graham recalls the support given by the Trumans to the historical organization and other movements in Independence and throughout the Kansas City area to preserve historic structures.

Interview (pdf - 189KB)

Georgia Neese Gray
Georgia Neese Clark Gray

Gray, Georgia Neese Clark and Andy
Interviewed December 19, 1985

Georgia Neese Clark was the first woman appointed as Treasurer of the United States (1949-1953) by President Harry S Truman. She later went on to serve on the Board of Trustees at the Harry S. Truman Library. She and her husband Andy discuss their many visits to the Truman Home over a 20 year period. They provided friendship and support to Bess Truman in the years after Harry Truman's death.

Interview (pdf - 282KB)

Alice Gross
Alice Gross

Gross, Alice T.
Interviewed August 16, 1991

Alice Gross worked for Bess W. Truman as a personal care assistant from June 1978 to August 1980.

Interview (pdf - 114KB)


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