Oral Histories: H

Rev. Robert L. Hart
Rev. Robert Hart

Hart, Reverend Robert L.
Interviewed August 24, 1989

The Reverend Robert L. Hart served as the rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Independence, Missouri from 1977-1983. In this position, he served as pastor to Bess W. Truman, attending to her in her home, and then performed her funeral service after her death.

Interview (pdf - 1.26MB)

Ardis Haukenberry
Ardis Ragland Haukenberry

Haukenberry, Ardis
Interviewed June 20, 1983 and March 2, 1984

Ardis Ragland Haukenberry was the grand-daughter of Joseph Tilford and Ella Truman Noland and the second cousin of Harry S Truman. She grew up at 216 N Delaware, across the street from the Gates-Wallace family. Her memories provide a first-hand glimpse into the on-going changes of the neighborhood and relationships of the people around her home.


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Hayes, Jennifer
Interviewed May 22, 1997

Jennifer A. Hayes, an employee at Harry S Truman National Historic Site since its inception, discusses the park's development, physically and organizationally.

Interview Not Transcribed

Jack Hill
Jack Hill

Hill, Jack
Interviewed July 17, 2003

Mr. Hill was a longtime Independence resident. He discusses the development of the area and life in and around Independence.

Interview Not Transcribed

Edgar Hinde Jr.
Edgar Hinde, Jr.

Hinde, Edgar Jr.
Interviewed July 16, 2003

Edgar Hinde, Jr. was a longtime acquaintance of the Truman family. Mr. Hinde was a retired Independence postmaster. During the 1940s he was a special delivery mail carrier and delivered letters on most Sundays to Bess from HST.

Interview Not Transcribed

Howard P. Hinde
Howard P. Hinde

Hinde, Howard P.
Interviewed August 22, 1991

Howard P. Hinde, a retired biology professor at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, grew up in Independence, Missouri. Hinde relates many family stories about relatives he shares with Bess W. Truman.

Interview (pdf - 186KB)

Rev. Edward Hobby
Rev. Edward Hobby

Hobby, Rev. Edward
Interviewed July 2, 1985

The Reverend Edward Hobby worked for the Trumans from 1953 until Mrs. Truman's death in 1982. Hobby describes his position as "handyman" in which he maintained the grounds and gardens, completed various repair projects, cleaned the home, and helped prepare meals.

Interview (pdf - 100KB)

Lisa Bosso Houston
Lisa Bosso Houston

Houston, Lisa Bosso
Interviewed August 31, 1990

Lisa Bosso Houston served as museum aide during the first three years of Harry S Truman National Historic Site, 1984-1987.

Interview (pdf - 197KB)

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Hunt, Elizabeth
Interviewed May 27, 1997

Mrs. Hunt's family was friends of Harry and Bess Truman for over forty years and were neighbors for twenty-three of those years. She discusses changes to the neighborhood after Truman became president.

Interview Not Transcribed

Rev. Patric Hutton
Rev. Patric Hutton

Hutton, Rev. Patric
Interviewed August 31, 1989

The Reverend Patric Hutton served as rector of Trinity Episcopal Church from 1955 to 1960. As a result he performed the wedding ceremony of Margaret Truman and E. Clifton Daniel in April 1956.

Interview (pdf - 159KB)


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