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Hovenweep is part of the Colorado Plateau, a "high desert" region that experiences wide temperature fluctuations, sometimes over 40 degrees in a single day. The temperate (and most popular) seasons are spring (April-May) and fall (mid-September-October), when daytime highs average 60 to 80 F and lows average 30 to 50 F. Summer temperatures often exceed 100 F, making strenuous exercise difficult. Winters are cold, with highs averaging 30 to 50 F, and lows averaging 0 to 20 F.

Hovenweep Visitor Center

The visitor center should be your starting place for any visit to Hovenweep. Rangers are available to answer questions and provide guidance on the best way to visit the monument. Restrooms, bookstore sales, and exhibits are available.


Hovenweep National Monument protects multiple 700+-year-old archeological sites spread over a large area along the Utah-Colorado border. Sites can be reached by car on paved or unpaved roads, but require walking to fully explore.

A visit to Hovenweep can inspire many questions. How were the multi-story towers built? Why? What was life like here 700 years ago?

Here, you'll find information on much-easier-to-answer questions, such as:

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