A family posed together near a window.
The Roosevelts. Elliott, Eleanor, FDR, Franklin Jr, James, Sara, John, and Anna in the living room of their home at Hyde Park. FDR Library Photo.

The Roosevelts

  • A man in a dark suit seated behind a desk with papers.


    He led the nation through the Great Depression and World War II.

  • A woman wearing a gown and long string of pearls.

    Eleanor Roosevelt

    She dedicated her life in the cause of civil liberties and human rights.

  • A painted portrait of a gentleman with a riding crop in his lap.

    James Roosevelt

    American lawyer, businessman, and father of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

  • A elegant woman wearing a black gown seated with a fan in her hand.

    Sara Roosevelt

    Daughter of a wealthy merchant who made a fortune in the tea and opium trade.

  • A seated man with long white hair wearing a dark suit and holding papers.

    Isaac Roosevelt

    Sugar Merchant, Banker, and Patriot, Isaac was the great-great-grandfather of FDR.

  • A man with eye glasses wearing a suit and tie.

    Theodore Roosevelt

    Eleanor's Uncle and FDR's political role model.


Friends & Political Associates

  • A photograph of a man in dark suit and tie holding a cigarette.

    Louis Howe

    FDR's top political adviser, Howe lived in the White House, always available to both Franklin and Eleanor.

  • A head and shoulders portrait of a woman with hair pulled back.

    Marguerite LeHand

    FDR's personal secretary and confidant, she was recognized as one of the most powerful people in his administration.

  • A man seated at a desk with papers.

    Henry Morgenthau Jr

    U.S. Secretary of the Treasury under FDR.

  • A seated woman wearing a dark dress.

    Lucy Mercer Rutherford

    Her affair with FDR was a defining moment in the Roosevelt lives.

  • A man wearing a light suit with tie.

    Harry Hopkins

    Hopkins' friendship with the Roosevelts had significant impact on New Deal policy.

  • A man in a dark suit seated behind a desk with papers.

    Harold Ickes

    FDR's Interior Secretary, Ickes managed the Public Works Administration.

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