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National Park Service Seeks Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Hyde Park Drive-In Movie Theatre

Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site

National Park Service Seeks Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Hyde Park Drive-In Movie Theatre

Hyde Park – The Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to lease, operate, and maintain the Hyde Park Drive-In Movie Theatre at 4114 Albany Post Road, Hyde Park, New York. The lease premises consist of approximately 9 acres, which have been utilized as a drive-in theatre since 1950. The site includes a single-story, approximately 2,370 SF building that contains restrooms, a concession stand for quick service convenience food items, storage, and administrative space. The site has the capacity for parking up to 670 cars. A marquee sign, ticket booth, and projection screen are also included on the site. The National Park Service is seeking a continuation of the outdoor movie operations to attract diverse visitors and serve the surrounding community as well as visitors to the park.

This lease opportunity is open to all interested persons and businesses on a competitive basis. The proposal judged best under the proposal selection criteria will be given an opportunity to negotiate a final lease agreeable to both the selected offeror and NPS. Those interested in this opportunity may obtain the Request for Proposals and other required information online at

Proposals must be submitted electronically no later than November 3, 2023 to e-mail us and should include “Hyde Park Drive In” in the subject line.

Site tours may be scheduled by appointment only. Offerors must submit questions no later than October 20, 2023. All responses will be provided in writing and made available to all offerors by posting on the above website. Please contact e-mail us to schedule site visits and submit questions. We anticipate that evaluation of proposals and negotiation will require 4 to 6 weeks and that the anticipated lease date will be subject to negotiation.

The Request for Proposals can also be found at and information on the Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site can be found at


Necessary Documents

National Park Service Seeks Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Hyde Park Drive-In Movie Theatre 


Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site

Hyde Park Drive-In Lease Request for Proposals

Questions & Answers

Q: Could you provide the financials for the past 5 seasons?

A: Unfortunately, the NPS does not have the financial records from the previous operator

Q: Is the rent charged only during the operating season?

A: The rent is charged for the weeks the lessee operates the facilities. Partial months will be pro-rated

Q: Is property maintenance the responsibility of the lessee year-round?

A: Yes, though what exactly those requirements would entail can be negotiated between a selected offeror and the NPS. It is likely that the property would have minimal maintenance requirements when it is not in operation.

Q: Is there a projector included in the lease?

A: No, a projection system is not included in the lease. It will be responsibility of any operator to provide their own projection system.

Q: Is kitchen equipment included in the lease?

A: No kitchen equipment is included in the lease.

Q: Are you looking for a % of the income on top of the monthly rent?

A: A percentage of revenue is not required in the Fair Market Value Rent (FMVR) that was determined for this opportunity. You may offer to pay a percentage of revenue to improve the competitiveness of your proposal as long as it is in addition to the FMVR defined in the RFP.

Q: Is there a limit as to how late the movies play?

A: Operating times shall be set by the lessee. The lessee is expected to abide by local ordinances and all applicable laws

Q: Could I stay on the property in an RV nights movies play?

A: The park does not allow overnight parking or overnight RVs/campers

Q: Do you require a security deposit?

A: It is not standard in NPS leases, but if an offeror cannot show sufficient financial stability, a deposit might be requested.

Q: Will there be an added expense to change ownership of the website? Or Facebook page?

A: The Drive-In’s existing website is owned by the previous operator of the Drive-in. You may be able to negotiate the purchase of the domain, however the NPS has no control over this situation and cannot guarantee any outcome. It is the lessee’s responsibility to create and manage a marketing plan, a website will likely be a component of any successful marketing plan, which should be included in your proposal.

Q: What happened to the previous owners/operators?

A: Through the conservation efforts of Scenic Hudson, the National Park Service acquired the drive-in property in 2011. The NPS continued the lease held by Scenic Hudson for the operation of the drive-in movie theatre. Upon the expiration of this lease, the NPS is required to publicly announce a Request for Proposals for anyone interested in leasing the space through a competitive process. Any previous operators may submit a proposal, the NPS may not favor any previous operator and must select the best proposal.

Q: If a person wanted to just purchase the Hyde Park Drive-In Movie Theatre, could they?

A: No, the drive-in is not for sale. The land and buildings are owned by the United States Government, National Park Service, and are not up for sale.

Q: Can the concessions operation be sub-leased?

A: yes, with advanced approval by the National Park Service

Q: Are food trucks allowed?

A: yes, with advanced approval by the National Park Service, and following all local required licensing and food health requirements. Proposals should include any plans to utilize food trucks or other food concessions.

Q: Is alcohol allowed or an outdoor beer garden during movies?

A: yes, with advanced approval by the National Park Service, and following all local and state requirements for licensing. Proposals should include plans for the sale or consumption of alcohol and safety protocols

Q: Can the operator use the drive-in property for other things than movie screenings during the day?

A: Special events may be considered with advanced approval by the NPS. Proposals should include any plans to pursue additional activities.

Q: Is there any data available around number of vehicles that have been there?

A: We do not have operational data from previous operators.

Q: Who is the relationship for the films?

A: The operator is required to obtain all necessary licenses and film showing clearances for all films shown at the site.

Q: Would capital improvements that offset rent carry forward in years?

A: Yes, but they would expire at the end of the lease. If there are any remaining offsets at the end of the lease, they would not be returned to the lessee.

Q: Is the building currently up to fire code and safety standards?

A: That is unknown at this time. The selected lessee would be required to operate up to code and within health and safety standards.

Q: Would responsibility for building coming up to code, safety, fire, and health standards be addressed by NPS or current operator prior to lease transition.

A: No, not as identified in the RFP. Rent payment offsets will be considered and can be negotiated prior to the execution of the lease, to cover those costs.

Q: Is the drive-in on a septic tank/leech field? Who pays for that utility to have it emptied?

A: The drive-in does have a septic tank/leech field. It is the responsibility of the lessee to maintain the septic system

Q: Would the NPS allow adding a second screen to the drive-in?

A: Adding a second screen may be possible, but would require advanced approval from the National Park Service Washington, DC office.

Q: Please specify or provide qualification for what costs for repairs/replacements/improvements are expected to be recovered as a rent payment offset.

A: The National Park Service cannot guarantee any offsets prior to the Lessee submitting proposals for improvements. The lessee would propose improvements they would like to make before the NPS would considered what will be allowed for an offset.

Q: Is there any understanding of where the major systems (HVAC, septic, roof) are at in their lifecycle?

A: We do not have information at this time on the lifecycle of these systems

Q: Is heating necessary in the winter months? If so, how much oil is used every year to heat the building?

A: The NPS does not have data on past utility consumption. We recommend you include a robust winterization plan/schedule with a maintenance plan with your proposal to show how you will protect the site and any personal equipment from freezing.

Q: Can the electrical bill history be shared for review?

A: The NPS does not have data on past utility consumption

Q: For sustainability purposes, would the NPS consider the retirement of oil-supplied equipment and/or less efficient HVAC equipment with newer more efficient equipment, possibly earlier than their typical lifecyle?

A: Pending government funding availability, this could be possible.

Q: Please clarify tree maintenance

A: The National Park Service maintains the trees on the property, to include those along the roadways and the forests surrounding the north and east perimeters of the property.

Q: Are the hood, Ansul System, and 3 bay sink included?

A: yes, these fixed units are included in the building

Q: Would the NPS allow speaker poles & row markers to be installed?

A: The NPS would need to consider these types of proposals through the cultural resource compliance review process, with State Historic Preservation Office concurrence.

Q: Can we add a security system?

A: Yes, there are no restrictions in the leasing regulations for this

Q: Would a small shed or similar structure be permitted (for landscaping/maintenance equipment)?

A: A temporary/non-permanent structure would be allowed for the storage of equipment

Q: Do rent offsets for capital improvements need to be mentioned at the time of the proposal?

A: Lease amendments would not be required and we would allow for rent payment offsets in the lease language. All other compliance and approval processes would still be required.

Q: Any pet restrictions for the property?

A: Pets are allowed but required to be on a leash.

Q: Do you know when the roof was last put on the concession stand?

A: The NPS does not have information at this time on the lifecycle of the roof.

Q: Do you know the last time the septic was emptied?

A: The NPS does not have information on the past septic maintenance schedule

Q: Are there any restrictions on pest control that can be used on NPS property?

A: With advanced permission and review of treatment plans, the NPS will work with the lessee to identify acceptable products and required record keeping.

Q: Is rent charged before the facility can be opened?

A: No, rent is not charged before the facility can be opened. Upon award of the lease, the NPS and operator will determine appropriate start of the lease agreement.

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