National Park Service History Collection RG 17


This finding aid gathers together in one document a listing of all materials on Yellowstone National Park that are present in the National Park Service History Collection, and the Harpers Ferry Center Library.

The Park Historic Reference File - YELL boxes

Annual Reports of the Superintendent

1904, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1918, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1979,1980, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1995, 1997

Planning documents

Lake Area 1967 - Old Faithful Area 1966

Madison Junction 1965 - Grant Village Area 1963

Norris Geyser Basin 1965

Master Plan - 1963 (Mission 66)

Vol. I and Vol. III, various stages of Vol. I

Internal Papers

Minutes - 3rd Annual Yellowstone Park Ranger Conference, May 3-10, 1930

Study of Visitors Using the Museum - 1942

Yellowstone National Park Tourist Study - 1960

Yellowstone Management Inspection - 1961

Proceedings - Visitor Housing Buildings Conference - Yellowstone, July 28-29, 1960

Management Study Concessions - 1964

Yellowstone Staffing Committee Reports - 1964

Administrative Manual for Yellowstone with Travel and Visitor Charts - 1964

Hecht Incident - Safety, 1970

Articles and Pamphlets, Etc.

The Yellowstone National Park Historical and Descriptive -

Hiram Martin Chittenden, 1895

"Top o' the World: Wonders of the Yellowstone Dreamland" - Joe Mitchell Chaple, 1922

"Yellowstone National Park" - Dwight L. Elmendof in the Mentor, May 15, 1915

Yellowstone National Park Historical and Descriptive -Hiram Martin Chittenden, New England Edition, Revised 1918

Early History of Yellowstone National Park and Its Relation to National Park Policies - Lewis C. Cramton, 1932

Yellowstone National Park - Northern Pacific Railroad Yellowstone Park Line

Thirty-Seven Days of Peril - A Narrative of the Early Days of the Yellowstone, Truman C. Everts,1923

Geyserland Yellowstone National Park - Union Pacific Railroad System, 1926

"Old Yellowstone Days" - Owen Wister in Harpers Magazine, March 1936

"Springtime Comes to Yellowstone" - Paul H. Zaht, National Geographic, December 1956

The Yellowstone National Park - Hiram Martin Chittenden, edited by Richard A. Bartlett, 1964

Winter Operation of Roads in Yellowstone National Park, 1969

"The Place Where Hell Bubbled Up" - A History of the First National Park, 1972, David A. Clary

"Yellowstone's 100th Birthday - A Four Part Report", National Geographic, May 1972

"Reminiscences of an Old Yellowstone Ranger Between the Years 1921 and 1926", Forest L. (Nick) Carter, 1974

Moorman - Early Yellowstone Days

Montana Magazine of Western History, Vol. XVII, No. 3, July 1912 (entire issue)

Yellowstone National Park: Its Establishment and Exploration Aubrey L. Haines, 1974

A Report on Yellowstone National Park - Dr. Arthur L. McDonald, July 196g

Haynes Guides

26th edition 1912 - 28th edition 1914 - 34th edition 1922 39th edition 1928 - 41st edition 1930 - 42nd edition 1934 44th edition 1936 - 45th edition 1939 - 49th edition 1947 52nd edition 1951


Yellowstone Archives on 49 rolls of 35mm microfilm.

Yellowstone Scrapbooks mostly 1920s and 1930s on several hundred microfiche.


Nature Notes - scattered 1929-25, full year 1937, partial 1938 almost complete 1946, 1947, complete 1948-1958

Yellowstone Weekly News - scattered 1962-64

Yellowstone Interpreter - Vol. 1 and 2, 1963-4, almost complete

Yellowstone News - scattered 1972, 1913, 1975, 1976, 1977, many 1980, l981

Public Use Statistics - National Park Service

1904-1940, 1941-1952, 1954-64, 1952, 1953, 1954

Monthly - April 1957-September 1960, May 1963-April 1976 (some gaps), 1976, 1977, 1978

Concessions - Yellowstone

"The genesis of National Park Concession Policy: Yellowstone Park, 1882-1892", Richard A. Bartlett, May 20, 1968

Story of the Yellowstone National Park Concessions as told by Horace M. Albright, August 30, 1970 at the Deep Well Ranch

Continuation - Story of Yellowstone National Park Concessions as told by Horace M. Albright, September 3, 1971, at the Deep Well Ranch

Archive Inventories

Archives of Yellowstone Park Company at Yellowstone Park Library and Archives

Records of the Office of Secretary of Interior Relating to Yellowstone National Park, 1872-1882, NARS

Other record groups of interest

RG 3 The Harold P. Fabian Advisory Board Collection (1961-1973)  Information on Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

RG 13 The National Parks Centennial Collection

RG 15 The George F. Baggley Papers (1928-1948) Chief Ranger of Yellowstone.

RG 25 The Horace Marden Albright Collection (1914-1981)

RG 28 Legislative Histories on Microfilm - Includes a legislative history of YELL up to the 1950s. (E. Rogers)

RG 59 Oral History Materials in the NPSHC - Especially Horace Albright (several interviews), Robert Moore (Head of Concession Management, 1971), Lon Garrison


The Cultural Resources Bibliography (CRBIB) repository at HFC contains over 60 cultural reports.

The NPS Reports Collection at HFC contains many cultural and management reports

The NPS Technical Information Center, DSC has microfilmed many reports of all types on Yellowstone. HFC Library has copies of this microfiche.

Rare Books on Yellowstone in the National Park Service Library at Harpers Ferry Center

HFC Library has over 390 entries in its catalog on the subject of Yellowstone. Listed below are only the books in the collection that we have chosen to consider rare books.


Class # F866 / .C34
Title California illustrated, including a trip through
Yellowstone Park / edited by F.K. Warren, with numerous
wood engravings by the best artists.
Imprint Boston : De Wolfe, Fiske, ,c1892.
Collatn 142 p., [1] leaf of plates : ill. ; 31 cm.


Class # E757 / .B97
Author Burroughs, John, 1837-1921.
Title Camping with President Roosevelt / by John Burroughs.
Imprint s.l. : Houghton,Mifflin, c1906.
Collatn [ii, 46] p., [6] leaves of plates : front., ill. ; 19 cm.
Note "Reprinted from the Atlantic Monthly, May, 1906."


Class # QE74 / .H4
Author United States. Geological and Geographical Survey of the
Title Annual report. / 1st-12th, 1867-1878.
Imprint Washington, Govt. Print. Off., 1867-83.
Collatn 12 v. in 14. illus., maps (part fold.) and atlas of fold.
maps. 24 cm.
Note 1st-2d reports originally published in Reports of the
Commissioner of the General Land Office, 1867-68.
1st-3d reports reprinted in one volume in 1873
under title: First, second and third annual reports of
the United States Geological Survey of the Territories
for the years 1867, 1868 and 1869, under the Dept.
of the Interior.
Title varies: 3d, 1869, Preliminary field report of the
United States geological survey of Colorado and New
Mexico.--4th, 1870, Preliminary report of the United States geological survey of Wyoming.--5th, 1871, Preliminary report of the United States geological survey
of Montana and portions of adjacent territories.
Holdings 6th(1872);5th(1871);10th(1878);12th(pt1)


Class # F722 / .R52 / 1875
Author Richardson, James, geologist.
Title Wonders of the Yellowstone. / Edited by James Richardson.
Imprint New York : Scribner, Armstrong and Co., 1875 [c1872].
Collatn xii p., 1.l., 256 p. illus., 11 pl. (incl. front.) fold.
map. 20 cm.


Class # F722 / .L28 / 1923
Author Langford, Nathaniel Pitt, 1832-1911.
Title The discovery of Yellowstone Park, 1870. The complete story
of the Washburn expedition to the headquarters of the
Yellowstone and Firehole Rivers in the year 1870. By
Nathaniel Pitt Langford.
Imprint Saint Paul, J.E. Haynes [1923, c1905]
Collatn 1 p. |., 7-188 p. front., illus. (incl. ports., maps,
facsims.) 18 cm.


Class # F722 / .W76
Author Wingate, George Wood, 1840-1928.
Title Through the Yellowstone park on horseback. / By George W.
Imprint New York, Orange Judd co., 1886.
Collatn 250 p. incl. front., illus. fold. map. 20 cm.


Class # F722 / .D923
Author Dunraven, Windham Thomas Wyndham-Quin, 4th earl of, 1841-
Title Hunting in the Yellowstone, / by the Earl of Dunraven; on
the trail of the wapiti with Texas Jack in the land of
geysers; ed. by Horace Kephart.
Imprint New York, Outing publishing company, 1917.
Collatn 333 p. 20 cm.


Class # F909 / .T23
Author Taylor, Charles Maus, 1849-
Title Touring Alaska and the Yellowstone, / by Charles M. Taylor, Jr. ... Profusely illustrated from photographs by the author.
Imprint Philadelphia, G. W. Jacobs & Co. [1901]
Collatn 1 p. |., 388 p. incl. plates. front. 20 cm.


Class # F595 / .M97 / 1919
Author Murphy, Thos. D. (Thomas Dowler), 1866-1928.
Title Three wonderlands of the American West : being the notes
of a traveler concerning the Yellowstone Park, the Yosemite National Park, and the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River... / by Thos. D. Murphy ; with sixteen reproductions in color from original paintings by Thomas Moran ...
Edition New rev. ed. [5th impression].
Imprint Boston : The Page Company, [1919,c1912].
Collatn xiv, 184 p. : plates (some col.), maps ; 25 cm.
Note Includes index.


Class # F851 / .F49
Author Finck, Henry Theophilus, 1854-1926.
Title The Pacific coast scenic tour, from southern California
to Alaska, the Canadian Pacific railway, Yellowstone
Park and the Grand Canon, by Henry T. Finck.
Imprint New York, C. Scribner's sons, 1890.
Collatn xiv, 309 p. illus. 21 cm.


Class # E168 / .M29
Author Manning, Samuel, 1822-1881.
Title American pictures drawn with pen and pencil. / By the Rev. Samuel Manning.
Imprint [London] The Religious tract society [1876]
Collatn 224 p. illus, plates (1 fold.) 29 cm.


Class # F595 / .T38 / 1891
Author Thayer, William M. (William Makepeace), 1820-1898.
Title Marvels of the new West : a vivid portrayal of the
stupendous marvels in the vast wonderland west of the
Missouri river ... / six books in one volume ... by William M. Thayer ... illustrated with over three hundred and fifty fine engravings and maps.
Imprint Norwich, Conn. : The Henry Bill Publishing Company, 1891,c1887.
Collatn xxxvi, 715 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.


Class # F908 / .S49
Author Sessions, Francis Charles, 1820-1892.
Title From Yellowstone park to Alaska. / Illustrated by C. H. Warren.
Imprint New York, Welch, Fracker company, 1890.
Collatn 186 p. front., plates. 20 cm.
Note Contains much information about William Duncan and his
missionary enterprise.


Class # F722 / .N87
Author Norton, Harry J
Title Wonder-land illustrated : or, Horseback rides through the
Yellowstone national park / by Harry J. Norton.
Imprint Virginia City, Mont. : H. J. Norton, c1873.
Collatn 132 p., [16] leaves of plates : ill. (1 fold. map) ; 19cm.
Advertising matter: p. [112]-132.
Illustrated cover missing; signed by the author on the title page.


Class # F722 / .W74

Author Wheeler, Olin D. (Olin Dunbar).
Title Yellowstone National Park : descriptive of the beauties
and wonders of the world's wonderland / by Olin D. Wheeler
Imprint St. Paul : W.C. Riley, 1901.
Collatn 111 p. : ill. ; 19 cm.
Series Riley's Northern Pacific monographs ; No. 1.


Class # F722 / .C54
Author Chittenden, Hiram Martin, 1858-1917.
Title The Yellowstone National Park: historical and
descriptive. / By Hiram Martin Chittenden.
Imprint Cincinnati, The R. Clarke co., 1895.
Collatn xv, 397 p. front., illus., pl., port., maps. 24 cm.


Class # F722 / .E93
Author Everts, Truman C., 1816?-1901.
Title Thirty-seven days of peril : a narrative of the early days of the Yellowstone.
Imprint San Francisco : E. & R. Grabhorn & James McDonald, c1923.
Collatn 56 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Inscribed to Carl P. Russell by Francis Farquhar
"Three hundred and seventy-five copies on hand-made paper
printed by Edwin & Robert Grabhorn and James McDonald
at San Francisco in February 1923. Title page and
decorations by Joseph Sinel."


Class # F722 / .B288 / 1872
Author Barlow, John Whitney, 1838-1914.
Title Report of a reconnaissance of the basin of the upper
Yellowstone in 1871. / By Captain J.W. Barlow, assisted by Captain D.P. Heap ...
Imprint Washington, Gov't. Print. Off., 1872.
Collatn 1 p. |., 43 p. fold. map. 25 cm.


Class # F722 / .B297
Author Bauer, Clyde Max, b. 1886.
Title The story of Yellowstone geysers, / by Clyde Max Bauer
illustrated by Jack Ellis Haynes ...
Imprint Yellowstone Park, Wyo., Saint Paul, Minn., Haynes,
inc. [c1937]
Collatn 125, [2] p. incl. col. mounted front., illus., double
map. 25 cm.
"First edition."
"Approved by the National park service."


Class # F722 / .H7 / 1922
Author Hough, Emerson.
Title An appreciation of Yellowstone National Park.
Imprint [Chicago? : Burlington - Northern Pacific Railroad, 1922?]
Collatn 44 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.


Class # F722 / .H9 / 1915
Author Hubbard, Elbert, 1856-1915.
Title A little journey to the Yellowstone / by Elbert and Alice Hubbard.
Imprint East Aurora, N. Y. : The Roycrofters, c1915.
Collatn 29 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.


Class # F722 / .L9
Author Ludlow, William, 1843-1901.
Title Report of a reconnaissance from Carroll, Montana
territory, on the Upper Missouri, to the Yellowstone
National Park and return, made in the summer of 1875.
Imprint Washington, D.C. : U.S. Govt. Print. Office, 1876.
Collatn 155 p. : ill.


Class # F826 / .A46
Author Alter, J. Cecil, 1879-
Title Through the heart of the scenic West.
Imprint Salt Lake City, Utah : Shepherd, 1927.
Collatn xiv, 220 p. front.,plates,map ; 21 cm.
Limited special edition of one thousand copies signed by the author.


Class # F595 / .D62 1924
Author Dixon, Winifred Hawkridge.
Title Westward hoboes : ups and downs of frontier motoring
/ by Winifred Hawkridge Dixon; photographs by Katherne
Thaxter and Rollin Lester Dixon.
Imprint New York : C. Scribner's sons, 1924, c1921.
Collatn ix, 377 p. : front., plates ; 21 cm.
Illustrated lining-papers.


Class # M1977 / .C3S6
Title Songs of the Yellowstone Park Camps.
Imprint Yellowstone Park, Wyo. : Yellowstone Park Lodge and Camps
Co., [ca 1928]
Collatn 39 p. ; 21 cm.
Camp songs with indications of the tunes to be used.


Class # F722 / .Q382 / 1906
Author Quaw, M. M.
Title A love affair in wonderland / M.M. and L.L. Quaw.
Imprint Des Moines, Iowa : Kenyon Company, [1906?]
Collatn [38] p. : ill. ; 19 cm.


Class # PZ3.H81 / M3
Author Hough, Emerson, 1857-1923.
Title Maw's vacation : the story of a human being in the
Imprint Saint Paul : J.E. Haynes, Publisher, 1921.
Collatn 61 p. : ill. ; 18 cm.


Class # QE74 / .H42 / 1872
Author Hayden, F. V. (Ferdinand Vandeveer), 1829-1887.
Title Preliminary report of the United States Geological Survey
of Wyoming : and portions of contiguous territories,
(being a second annual report of progress) / conducted
under the authority of the Secretary of the Interior
by F. V. Hayden.
Imprint Washington : Govt. Print. Off., 1872.
Collatn 511 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
U.S. House of Representatives, Ex.Doc. no. 325.


Class # F722 / .C26 / 1909
Author Campbell, Reau.
Title Campbell's new revised complete guide and descriptive book of the Yellowstone Park / by Reau Campbell.
Imprint Chicago [Upper Basin, Yellowstone Park, Wyo. : H. E.
Klamer], 1909.
Collatn 173 p. incl. front., illus. : ill., fold. map ; 18 cm.


Class # F722 / .G97 / 1890
Author Guptill, A. B. (Albert Brewer), 1854-1931.
Title Practical guide to Yellowstone National Park : containing
illustrations, maps, distances, altitudes and
geyser time tables / by A. B. Guptill.
Imprint St. Paul, Minn. : F. Jay Haynes & Bro., 1890.
Collatn 124 p. : ill., map. (fold., inside back cover) ; 17 cm.
Cover title: Guide to Yellowstone Park.


Class # F597 / .U55
Author United States. War Department.
Title Reports of inspection made in the summer of 1877 by Generals P. H. Sheridan and W. T. Sherman of country north
of the Union Pacific Railroad. Printed by order of the Secretary of War.
Imprint Washington, Government Printing Office, 1878.
Collatn 110 p. 5 plates, 10 fold. maps. 23 cm.


Class # F722 / .B288 / 1872
Author Barlow, John Whitney, 1838-1914.
Title Report of a reconnaissance of the basin of the upper
Yellowstone in 1871. / By Captain J.W. Barlow, assisted by Captain D.P. Heap ...
Imprint Washington, Gov't. Print. Off., 1872.
Collatn 1 p. |., 43 p. fold. map. 25 cm.
Series [United States. 42d Cong., 2d sess. Senate. Ex. doc. no.66]


Articles on Yellowstone in the National Park Service Library at Harpers Ferry Center

This list is a part of the ARTICLES.PDT database which is searchable (by NPS domain computers, only) at our Reference Web Poster intranet site:


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Prepared by David Nathanson 1/6/1999