National Park Service History Collection RG 21

Preliminary inventory


Many materials were donated as Accession HFCA-00773 by Mary Elms, National Chairperson, National Park Women in February 1983. The officers throughout the history of the organization had accumulated them. The scrapbook was kept as a history. The reports and booklets were compiled by the members, as was the information on the Employee and Alumni Association, scholarships, etc. The files pertain to the operation of the organization. Other materials including the newsletters have been donated over the years by past officers.


The NPS Women’s Organization came into existence on September 9, 1952 at the 21st NPS Superintendents' Conference "Area Operations," Glacier National Park. Part of the impetus was the initial project - a housing survey of NPS areas. The findings of the housing survey were instrumental in helping Director Wirth sell the concept of Mission 66. During the 50's the organization has helped to develop area handbooks and orientation booklets. It has also worked with E&AA since the beginning especially on the scholarship fund. Regional newsletters began in 1967 with Southwest Region Smoke Signals, and came out regularly until 1981 when they were combined into one national edition, the Breeze-Northwinds. In the 70's, the general chairperson position was rotated throughout the regions. From the beginning, the NPS Women’s Organization has represented wives, employees, alumni wives, and alumni. However, by the 70's the number of wives was proportionally less. In 1977, the by-laws were revised and the name changed to National Park Women.

Herma Baggley called the 1952 organizational meeting and went on to chair the housing survey while Bea Freeland headed the organization. The organization mirrored the three-part structure of the National Park Service - area, region, and national. In 1969, a national position of historian was created which was filled by in 1983 by Amy Binnewies. Each region, and the national organization, is governed by a chairperson and a Board of Directors.

The National Park Women are an active group on all three levels. A column produced by the National Park Women appeared regularly in the NPS Newsletter and occasionally in the Courier. The National Park Women continue (1986) to be involved with housing issues, E&AA scholarships, welcome and orientation, information sharing, scientific concerns, communication, and hospitality.


Accession HFCA-00773 consists of a scrapbook and a record box along with an expanding folder of organizational files. This adds to the History Collection's accumulation of a partial archive box of National Park Women (NPW) material. NPSHC also has three half archive boxes of NPW newsletters gathered over the years.

The material from HFCA-00773 has been added to the existing NPW material, and takes up a record box and an archive box in addition to the Periodical boxes and the scrapbook. The material has been divided into twelve series as follows: I - Housing; II - Reports and Minutes; III - Correspondence; IV - By Laws; V - Board Meetings; VI - E&AA; VII - Orientation; VIII A-V; IX - Special Conferences; X - HFC; XI - Miscellaneous; and XII - NPW Periodicals. Care has been taken to separately identify the HFCA-00773 material within the larger series.


A complete listing of Accession HFCA-00773 can be found in the accession folder. It has all been kept under this classification. The existing newsletter collection is kept with other periodicals in the repository. Other files of interest would include Mission 66, E&AA, and Conferences.



Series I - Housing

A. HFCA-00773

Housing Report - 3 folders

Report of NPS Housing Survey, 1953 By-laws - 4 folders

Letters, Report Folders 1953, 1955, Housing 1956, 1961, 1971, 1968, 1973-77-75-76-77

Expanding Envelope - Mission 66 Report, Booklets, Housing Memos, Etc.

B. Other materials

Housing Survey, 1953, 1959

Series II - Reports and Minutes

A. HFCA-00773

Reports, Minutes - 1971-72, 1950-70, 1969-70 Monthly

National Chairwoman's Report

Reports - 1965-70

B. Other materials

Reports, Etc. - NPW, 1965-81

National Chairman Women's Organization, 1973-4 (Reports)

Women's Organization, 1969-70 (Reports)

Women Organization - NPS, 1965-77 (Reports, etc.)

Series III - Correspondence

Expanding Folder - Correspondence

Expanding Folder - HFCA-00773


Assistant Director - Park Management

Howard Baker


Southwest Region

Midwest Region

Northeast Region


Public Relations

Series IV - By-Laws


By-Laws, 1977 revisions

Series V - Board Meetings

Agenda Items - National Board Meetings

Minutes, June 1969-January 1971

Series VI – Employees & Alumni Association (EAA)

A. HFCA-00773

EAA, 69-71 - Information

EAA Information

B. Other materials

Park Women and Trust Fund

National Chairman Women's Organization Reports, EAA, 1973-4 (HFCA-00600)

Series VII - Orientation

A. HFCA-00773

Welcome Booklet

B. Other materials

Booklet - Live with Beauty NPS Wives

Booklet - To NPS Wives and Women Employees (1970 information re NPS living)

Information Booklet Outline

Series VIII - AV

A-V Loan Material

Booklet - AV Loan Material Available for Use NPS Women's Organization, 9/63

Series IX - Special Conferences and Programs

NPS Women's Conference Recommendations and Regional Director's Subcommittee Report, 1979

Centennial Program for NPS Women

Program - Southwest Regional Superintendents' Conference, March 12-17, 1967

Series X - Harpers Ferry Center

Harpers Ferry Chapter NPS Women's Organization

Series XI - Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous - Play, History, Items Donated

Special Features, Recipes

Series XII - Periodicals

A. National

1. Breeze-Northwinds

November 1981

February 1982

May 1982

October 1982

February 1983

May 1983

October 1983

February 1984

May 1984

October 1984

February 1985

2. The NPW Breeze

May 1985

October 1985

February 1986

May 1986

B. Regional newsletters

1.  Pacific Northwest Breeze

Fall 1971

Winter 1972

Spring 1973?

Fall 1972

Spring 1972

Winter 1972-73

Summer issue, 7/75

Summer 1974

March 1976

May 1976

Fall 1976

*Note: According to February 1984 issue Thelma Warnock has complete file from 1972 to present (1986).

2. Roundup(NW - MWR)

First Edition




January 1971

August 1972

January 1973

November 1973

March 1974

July 1974

Fall 74

1975 (Summer)

Winter 1975

Spring 1976

Summer 1976

Winter 1976

Winter 1978

Spring 1979

3. New Voice (NERO)

Vol. I, No. I, February-March (1973)

Vol. I, No. 2, June 1973

Vol. II, No. I February 1974

Vol. 2, Edition 3, September 1974

Vol. 2, Edition 3, September 1974

Vol. 3, Edition 1, February 1975

Vol. III, Edition II, June 1975

Vol. III, Edition III, November 1975

Vol. 4, No. 1, February 1976

Vol. 4, No. 2, May 1976

Vol. 5, No. 1, February 1977

Vol. 5, No. 2, June 1977

Vol. 5, No. 3, October 1977

January 1978

May 1978

November 1978

4. Smoke Signal (SWR)

November 1967

February 1968

May 1968

August 1968

November 1968

February 1969

May 1969

August 1969

October 1969 January 1970 April 1970

July 1970

January 1971

April 1971

July 1971

January 1972?

March? 1972

July? 1972

Fall 1972

Spring 1973

Summer 1973

Fall 1973

January 1974

April 1974

July 1974

Spring? 1975

Summer? 1975

5. TrailblazerMR)

November 1974

March 1975

July 1975

November 1975

March 1976

July 1976

November 1976

March 1977

November 1977

November 1978

November 1979

February 1981

November 1981

6. Trade Winds (SER)

Vol. I, No. II, May 1974

May 1975, Vol. I, No. II

May 1976, Vol. III, No. II

October 1976, Vol. III, No. III

February 1977, Vol. IV, No. I

7. Yankee Doodles (NAR)

April 1975

Fall 1976



8. Lava Flow (WR)

April 1973

July 1973

October 1973

April 1974

February 1975

Prepared by Ruthann Heriot, November 7, 1986
Updated January 6, 1999