National Park Service History Collection RG 63

Preliminary Inventory

Description: Files and notecards on historical reconstructions in NPS areas and other locations in U.S. and Canada.

Inclusive dates: 1933-1999

Accession Numbers: HFCA-

A. Provenance

This material came from Dwight Pitcaithley, Chief Historian of the NPS. It was originally brought to HFC Library by Pitcaithley to be used by Richard Sellars in his history of cultural resource management in NPS. Pitcaithley then presented it to the NPS History Collection.

B. History

The choice of whether or not to historically reconstruct a building or area has been a long-standing question in NPS. Pitcaithley's files attempt to gather together information from NPS and non-NPS sources on historical reconstructions.

C. Summary Scope and Contents Note

Most of the material consists of brochures and correspondence dealing with historical reconstructions in the National Park System and beyond. There are some general materials on reconstruction as a historical undertaking, plus folders on many NPS and non-NPS reconstructions in the U.S. and Canada. The material is in 3 record boxes (2001). The collection is divided into 3 series: Series 1 includes general material on reconstructions; Series 2 is a group of folders arranged by state; Series 3 consists of notecards on the subject of reconstruction.

D. Container list

Box 1.


[folder] Reconstructions


"The great reconstruction controversy: a debate and discussion" CRM Bulletinv.13:1 (1990) 1-7,14 (includes Mackintosh article)

Whitehead, Walter Muir. "Historical continuity versus synthetic reconstruction" Athenaeum Items no.67 (January 1958) p. [1-3].

Proceedings of the Canadian Parks Service Reconstruction Workshop, 11-13 March 1993 (catalogued into NPS library)

[folder] National Register status

[folder] Birthplaces

[folder] Misc. articles

[folder] Historic preservation

[report] Beaubien, Paul. Report of archeological investigations, George Washington Carver National Monument (1953)

 [folder] Louisbourg

[folder] [National Trust for Historic Preservation]

[folder] [Canadian Norse sites]

[folder] [misc]

[folder] Colorado-Recon.

[folder] Completed National Register work

[folder] Bicentennial Symposium - Oct. 1986

 [folder] Reconstruction brochures

[folder] NPS Management Policies

[folder] [misc]

[folder] Misc. Recons. - ships


[folder] AK - Baranov's Castle

[folder] AK - Klondike Gold Rush - Boss Bakery

[folder] AK - Sitka NM (includes SITK 13 also in NPS reports Collection)

 [folder] AZ - Fort Bowie

Includes article:

Gomex, Phillip J. "Fort Bowie National Historic Site : the Evolution of a unique western park" Journal of Arizona History, v.25:2 (Summer 1984) 171-190.
[folder] AR Fort Smith

Includes reports:

Dollar, Clyde D. Research notes on the first Fort Smith reconstruction (1975) (1976 addendum is in NPS reports collection as FOSM 21)

First Fort Smith reconstruction evaluation study. SWRO, Nov. 29, 2974

[folder] CA - Mission La Purisima Concepcion  [folder] CO - Fort Vasquez

[folder] CO - Pike's stockade

[folder] CO - Manitou Springs

[folder] DC - Ford's Theater (includes copy of FOTH 1)

[folder] GA - Fort Hawkins

[folder] GA - Ocmulgee

[folder] IL - Cahokia Courthouse

[folder] IL - Cahokia Mounds

[folder] IL - Fort de Chartres

[folder] IL - Fort Massac

 [folder] IL - Fostville Courthouse

[folder] IL - Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site

 Box 2.

[folder] IL - Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial

[article] Bruner, Edward M. "Abraham Lincoln as authentic reproduction: a critique of postmodernism" American Anthropologist v.96:2 )June 1994) 397-415.

[report] O'Bright, Jill York. "There I grew up…" a history of the administration of Abraham Lincoln's boyhood home (NPS 1987) (also in NPS reports Coll. under LIBO 8)

[folder] IN - Lincoln Boyhood Natl Mem.

[folder] KS - Fort Scott

[folder] KY - Henry Clay home (Ashland)

[folder] KY - Lincoln's boyhood home

[folder] KY - Old Fort Harrod

[folder] MA - Old North Bridge, Concord

[folder] MA - Pioneer Village, Salem

[folder] MA - Plimouth Plantation

[folder] MA - Thoreau's Walden cabin

[folder] MD - Fort Frederick

[folder] ME - Fort Western

[folder] ME - Montpelier [Knox mansion]

[folder] MI - Fort Michilimackinac

[folder] MN - Grand Portage

Includes report:

Cockrell, Ron. Grand Portage National Monument, Minnesota: an administrative history, 1960-1982. (MWRO, Sept.1982 (also in NPS reports coll. under GRPO 18 (revised 1983))
[folder] MN - Old Fort Snelling

[folder] MO - Fort Osage

[folder] NC - Town Creek Indian Mound

[folder] NC - Tryon Palace

[folder] ND - Fort Union Trading Post (includes copies of FOUS 2,3

Includes report:

Hunt, William J., jr and Peterson, Lynelle A. Fort Union, the 1986 excavations. MWAC May 1, 1986. (not in NPS reports coll.)
[folder] NJ - Morristown NHP

Includes article:

Rutsch, Edward S., Peters, Kim M. "Forty years of archaeological research at Morristown National Historical Park, Morristown, New Jersey." Historical Archaeology v.11 (1977) 15-38.
[folder] NV - Mormon Station State Park

[folder] NY - Fort Ticonderoga

[folder] NY - Fort William Henry

[folder] NY - New Windsor Cantonment

[folder] NY - Saratoga

[folder] NY - von Steuben Memorial

[folder] OH - Fort Recovery

[folder] OH - Schoenbrunn Village

[folder] OH - Fort Meigs

[folder] OH - Buckeye Furnace

[folder] OH - Fort Gibson

[folder] PA - Independence [NHP]

[folder] PA - Pennsbury

[folder] PA - Fort Ligonier

[folder] PA - Fort Necessity (includes copy of FONE 2)

[folder] PA - Hopewell Village

[folder] PA - Valley Forge

[folder] TN - Chucalissa

[folder] TN - Fort Negley

[folder] TN - Fort Nashborough

[folder] TN - Nashville Parthenon

[folder] TN - Fort Loudon

[folder] VA - Appomattox (includes copies of APCO 12,16)

[folder] VA - Washington Town House

[folder] VA - Mount Vernon

[folder] VA - Red Hill - Home of Patrick Henry

Includes report:

Hardwick, Kevin R. Patrick Henry: economic, political and domestic life in late eighteenth -century Virginia [written historical and descriptive data](HABS 1989)
Includes report: Report on Red Hill: last home and burial place of Patrick Henry (NPS, August 1962)
[folder] VA - Shadwell [birthplace of T. Jefferson]

[folder] VA - Washington's birthplace (includes GEWA 3(1979 version),7

[folder] VA - Colonial Williamsburg

Box 3

[folder] WA - Fort Nisqually

[report] Thompson, E.N. A feasibility study on historical reconstruction of Whitman Mission (DSC May 1973) (in NPS reports coll. under WHMI 2)

 [folder] WV - Prickett's Fort

[folder] WV - Harpers Ferry


Box of 5"x8" notecards on reconstruction of historic structures.