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This inventory covers the papers of Jesse Nusbaum, NPS archeologist. The largest part consists of correspondence, however more of the correspondence is outgoing and the incoming is not necessarily kept with its reply. This correspondence deals with the enforcement of the Antiquities Act, archeological topics, pipeline archeology, park areas especially Mesa Verde National Park, and NPS administrative matters. Most of the correspondence dates from 1946-1958, however copies of and actual correspondence from the 1920's and 1930's are occasionally included. Articles, clippings, periodicals, a few photos, and notes make up the rest of the material. This dates from the 1950's with a few earlier clippings. It is largely due to Nusbaum's efforts that the NPS is so closely tied to Southwest archeology.

A. Provenance

These papers were given by Mrs. Jesse L. Nusbaum (Rosemary). They were generated and collected by her husband during his service as NPS archeologist. They reflect his active correspondence with many university archeologists and other Federal officials on an official and occasionally personal level.

B. Biography

Jesse Logan Nusbaum was the archeologist in the Park Service and is closely tied to the study of the ancient civilization of the Southwest. He was born in Greeley, Colorado, September 3, 1887, to Edward Moore and Agnes Strickland (Moodie) Nusbaum. His parents and maternal grandparents were members of the original Greeley colony organized by Horace Greeley. Nusbaum attended local public schools in Greeley as well as the Colorado Teachers College there, receiving his B. Pedagogy in 1907.

After graduation, Nusbaum went to New Mexico State Normal in Las Vegas to teach science and manual arts. That summer he began his connection with Mesa Verde as a photographer and archeological assistant to A. V. Kidder and spent the following summer (1908) in a similar fashion.

In June of 1909, Nusbaum became the first employee of the School of American Archeology and Museum of New Mexico in Santa Fe under Dr. Edgar L. Hewett. While there he conducted archeological surveys, investigations, excavations, and ruins stabilization in Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Colorado, and New Mexico including the Pajarito Plateau. Nusbaum's work at the museum again brought him to Mesa Verde for the excavation, repair, and stabilization of Balcony House, an important major project that extended into the winter of 1910. He spent 9 months in Washington, D. C., September 1911 to June 1912, working on exhibits for the Panama-Pacific Exposition to be held in San Diego, California. While in Washington, Nusbaum took advanced courses at night and continued his advanced studies in Colorado during the summer of 1913. His innovations at Mesa Verde and manual arts background stood him in good stead during this supervision of the restoration of the New Mexico Palace of Governors in Santa Fe which was completed in Fall of 1913. In 1913, Nusbaum also worked 3 months in the Maya ruins of Yucatan with Dr. S. G. Morley. During his many expeditions with the museum, Nusbaum also helped restore the mission church at Pecos. He used some of its design in the work of the state art museum, built in 1916-19 under his supervision.

Jesse L. Nusbaum attempted to become an aviator during World War I but instead became an engineer and served in France. He enlisted in May 1918 and was discharged April 1919. From May 1919 to June 1921, he was employed at the Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation in New York City. While Nusbaum was working in New York he took part in several southwest expeditions including those at Hawikuh Pueblo and Basketmaker Cave.

In 1921, while still in New York, he was selected by Stephen Mather and Arno Cammerer to become superintendent at Mesa Verde National Park. Director Mather had become disgusted with the conditions that had developed there under a political superintendent. Although he did have some trouble with Colorado politicians, he was able to become a very effective superintendent, advancing the development of the park. He discontinued grazing, built a museum and developed good interpretive programs, especially ones designed to explain the Antiquities Act. His involvement with the Act led to his designation in 1927 as the lead archeologist and prime enforcer of the Act for the Southwest (while remaining Mesa Verde superintendent).

Nusbaum continued this dual capacity until 1930, when he took a leave of absence to organize and direct the Laboratory of Anthropology at Santa Fe, New Mexico. He continued as director of the laboratory until 1935, having earlier returned to the Park Service and resumed his dual duties as Mesa Verde superintendent and archeologist enforcing the Antiquities Act. Nusbaum continued this dual position for many years. In the late 40's he left Mesa Verde and his dual role for Santa Fe and increased duties as the senior archeologist of the National Park Service. In this capacity, Nusbaum began one of the first salvage archeology projects when he persuaded El Paso Natural Gas Company to allow archeological excavation along their pipelines. For this, and many other accomplishments, Jesse L. Nusbaum received the Distinguished Service Award from the Department of the Interior in 1954. After a year's extension Nusbaum was forced to retire from the National Park Service at the age of 71 in 1957. However, he continued to do consulting work for many years. He died in Santa Fe in December 1975, at the age of 88.

Nusbaum married Aileen Baehrens O'Bryan on September 21, 1920, but was divorced in 1939. She had one son, Deric. Nusbaum subsequently married Rosemary Lewis Rife, a nurse, on December 11, 1947. His civic associations were as follows: Trustee, Laboratory of Anthropology 1923-38; Member, Advisory Board 1927; State Park Commission of New Mexico 1933-36; Council, American Association of Museums 1932-35; Trustee, Indian Arts Fund 1927; Commission, Old Santa Fe Association 1946-75; Management Board, School of American Research, 1947; U.S. International Park and Forest Commission; honorary life member, Museum of New Mexico; Pi Gamma Mu; Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science; and Chairman, Social Sciences, Southwest Division 1932-33 as well as Vice President 1935 of the American Anthropological Association; Society for American Archeology; American Planning and Civic Association; 32 Mason. Nusbaum received an honorary D. Sc. from Colorado State in 1946.

In 1923, he and others wrote down their findings in the book Basketmaker Cave in Kane County, Utah. Nusbaum was listed in Who's Who in America from 1931 until 1960 and was also included in Directory of American Scholars and American Men of Science.

C. Summary Scope and Contents Notes

The Nusbaum Papers consist mostly of correspondence, 1921-1958, with the bulk 1947-1958. Some of the correspondence is annotated and notes, mostly handwritten, are scattered throughout the folders. The papers also include articles, clippings, periodicals, and a few photos. All the papers are arranged in reverse chronological order, i.e. beginning December 1958 and ending with January 1921. The day books, office files of outgoing correspondence, are probably the most significant. However, the day book for 1950, the year pipeline archeology began, is not in the collection. The "Nut File" is quite interesting and is referred to several times in the correspondence. A folder of 1920's correspondence from Stella M. Leviston who donated funds for an entrance gate and for the Mesa Verde Museum is included in the Mesa Verde material. The folder, "Duties of Archeologist-Nusbaum in General Archeological Work" might be most helpful to those unacquainted with NPS procedures.

It is important to note that these papers only cover the later part of Nusbaum's career from 1946-7 to 1958, when he was stationed at the Region 3 Office in Santa Fe as a consulting archeologist. It does not ordinarily cover his career as Mesa Verde superintendent, his earlier archeological work, his architectural work in Santa Fe, his work with the Santa Fe Laboratory of Anthropology, or all his accomplishments prior to the end of World War II. Likewise, Nusbaum's active consulting work after his forced retirement is not ordinarily covered. The Nusbaum Papers therefore give us a glimpse of the height of and the closing of an important archeological career in the NPS while at the same time show the depth and importance of the worked involved.

The 2 record boxes, approximately 2 linear feet (1987), are kept in the inner vault.

D. Dispersal

The Nusbaum material was received during the period when no accession records were kept. Original contents and dispersal are difficult to determine. The NPS History Collection has a biographical folder on Jesse Nusbaum and the transcript of an oral interview conducted by Herb Evison in December 1962. Material by Jesse Nusbaum can be found in the Southwest Monuments Reports Series.

E. Series

Series I - Correspondence

Consists of 12 folders of Day Books plus 1 unlabeled expanding folder of personal correspondence, both incoming and outgoing. The expanding folder contains correspondence from 1942-1947, while the Day Books of outgoing correspondence date from 1946-1949 and 1951-1958. The topics cover enforcement of the Antiquities Act, other archeological concerns especially pipeline archeology, employment, travel in the Southwest, and administrative matters. As the Day Books are official, generally over half of the correspondence consists of memos to Chief Clerk Dotson of the Department of the Interior, to the NPS Director, and to Regional Directors and Superintendents. The Day Books were summarized every 4 years, and lists are attached for the correspondents, topics, and approximate percentage for these time periods along with a list for the expanding personal file. They are in Record Box 1.

Nusbaum's Day Book, 1958 Calendar Year

Nusbaum's Day Book, 1957 Calendar Year

Nusbaum's Day Book, 1956 Calendar Year

Nusbaum's Day Book, 1955 Calendar Year

Nusbaum's Day Book, 1954 Calendar Year

Nusbaum's Day Book, 1953 Calendar Year

Nusbaum's Day Book, 1952 Calendar Year

Nusbaum's Day Book, 1951 Calendar Year

Nusbaum's Day Book, 1949 Calendar Year

Nusbaum's Day Book, 1948 Calendar Year

Nusbaum's Day Book, 1947 Calendar Year

Nusbaum's Day Book, 1946 Calendar Year

Unlabeled expanding folder

Nusbaum Correspondents - 1955-1958

Agogino, Dr. George                            Haberland, Fred

Alfred, J. K.                                         Harding, Mabel V.

Alsup, Ed                                             Harrington, M. R.

Amsbury, Clifton                                  Harris, R. W.

Barnard, Helen B.                                Haury, Dr. Emil W.

Beasley, Otis                                       Haverland, Fred M.

Beeson, William J.                               Healy, W. C.

Berry, Joan                                          Heaton, Philip L.

Biederman, Kenneth C.                        Herbert, J. D.

Bliss, Dr. Wesley                                  Hernandez, Lt. A.

Berg, Donald                                        Higgings, Mrs. Mildred

Borgthold, Milton D.                             Howard, William

Braun, R. A.                                         Hunt, Mrs. Charles B.

Brugge, David                                       Hutchison, Dinah

Bryan, Alan                                            Ingmansen, Earl

Calhoun, J. C.                                        Jennings, Dr. Jesse D.

Campbell, Ron R.                                   Jones, Paul

Cantrell, Jacques                                     Kennedy, Fred H.

Carmichael, Dr. Leonard                         Kline, Elmer L.

Clark, James M.                                     King, Bobby

Colbert, Dr. Edwin H.                             King, Peter, Jr.

Corette, J. E.                                          Kizziar, Hood D.

Corridon, John H.                                   Langley, W. P.

Danson, Dr. Ned                                     Larom, David

Davis, Dr. E. Mott                                   Leftwich, Fred C.

Deming, Oscar V.                                    Lister, Dr. Robert H.

DiLuzio, Frank C.                                    Look, Al

Downs, Dr. Theodore                              Lorton, A. F.

Eidson, Capt. W. M.                                McNutt, Charles H.

Elsasser, Albert B.                                    Malouf, Dr. Carling

Emmons, Glen                                          Marshall, Don B.

Fairchilds, George W.                               Marston, Otis

Farmer, Malcolm F.                                  Mohr, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred

Faurette, William C.                                  Morris, Kathleen

Fenenga, Franklin                                     Mueller, W. E.

Floyd, Edwin D.                                       Mulloy, Dr. William

Folett, Archie E.                                       Nelson, L. L.

Forbis, Dr. Richard                                   Olson, Alan P.

Frome, Michael                                         Osbourne, Dr. Douglas

Giddings, Dr. J. L.                                     Osmuvdson, John

Gilbert, Ray                                               Parrish, Alvin

Gooch, Sally                                              Perkins, C. L.

Gordon, Shelby                                          Pierson, Lloyd M.

Graves, William                                          Roberts, David C.

Gregg, H. Raymond                                    Rook, L. W.

Gunneison, James H.                                   Sachs, R. K.

Sayles, Ted                                                 Swanson, Dr. Earl H.

Shobe, Paul L.                                            Taylor, Donald M.

Shriver, W. B.                                             Theophilus, Dr. Donald

Shutter, Dick, Jr.                                                          , Richard

Sieker, John                                                 Tong, Marvin E., Jr.

Simpson, Ruth D.                                         Tuohy, Donald

Smith, Eastburn                                            Van Valkenburgh, Richard

Smith, Dr. Gerald H.                                     Varney, Walter

Spaulding, G. Warren                                    Vidal, S. P.

Stackhouse, Lloyd                                         Warren, Claude N.

Steele, Donald                                               Wasley, W. W.

Stuart, Frank C.                                             Weaver, Elmer

                                                                      Wilson, Paul H.




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Nusbaum Correspondents - 1951-1954

Agogino, George A.                                     Emmons, Glenn

Albright, Horace M.                                     Enger, Walter D.

Amsbury, Clifton                                          Euler, Robert

Anderson, William M.                                  Ezell, Paul

Baily, Avon                                                  Fales, Elisha N.

Beaver, William T.                                       Fejos, Dr. Paul

Bibo, Arthur                                                 Fister, H. G.

Biggs, Hon. John, Jr.                                     Foster, Don C

Borbolla Dr. Daniel F.  Rubin de la                Gelvin, Ralph M.

                                                                     Gerald, Rex E.

Borden, Dr. Charles                                      Gifford, Dr. E. W.

Bordewich, Nancy                                        Glasco, L. M.

Bretz, T. E.                                                   Goodrich, W. H.

Brew, Dr. J. O.                                             Graves, C. L.

Brock, Bennett F.                                          Green, Elizabeth

Brock, Mary Elizabeth                                   Grosscup, Gordon

Burns, J. Robert                                             Halseth, Odd S.

Bursum, Holm                                                Hamblin, Mrs. Mark

Butcher, Devereux                                          Hansen, Gene V.

Calhoun, J. W.                                                Hardman, Tom J.

Calhoun, James C.                                          Harper, Alan G.

Carter, Jeanette                                              Harper, Stanley R.

Chaney, Charley                                             Harrington, M. R.

Chaney, Dr. Ralph W.                                     Harris, R. W.

Chorley, Kenneth                                             Harrison, William K.

Christensen, Ross T.                                         Haury, Dr. Emil W.

Clements, Dr. Thomas                                       Heizer, Dr. Robert F.

Colbert, Dr. Edwin H.                                       Hetherington, Dr. Hugh

Colton, Dr. Harold S.                                        Hewels, Gordon

Cool, J. E.                                                         Hill, Dr. W. W.

Cressman, Dr. L. S.                                           Hinebaugh, Gary

Danson, Dr. Edward B.                                      Hinz, Dr. John

Davis, Arthur C.                                                 Hodge, Dr. Frederick Webb

Davis, Dr. E. Mott                                              Hoffman, M. L.

DiPeso, Charles C.                                             Hurley, Gerland D.

Ditteret, Ed                                                         Hutchinson, W. H.

Dobyns, Henry F.                                                Jelinek, Arthur J.

Doty, Hon. Dale E.                                              Jessings, Dr. Jesse D.

Doughtery, Proctor L.                                          Johnson, Arthur Delafield

Drury, Dr. Newton B.                                          Johnson, Burgess

Early, Roger Neil                                                 Johnston, Andrew

Eastlick, Dr. John                                                 Judd, Neil M.

Easton, Dr. W. H.                                                Kahler, Herbert E

Eddy, Dr. Jesse Leeds                                          Keels, Carl O.

Edwards, H. E.                                                     Kehoe, Thomas F.

Ellis, Dr. John D.                                                   Kidder, Dr. A. V.

                                                                             King, Dale S.

Kreiger, Dr. Alex                                                   Randall, J. Parke

Kulak, F. W.                                                          Raynor, T. E.

Lampe, Dr. John                                                     Rice, Dave

Lindh, C. Otto                                                         Rice, Gerrie

Lister, Dr. Robert H.                                                Roberts, Dr. Frank H. H.

Little, Eldon                                                              Rodeck, Dr. Hugo

Little, Norman M.                                                     Rogers, Dr. Spencer L.

Logn, Boas                                                               Rothmeyer, Herman

Long, M. P.                                                              Rushmore, Gort

Luckett, Marguerite D.                                              Saint, Irene

Lumb, Gage                                                              Sawyer, C. G.

McDonough, J. A.                                                     Schulman, Dr. Edmund

McGimsey, Charles Robert                                        Schwartz, Douglas

McKeen, Edwin D.                                                    Shields, Dr. Lora Magnum

Magan, Frank                                                             Slight, Frederick W.

Marshall, Roy                                                              Smith, Eastburn R.

Martin, Paul S.                                                             Smith, Shelby B.

Mecham, Hon. Edwin C.                                              Spragge, G. W.

Meighan, Dr. Clement W.                                             Stacher, Mrs. Samuel F.

Melendres, Mrs. L. C.                                                  Stephenson, Dr. Robert L.

Miller, Blanche                                                              Stricklin, Jack

Miller, Mary W.                                                             Teague, Corabeth

Mills, John E.                                                                 Thompson, Floyd A.

Mock, H. Bryon                                                             Tucker, Edward A.

Morrell, Foster                                                                Tutt, Mr. and Mrs. Charles

Morrison, Dr. Roger W.                                                  Van Valkenburgh, Richard

Nations, H. P.                                                                 Wallace, Dr. William J.

Newson, Dr. William F.                                                   Waters, Frank

Ninahan, Mrs. Victor I.                                                    Watson, Don

Olmsted, Frederick Law                                                   Watson, Editha

Olson, Alan P.                                                                  Wauchone, Dr. Robert

Orr, Phil C.                                                                       Weaver, Elmer

Osenburg, Dr. Frederic C.                                                 Wheat, Joe Ben

Packard, Ben                                                                     White, Dan T.

Parkhurst, Russell                                                               Willenburg, Charles R.

Patterson, Bryon                                                                 Williams, Mrs. C. L.

Peck, Fred R.                                                                     Williams, Guy C.

Perkins, C. L.                                                                      Williams, Jack R.

Perry, John E.                                                                      Wilmeth, Roscoe

Plain, Francis R.                                                                   Woodbury, Dr. Ricard B.

Plant, Roy                                                                             Young, Robert W.

Postlewaithe, W. W.                                                             Zingg, Dr. Robert M.




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Nusbaum Correspondents - 1946-1949

                    Adams, Mrs. Orval                                     Buchanan, Mary

Albright, Horace M.                                    Buchanan, John Keith

Angelloz, Prince A.                                      Burg, Robert

Apodoca, R. F.                                            Burghard, August

Ariss, Robert M.                                           Burney, Mrs. Arthur W.

Babington, Dr. S. H.                                      Butcher, Devereux

Baden, Wilson                                               Byers, Dr. Douglass

Barton, Esther                                                Camp, A. M.

Bass, W. P.                                                    Carhart, Arthur

Bell, D. H.                                                      Caso, Dr. Alfonso

Birdseye, Roger                                               Chapman, Kenneth M.

Blinn, Charles E.                                               Chorley, Kenneth

Boathroyd, Grant C.                                         Clawson, Marion

Bolton, Herbert H.                                             Colbert, Dr. Edwin H.

Brayer, Herbert O.                                             Coleman, R. V.

Brew, Dr. J. O.                                                    Colter, Mary E. J.

Brown, F. Martin                                                 Colton, Dr. Harold S.

Bryan, Dr. Kirk                                                     Cooley, Harold E.


Cressman, Dr. L. C.

Crosby, Mrs. Robert K.                                         Hurst, Dr. C. T.

Curtis, Harvey B.                                                    Jennings, Dr. Jesse

Daiker, Fred N.                                                       Johnson, Jerome A.

DeLatuer, Helen                                                       Johnson, William T.

Demaray                                                                  Judd, Neil M.

Dick, Herbert                                                            Kahler, Herbert E.

DiLusio, Frank                                                           Kalmbach, Dr. E. R.

Dods, J. P.                                                                 Kidd, Dr. Kenneth B.

Douglas, Eric                                                              Kidder, A. V.

Dugan, Harry                                                              Kimball, Yeffe V.

Emert, Dr. Martine                                                      Kneale, A. H.

Erskin, Helen Wordon                                                 Koch, Walter H.

Evison, Herbert                                                            Kramer, John R.

Fairlamb, Charles                                                         Kuehne, Richard E.

Farmer, Malcolm                                                          Laub, Mrs. William M.

Fenenga, Franklin                                                          Lawson, Mrs. Byron K.


Fermi, Dr. Enrico                                                           Lee, Ronald F.

Flora, I. B.                                                                     Lester, Dr. Oliver C.

Foshay Wilbur B.                                                           Lieber, Mrs. Richard

French, Harry                                                                 Lister, Robert

Frost, Melvin                                                                  Little, Charles V.

German, Dr. Frank E.                                                     MacNamara, Charles

Goodwin, Raymond                                                        MacSpadden, Floyd E.

Gregg, Clifford C.                                                            McConnel, H. N.

Green, T. L.                                                                     McKinney, Robert

Grimes, Virginia                                                                McMechen, Edgar C.

Guilet, Meredith                                                                McNeil, Irving

Gunkle, Iris S.                                                                   Macht, H. Ray

Guthe, Dr. Carl E.                                                             Maier, Herbert

Hafen, Dr. LeRoy                                                              Manley, Dr. John


Hailman, Dr. H. V.                                                             Meilch, Mitchell, Hon.

Halseth, Odd S.                                                                 Mierow, Dorothy

Hanna, Phil Townsend                                                        Miller, Harry E.

Harell, Tomas C.                                                                 Milmore, H. L.

Harrington, M. R.                                                                 Mock, H. Bryan

Harrington, John S.                                                               Morgan, Mrs. Frank

Haury, Dr. Emil W.                                                               Morn, Dr. Mary P.

Heizer, Dr. Robert F.                                                            Morris, Earl H.

Hill, Dr. W. W.                                                                     Mulford, Dr. John W.

Hinkley, Samuel N.                                                               Nevills, Norman


Hodge, Dr. F. W.                                                                   Nininger, Dr. H. H.

Holbrook, Col. Frank O.                                                         O'Bryan, Dr. Deric

Holtz, E. J.                                                                               Olmsted, Frederick Law

Holtz, R. D.                                                                               Ortega, Dr. J.

Huff, J. Wesley                                                                           Patraw, P. P.

Peterson, Darling H.                                                                   Smith, Elmer R.

Pettingil, Olin S., Jr.                                                                    Smith, Dr. George Albert

Pope, John A.                                                                             Snelling, Mrs. H. T.

Postlethwaite, Dr. W.                                                                  Spencer, Don C.

Powdermaker, Hortense                                                              Stewart, Kenneth B.

Quimby, George                                                                          Stone, Clifford S.

Rainey, Dr. Froelich                                                                     Tansill, Robert W.

Redd, J. Wiley                                                                             Taylor, Dr. Walter W.

Reed, Charles                                                                              Tillotson, M. R.

Reinhold, Paul B.                                                                         Tozer, Chester N.

Reiter, Dr. Paul                                                                            Trimble, Sankey

Rial, Dr. David W.                                                                       Van Devanter, D. V.

Roberts, Dr. Frank H. H.                                                             Waddell, N. F.

Roehring, David                                                                            Wallace, Stephen A., Sr.


Rogers, Edmund                                                                             Warner, Rev. Mark T.

Roran, James E.                                                                              Watson, Don

Rumburg, Joseph C., Jr.                                                                   Watson, Editha

Russell, Dr. Carl P.                                                                           Wattles, Howard

Sampson, Dr. O. H.                                                                          Welles, Dr. S. P.

Sexton, Roy Lyman                                                                           White, Amelia E    .

Schmitt, Martin                                                                                   Wilder, Charles C.

Schneiler, Phyllis                                                                                 Wisherd, Edwin C.

Schulman, Dr. Edmund                                                                       Wiss, Henry H.

Schumann, Mrs. Edward                                                                    Wodel, Waldo

Schultz, C. Bartrand                                                                           Woodard, M. L.

Scorup, James                                                                                    Woodland, P. V.

Scoyen, Evind T.                                                                                Worman, Frederick C. V.

Shekerjain, Haig W.                                                                           Wormington, Marie

Shuler, Evelyn                                                                                    Wright, Barton

Sickman, Lawrence                                                                            Wyer, Dr. Malcolm

Simms, Mrs. W. L.                                                                             Yunker, Mrs. Peter



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Personal Correspondents, Nusbaum - 1942-1947

Albright, Horace M.                                                                 Denious, Walter

Anderson, Clinton P.                                                                Dier, William   

Armitage, Merle                                                                       Dobbins, Raymond

Bailey, Frederick                                                                      Dodge, George F.

Bashore, Harry W.                                                                    Drury, Newton B.

Bauer, John H.                                                                           Edwards, C. L.

Beise, Charles                                                                           Elkinton, Howard W.

Block, Mary Louise                                                                  Emery, Roe

(Mrs. D. E.)                                                                              Fewksbury, F. H.


Bringham, Zillan Rice                                                                 Flora, I. F.

Bryan, Kirk                                                                               Foshay, Wilbur B.

Buchanan, John                                                                         Gilbert, Walter

Burgh, Robert                                                                           Gillespie, Dean, Repr.

Burney, Arthur                                                                           Harrington, M. R.

Cannon, Joseph J.                                                                      Hatch, Carl A., Hon.

Chapman, K. M.                                                                        Hayes, Stephen R.

Chorley, Kenneth                                                                        Haury, Emil

Christianson, Ida O.                                                                     Heintz, Ralph M.

Cline, Platt                                                                                   Hinkley, Samuel N.

Crane, Warren                                                                             Holman, Rufus C., Hon.

Cranmer, George                                                                          Holmes, Burton

Cressman, Dr. L. S.                                                                      Hommon, Harry B.

Demaray, Arthur                                                                           Honnald, Dr. William L.

Hoyt, Burnham                                                                              Olsen, Victor A.

Hurst, C. T.                                                                                   Reed, Charles

Johnson, Edwin C., Hon.                                                                Reinhold, Paul R.

Judd, Neil M.                                                                                 Rockefeller, John D., Jr.

Kell, J. E.                                                                                        Rockwell, Robert F., Repr.

Kidder, A. V.                                                                                  Rose, Al

Kneale, A. H.                                                                                  Rump, Charles

Koplowitz, J. E.                                                                               Scofield, H. I.

Lee, Chester                                                                                    Scott, Dr. Donald

Lieber, Emma (Mrs. Richard)                                                           Sexton, Roy Lyman

Lowry, Royal                                                                                   Sharp, C. F. Stewart

Luckman, Charles                                                                             Sleight, Frederick W.

McLaughlin, John S.                                                                          Stanton, Rosemary

Mair, Jim                                                                                           Stringham, Emerson

Manley, Dr. John                                                                               Tamlyn, S.

Maxwell, Gilbert                                                                                 Tilney, Robert

Mead, Dr. A. P.                                                                                 Tozer, Alice (Mrs. Chester)

Mera, H. P.                                                                                        Watson, Don

Miller, Hugh                                                                                        Wetmore, Dr. Alexander

Miller, John A.                                                                                     Wilson, Francis

Miller, L. A.                                                                                         Wirth, Conrad

Milmore, H. L.                                                                                      Wiss, Henry H.

Moyniham, Charles                                                                                Wissler, Mrs. Clark


Mulford, Dr. John W.                                                                             Wolff, Dr. Harold Arnold

Mulford, W. W.                                                                                      Wood, Grace Ford

Morris, Earl H.

Morse, Stanley                                                                                        Woodward, M. L.

Olmsted, Frederick                                                                                  Zimmerman, Dr. J. F.

Series II - Individuals

Consists of six folders of correspondence about or with specific individuals plus four folders of grouped correspondence with individuals, chronological and alphabetical, three of which are listed by initial. Clippings, notes, and periodicals are included with the correspondence. Items date from the 1920's to the 1960's. The topics are archeology, finances, and personal. Important folders are that for Congressman Cramton which concerns his death and those for John D. Rockefeller, Jr., which concern his financial help for the NPS and for the Santa Fe Laboratory of Anthropology. They are in Record Box 2.

J. D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Data for Freeman Tilden on Mr. J. D. R., Jr.

Cramton, Louis, Congressman

General Directors Colton, Dentzel, and Danson

General Correspondence with Emil Haury

Jean Pinkley - Pecos Monument

Park Service - People, etc.


"S" to "T"

"W" to Z"

Series III - Congressional Committee

Congressional Committee consists of one folder which has two parts. The first part is a March 1955 list of the Senate and House Public Works Committees. The second part and majority of the folder consists of an itinerary and correspondence with Director Albright and others about the 1931 Southwest trip of the Subcommittee of the House Appropriations for the Interior Department. The folder is in Record Box 2. [Note: cf H. M. Albright Film Collection for possible films of this 1931 trip.]

Series IV - "Nut File"

The "Nut File" consists of one file labeled "Nut File" plus six folders labeled "740-17 Nut File" and then the individual name. Nusbaum refers to his "Nut File" several times in the correspondence. This "Nut File" includes correspondence, periodicals, and clippings from and about unusual people or crackpot theories or events. The "Nut File" also includes some of Nusbaum's replies and letters to other anthropologists as well as the material from and about the "nuts." The one inch thick "Nut File" includes items dating from 1941 to 1956 while the individual files date from 1938 to 1949. The file is in Record Box 2.

"Nut" File

Amazing Explorations, Inc.

Delano's Mummies

Harry E. (Two-Gun) Miller Matter

Mummifying Zone in New Mexico

Frank A. Baker, South Dakota Black Hills, 1939

Old Prospector and his "Magic Wands," 1938

Series V - Antiquities Act Work

Consists of five folders of correspondence, clippings, and notes. Items from 1931 and 3, 1947 and 9, and 1955-9 are included but most cover the last few years of Nusbaum's active NPS work as Antiquities Act enforcer. The Antiquities Act work was the chief part of Nusbaum's duties at the end of his active NPS career. The material is in Record Box 2.

Antiquities Act Violations - Chaco - D. Campbell

Antiquities Act - Paleoanthropologists

Kay McGrew - Soc. Vert. Paleo. - Antiquities Act Case

Director's NPS Permits

Permits - Paleontologists, etc.

Series VI - General Archeological Work

Covers the general duties of Nusbaum as an NPS archeologist and specific duties other than Antiquities Act enforcement - conferences, consultation, inspection, investigation, and work on ruins. This series consists of seven folders with articles, correspondence, newsletters, notes, photos, and summaries dating from the 1920's to the 1950's but the bulk covering the late 1950's. The most important would be the first two folders listing Nusbaum's archeological duties. They are in Record Box 2.

201 - 13.1 Duties of Archeologist Nusbaum

JLN's Appointment, Duties, etc. - Personnel Data

Archeological Conferences and Paleontological Conferences

Consultation Work

Inspection - Teecw Nas Pas - Carrisco Mountains

Investigation and Planning - Mancos Canyon Project

30.2 - 02 Ruin Repair and Stabilization, Surveys

Series VII - Mesa Verde

Consists of eight folders relating to Mesa Verde National Park. It contains articles, clippings, correspondence, notes, and a few photos with material dating from 1921 to 1959. Although the material includes items from Nusbaum's superintendency, especially in the 1920's and 1930's, most was compiled later. Except for that dealing with Stella M. Leviston, the folder headings are those given by Nusbaum. Stella M. Leviston gave the funds for an entrance gate as well as for the Mesa Verde Museum and was one of the first donors to the park during Nusbaum's superintendency. The Leviston folder consists of both incoming and outgoing correspondence from 1921 to 1924. It was kept here rather than placed with the individual folders because of its original heading. The files are in Record Box 2.

Stella M. Leviston

Ute Indian Land Deals, Mesa Verde

Roads - Mesa Verde, Soda Canyon, Watson

Porcupines at Mesa Verde - Related

Some Early Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde - Related Material

Early Mesa Verde

Series VIII - Areas

Consists of three folders of clippings and correspondence dating from 1928 to 1949. They concern two proposed areas and the boundary adjustment for an existing site. They are in Record Box 2.

Cliff Cities National Park (Proposed)

Natural Bridges National Monument

New Escalante National Monument (Proposed)

Series IX - Articles and History

Consists of five folders and a long envelope containing clippings of a magazine article. The material includes addresses, articles, clippings, correspondence, data, and statements dating from 1930 to 1958. The topics covered are the Antiquities Act, its enforcement, archeology in general, and pipeline archeology. This material is in Record Box 2.

Antiquities Act of 1906, Draft Proposed In-Service Training Publication

Archeology, Consultation, General Supervision - Address, Statement, etc.

Data for Southwest News - American Antiquity Society V. Paleo. - '58 Fossils on Pub. Som.

Miscellaneous Data - for Future Articles, Stories

"Pipeline Archeology," Life, Vol. 29, No. 29, November 13, 1950

Series X - Personal

Consists of seven folders either marked "Personal" by Nusbaum or concerning other personal matters like travel and compliments. The material includes clippings, correspondence, and notes dating from 1931 to 1958. It completes Record Box 2.

Cammerer - Park Service

Director Drury - Personal

Travel Expenses Data Settled

202 - Bouquets (General)

Earliest Mesa Verde and Lab - Personal

Lab of Anthropology

201-06 - Superintendent Personal (Nusbaum)

F. Keywords

Antiquities Act


Cliff Cities National Park (Proposed)

Cramton, Louis

Leviston, Stella N.

Mesa Verde National Park

Natural Bridges National Monument

New Escalante National Monument (Proposed)

Nusbaum, Jesse Logan

Pinkley, Jean

Rockefeller, John D., Jr.

Prepared August 7, 1987 by Ruthanne Heriot. Revised July 6, 2004 by David Nathanson