National Park Service History Collection RG 37


A. Provenance

Most items in this collection were written as interpretation or explanation of some aspect of National Park Service administrative or operational history. Some material, especially in policy and philosophy, was taken from both popular and specialized journals as well as government publications and internal memoranda.

Accession numbers and/or sources are not listed here since over 50 different accessions are represented. The main sources are regional offices, the parks, and individuals. Carl P. Russell and S. Herbert Evison are two people whose collections and work are represented in this record group.

B. National Park Historical Highlights

1790 National Capital Parks

1832 Hot Springs Reservation Established

1830s Cattle, Park Idea

1864 Yosemite Established as State Park

1872 Yellowstone Established as first National Park

1875 Michil1mackinac

1889 Case Grande Ruin Reservation

1990 National Parks - Sequoia, General Grant, Yosemite, Chickamauga - Chattanooga National Military Park

1891 Forest Reserve Act

1906 Antiquities Act

1906 Devils Tower National Monument

1913 Albright joins USDI

1915 Mather joins USDI

1916 National Park Service established as a bureau of DOI

1919 Lafayette National Park (now Acadia National Park) Eastern National Park

1920 Traditional NPS Interpretation Begun

1920s Rangers under Civil Service

1925-6 Great Smoky Mountains, Shenandoah, Mammoth Cave - Acquire Land via Donations

1930 George Washington Birthplace - Eastern History Site

1933 Superintendents under Civil Service

1933 Major Reorganization - Historical Parks and National Monuments in Other Agencies Transferred to National Park Service

1933 Civilian Conservation Corps

1935 Historic Sites, Buildings and Antiquities Act - declared national historic preservation policy; established the National Landmarks program and the Advisory Board.

1936 Park, Parkway, and Recreation Area Study Act

1936 Blue Ridge Parkway

1937 Regionalization

1937 Cape Hatteras - First National Seashore

1942-47 Headquarters Moved to Chicago for Duration of war

1946 NPS Recreation Administration of Other Agency Land

1949 Establishment of the National Trust for Historic Preservation

1955 Museum Act

1956-64 Mission 66

1959 Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission (ORRRC) - led to Secretarial creation of Bureau of Outdoor Recreation.

1961 Cape Cod - Purchase Land

1962 First World Conference

1963 National Outdoor Recreation Act - Officially established Bureau of Outdoor Recreation.

1964 Wilderness Act

1965 Land and Water Conservation Fund Act

1966 National Historic Preservation Act

1966 NPS 50th Anniversary Celebration

1968 Wild and Scenic Rivers Act

1968 National Trails System Act

1969 National Environmental Policy Act

1970 The General Authorities Act established the National Park System

1972 National Parks Centennial/Second World Conference

1974-76 Bicentennial celebration

1977 Creation of the Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service from BOR and NPS

1978 NPS Omnibus Act - designated Alaska National Monuments

1979 Archeological Resources Protection Act

1980 Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA)- made National Parks of many Alaska monuments

1981 Absorption of the Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service back into NPS

1990 Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act

1991 NPS 75th Anniversary celebration


Mather, Stephen T. May 16, 1917 - January 8, 1929

Albright, Horace M. January 12, 1929 - August 9, 1933

Cammerer, Arno B. August 10, 1933 - August 9, 1940

Drury, Newton B. August 20, 1940 - March 31, 1951

Demaray, Arthur E. April 1, 1951 - December 8, 1951

Wirth, Conrad L. December 9, 1951 - January 7, 1964

Hartzog, Jr., George B. January 8, 1964 - December 31, 1972

Walker, Ronald H. January 1, 1973 - January 3, 1975

Everhardt, Gary E. January 13, 1975 - May 27, 1977

Whalen, William J. July 5, 1977 - May 13, 1980

Dickenson, Russell E. May 15, 1980 - March 3, 1985

Mott, William Penn, Jr. May 1, 1985 - April 16, 1989

Ridenour, James M. April 17, 1989 - May, 1993

Kennedy, Roger G. June 1, 1993 - March, 1997

Stanton, Robert G. August 4, 1997 -

C. Summary

There are 16 archival boxes, a half-archival box, an expanding folder, 1 record box, and 3 volumes of official history and explanation. It has been divided into 6 series.

The next series, III - concerns Origins. Within it, materials regarding the "Campfire Legend" occupy one archival box as do those put out by the War Department. Special Periods within NPS History make up Series IV. NPS Activities during World War II are in 1 archival box and an expanding folder and 1 archival box hold material on NPS Major Programs and Concerns 1962-, along with other NPS summaries. Series V - Publications has a half-archival box of the "Quotes" pamphlets plus a full box of policy publications. Much of the "official" history material has been labeled "Policy and Philosophy", Series VI. In 1986, this consisted of 6 chronological boxes - pre-1947, 1947-59, 1960-67, 1968-70, 1971-80, and 1981-current. This voluminous material includes articles on all aspects of parks, pamphlets and leaflets, memos, book reviews, press releases - almost any written material that shows how people within and outside of the Park Service think about their parks.

D. Related materials

The Harpers Ferry Center Library contains copies of probably all the accounts of NPS history published since the Service' inception.

The NPS Courier and other newsletters from 1919 to the present constitute a great historical resource. In the absence of other resources, an overview history could be written from these periodicals. They are also important for philosophy and to get a glimpse of National Park Service culture and esprit-de-corps.

The Oral Histories Collection (RG 59) contains personal narratives by past employees and friends of NPS which give a special flavor to NPS history. Personal papers in the NPSHC, like the Ronald F. Lee Papers (RG 1) also contain large amounts of material on the history and culture of the NPS. The badges, uniforms, and other artifacts in the museum collection give a feel for the evolution of the National Park Service. The vast holdings of the NPS Historic Photograph Collection also add flavor to the history.

E. Folder List

Series I - The S. Herbert Evison Collection on NPS history

This series includes Herbert Evison's writings on the history of the NPS. Evison was a long time NPS employee from the CCC days when he was in charge of NPS-managed state programs, until his retirement in the 1950s as NPS Chief of Information. Evison was preparing a history of the NPS and this series contains his manuscripts, which, with the research material, encompass the record box, 3 volumes, and 2 archival boxes. Evison also conducted two oral history projects, one in the early 1960s, one in the early 1970s.

Container 1.1: Evison's History and Manuscripts

Photocopy typescript - Part I and II, Vol. 1, p. 1-212

Photocopy typescript - Part II, vol. 2, p. 213-489

Photocopy typescript - Part II, Vol. 3, p. 490-663

A Brief History - complete copy, 150 p., typescript

A Brief History - working typescript with corrections,

Evison "Manuscript" - original typescript, 663 p.

Envelope - NPS A Brief History, older typescript and notes

Container 1.2: Evison Research Material Record Box

A Look Ahead - 2 folders


Concessions - 2 folders

Concessions - Numbered Items 51A-76

Concessions - Numbered Items 91-113

Cooperating Associations

Design and Construction

Fees and Charges


Mission 66

National Capital Parks - 2 folders

N. P. History

The NPS and History

The NPS and The Law

NPS Conferences

NPS Employment

NPS Organization - 2 folders

NPS Policies - Re: Resources - 2 folders

NPS Roads

The National Park System - 2 folders

The National Park Wilderness


The People Who Use the Parks

Personnel and Employment


Policies - People

Regions and Regional Offices

Regions and Regional Offices

Relations With Other Federal Agencies

Research - 2 folders

Resource Planning

Superintendents and Field Area Operations



Oral History - 3 folders

Oral History Including Some Prospects Unrecorded

Oral History Program CRPTS - Re: Prospective Interviews

List of People

Correspondence - 2 folders

Incoming Correspondence - 2 folders

Series II - Digests of NPS History

This series consists of mostly published digests of NPS history.

Container 2: Published digests of NPS history

The Evolution of the National Park System of the U. S. Paul H. Buck M.A. thesis, 1921, printed 1946, GPO, Washington, D. C., 6"x9", 74 p.

"Construction of Roads, etc. in National Parks and Monuments" - House Hearings, February 7, 8, 12, 14, 1924, Washington, GPO

"Essential Facts of the War on Our National Park System and Its Effect on National Policy" - 70th Congress Ed.,- 13th Series to date, October 1927, The National Park Association, 1512 H Street, N. H., Washington, D. C.

"Stephen T. Mather and the National Parks" - Speech of Honorable Louis C. Cramton of Michigan in the House, Tuesday, January 15, 1929

Early History of Yellowstone National Park and Its Relation to National Park Policies, Louis C. Cramton, Washington, GPO, 1932

"National Parks in Conservation and Land Use," Horace M. Albright, reprint Journal of Forestry, March 1933

20th Anniversary National Parks" Supplement to Planning and Civic Comment, October-December 1936, Vol. 2,No. 4

"The NPS 1917-1937," Horace M. Albright, reprint 1937, American Planning and Civic Annual

Know Your Service Information Sheets - Region One c1940, No. 2 revised "The Early Days of Yellowstone", No. 4 "John Muir and Yosemite", Flo. 8 "The National Parks in 1900", Ho. 9 "Early Administration of the Parks", No. 14 "Application of the Antiquities Act"

A Brief History of the National Park Service, James F. Kieley, 1940

"Significant National Park Service Dates," p. 22-26 The Regional Review, Region One, Richmond, Virginia; July-August 1941, Vol. VII Nos. 1 and 2

The Twenty Fifth Anniversary Program of the National Park Service, Rock Creek Park, Washington, D. C., August 29, 1941

"The National Park Service in National Defense", E. P. Leavitt, January 1942

"The National Parks in Wartime", Newton B. Drury, reprint American Forests, August 1943

"The National Parks in Wartime", Dr. Carl P. Russell, reprint Outdoor America, July-August 1943

"The Trusteeship of the National Park Service", Carl P. Russell, reprint Transactions, Illinois Academy of Science, Vol. 13, No. 1, 1943

"The National Park Service the First Thirty Years", Newton B. Drury, reprint American Planning and Civic Annual for 1945

"Summary of April National Park Conference", reprint April-June 1947, Planning and Civic Comment

"The National Parks Start Back", Newton B. Drury, American Planning and Civic Annual, 1947

"Yosemite, the Story of an Idea", Hans Huth, reprint Sierra Club Bulletin, March 1948

Folder labeled 1949 contains excerpt from The Congressional Record with "The Easy Chair" by Bernard DeVoto

"National Park and Monument Planning in the United States", Carl Fess, reprint Town Planning Review, Vol. XXI, No. 1, April 1950

"The Past Decade in Our National Parks", F. M. Packard, The Garden Journal, Vol. 2, No. 4, July-August 1952

Growth of the National Park System, AAA, December 1, 1954, Conrad L. Wirth

National Parks Magazine, May 1959 Historical Issue

"Nature Guide Service 40th Anniversary", Yosemite Nature Notes, Vol. XXX, No. 7, July 1960

National Parks: A Brief History with Questions and Answers, GPO, 1961

"Ladies Who Wear the Uniform of the National Park Service", Rogers W. Young, reprint Planning and Civic Comment, March 1962

"Federal Agencies and Outdoor Recreation", Report to ORRRC,

"Formation of the National Park Service 1913-1929", Supplement to Theme XIV Conservation of Natural Resources National Survey of Historical Sites and Buildings, Charles W. Snell, July 1963

"Review of National Park Service Policies", Subcommittee Hearings, House, January 23, 24, 1964

Yosemite Saga of a Century 1864-1964, May 1964

"A Crisis in Our Parks", Dr. Carl P. Russell, Ripon College Alumnus, November 1964

"A History of the National Parks in Colorado. Edmund B. Rogers, Denver Westerners Monthly Roundup, January 1965, Vol. XXI, No. 1

Special National Park Service Issue Parks and Recreation, August 1966

U.S.D.I., National Park Service "Golden Anniversary", 1966

"National Park Service Golden Anniversary, Special Issue Park Maintenance, August 1966

"National Park Issue", Forest History, October 1966, Vol. 10, No. 3

"Briefing Session with Director of National Park Service", House Hearings, January 30, 1967

"People and Programs of the National Park Service" Briefing Book, NPS, 1967

Public Use of the National Park System 1872-2000, Ronald F. Lee, January 1, 1968

"Will Success Spoil the National Parks?. Robert Cahn, article reprint The Christian Science Monitor, 1968

"Over the Years with the National Park Service", George Hartzog, National Parks Magazine, May 1969

"The American Invention of National Parks", Roderick Nash, American Quarterly, Vol. 22, No. 13, Fall 1970

Origins of National Park Service Administration of Historic Sites, Horace M. Albriqht, 1971

Family Tree of the National Park System, Ronald F. Lee, 1971.

National Park Service Rustic Architecture 1916-1942, WRO, February 1977

"The National Park Service and the First World War" Marcella M. Sherfy, Journal of Forest History, October 1978

The Mather-Albright Years: National Parks Come to America.

"Opposition to National Parks", H. Duane Hampton, Journal of Forest History, Vol. 25, No. 1, January 1981 p. 94-97,

Chapter "The Reclamation Service", in book Biography of a Progressive Franklin K. Lane 1864-1921, Keith W. Olson, Contributions in American History, No. 78, Greenwood Press

"Engineers and Conservationists in the Progressive Era", Kenchok A. Clements, California History

Container 3.1 - Digests of NPS History to 1959

"National Parks and Reservations" with selected park reports 1910 Annual Report of Secretary of the Interior, p.

Progress in the Development of National Parks, Stephen T. Mather, 1916

Letter - J. Horace McFarland, 11/27/26, Re: Historical Development of National Park System

"National Parks and National Monuments of the United States", for 1928 Encyclopaedia Britannica

The Department of the Interior Its History and Proper Functions, Louis C. Cramton, 1932

Various Economy and related statutes effecting the National Park Service during periods April 1, 1933-June 30, 1934

Career Service Possibilities in the National Park Service, M.A. thesis Russell Phillips Andrews, 1938

History and Growth of the National Park Service, Arno B. Cammerer, March 9, 1939

The National Park System, revised October 1939

"Extension of Remarks on National Parks and the National Park Service", Honorable Edward T. Taylor, House of Representatives, Saturday, June 28, 1941, Congressional Record Appendix

"Memo for All Field Offices: Re: 25th Anniversary NPS", Demaray, July 23, 1941

Information Sheet - Know Your Service, No. 8 "The National Parks in 1900", Region One, Richmond, C1941

Information Sheet - Know Your Service, No. 9 "Early Administration of the Parks", Region One, c1941

"Twenty-five Years old", Fanning Hearon, NPS, Personnel Bulletin, October 1941

National Parks in America's Conservation Program, Carl P. Russell, 1941

"The Yosemite", "Yellowstone National Park", "Conservation and the National Park Idea" excerpt segments of chapter "The Army and the Indian" in book A History of the United States Since the Civil War, Ellis Paxton Oberholtz, 1945, Vol. III, p. 437 ff.

Report - Park and Outdoor Recreation Resources in the United States, NPS for Secretary of the Interior, 1946

Notes on Fees and Revenue in the Early History of the National Park System, Olaf T. Hagen, Regional Historian, February 16, 1948

"National Park Service", Administration of Federal Lands by the Department of the Interior, April ZO, 1958, p. 69-80

National Parks at Home and Abroad, F. M. Fryxell, May Z5, 1948

The Development of the National Park System and the National Park Service, September 29, 1948

The Development of the National Park System and the National Park Service, Newton B. Drury, January 8, 1949

"The Dilemma of Our Parks", Newton B. Drury, American Forest, June 1949 reprint

Folder marked 1951-2 containing following: National Parks and Other Areas as of June 30, 1951

Memo - May 29, 1952, "National Park Accomplishments During Administration of Late Secretary of the Interior Ickes"

New Areas Being Acquired, 11/28/52

National Park Service Washington Office Division, Their Functions and Activities, 1952

1952 Calendar of Events for the National Park System

National Park Service History, "White Mountain" Smith, March 1952

"The 'first' Yosemite Rangers", Allen Sproul, Yosemite Nature Notes, April 1, 1952

A History of National Capital Parks, Cornelius W. Heine, 1953

1953 Calendar of Events for the National Park Service

1955 Calendar of Events in Areas Administered by the National Park Service

Resolutions passed by the Advisory 34th Meeting...March 21-30, 1956

Brief Early History of National Park Service, 1956 Contains Mackinac, Sullys Hill, etc.)

Calendar of Events in Areas Administered by the National Park Service, April 1-December 31, 1957

Calendar of Events in Areas Administered by the National Park Service, March 1-December 31, 1958

Chronology of the Development of the U. S. National Park Service, D. I., July 8, 1958

A History of the National Park Service, Dr. Carl P. Russell, May 1959

Calendar of Events in Areas Administered by the National Park Service, February 1-December 31, 1959

Retreat Review honoring National Park Service at Williamsburg Conference, August 23, 1959, remarks

Container 3.2 - Digests of NPS History - 1960-

M.A. thesis The National Park Service of the U. S. D. I., Millis Patton, American University, D.C., 1960

Folder - 1960 containing:

"Stephen T. Mather, Father of the National Parks", Conrad L. Wirth, Dedication of Stephen T. Mather High School, Chicago, May 17, 1960 Talk - Campfire Day, R. W. Russell Handwritten notes - History, Corky Johnson 1960

Talk - "Recreation and the National Parks",

Ronald F. Lee, January 10, 1961, Garden Club of America

Transcript Oral History, Howard Hays, Concessionaire, April 1961

"A Look Back to Look Ahead", W. G. Carnes, April 29, 1961, Mission 66

H. M. Albright Oral History Transcript excerpts, July 1961

Service History, July 10, 1961 Mac (E. M.) Dale National Parks of the United States, Conrad L. Wirth, July 21, 1961

Organization History, Administrative Manual, Vol. 1, Chapter, 1, 1-9, 1960-62

Service History, May 7-18, 1962 24th GATC, Carl P. Russell

Remarks - Howard R. Stagner, October 24, 1962, "National Parks - Their Role in Outdoor Recreation"

NE Regional Director New Years Message, 1963 (Summary of 1962 Accomplishments)

Administrative Manual Organization, Vol., Part 1, History, January 14, 1363

History of National Park Service, Tom D. Thomas, February 19, 1963, Shenandoah National Park

Archival notes - NPS History, Herb Evison, 1963(?)

Notes - Miscellaneous archival material, Herb Evison, 1963(?)

Desert Research Institute, A Nevada Summer Science Training Program, "History of National Park Service", CPR, July 1964

The National Park Service : Manager of Land for People, Herb Evison, book outline, 1964 or so

Status of National Park Legislation, 89th Congress, 1965

D. I., Departmental Manual Part 145, National Park Service Organization, Chapter 2 Creation, Objectives and Functions, 1966

The Evolution of the Protection Function, Eivind T. Scoyen, 1966

Handwritten draft - "Triangular Function of National Park Service", c1966

The First 50 Years of the National Park Service, Cornelius W. Heine, June 1966

"Parks and People: Past, Present and Futures", Address by Honorable Wayne N. Aspinal, June 24, 1967

"Questions and Answers re: Addition of New Areas to the National Park System", October 10, 1967

The Origin of the National Park Idea in America condensed by Douglass H. Hubbard, December 5, 1968

Folder - Departmental history, 1963-1968:

Summary of Legislative Landmarks Affecting the National Park System, c1963

Two National Park System Position Papers 1918, 1964, S. Herbert Ev1son, July 1967

Departmental History drafts 1963-1968, JC, NEED, Dedications, White House Activities, Cultural Programs, Interpretive Design, Urban Affairs, Recreation Areas, Beautification, Summer-in-the Parks

Topics for possible use, Departmental History 1963-1969, Outline of Departmental History etc., re: Outline and Essays for Department History

Areas Added to the National Park System in Udall Administration, 1968

Outline - Service History, 1970 with handwritten notes

Public Land Law Review Commission and the Antiquities Act, R. F. Lee, August, 1970

Objectives and Goals of National Park Service, R. F. Lee, c1970

Memo: "The National Park Service and Administration Changes 1920-1971", Albright

Areas Added to National Park System 1964-1972,February 15, 1972

A Brief History and Description of the National Park System, Hazel K. Wharton, 196h, 1973

New Direction for the National Park System: Highlights of the Ronald H. Walker Administration, Barry Mackintosh, 1974

Typed notes - History of Interpretation, C. Frank Brockman, 1975

The First Regionalization of the National Park Service, S. Herbert Evison, May, 1976

Department of the Interior Departmental Manual Part 145, "National Park Service", Chapter 1-9, May 11, 1976

Draft of 60th Anniversary Statement, Horace M. Albright

Historical Record of Prescribed Fire in National Park Service, 1949-1981 (statistic table)

The National Park Service and Changes in National Administration, Albright, 1984

Series III - Origins

Container 4: Campfire legend

Pamphlet - Campfire at Madison Junction

Booklet - Ferdinand Vandiveer Hayden and the Founding of the Yellowstone National Park, U5DI Geological survey

Black and white 8''x10U photo of campfire Black and white 8"x10" photo of tent, survey members

Photocopies - correspondence James Fergus to Ignatius Donnelly, 1883 and 1864 putting forth idea of National Game Park in Montana

Letter from William A. Clagett, July 14, 1894 re Credit for Yellowstone National Park bill

"The Word Park in the United States", Mr. Albert Matthews, p. 373-399, Publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, Vol. VIII, April 1904

WML mounted photos 660, 669, 670, 671, h72 and 673 Portrayal of Washburn, Langford-Doan Party, Jack Haynes, 1920 or 30, rephotographed 1934

History and Growth of the National Park Service, Cammerer, March 9, 1939

News Release - "25th Anniversary of National Park Service, August 24, 1941"

Annual Report of the Director of the National Park Service to the Secretary of the Interior, June 1941

"The Creation of Yellowstone National Park" with Turrentine Jackson, Mississippi Valley Historical Review, XXX, 2 September 1942

Mason Bulletin, July 1946, re: N. P. Langford

Picture Maker of the Old West, William H. Jackson, Clarence S. Jackson, New York, and Scribners, 1947, "Before Congress", 3 p

4 black and white 8.X10. Photos of First Campfire Pageant, Yellowstone, September 12, 1957

The Birth of Yellowstone National Park, Bert Hansen, 1957, 18 p., pageant, etc.

"Historical sketch of Mammoth Terraces", Yellowstone Nature Notes, Vol. XXXII, No. 4, July-August 1958

"Expedition Found A National Park", New York Times, July 1, 1962 clipping

Program leaflet - Campfire Day Pageant, August 25, 1963

D. I. Manual "Organization, National Park Service", Vol. 1, p. 1-10, January 1963

"Birth of the National Park Idea," Carl P. Russell, Yosemite: Saga of a Century, 1964, Sierra Star Press

Comments on script used to present Pageant "the Birth of Yellowstone National Park", Aubrey L. Haines, June 1964

"Yellowstone's Advocate Judge William Darrah Kelley", Aubrey L. Haines, April 18, 1967

"The National Park Centennial" remarks Cornelius W. Heine, Tri-State Symposium, Yellowstone, May 10-13, 1967

"Yellowstone - Lodestone of the Future", Cornelius W. Heine, June 15, 1967

"Comments on the National Park Idea and the Establishment of Yellowstone National Park", Cornelius W. Heine, July 11, 1967

Bibliography - Yellowstone Park newspaper articles, other papers, research, Cornelius W. Heine

Information re: Washburn-Langford-Doane Campfire, Aubrey Haines, August 1967

Photocopy from Minnesota Historical Society of letter, William R. Marshall, July 14, 1894 re: Credit for Yellowstone National Park

Biographies for members of Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition, March 20, 1969

"The American Invention of National Parks", Roderick Nash, American Quarterly, Vol. 22, No. 3, Fall 1970, p. 7Z6-735

Story Line and Exhibit Approach for the Madison Junction Centennial Exhibits

"Yellowstone Campfire Story", David A. Clary, April 1971, May 1971, December 1971

Memo - Yellowstone Campfire, Ronald F. Lee, June 1971

Folder - NPS History

Folder - 75-09 Campfire

Folder - National Park Idea

Ronald F. Lee's copy - "Correspondence on the Yellowstone Campfire" 1971

76-04 - Correspondence by R. F. Lee on the Yellowstone Campfire, 1971

73-04 - Correspondence by R. F. Lee on the Yellowstone Campfire 1971

Huth, Nash, Cramton, Ise on Yellowstone

Haines, Chittenden, Matthews on Yellowstone

Yellowstone Subcommittee under NPS Centennial Committee

"Note on the Legislative History of the Yellowstone Act, April 1972", R. F. Lee

Container 5: War Department - Archive Box

Folder - National Cemeteries

Typed note - Interpretation - Under War Department

"1914 Regulations for the National Military Parks and the Statutes ...Administered"

1947 National Cemetery Regulations - War Department

1931 National Military Park, National Park, Battlefield Site, National Monument Regulations - War Department

1931 National Cemetery Regulations - War Department

Remarks on National Cemeteries - Original Military Division of Tennessee, Lt. Col. E. B. Whilman, 1868

Draft - The Origin and Evolution of the National Military Park Idea, R. F. Lee, February Z6, 1969

Series IV - Special Periods

Container 6a - World War II - Archive Box

Pamphlet - Service

Booklet - U. S. Army Recreation Camp, Mt. McKinley, Alaska, July 30, 1943

Photo booklet - Parks, March 1945

"Yosemite During the War Years", Frank A. Kittredge, Yosemite Nature Notes, May 1946

Civilian Public Service Camps Handbook, November 1943, with amendments

Talk - "The National Park Service in National Defense", Carl P. Russell, November 13-17, 1940, Naturalists' Conference

Talk - "Parks and Patriotism", Arno B. Cammerer, January 29, 1941, American Planning and Civic Association

"The History of America as a National Resource for Morale", George H. Forsyth, April 28, 1941

"Relationship of the National Park Service to the Army Program", Statement, H. K. Roberts, July 1941

"National Parks and National Morale", Maurice Sullivan, 1942

"Note for the "Outfit", (SWM) Situation in Washington, H.M.M. (Miles), 3/8/42

Negatives of Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Illinois

Reprint - "The National Parks in Wartime," Newton B. Drury, American Forests, August 1943

Camp Regulations, April 11, 1941, Selective

National Park Service War Work, December 7, 1941-June 30, 1944 ed. Charles W. Potter, III

National Park Service War Work, December 7, 1941 to June 30, 1944 with Supplement to October 1, 1945, ed.Charles W. Porter, III

The Parks and World War II, S. Herbert Evison, c1964

Container B - NPS Major Programs and Concerns, 1962-72

(Expandable Folder)

File envelope - Manuscript of report covering following:

National Park Centennial and Second World Conference

National Park Service Participation in Youth Opportunity Programs

The VIP Program

The Natural Science Research Program

Environmental Education

The Natural Landmarks Program

The Environmental Impact Statement


Expanding File contains typed report includes some of above plus:
  Historic Preservation

Transportation Concepts and Innovations

National Park Preserves

Legislative Programs

Wilderness Preservation

Urban Emphasis


Budget and Appropriations Record

National Park Foundation

National Cultural P Concept

National Park System Plan

Series V - Publications

Container A - Quotes

Conservation Quotes, January 1953

Quotable Quotes Relating to Conservation in General and National Parks in Particular, 1951

Quotes - Conservation - Parks - Natural Beauty, 1966

Container 7 - Policy Publications - Archives Box

Progress in the Development of the National Parks,Stephen T. Mather, Assistant to the Secretary of the Interior, Washington, GPO, USDI, Office of the Secretary, 1916

"Policy Statements" The Council Ring, Vol. I, No. 13, December 11, 1939

Booklet - Road to the FutureLong Range Objectives and Goals for the National Fark Service, 1964

Administrative Manual Organization Volume, Part 5, Policy, Release No. 61, June 10, 1965

National Park Service Briefing Book, March 1967

Compilation of the Administrative Policies for the National Park and National Monuments (Natural Area Category) of the National Park System, June 14, 1967 (rough draft)

Compilation of the Administrative Policies for the National Parks and National Monuments (Natural Area Category) of the National Park System, September 1, 1967

Compilation of the Administrative Policies for the National Recreation Areas, National Seashores, National Lakeshores, National Parkways, National Scenic Riverways (Recreational Area Category) of the National Park System, January 10, 1968

Boxed Set - Administrative Policies for the National Park System, 1968

Administrative Policies for Natural Areas of the National Park System, September 1, 1967

Administrative Policies for Natural Areas of the National Park System, Revised 1970

Administrative Policies for Recreation Areas of the National Park System, February 1968

Administrative Policies for Recreation Areas of the National Park Service, revised August 1968

Historic Preservation Policies of the National Park Service,1968 reprint

Administrative Policies for Historical Areas of the National Park System, revised 1973

Memo for Directorate with second draft of Administrative Policies, September 26, 1974

Memo and Draft Policy Review Park Planning and Development, August 20, 1974

Management PoliciesU.S.D.I., NPS, 1975

Series VI - Policy and Philosophy

Container 8 - Policy and Philosophy to 1947

Evison proposed article on Ballinger 1910 Parks Statement

"National Park - The Need of the Future" Address of Right Honorable James Bryce November 20, 1912, American Civic Association

Excerpts - Your National Park, Enos A. Mills, Houghton Mifflin Co. Boston 1917

Statement of National Park Policy May 13, 1918 Secretary Franklin K. Lane

The American Civic Association's Park Primer, 1st and 2nd editions

Sieur De Monts Publications - NP&M, George Buckram Dorr

"Our National Monuments a National Opportunity", Robert Sterling Yard, reprint Bulletin Appalachian Mountain Club, December 1924

"Policy Park Legislation with Impairments", Horace M. Albright, re 20's

"The Ideals and Policy of the National Park Service Particularly in Relation to Yosemite National Park," Stephen T. Mather, 1921

Resolution on Park Development, December 1922, Roger W. Toll et al.

"The Pageant Highway" [National Park to Park Highway] The Mentor, July 1924, Ronne C. Shelse

"Do Functions of the National Park Service Overlap Those of Other Bureaus?" Stephen T. Mather, 1925

"The National Park Service Its Functions, Its Policies, Its Future" February 1925, Stephen T. Mather

Folder - Hubert Work 1925 contains Work Policy Statement and comparison to Lane 1918 Statement

"National Park System to Assume its Higher Status" National Parks Bulletin, No. 45, October 24, 1925

Circular No. 15 - Yellowstone, June 18, 1926, Refuse Disposal

"Parks of the Golden State", Harold C. Bryant, Nature Magazine, October 1928

American Civic Association's Primer, 4th edition, October 1932

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Container 11 - Policy and Philosophy - 1968-1970

Leaflet - This Year See the Parks in Leisure, 1968

Folder - NPS History contains several Articles:

"National Parks - Their Role in Outdoor Recreation" Stagner

"National Parks and Monuments in California" Pearl Chase, California Conservation Council Leaflet

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"Management of the National Park Systems"

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Memo - Communication, February 12, 1968

Hartzog on Communication, February 15, 1968

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Memo - "Trip Report on Falls of the Ohio Reconnaissance Study" March 26, 1968

Special Information Memo No. 17 - "Servicewide Career Development and Placement Plan" April 8, 1968

Special Information Memo No. 18 - "Administrative Policies for Recreation Areas" April 15, 1968

Special Information Memo No. 20 - "Flexibilities in Personnel Management" May 1, 1968

Park Road Standards, May 1968

"Will Success Spoil the National Parks?", 15 article series, Robert Cahn, Christian Science Monitor, May 1-August 7, 1968

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What Do Parks Mean to People and What Can They Mean to People in the Future?", Bill Everhart, October 10, 1968

"Reports of the Special Advisory Board on Wildlife Management for the Secretary of the Interior, 1963-68" Wildlife Management Institute, 1969

Letter Memo - Public Domain Land, Secretary Udall, January 9, 1969

Problems of National Park Service with correspondence, January 1969

Special Information Memo No. 36 - "Management" February 27, 1969

Mike Frome talk to Forest Supervisors with covering memo, March 14, 1969

Newsletter, Vol. 4 No. 6, March 20, 1969, "Management and Goals"

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Special Information Memo No. 39 - "Roles"

Speech "The New Conservation," Mr. Church, Congressional Record, Senate, May 27, 1969

"Saving American From Itself" Stewart L. Udall, Venture, June 1969

Memo to All "Looking Ahead", June 10, 1969

USDI News Release, June 22, 1969 "Secretary Hickel Announces Policy Guidelines to National Park System"

Special Information Memo No. 43 - "Management of the National Park System" June 23, 1969

Memo from Ronald F. Lee, "Comments on Looking Ahead" June 27. 1969

Newsletter, Vol. 4 No 13, June 26, 1969, "Secretary Hickel Outlines Views on NPS Management 11 Guidelines listed"

USDI News Release, July 12, 1969, Remarks of George B. Hartzog, "NPS Management"

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Draft "Standards and Guidelines for Implementation of Historical Area Administrative Policies" R. M. Utley, May 22, 1970

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Employee Briefing Book, Your National Park Service, c1970

A New Park Concept, December 8, 1970

Folder - Hartzog; contains writings, policy

Container 12 - Policy and Philosophy - 1971-1980

Folder - Park Futures, National Park Foundation

"The National Park System...Where You Find A Quality Experience for A Quality Life" map with text, PNWR, 1971

"National Parks in the United States" Harthon L. Bill, 1971, for French Forestry Magazine

Freeman Tilden Memo - "The Part of the National Park Service in the Environmental Crisis" c1971

A New Park Concept, Cultural Parks, April 1971

"Criteria for National Cultural Parks" with covering memo from Advisory Board, April 21, 1971

Memo - June 17, 1971, "A Second Century of National Parks"

Summary of discussions on Field Operations held at Grand Canyon, July 2, 1971

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News Release, August 19, 1971, The White House, General Background Legacy of Parks

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"The Essence of Ideas on Influence of Parks on World Culture"

"National Park Service Image" Lon Garrison, 1972

The National Park Service Management System, 1972

Folder - NPS History contains newspaper clippings

"Changing the National Parks to Cope with People and Cars," Interview with George B. Hartzog, Jr., U. S. News and World Report, January 21, 1972

"National Park System: 100 Years of Preserving America" George B. Hartzog, Jr., Service, February 1972, Cities Service Co.

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