National Park Service History Collection RG 13


A. Provenance

Almost all of this material came from or through Cornelius Heine who served in the National Parks Centennial Office. Most of it is Accession HFCA-0174 and HFCA-0175. Jean Henderer's files also came to us through Heine as Accession HFCA-0292. A small part of the material came as Accession HFCA-0418. The material was generated and collected by the National Parks Centennial Office during the course of its mission focusing on the Centennial Year 1972. Almost all of the memorabilia was produced on contract as was some of the writing. The centennial celebration was Servicewide, but prominence was given to Yellowstone. This fact is reflected in the records and memorabilia. The informational material, memorabilia, and events material were for produced for the public, but the records were internal to the office.

B. History

The world's first national park, Yellowstone was established on March 1, 1872. It was decided to celebrate the centennial of Yellowstone nationwide and a National Parks Centennial Commission was established by Public Law 91-332, signed by President Nixon on July 10, 1970, to coordinate the celebration.

Membership of the Commission included:

Edmund B. Thornton of Illinois, Chairman

Senator Alan Bible of Nevada

Senator Henry M. Jackson of Washington

Senator Paul J. Fannin of Arizona

Senator Clifford P. Hansen of Wyoming

Representative John Melcher of Montana

Representative John P. Saylor of Pennsylvania

Representative Joe Skubiz of Kansas

Elmer L. Anderson of Minnesota

Henry P. Hoffstat of Pennsylvania

W. W. Keeler of Oklahoma

Mrs. Frank Y. Larkin of Connecticut

Richard P. Mellon of Pennsylvania

Rogers C. B. Morton, Sec. of the Interior (represented by Laurence S. Rockefeller

George B. Hartzog, Jr., Executive Director and Director of the National Park Service

Lawrence W. Lane, Jr., Consultant of California.

Many members of the National Park Service Washington Office staff also worked with the National Parks Centennial Commission. Chief among these was Cornelius Heine who served as staff assistant, National Parks Centennial. Members of the Office of Information/Public Affairs as well as the Office of Cooperative Activities under Jean Henderer, also worked closely with Heine and the Commission. Drawing on these people, the National Park Service set up a separate office for the Centennial, which functioned from 1970 to 1974. Heine sent the records to the National Park Service History Collection at Harpers Ferry (then the "NPS Archives") when the Centennial Office ended its operations.

The Commission sponsored many events throughout the country and year, culminating in the Second World Conference on National Parks held in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, September 18 to 27, 1972. Each area of the National Park Service also sponsored special events during the Centennial Year. Several books, movies, television shows, memorabilia, etc., were also produced in connection with the Centennial. The final report of the National Parks Centennial Commission was published in book form as Preserving a Heritage.

C. Summary

There are slides, books and notebooks, 12 archive boxes, 12 record boxes, and a special box of material pertaining to the National Parks Centennial. It has been organized into 6 series with subseries.

Series I - "Personal Centennial Files" contains one archive box of Howard Baker's files, two record boxes and an archive box of Henderer's Files, and a record box of Heine's Files.

Series II - "National Parks Centennial Commission" has been subdivided into Meetings, Participants, Notebooks, Reports, and Commission Miscellaneous. This material consists of two expanding folders, two archive boxes, and a record box as well as books.

Series III - "Activities" consists of two archive boxes and three record boxes. This material has been divided into Banquet, Regional, and Park.

Series IV - "Publicity" consists of two archive boxes, one each for TV Scenario for From Yellowstone to Tomorrow and Serial Chronicles as well as two record boxes, one for press clippings and one for magazine articles.

Series V - "Miscellaneous" consists of one record box marked "73-16 File Cabinet, 2nd Drawer"(HFCA-0174), one archive box marked "73-16 (HFCA-0175) and one record box marked "75-31"(HFCA-0418).

Series VI consists of the Audio-Visual material.

D. Dispersal

Most of the memorabilia is now part of the museum collection. The tapes and movies are part of the audiovisual collection. Some books were catalogued for the Harpers Ferry Center Library. Most of the Second World Conference material has been inventoried separately (see Record Group 7 "The World Conferences Collection). Some of the material has been disposed of. Some of the ephemera has been put with other categories and in other boxes. Some material is also in the NPS Historic Photograph Collection. Non-Centennial material in the accessions has been separated from Centennial material and placed in appropriate categories. Some oral history tapes pertain to the Centennial. A slide set (script and 80 slides) from Accession HFCA-0418 is among the material in the photo collection.

E. Folders

Series I - Personal Centennial Files

Howard Baker Centennial Files

Glenmore Distilleries Company l972 Centennial)

Greyhound Corporation (1972 Centennial)

Influence of Parks on World Culture

Legislation - 1972 Centennial

Postage Stamp - 1972 Centennial

Centennial Committee - 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971

Advisory Committee

Centennial Commission

Publications - 1972 Centennial Year

Planning - 1971, 1972

Planning - 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970

Wilcox, Art - Colorado State University, Fort Collins,

Colorado (1972 Centennial)

Youth Participation (1972 Centennial)

Jean Henderer Centennial Files

HFCA-0290 (74-03), Box 1

Cooperative Activities

Press Material

IUCN Correspondence

J. Walter Thompson

Mrs. Paul's Frozen Foods

Mrs. Nixon Visit September 19 - Second World


Roger Contor Correspondence

Lane Correspondence (General)

Continental Oil TV Commercial

Medallion - Award - Second World Conference


Grand Teton Folder - Program, September 22 to 27

Voice of America


USTS Cooperation

Second World Conference Program - Yellowstone

Moran Exhibition - National Collection Fine Arts

Old Yellowstone Bourbon

Women's Activities

Black Organizations

Indian - Related Activities

Wyoming Travel Commission

Black Organizations



TV Announcements

Tolpo, Carl

USTS Briefing - September 14

Press Briefings

Requests for Press Kits

Conservation Foundation Symposium - Final Report

NBC TV Special

Today Show

Envelope Stuffer - Pacific Gas




Posters of America - John Kings

Sunset Ads

Promo Letters - Publicity

Sierra Club NPS Portfolio

Rome Center Program - Philadelphia, September 1972

Role Statements

Copies of Letters for Hold by Jean Henderer


History - National Park Service, Yellowstone

Magazines - Miscellaneous

Frontier Airlines

Government Publicity

Frome, Michael

Employee Suggestions

Derus Ads

Correspondence - Park


Administrator's Conference

Congressional Correspondence

Commission Meeting


United Nations Exhibit

Museum Exhibits

Travel Exhibit Schedules

Requests for Calendar of Events

Sutton book - Yellowstone

Slide Program - All Parks

Posters - HFC

Morristown National Parks Centennial Commission

Leader Film

Clipping Service



Poster Requests


Reader's Digest

Corporate Responsibility

Miscellaneous Correspondence

Second World Conference - Participant List

Radio/TV Appearances - Second World Conference

Second World Conference Press Room Information

Speeches, etc.

HFCA-0290 (74-03), Box 2

Centennial General - News clippings

National Capital Parks

Northeast Region

Midwest Region

Pacific Northwest

Southeast Region

Southwest Region

Western Region

Yellowstone - News clippings

Senate Hearings

M AS - Symposia



Second World Conference

Commemorative Stamps

Objective 1 - Centennial History

Travel - Official Trips, Staff

Loose Material

Events - Southwest Region

Events - Pacific Northwest

Events - National Capital

Objective #1 - Establishment, Ozark National Scenic Riverways

Midwest - JNEM

Midwest - General Events

Events - Western Region

Events - Northeast Region

Objective #1 - Proposed Events, Western Region

Objective #1 - Proposed Events, Midwest Region

Objective #1 - Proposed Events, Southeast Region

Objective #1 - Proposed Events, Pacific Northwest Region

HFCA-0290 (74-03)(Archive Box)

Objective #1 - Proposed Events, Southwest Region

Centennial - Miscellaneous

Centennial - Medals

Centennial - Donations

Centennial - Commission

Cornelius Heine Centennial Files

Advisory Board and Advisory Committee Members

Members of Congress


National Parks Centennial

Personnel Actions and Role Statements

Objective #1 - Stamps

Objective #1 - Stamps, Foreign

National Park Centennial History

National Park Centennial - Second World Conference

National Park Centennial Tri-State Symposium (Third Annual)

National Park Centennial Legislation



Friends of the Service - General

Federal Government Officials

Donors to National Park Service

National Park Concessioners

Former National Park Service Officials

Conservation Organizations Officials

Conservationists - Individuals

Historic Preservationists


Foreign Park Officials


White House Conference on Conservation

National Park Centennial Commission

Series II - National Parks Centennial Commission

A. Meetings

First Centennial Commission Meeting - Notes and Agenda, June 7, 1971

Notes - National Parks Centennial Advisory Committee Meeting, August 19 (1971)

National Parks Centennial Commission Member Biographies

Resume of National Parks Centennial Commission

Participation at Second World Conference, October 10, 1972

National Parks Centennial Commission Progress Report, January 26, 1972

National Parks Centennial Commission Meeting, July 15, 1971 - Agenda and Minutes

National Parks Centennial Program - September 29, 1971 revised November 5, 1971

Proclamation - National Parks Centennial

Note folder - Minutes, Agenda and Papers - National Parks Centennial Commission Meeting, September 29, 1971

Note folder - Minutes, Agenda and Papers - National Parks Centennial Commission Meeting, November 19, 1971

Note folder - Minutes Agenda and Papers - National Parks Centennial Commission Meeting, January 26, 1972

Note folder - Minutes, Agenda and Papers - National Parks Centennial Commission Meeting, March 1, 1972

Note folder - Minutes, Agenda and Papers - National Parks Centennial Commission Meeting, May 25, 1972

Note folder - Minutes, Agenda and Papers - National Parks Centennial Commission Meeting, August 15, 1972

Master Control Centennial Account

Minutes - National Parks Centennial Commission Meeting, No. 10, March 14, 1973

Account book - Centennial Account

Note folder, papers - Final Meeting National Parks Centennial Commission, December 7, 1973

Financial Statements

Transcripts - National Parks Centennial Commission Meeting, Washington, D. C., January 18, 1973

Second World Conference - Discussions folder

B. Participants

International List

Xerox copy of Diplomatic List

List of all Participants

List of Delegates by Country

Second World Conference Delegate List

Photocopied Address Labels

Gold Copy Reservation Forms - Foreign Delegates

Biographies - National Park Centennial Commission

[Expanding Folder] Commissions, Officials, Friends, etc.

C. Centennial Commission Notebooks

Centennial Compendium, Vol. I, Sandy Dove

General Information and Working Doc. Centennial, 1972

Ideas and Concepts, Commission - Committee, Miscellaneous

National Parks Centennial Commission 1972

Annual Report to Congress with tabs

National Parks Centennial Commission

National Parks Centennial Commission, Paul J. Fanin containing looseleaf "Preserving A Heritage: Final Report to the President and Congress of the National Parks Centennial Commission, Washington, D. C." (no photos)

Centennial notebooks - Table of contents attached

One National Parks Centennial Commission Executive Director - Index (table of contents) attached

Centennial Progress Report for the Advisory Board Meeting, August 19, 1971,

Sylvan J. Kaplan copy

D. Report

Preserving A Heritage - Final Report (book form)

National Parks Centennial Commission - 1972 Annual Report

Boiler plate for Report

News release - President Nixon Receives Final Report of National Park Centennial Commission, December 18, 1973

Final Report, Centennial Commission - Proofs [two working and one final proof(s)]

E. Miscellaneous

Objectives of Centennial Commission

National Parks Centennial Commission Income and Expenditures Through April 1973

Transcript of National Parks Centennial Commission Meeting, Washington, D. C., January 18, 1973

First draft - Report to Centennial Advisory Committee, August 11, 1971

Series III - Activities

A. Banquet [4 notebooks]

Invitation List, Centennial Banquet

Alphabetized Guest List for the National Parks Centennial Banquet

Master Book Used by Hilda H. and Nancy B. at Registration Table on Night of Centennial Banquet

[box] Alphabetized Index Cards of Regrets for the Centennial Banquet

B. Regional

Pacific Northwest Regional Office - Centennial Report [two volumes with pictures in binders]

Pacific Northwest Regional Office - Centennial Activities [two ring binders with pictures and papers]

Midwest Regional Office - Lions-Exchange Club Luncheon

C. Park

Centennial Park Activities (Record Box)

Ottawa [Ill.]


Lake Mead


Second World Conference

Isle Royale

American Museum of Immigration

John Muir National Historic Site

Second World Conference - Madison Junction,

September 19

Golden Gate


Historic Sites

Thank-you Letters

Cumberland Gap

Western Region

Various Special Events

Centennial Exhibit - Tucson, Arizona

A. Reyes, John Muir, Whiskeytown

Indiana Dunes

Guadalupe Mountains

San Juan Island, Washington

Carl Sandburg National Historic Site

Ozark Riverways

Federal Hall

Lincoln Home

Assateague Island

Wilson's Creek

Rockefeller Parkway

Note folder - John D. Rockefeller Parkway

Note folder - Yellowstone Program

Program Dinner - National Parks Centennial, Lake Mead, Las Vegas, Nevada, October 13, 1972

Program - Establishment Day Ceremony of Carl Sandburg Home, October 27, 1972

Centennial Establishment Ceremonies

Series IV - Publicity

A. TV Scenario - From Yellowstone to Tomorrow [Note folder - contains photos and news releases]

Report - mainly clippings, proclamations, letters, etc.

Three volumes containing complete transcript of all film interviews conducted for possible use in From Yellowstone to Tomorrow - more than 50 hours of interviews but no index, table of contents, or even list of interviewees

Litter Bag of Information From Yellowstone to Tomorrow

B. National Parks Centennial Serial Chronicles

Second World Conference Daily Log, January 1 to August 14, 1972

Weekly Progress Report No. 1, September 3, 1971 to No. 34, May 7, 1972

National Parks Centennial 1872-1972 Centennial Events

Bulletins - No. 1, December 29, 1970 to No. 6, June 29, 1971

Second World Conference - Progress Reports

Weekly Progress Reports - September 10, 1971 to August 28, 1972

National Park Centennial News

National Parks Centennial Commission - 1971 Annual Report to Congress

National Parks Centennial Commission - 1972 Annual Report

C. National Parks Centennial Press Clippings, Etc.

Material to be saved for scrapbook

Envelope of clippings marked October

Envelope of clippings marked September

Envelope of clippings marked August

Envelope of clippings marked July

Envelope of clippings marked June

Envelope of clippings marked May

Envelope of clippings marked March

Envelope of clippings marked February

Various clippings in unmarked folders

Stamps clippings

Other unmarked loose clippings

Two tied folder envelopes of clippings

Envelope marked Second World clippings

Continental Oil Company envelope marked 179 Yellowstone

Carton Clippings

Envelope marked Old Faithful

News Releases

D. NPS Centennial Magazines, Articles

The American Legion Magazine, Vol. 92, Number 1, January - contains article "100 Years of Our National Parks"

(2 copies of magazine plus 2 photocopies of article)

Argosy, Vol. 374, Number 2, February 1972, contains article "Yellowstone's First Century Celebration" by Roy Bongartz (1 copy of magazine, 1 clipped copy of article and 1 photocopy of article)

Arizona Highways, Vol. VLVIII, No. 4, April 1972 - contains article "National Parks Centennial" (1 copy of magazine)

Better Homes and Gardens, March 1972, "Four Parks in the Rockies" by Peter Lindberg (2 clippings of article)

Better Homes and Gardens, June 1972, Vol. 50, No. 6, contains article "Two New National Parks in the West." (1 copy of magazine and 1 clipping of article)

Bulletin, Standard Oil Company of California, Yol. XLIX, No. Z. Spring 1972, contains article "America's Great National Parks" (1 copy of magazine)

California Parks and Recreation, Vol. 28, No. 3, June/July 1972 contains article "National Parks: Guardians of Our Heritage" by L. W. Lane, Jr. (1 copy of magazine)

Campfire Chatter, July 1972, Vol. XVI-4, North American Campers Associations, Inc., contains article "NPS Campground Guides Available" (1 copy of magazine)

Campfire Chatter, May 1972, "Try an 'Underused' Park 1972 National Park Centennial Year" (1 clipping)

The Christian Science Monitor, Tuesday, May 23, 1972, Second Section Summer, Vacation - 1 "The Arches 'newest' U.S. Park" photos and text by R. Norman Matheny, p. B1 "Is there a park in your future? Centennial Year Accents Crush" by Ralph Hubley, p. BE

Discovery, Vol. 12, No. 2, Allstate Motor Club, Spring 1972, (2 copies of magazine)

Discovery, Vol. 12, No. 3, Allstate Motor Club, Summer 1972, contains article "The Grand Beauty of Our Parks" (1 copy of magazine)

Dodge News Magazine, March 1972 contains 4 parks articles and issue subtitled "Our National Parks: American's Greatest Gift to Itself" (3 copies of magazine)

Echoes - The Ohio Historical Society, Vol. 11, No. 12, February featuring article "An Ohioan Opted for Yellowstone" by W. Stanford Bittner (2 copies)

Friends, March 1972 National Park Centennial almost whole issue, 4 articles on parks and centennial (2 copies of magazine)

Friends, June 1972 contains article "World's Greatest Playgrounds" an interview with George Hartzog by Patricia Caulfield (1 copy of magazine)

Ford Times, July 1972, Vol. 65, No. 7, contains article "Yellowstone Nature's Bonanza" by John V. Young (2 copies)

Incredible Idaho, Vol. 3 No. 4, Spring 1972, contains article That All May Enjoy" (1 copy of magazine)

The International Operating Engineer, May 1972, Vol. 115, No. 5, contains article "National Parks Centennial" (1 copy of magazine)

The Kiwanis Magazine, June 1972, Vol. 57, No. 6, contains article "Of a Seed and the Forest: The Second Century of Parks" by Dennis Moore (1 copy of magazine)

Life, Vol. 72, No. 8, March 3, 1972, contains article "100 Years of Yellowstone" by Don Moser (1 copy of magazine)

Lake Powell Chronicle, August 31, 1972, Supplement, National Parks Centennial 1872-1972 (2 copies)

Mademoiselle, March 1972, contains information on National Parks Centennial in travel section (1 copy of magazine)

Modern Maturity, June-July 1972 contains article "America's Most Beautiful Places" (1 copy of magazine)

Montana the Magazine of Western History, Vol. XXII, No. 3, July 1972, all articles, 9 on Yellowstone (1 copy of magazine)

Motorland, Vol. 93, No. 3, May-June 1972, (1 copy of magazine)

National Geographic, Vol. 41, No. 5, May 1972, Yellowstone at 100 - Three articles "A Walk Through the Wilderness" by Karen and Derek Craighead; "Ageless Splendors of Our Oldest National Park" and "The Pitfalls of Success" by William S. Ellis plus "The Next 100 Years: A 'Master Plan for Yellowstone"' by George B. Hartzog, Jr., (1 copy)

Newsday, Sunday, May 14, 1972, contains article "National Parks" (1 copy of magazine)

Newsweek, April 17, 1972, (1 copy of magazine)

Parade magazine, May 7, 1972, features article "Our National Parks - A Priceless Heritage Threatened" by Josh Eppinger III, subtitle "A Threat to our National Parks - People" (1 copy of magazine and 1 clipping)

Passages, Northwest Orient's In-flight magazine, Vol. 3, No. 7, July 1972 contains article "National Parks: Our Struggle to Create Enough" by George Biderman (1 copy)

Peak Park News, The Newsletter of Peak District National Park, Summer 1972 (England) front page feature on National Parks Centennial 1872-1972 (1 copy of newsletter)

The Pentecostal Evangel, May 7, 1972, No. 3026, contains article "A Refuge from the Rush: U.S. National Parks Observe Centennial" (2 copies of magazine)

People's Gas Magazine, Vol. 3, No. 2, Spring 1972, contains article "Our National Parks: A Sense of Wonder" (1 copy of magazine)

The Performer Magazine Vol. 1971/72 Season Book 8, contains articles "The First U. S. Stamp for an Arts Center" and "NPS Centennial" (1 copy of magazine)

The Performer Magazine, Vol. 1971/72 Season Book 10, contains article "A U. S. Stamp to Honor Wolf Trap" (1 copy of magazine)

PG and E Progress, April 1972, contains article "This is Centennial Year for National Parks" (2 copies of magazine)

Popular Mechanics, April 1972, article column "All Outdoors" by Bill McKeown contains information on Centennial (1 photocopy of column)

Saturday Review, January 1, 1972, contains article "The National Parks at 100: Preserves or Popcorn Playgrounds?" by Gladwin Hill

Scholastic Newstime, Vol. 40, No. 5, February 28, 1972, contains article "It Started With Yellowstone" (2 copies of magazine)

Service - A Publication of Cities Service Company, February 1972 contains article "National Park System" 100 Years of Preserving America" by George B. Hartzog, Jr., plus cover photo of Old Faithful (1 copy of magazine)

The Sohioan, Spring 1972, Vol. 44, No. 1, contains article "Are We Loving Our National Parks to Death?" by Michael Frome (1 copy of magazine)

Smithsonian, Vol. 3, No. 5, August 1972, contains article on Smithsonian exhibition of wilderness paintings in honor of NPS Centennial (1 copy of magazine)

Sports Illustrated, February 14, 1972, Vol. 36, No. 7, contains article "Old Faithful and Mysterious" (1 copy of magazine, 2 clippings of article)

Sunset The Magazine of Western Living, November 1971, (1 copy of magazine)

Sunset The Magazine of Western Living, March 1972, contains editorial "Parks and the Environment: A Better Future Because of the Past" and letter from Sunset "Into the Second Park Century" (1 copy of magazine)

Sunset The Magazine of Western Living, May 1972, contains cover article .'Horseback Trips into Wilderness - In and Around the National Parks" (1 copy of magazine)

Teachers Guide to Television, Vol. 4, No. 2, Spring 1972, contains article "From Yellowstone to Tomorrow" {1 copy magazine)

The Tennessee Conservationist, January 1972, Vol. XXXVIII, Special National Park Centennial issue (2 copies of magazine)

The Tennessee Conservationist, June 1972, Vol. XXXVIII, No. 6, contains article "The Jewell" by James Brown (1 copy of magazine)

Toyota Topics, Spring 1972, Vol. 6, No. 1, contains article "A Moonscape in Idaho" by V.J. Agul (1 copy of magazine)

Travel, May 1972, contains article "National Parks" in Tours of the Month section (1 clipping and 1 photocopy of article)

Travel and Leisure, February-March 1972, Vol. 2, No. 1, contains advertisement feature "National Parks -'Pleasuring' Grounds for the People" (1 copy of magazine, 3 photocopies of advertisement feature, 2 pages

TV Channels (The Washington Post), April 9-15, 1972, covers article on "From Yellowstone to Tomorrow" (1 copy of magazine)

TV Time Programs for the Week of April 4 to April 15, The Sunday Bulletin, Philadelphia, April 9, 1972, contains cover article "Scott May Scoff at Oscar, But Not at Yellowstone Park" by Rex Poller (1 copy of magazine)

TWA Ambassador, June 1972, Vol. 5, No. 6, contains article "U. S. National Parks - Ageless at 100: A Centennial Celebration" (1 copy of magazine)

TWA Getaway Adventures U.S.A. 72 3 copies of magazine)

U.S. News and World Report, January 24, 1972, Vol. XXII, No. 4, contains articles "National Parks - Coping with People and Cars" interview with George B. Hartzog, Jr., and "Yosemite: Better Way to Run a Park?" (1 copy of magazine)

Why, Summer Issue 1972 contains article "Yellowstone" 1 copy of magazine)

The Yellowstone Chronicle, Centennial Edition, Vol. 1, published in honor of the Centennial at Yellowstone National Park by the Makers of Yellowstone Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Yellowstone Gardens, Louisville, Kentucky, 1972 (2 copies miscellaneous advertising material, park folders, etc.)

Series V - Miscellaneous

A. HFCA-0174(73-16), - File Cabinet, 2nd Drawer

Daily File - March

Daily File - April

Daily File - May

Daily File - June

NPS - Archives - Memorabilia

Cape Hatteras Advisory Committee

Columbus Statue

Discover America

Environmental Conservation



Grand Canyon matter

George Rogers Clark NHP

Nixon Birthplace California

Oral History - special File, Lasker

Oral History MEETING

Oral History - Herb Evison, CCC


Lincoln Museum Library

Lassen Volcanic

Lecture - The First Half Century


National Capital Parks

National Capital Parks - Lands Collaborators

Pemberton House

Personnel - Position Descriptions, etc.


Records Disposition

June 19th March - SCLC - Program and Plans

Washington Monument - Flags

White House Historical Association


Centennial Notebook - revised 9/16/71

Life of Bill Banquet and Peoples athletic League Building Project

B. HFCA-0174(73-16) (Archive Box)

National Parks Centennial Program

NPS Centennial

Note folder - Centennial Information, Award, etc.

Note folder - Centennial Information

Note folder - USDI Information

Booklet - Centennial Events, National Park Centennial, 1872-1972

Public Law 91-332 - Authorizing Commemoration of 100th Anniversary of Yellowstone, etc.

Report folder, Handwritten excerpts - Fox Diary, 1861-65

Report folder, Handwritten excerpts - Hay Diary, 1861-65

Report folder - Operational Plan, Western Governor's Conference, GRTE, July 11-15

Information - National Park Centennial Stamps

National Parks Centennial 1872-1972 - Trainee Orientation, Pacific Northwest Region, August 1972

Memo to All on 1972 Centennial Contract with the Conservation Foundation

Loose papers

C. HFCA-0418(75-31) (Record Box)

Note folder - The Recommendations of the National Parks Centennial Commission

Policy Recommendations of the National Parks Centennial Commission assembled and edited by Executive Consultants, Inc.

Memo - NPS Response to Recommendations of National Parks Centennial Commission

Financial Statement - National Parks Centennial Commission

Commission Members Rejected Pictures

Final Report - Preserving a Heritage, Printed but not bound

Sample covers for Final Report

Total Original Copy for Final Report

News release - December 18, 1972, President Nixon Received Final Report

Invitation for Bid - Final Report

Banquet Notebook - Loose

National Parks Centennial Events, 1872-1972

Background Material for White House Preservation

Note folder - Fire Island National Seashore

Note folder - Assateague Island National Seashore

A Gathering of Nations: A Time of Purpose

National Parks for the Future Report of the Conservation Foundation


Slide Presentation - The Role of the National Park System

Series VI - Audiovisual

Script - Centennial Slide Show

Slides - Centennial Slide Show, Box

Full Carousel of Slides for Centennial Slide Show with Script

Centennial Tapes

Centennial PR, photos - 2 archive boxes






















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