National Park Service History Collection RG 14


Description: Museum material within the organizational papers organized into six -classifications as follows: K32 - Museum General, K3210 - Museum History, K3215 - Museum Exhibits, K3226 - Museum Reports, K3238 - Museum Handbooks, and K3286 - Museum Training. This is the bulk of museum material other than objects that has existed throughout the history of NPS Museum Services as HFC is the heir for/of the museum functions.

Inclusive Dates: 1895 - (1936-1942, 1949-1970) - present

Location (1987): 22 linear feet in 8 record boxes, 32 document boxes, a half document box, 10 notebooks, and other material in bay 7 ranges A, B, and C of the stack area.

Keywords: American Association of Museums, Artists in the Parks Program, Burns, Ned; Clearinghouse, Collections, Curatorial Services, Eastern Museum Laboratory, Exhibits, Ford's Theatre Museum Laboratory, Interpretation, Lewis, Ralph H.; Models, Museum Cataloguing, Museum Handbooks, Manual for Museums, Museum Techniques, NPS Branch of Museums, NPS Museum Division, NPS Museums, Russell, Carl P.; Traveling Exhibits, USDI Museum, Wayside Exhibits, Western Museum Laboratory.

Accession Numbers:  HFCA-0031, HFCA-0111, HFCA-0256, HFCA-0272, HFCA-0866, HFCA-0886 plus others

Catalog Numbers:  HFCA0485, HFCA0554, HFCA0687, HFCA0698, HFCA0877 (from Museum Division)

NOTE:  See also the finding aids for the following collections:

Harold L. Peterson Papers (RG 2)

Ronald F. Lee Papers (RG 1)

Interpretation in the National Park Service (RG 19)

A. Provenance

The majority of the museum papers and material was transferred from the Division of Museums in Accession 111. Photos from the Western Museum Laboratory made up Accession 31 while some Western Museum Laboratory files came from Accession 256. Museum course correspondence made up Accession 277. Ned Burns' draft for the proposed second edition of the Museum Handbook is Accession 272. Two boxes of Traveling Exhibit files came as Accession 866. Accession 882, transferred from Office of Graphics Research, Springfield, Virginia, on June 6. 1985, consists of internal office files generated by the old Western Museum Laboratory, 1968-1970. Other minor additions have been made over the years from various sources. The accession folders give more information.

These papers were generated by National Park Service employees in the Division of Museums, its predecessors and its successors. Some were for use in the parks while others are the internal records of the organization. A few were for outside publications and a few are "outside" publications used by the division for training and reference.

Much of the Western Museum Laboratory material dates from 1935-1942. There also seems to be a lot of material from the 1950's and 1960's. However, since the functions still exist and museums are an important part of every park, material continues to be generated.

B. History

For a history of the Museum function in the NPS, see Museum Curatorship in the National Park Service, 1904-1982 by Ralph Lewis (NPS, 1993).

C. Summary Scope and Contents Notes

Much material is covered by the inventory NPS Museum Function. Included are articles and clippings, biographies, books, booklets, correspondence, dailies, drafts, files, glass slides, handbooks, inventories, manuals, memos, minutes, negatives, notes, notebooks, papers, personnel material, photographs, plans, reports, reprints, slides, talks and speeches, theses, and training material. The material dates from 1895-present (1987) with much from the 1960's. The monthly reports for 1937-1940 and the Dailies and Files from the 1960's are important historically. The Museum Handbook (Manual) material is also significant. The museum function was put on caretaker status during World War II so there is not much from this period. The correspondence series only covers 1958-1966. Most of the reports K3226 cover 1936-1941, although there is one folder 1946 - 8 plus several for 1958-1968. The museum training material is correspondence rather than course material.

D. Dispersal

There are a large number of photos in the separate photo collection that were taken by and for the Western Museum Laboratory. These photos have been transferred to the NPS Historic Photo Collection. Several of the books in the HFC Library came from the Museum Division. Other material has been placed in the park boxes and archives periodical collection as well as some in other categories. The accession folders, especially for Accession 111, give some clue to dispersal.

 E. File Folders

K32 - Museum General

Consists of 5 series: 1 - Interior Museum, 2 - Collection Inventories, 3 - Works Progress Administration, 4 - Museum Cataloguing, and 5 - Miscellaneous. There are 3 document boxes, 2 notebooks, slide carousel, and a box of cards. Along with the notebooks and the cards, the Museum General K32 material includes catalogues, collection inventories, glass slides, photos, and reports. There seems to be no particular arrangement while subjects include the USDI Museum, collections, museum products, museum cataloguing, and property. (The material is on the middle shelf of 7A and the first shelf of 7B (1987).)

K32 Series 1 - Interior Museum

This consists of one document box of material mostly photographic including glass slides plus two booklets and other literature. The photographic material is in front, the glass slides at the side, and the booklets and literature in the back of the box. As per the title, it all deals with the USDI Museum in the Interior Building at 18th and C Streets, N. W., Washington, D. C. The literature is that put out by the museum while the photos are of parks that could be used in the museum exhibits, exhibit preparation, and the exhibits. (It is all in one document box labeled by Richard Russell, USDI Museum, which is on the middle shelf of 7A (1987).)

48 tinted glass slides ca 1938 showing exhibits - U.S.D.I. Museum National Park Service photographic

National Parks (photos)

Interior Museum Duplicate (large envelope of photos)

Department of Interior Exhibit Preparation (photos, mounted and labeled)

Booklet - Dedicated to Conservation, U.S.D.I., 1936

Booklet - Nature Downtown, U.S.D.I., 1970

Interior Museum Literature

K32 Series 2 - Collection Inventories

Consists of eight items - eight collections. There are descriptions, inventories, papers, and photos. They are in alphabetical order. The subjects include archeology, Indians, Indian art, Indian life, Lincoln, and 19th Century life. The Oldroyd Lincoln Collection and those dealing with the Indians are significant. (It is in a labeled document box located on the middle shelf of 7A (1987).)

Bertrand Collection

Harold Cook Collection - Agate Fossil Beds National Monument

Gibson Indian Collection

Hiller's Collection

The Oldroyd Lincoln Memorial Collection - January 1897, revised August 1926

Inventory of Collections Pertaining to the Southwest Archeological Center, revised June 1963

Guide to the David T. Vernon Collection of Native American Art

Photos of Warren Indian Basket Collection - Isle Royale

K32 Series 3 - Works Progress Administration Products from the Western Museum Lab

This consists of 4 items - two products catalogues, a report, and a paper with photos and supporting forms and statistics. They are arranged in reverse chronological order and concern museum supplies produced by workers of the Works Progress Administration at the Western Museum Lab in Berkeley, California. The catalogues are useful in dating museum tools and for museum history. (It is in a document box labeled by Russell and located on shelf underneath Series 2 thus, 7A (1987).)

Documentation in Support of WPA Project Proposal, November 1940

Miscellaneous Products Available to National Parks and Monuments from WML - revised edition January 1939

Miscellaneous Products Available to National Parks and Monuments from WML - April 1938

Final Closing Report Project #7144 WPA - September 1937

K32 Series 4 - Museum Cataloging

Consists of 2 items - a notebook of NPS National Catalog Documents to be used with the computer and a slide carousel with slides illustrating how to keep museum records. (The slides are on the 2nd to bottom shelf of 7A while the notebook is on the first shelf of 7B (1987).)

Notebook - NPS National Catalog Computer Documents

Slide Carousel with Slides - Museum Records

K32 Series 5 - Miscellaneous

This consists of 2 items - a box of emergency storage space cards and a notebook of property cost estimates. (The emergency storage space cards are on the next to 7A while the notebook is kept on the first shelf (1987).)

Emergency Storage Space Cards

Notebook - Property Cost Estimates

K3210 - Museum History

There are a half document box, 19 document boxes, and 9 record boxes under this classification (1987). Most is either the chronological history arranged by former Curator Richard Russell or "files." There is also correspondence, both general and dailies; material on personnel, photos, and historical material on the American Association of Museums. The overall arrangement in the series is in reverse chronological order. The focus of the chronological history seems to be historical exhibit techniques and Mr. Russell labeled most of the chronological history boxes "Exhibit History." The correspondence is with parks and areas as well as with general museum workers. The dailies are the day-to-day record of correspondence generated by the Museum Branch and the various labs. Again, it largely concerns exhibit techniques and museum procedures. Half of the personnel material concerns Dr. Carl P. Russell while the rest concerns Western Museum Lab employees. The files cover many other topics as well as exhibit techniques and museum procedure. They include articles, associations, audiovisual material, conferences and meetings, field orders and memos, parks and areas, personnel, planning, organization, reports, speeches, and training. The photos are of museums, museum activities, and exhibit material. The American Association of Museum material deals with meetings of this organization. (The material is on 7B, C, D, and E with the record boxes on the lower shelves (1987).)

K3210 Series 1 - Chronological History

This series includes 6 document boxes of material (1987). Among the many items are articles, blueprint, booklets, small paperback books, clippings, correspondence, drafts, memos, minutes, notes, papers, reports, reprints, speeches, and talks. It is arranged in reverse chronological order with some consideration for size. The subjects covered include exhibit techniques, museum procedures, and the necessity for museums among others. (This material is on 7B, shelves 1 and 2 (1987). Former Curator Richard Russell did much of the arranging and labeling.

Museum and Exhibit History Before 1938

"The Relation of Field Excursions to the Activities of Local Museums plus Some of the Advantages of an Ecological Organization of a Natural History Museum", Dr. Charles C. Adams, 1910, 1908 reprinted 1926

Contributions of Museums to Outdoor Recreation by Lawrence Vail Coleman, 1928 New York State Museum, 1929

The Public Functions of the Division of Science and State Museum - Charles C. Adams, New York State, 1931

Curtis Geography Models

Booklet - Research and Education in the National Parks, H. Bryant and W. Atwood, Jr., 1936

Revised Price List Costs and Models of Fossil Vertebrate, American Museum of Natural History

Essay on the History of Panoramas and Dioramas, Germain Bapst

Correspondence - Yellowstone re Exhibits and Models, 1895, 1902

Blueprint - Chick-Chatt Exhibit, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904

Correspondence - Museums in Yosemite National Parks, Chan. J. Hamlin, Francis P. Farquar, 1926

Museums in the National Parks, November 9, 1929

Planning a Park Museum, November 11, 1929

Mesa Verde National Park - Frank Dastler Museum Statement, 1930

Instructions for Erecting a Pyramidal Exhibit Case, 1934, with a blueprint

Memo - January 1935, Museum Planning Procedure

Museum Preparation Memo No. 1, February 15, 1931 - Care and Preservation of Museum Specimens and Collections, A. Hall

Memo - April 1935, The Museum Program in National Parks

Office Order No. 312, December 2, 1935, re the Museum Division

"The Museum and The Historian," George M. Wrong, Museum News, December 1, 1935

"Why Not a Museum for Rocky Mountain National Park?" Roger W. Toll

Desirable Features in Museum Construction, A. Woodward and Louis Schellbach

Some Principles of Installation in History Museum by Arthur C. Parker

Notes on Methods of Preparing Exhibits - Staff, EML

Museum Exhibit Cases - M 31

Memo - Procedure in Planning Museum Exhibits, April 1936

Minutes of Meeting - National and State Parks Section, 31st Annual Meeting AAM, May 1936

Memo for All Field Offices, October 1936, Exhibits and Museums

How Architects Can Contribute to Museum Work, Carl P. Russell, 1936

Museums, Carl P. Russell, 1937

Museums in National Parks, Carl P. Russell, December 15, 1936

Loan and Gift Policy, 1936-37

Miniature Groups or Dioramas, Ned J. Burns, May 1937

The Museum News, Vol. XV, No. 4, June 15, 1937

The Museum News, Vol . XVI, No. 4 , June 15 , 1938

Memo - Naturalist to Superintendent, Southwest Monuments, 1938, Survey, Etc.

Miscellaneous Products Available to National Parks and Monuments from Western Museum Lab., April 1938

Western Museum Conditions, July 1938, Dorr Yeager

Art in Taxidermy, Jonas Brothers, Denver

CCC Project Training Construction of Relief Models

Speech on Exhibits given in Montreal, Canada, Frank K. Buffmire

The Preservation of Cultural Objects in Situ by Ned J. Burns

Nisqually Vista Trailside Exhibit - Mount Rainier

Nisqually Glacier Trailside Exhibit

Museum and Exhibit History 1939-1942

On American Museums by Richard Kraisel, reprint New York State Museum Bulletin, 317, p. 139-174, 1939, translated by Rudolf Puedemann

"Museums and Education" Presidential address, Carl E. Guthe, reprinted from Annual Report, Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters, March 1940

Booklet - Training Museum Workers, June 12 to August 3, 1939, University of Iowa Publication New Series No. 1025, January 18, 1939

Booklet - Training Museum Workers, June 10 to August 2, 1940, University of Iowa Publication New Series No. 1097, January 10, 1940

Booklet - Training Museum Workers, June 8 to July 31, 1942, University of Iowa Publication New Series No. 1236, April 11, 1942

Booklet - Museum Training and the War, University of Iowa, November 14, 1942

Paperback book - Geology in the Museum, F. J. North, C. F. Davidson, and W. E. Swinton

Miscellaneous Products Available to National Parks and Monuments from Western Museum Laboratory, revised January 1939

Remarks by Carl P. Russell - Opening of Harry B. Spaulding Hall, Buffalo Museum of Science, January 1939

Memo to All Field Offices, February 1939, Policy, Scope of Museum Exhibits

May-June 1939, Traveling Exhibits, Circulation Pattern

Memo for All Field Offices, November 1939, Record of Museum Development

Museum Personnel in the National Park Service, 1939

Careers in Museum Work, 1939

Museum Technology - Book of Museum Procedures, Vol. I, 1939

Museum Technology - Book of Museum Procedures, Vol. III, 1939

Museum Technology - Book of Museum Cases and Exhibit Appliances, Vol. VI, 1939

Museum Technology - Book of Light as Applied to Museums, Vol. XII, 1939

Region One, Regional Office Letter No. 461, February 1940, Care of Manuscripts, Documents, and Photographs on Exhibition in Museums

The History of Dioramas, Ned J. Burns, reprint Museum News, February 1940

Memo - Washington and All Field Offices, March 1940, Museum Policy and Procedures

The Narrative Story of the Park in Relation to the Object - Minutes, Inter-branch meeting, March 1940

Memo for Historical Technicians, April 18, 1940, re Museum Needs

Prospectus - American Folk Culture and Historical Museums, November 6, 1940

Memo for Director, November 11, 1940, re Museum Objects, Morristown National Historical Park

Talk - Ned J. Burns, "Present Status and Current Needs of the Museum Program," November 14, 1940

Talk - Dorr Yeager, "Increasing the Effectiveness of Park Exhibits," November 14, 1940

Talk - Matthew E. Beatty, "The Place of Museums and Exhibits in the Interpretive Program," November 14.1 1940, Park Naturalists' Conference

Museum Memos - Region One

Paper - Practical Aspect of Park Museum Problems in Time of War, Carl P. Russell, May 1942, AAM Meeting

Notes taken at 37th annual meeting, AAM, Carl P. Russell, Williamsburg, Virginia, May 1942

Paper - Problems of the Science Museum, Clark Wissler, May 1942, AAM

Notes of Talk - Museum Work as a Field of Professionalism, Dr. Carl E. Guthe, May 1942, AAM meeting

Museum Memos, 1941-1942

Museum and Exhibit History 1943-1959

Booklet - The Museum A Living Book of History., Edward P. Alexander, published for the Detroit Historical Society by Wayne University Press, 1959

Reprint - "Education in Science Museums," Science, June 30, 1943

The Explorer, Autumn 1947, No. 92, "The Travelling Trailside Museum," by Kenneth B. Disher

Fundamental and Adult Education, A Quarterly Bulletin, April 1953, UNESCO, Paris contains article "Park Museums as Community Center" by Ralph H. Lewis, p. 85

Paperback book in French - lst Biennial Conference, ICOM, Paris, June 28 to July 3, 1948

Folder - Museum Forms, 1943

Notes of Meetings - Art Museum Conference, March 24, 1944

Comments of Chief, Museum Division on Check List for Museum Planning by Lyle E. Bennett

Status of Interpretive Development Planning in Southwest National Monument, December 31, 1944 (Caywood)

Notes made at Museum Planning and Construction Conference, November 21-22, 1946, Ned J. Burns

International Council of Museums and National Park Service

Folder labeled - 1948 contains memo and Region One circular

Check List of Museum Planning by Lyle Bennett, SWRO, September 1948

Carolina Tips, Vol. XII, No. 1, January 1949 contains article "Museums" by A. S. Pearse

Twenty-five Years Ago, Carl P. Russell, Yosemite, January 6, 1949

Folder labeled - 1949 contains Region One circulars for 1949

Region One - Photographic Report, Museums, August 1949

Correspondence - Survey of New Museums, August 1950

The Museum in Yosemite National Park, California, Carl P. Russell, French and English, January 1951

Magazine - Museum, Vol. V, No. 2, 1951 - UNESCO, French and English, published Paris

Memo Museum Survey Cards, February 29, 1951

Museums in the National Park System, 1952

Check List for Museum Design and Planning, June 27, 1951

National Park Service Museums, March 1952

Memo - In-Service Training Course in Museum Methods, September 18, 1952

Memo - Review of Museum Prospectuses, September 30, 1952

Draft - Outline for a Museum Prospectus, N. J. Burns, May 29, 1953

Memo - Outline for a Museum Prospectus, July 13, 1953

Memo - Preservation Treatment of Excavated Metals, Jamestown, November 20, 1953

Memo - Seminar on Museum Exhibit Techniques, August 27, 1954

Public Law 127, 84th Congress, July 1, 1955, NPS Museum Management

Folder - Material on Museums contains following:

Carbon - "Museums - Why," Angela Milne, Punch, May 26, 1943

"National Museums," New York Times, July 15

Program - 41st annual meeting, AAM, May 17-18, 1946

51st annual meeting, AAM, June 1-3, 1955

Memo - Reclassification, Chief, Museum Branch, January 1956

Memo - Exhibits construction Worker and Specialist, May 11, 1956

Talk - Streamlined History, Western Museums Conference, Sons of California Pioneers, Carl P. Russell, October 5, 1956

The Museum excerpt from Vol. 25, National Park Service-Administrative Manual, 1956

The Visiting Public and Museums, John B. Cabot, 1956(?)

Talk - A New Look of Western Museums: Mission 66, John W. Jenkins, AASLH, 1957

Supplementary VC Information, John B. Cabot, January 1958

Folder - Museum Branch In-Service Training Course, Museum Lab., Washington, January 13 - February 7, 1958

Memo - Furnishing Plan Historic Structures, February 4, 1958

VC Planning Notes on Discussions Held EODC, November 18-22, 1957 and WODC, February 4-6, 1958

Clearing House for Western Museums Newsletter 219, May 1958, excerpts News About National Parks assembled by Dr. Edwin C. Alberts

Abstract - Standards for Universities and Museums Down Through the Ages, Newell F. Joyner, May 1958

Memo - Letters of Acknowledgment for Museum Gifts, June 17, 1958

Clipping - "European Science Museum by Robert P. Mutthauf, p. 52, Science, Vol. 128, September 5, 1958

Memo - Report of Field Trip to JNEM and Mountain Plains Museum Conference, San Antonio, Texas, October 7-11, 1958

Unit Citation Staff of Branch of Museums, NPS, 1957-58

Report - Conference of Regional Museum Curators, February 9-20, 1959

Resume - Cooperation on Museum Development, Ralph H. Lewis, March 19, 1959

Memo - Outdoor Pictorial Interpretation (Exhibit cases), November 9, 1959

Standard Specification Museum Specimen Storage Cabinet

"Site Museums and National Parks," Ralph Lewis, Curator II, December 1959

General - Museum Collections File, 1954-1959 contains General Correspondence, Statement Gift Policy, Draft of handbook

Museum and Exhibit History - 1960-1969

Booklet - Museum Service 1936-1957, Derbyshire (Gt.Britain) Education Committee

Booklet - Museum Service 1960-61, Derbyshire Education Committee (Gt. Britain)

Draft paper - Re-examination of the Museum Phases of Mission 66, Ralph H. Lewis, June 24, 1960

Paper - The Visiting Public and Museums, John B. Cabot, Midwest Museums Conference, October 13, 1960

Museum Exhibits, October 26, 1960

22nd General Administration Training Course, NPS Region II Exhibits, October 31, 1960

Folder on Exhibits Marked - October 1961

Draft memo - Discussion of Exhibit Strengths and Weakness, M. Sagan, September 12, 1961

23rd General Administration Training Course, NPS, Region Three Exhibits, December 11, 1961

Draft memo - Exhibit Planning Procedures, J. W. Jenkins, December 20, 1961

Long Range Plans and Park Museums... by Myron D. Sutton, 1962(?)

U. S. Civil Service Commission Standards, Museum Curator Series, February 1962

Memos - San Cristobal Exhibit Plan, San Juan, February 19 and March 7, 1962

Memo - Regional Clearing House Service for Museum Specimens, June 12, 1962

Preliminary Report - A Pilot Study in the Boston Museum of Science, R. S. Weiss, July 1, 1962

Memo - Comments on Exhibit Planning, November 21, 1962

Museum Display Materials, 1963(?)

Selecting Exhibit Themes for Park and Forest Museum with Background Paper, Ralph H. Lewis, 1963

Methods for Preparation and Exhibition of Insects, Earl Jackson, Custodian, Montezuma Castle, 1963

Clipping - Museum Training in the National Park Service, Ralph H. Lewis" Curator, VI/l, 1963

Clipping - Expositions, Exhibits, Gordon Reekie, Natural History, June-July 1963

Paper - Museum Philosophy and Practice of the National Park Service, Merrill J. Mattes, October 18, 1963, Western History Association

Museum Interpretation of Western History, Session 7, Western History Association Annual Conference, 1963, comments by J. W. Jenkins

Memos from Regional Curator Newell Joyner, August and October 1963

Memos and Enclosures - Procedures for Accountability of Museum Specimens, October 1963

Memo enclosing Museum Questionnaire, October 14, 1963

List - National Park Service Museums, 1964

Exhibit Cost Summary for Visitor Center Projects, 1957-1964, February 18, 1964

Memos - Management Survey of Branch of Museums, Data on same, February 20, 1964

"What is a Museum", Carl H. Jones, Utah State Historical Society, Newsletter, Vol. 14 No. 3, May 1963

Report of Museum Study, March 27, 1964

Report of Museum Study Team, April 20, 1964

Memo - Reorganization of Branch of Museums, July 2, 1964, with following paper: Division of Interpretation and Visitor Services, 1964(?)

Memo - Conference of Regional Museum Curators, July 28, 1964

Memo and Enclosures - Study Material for Regional Museum Curators' Conference, July 29, 1964

Memo and Enclosures - Park Reports (re museum conditions, etc.), September 10, 1964

Memo - Attendance at Regional Curators' Conference, Harpers Ferry, September 13-18, 1964, Nan V. Carson, October 1, 1964

Cost Reduction and Manpower Conservation Program, WML, October 1964

Draft and Final Report - Conference of Regional Museum Curators, September 13-18, 1964, December 1964 and January 1965

Mission 66 Museums in Need of Replacement Comments on Criteria, 1965(?)

Memo - Procedures and Ideas on Outdoor Exhibits, SWR, January 15, 1965

Interpretive Prospectus Status, MWR, MWL, August 1965

Clipping - "New Life for Museums," Barbara Tufty, Science Newsletter, August 21, 1965

1966 Museum Memos, Agreement

Museum Organization, Development, Goals, 1964-66

Reactions - Review of Museum Exhibits, AASLH

Clipping – "When a Museum is a Visitor Center" Roger J. Rogers, 1967

List of National Park Service Museums, 1967

Clipping- NPS Labs by Earl Arnett, Baltimore, The Sun, Friday, November 10, 1967

Museum Waysides Exhibits, 1964-67

Correspondence - Closing Old Mint Building, February 13, 1968

Museum Assistants Group Transactions No. 6, April 1968

Memo - Need to Conserve Division Funds, November 18, 1968

Appraisal of Museum Curatorial Program, NER, NPS, 1969

Draft - March 4, 1969, Division of Museums Staff Study

Proposed Article - Staff - Branch of Exhibit Production, April 5, 1969, F. Phillips and H. Peterson

Memo - Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Museum and Wayside Exhibits, May 2, 1969

Clipping - "Awareness," NPS Interpretive Newsletter, No. 10, May 1969

Museum Quarterly Work Schedule, Brown, July-September 1969

Making the Visitor Center Work, H. Stagner

Museum and Exhibit History - 1971-1979

Reprint from Encyclopedia Brittanica, 1971, Museum by Ralph H. Lewis, 20 p.

Photocopied clipping - NPS Assistance to Museums, Ralph H. Lewis, February 1971, Museum News

Activity Standards Environmental Interpretation and Supporting Activities, July 26, 1971

On the Nature of Glass: Care and Preservation of Historic Objects, 1971, R. Switzer

"Museums for Today," (Incl. JNEM) Architectural Record, July 1972

"Evaluating Visitor Response to Exhibit Content, Randel F. Washburne and J. Alan Wager, Curator, Vol. XV, No. 3, September 1972

Suggestions for Boy Scout Merit Badge in Museum Work, September 1972, R. Lewis

Memo - Repossession of Museum Artifacts by Indian Group, December 1972

Report recommending ... Reorganization ... Facilities... Curatorial Services Activities of Arizona - Archeological Center, NPS by Arizona State Museum, Tucson, March 1, 1973

Memo: Circuit Rider and (Exhibit) Evaluation Report, SER, May 18, 1973

Rap Session - June 29, 1973 and Environmental Concerns for Museum Objects

Report for FY 73 - Branch of Museum Operations, July 16, 1973

Memo - Identification of Outstanding Visitor Center, August 2, 1973

Folder - Exhibit Installation Dates, 1962-1974

Memo - Protection of Objects, June 10, 1974

Memo - Regional Curators' Conference, May 15-17, 1974; July 15, 1976

Memo - Collecting Permit Committee, July 29, 1974

Memos and Resolutions - Conference of Regional Curators at HFC in May 1974

Memo - Growth of Museum Services Division, December 13, 1974

SWR Memo 75-2 - Scientific Collecting in Areas of the SWR, January 14, 1975

Notes - Research and Resource Awareness Conference, March 1975

Curatorial Methods Course Material, October 1975

Memo - Curatorial Ethics, December 16, 1975

Artifacts Management Inventory, 1976

Memo - Program Capability of Branch of Exhibit

Planning and Design, March 19, 1976

Curatorial Operations Evaluation Report, revised April 1976

1977 Annual Report, Museum Services, NPS, HFC

Resolves Cultural Resources Management of Historic Artifacts and Museum Collections, January 1978

Memo - Interpretive Facilities Rehabilitation Program, March 6, 1978

Letter re Collecting Specimens in National Parks, April 19, 1978

Records Center, November 1978

Memo - Proposed Move - Regional Museum Vault (NCR), November 15, 1978

NPS Clearinghouse Draft, November 24, 1978

Memo - NPS Regional Curators' Meeting (held December 7, 1978 at HFC)

Memo - New Accession Folder, December 21, 1978

Report of Committee E Archeological and Anthropological Collections, December 1978

Memo - Briefing Statement on Western Region Curatorial Needs, January 3, 1979

Draft Memo - NPS Natural History Collections, January 30, 1979

"Cultural Resource Management: The Role of Museums in Cultural Resource Management. Andrew L. Christensen, American Antiquity, Vol. 44, No. 1, 1979

The Furnishing Process Division of Reference Services Furnishing Team, Harpers Ferry Center, March 1979

Aids for Classifying Objects, October 1979

Book Review - Manual for Museums, Ralph Lewis, 1976, Museum Journal, Vol. 79, No. 3, December 1979

Standard Specification for Museum Trays

Scope of Collection Statement Contents, Preparation, Relation to Collecting Policy

"An Unsuspected Danger in Display, W. A. Oddy

Museum and Exhibit History - 1980-

North Atlantic Regional Curatorial Paper, January 1980, U-V Filtering Materials

Memo: Study Collections Policy and Management, January 16, 1980

Legislation - Museum Services Amendment of 1980

Memo - Curatorial Issues, State of NPS Museums, June 3, 1980

Preserving the Past: An Introduction to the Division of Museum Services, National Park Service, Harpers Ferry Center, July 1980

Memo: Recommendations from Regional Chiefs of Interpretation (reaction to) May 21, 1980

Memo - Funding for Curatorial and Conservation Projects, June 3, 1981

Memo - Proposed Amendment to Museum Properties Management Act, June 8, 1981

Title page bootleg edition of NPS Manual for Museums, R. Lewis

Funding-Sources for Curatorial Operations and Collections Care, Revised January 1982

"Artifacts Under Pressure: Effects of Halon Gas Release in a Collection," Gloria Fenner, Curator, 25/2, 1982

"Curatorial Services Expanded," Courier, December 1982

A Digest of Curatorial Policy, February 1983

"Collection Management Planning in Parks," Ann Hitchcock, Trends, Vol. 20, No. 2, 1983

Memo - Upgrading Museum Collection Accountability Programs, March 3, 1983

Possible Draft Museum Handbook, April 1983

HFC Workshop: Exhibits and Conservation, STMA, June 1, 1983

Memo - Object Conservation, August 15, 1983

Memo and Draft - "Curatorial Strategy from 1984-1990, March 13, 1984

Memo - National Catalog Steering Committee Meeting (future), April 19, 1984

AAM 1984 Annual Meeting - Report on the Organizational Meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee on Park Museums and Historic Sites, June 10, 1984

Application Form - International Partnerships Among Museums, July 1984

NPS Museum Cataloging System

Memo - Combining Historic Furnishings Report and Plan, January 22, 1985

Memo - Call for Completion of Scope of Collections Statements, Reply due: December 30, 1985, March 1, 1985

Draft Report and Response - Audit of Museum Collection Management in the NPS, July, October 1985

"National Treasures are Missing," Jack Anderson, Washington Post

Memo and Report - USDI Inspector General Audit of Museum Collection Management, NPS, November 1985, January 1986

Letter - Ad Hoc Committee on Park Museums and Historic Sites, American Association of Museums, May 8, 1986

Memo - Automation of the National Catalog, May 15, 1986

Memo - Updated National Catalog Record Submission Procedures, May 27, 1986

Ad Hoc Regional Curators' meeting, HFC, June 2, 1986

Monthly Report - Chief Conservator, Division of Conservation for May 1986

Memo - Using Practical Historic Furnishings as an Interpretive Medium, November 21, 1986

Draft - NPS Plan for Museum Collections Management, February 1987

A Quick Introduction to Collections for Managers, Thomas G. Vaughn

Fact Sheet - Automated National Catalog System

K3210 Series 2 - Correspondence

This series contains two document boxes and three record boxes of letters. There are two subseries: 2.1 - General and 2.2 - Dailies. General contains some incoming as well as outgoing correspondence. Dailies consists of copies of the daily outgoing correspondence. It is with parks and areas as well as between museum workers. Most is about museum procedures and exhibit techniques, ideas, and concerns. (The material is on 7B shelves, 3, 4, 5, and 6 (1987).)

2.1 General

Museum Lab., General - 1959-1962

Museum Lab General (Correspondence), January 1, 1959 to September 30, 1959

Laboratory General (Correspondence), October 1, 1959 to December 29, 1959

Museum Lab. General Files (Correspondence), January 1961 to December 1961

Unlabeled Correspondence Files, January 1962 to October 1962

WML General Correspondence - 1958-1966
  General Files, 1958

WML, General Correspondence, contains 3 files:

August 1955 to December 1959

January 1960 to December 1964

January 1965 to May May 1966

2 .2 Dailies
  Dailies, November 1959-December 31, 1959

Dailies, September 1, 1960-October 31, 1960

Dailies, November 1, 1960-December 31, 1960

Dailies, January 1961-March 31, 1961

Dailies, April 1961, June 30, 1961

Dailies, Branch of Museums, January 2, 1962- March 30, 1962

Dailies, Branch of Museums, July 1961- December 1961

Dailies, November 1959-December 31, 1959

 Dailies, September 1, 1960-October 31, 1960

Dailies, November 1, 1960-December 31, 1960

Dailies, Branch of Museums, April 2, 1962- July 31, 1962

Branch of Museums, Dailies, August 1962- December 31, 1962

Branch of Museums, Dailies, January 2, 1962- April 30, 1963

Branch of Museums, Dailies, May 1, 1963- July 31, 1963

Branch of Museums, Dailies, August 1, 1963- October 31, 1963

Branch of Museums, Dailies, November 1, 1963- December 31, 1963

Branch of Museums, Dailies, January 2, 1964- July 2, 1964

 Branch of Museums, Dailies, July 6, 1964-April 30, 1965

Branch of Museum Operations, Dailies, May 1965-November 30, 1965

Branch of Museums Operations, Dailies, December 1965-February 1966

Branch of Museum Operations, Dailies, March 1966-December 30, 1966

Western Museum Lab Dailies, January 1, 1967 - May 1968

Harpers Ferry Museum Support Facility, Dailies, June 27 , 1968-March 1970

Division of Museums, Dailies, March 1970- December 1975

Division of Exhibits, Dailies, January 1, 1976- September 30, 1980

K3210 Series 3 - Personnel

This series contains two document boxes of material: one regarding Western Museum Lab personnel, and the other on Dr. Carl P. Russell. The Western Museum Lab material includes cards, drafts, employee lists, files, forms, and photos. The material on Dr. Russell is envelopes of research material gathered for a thesis plus the resulting thesis. (It is on 7B shelves 4 and 5 (1987)).

Western Museum Lab Personnel

Draft Handout, WML, December 9, 1964

Employee Record Card(s), WML

Folder - Unit Award For and Employees, Museum Lab. January 1957-October 1958

Request(s) for Personnel Action, WML, 1960-1964

Folder - Federal Art Projects, NPS, 1930's List of Personnel

Photos and Negatives in Marked Envelopes

WML, Personnel Files, January 1960-63

WML, Position Description Review Form 10-146, 1961

Carl Russell and NPS Museums - Nancy Summers' Thesis

Thesis - Carl P. Russell and the National Park Museums, Nancy Summers, March 1981

Envelope of Research Material Marked Yellowstone

Envelope of Research Material Marked Miscellaneous

Published Photos in Envelope Marked Photos for Reproduction

Envelope of Research Material Marked Biographical

Envelope of Research Material Marked 1935

Envelope of Research Material with Notes on Envelope

K3210 Series 4 - Files

This series contains a half document box, four document boxes, and five record boxes of files. Items include articles, field orders and memos, plans, reports, and speeches. The topics cover associations, audiovisual equipment and techniques, conferences and meetings, exhibit techniques, museum activities, museum procedures, parks and area, personnel, and organizations. (It is on 7B, shelves 5 and 6; and 7C, shelves 5 and 6 (1987)).

Unlabeled Box - Museum Files (C. P. Russell Files)

Museum Exhibit Planning

Project Construction Program - General

Jackson, William Henry

Castillo de San Marcos, 1937-41

Federal Hall, 1940-50

Fort Pulaski

Fort Raleigh, 1942

Fort Stanwix, 1937

Fredericksburg, 1936-41

George Washington Birthplace, 1936-41

Gettysburg, 1936

Glacier, 1936-39, Museums

Grand Canyon, 1935-53

Grand Teton, 1936-42

Great Smoky Mountains, 1936-47

Hot Springs, 1937

Interior Department Museum, 1937

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, 1942-47

Kennesaw Mountain, 1939-40

Olympic, 1943

Petersburg, 1936-37

Sitka, 1942-43, Sheldon Jackson Museum

Vicksburg, 1937

Branch of Museums - General Files (document box and 1/2 document box)

Audiovisual File Correspondence Newsletter

Preservation and Rehabilitation (General)

Preservation and Rehabilitation Study

Temporary and Traveling Exhibits

Trailside Exhibits (General)

Museum Records

Humidity Analysis

Exhibits and Museum Philosophy

Exhibit Techniques

Museum and Exhibit Activities - Midwest

Museum and Exhibit Activities - Western

Museum and Exhibit Activities - Southwest

Restoration and Preservation Specialists

Training In-Service

Training In-Service at WML

Model Makers

Classification (WML)

AAM Meeting, St. Louis, May 1964

Exhibit Costs, WML Projects

Exhibit Costs

Exhibits - In-Existing-Buildings Program

Museum and Exhibit Activities (General), 1965

Museum and Exhibit Activities (General), 1963, 1964

Preservation and Rehabilitation (General), March 17 , 1961 to June 30 , 1965




Personnel folders for the following:

Thelma McDonald, William Acheson, David E. Allen, Richard L. Andersen, Reginald W. Butcher, Lina Carrso, George T. Earl, Francisco G. Garcia, Jane N. Harvey, Floyd A Lafayette, Bernard Perry, Vernon Tancil, Gilbert R. Wenger, J. Fred Winkler, Clair J. Younkin, and collaborator Anne F. Clapp  Incentive Award Program Instructions and Procedures


Attendance at Meetings and General Travel

Correspondence, June 1964-June 1970

Travel and Transportation (Herbert Martin)

Travel and Transportation (Joseph H. Rockwell)

Travel and Transportation (John A. Segeren)

Travel and Transportation (Raymond S. Price, Jr.)

General, Training Correspondence, 1960-1965

Outline for Museum Exhibit Plan (1956)


Qualification Standards Exhibit Specialist GS-1010 (1960-62)

Employee Training Records, 1958-1959

Personnel Correspondence, EML, January 1960 -December 1960

Personnel Correspondence, EML, December 16, 1953 - December 29, 1959

Personnel Correspondence, EML, January 1961 - December 1961

Requests for Personnel Action, EML, 1960-66

Branch of Museum General Files - Accession No. 111 (record box 2)

Cooperation (Federal, State, and Local)

Correspondence and Projects File

Interpretation, General Correspondence

Midwest Region

Southeast Region

National Capital Region

Interpretation: Park Museum, Visitor Center, Waysides, General

Southeast Region

Interpretation, Exhibits in Existing Building Program and Construction Programs

Northeast Region

Southwest Region

Western Region '

Branch of Museum General Files - Accession No. 111 (Record Box 3)

Hillers Transparencies

Collections Miscellaneous



EIEB/B&U [EIEB Program/Building and Utilities Program]




Mather and Albright Centers

1965 Museum Methods Training Course

1964 Museum Methods Training Course

1963 Museum Methods Training Course

1959 Museum Methods Training Course

1958 Museum Methods Training Class

1957 Museum Methods Training Course

1953 Museum Methods Training Course

1952 Museum Methods Training Course - Fourth 1951 Museum Methods Training Course - Third Co

1949 Museum Methods Training Course - Second C

1949 Museum Methods Training Course - First Co

EML Files (document box)
  Museum Furniture and Cases

Drawings of Museum Cases

Committee on Conservation of Cultural Resources (1941-1962)

Museum Manual (Cases)

Museum Cases (Old WML)

Museum Survey (1939-41)

Museum Plans

Park Service Museums, General

Employee Work Report; Visual Arts, Graphics, and Related Services, FY 1964

Region Two Construction and Preservation Programs, October 1949-June 1952

Region Four Construction and Preservation Programs, December 1949-September 1952

Region Three Construction and Preservation Programs, July 1950-June 1952

Files (record box)
  Associations - General

American Association of Museums

Western History Association

Western Museums League

Reports - Situation

Commendations and Complaints (Permanent File)

Conferences and Meetings - General

Inspections, Investigations, and Studies


WML Instructional Memorandums

American Association of Museums, John W. Jenkins, participation

Cost Reduction and Manpower Conservation Report

Employee Welfare and Activities

National Defense Activities

Files Management

Health and Safety

Accident, Injuries, Death

Accidents, Injuries - Geoffry J. Brown

Accidents - Carey, Herbert C.

Accidents - Garcia

Accident Reports and Related Papers - Richard M. Howard

Accidents - Morishige

Accidents - Segeren

Accidents - Younkin

Office and Storage Space Permanent Transfer to FRC when lab has moved

Office and Storage Space

Special Events

Delegations of Authority

Construction Programs, Correspondence, July 1, 1966 to November 1967

Mount McKinley

Organization, WML

Construction Programs, Correspondence, May 1963 - June 30, 1966

Annual Report to Chief, Branch of Museum Development FY 1963

Buildings, Visitor Centers


Audiovisual and Motion Pictures, April 1967- August 1967

Audiovisual and Motion Pictures, through March 1967

Cooperation by WML with Other Agencies and individual Foreign Countries

Architectural and Interpretive Planning

WML Staff Meeting Minutes

Cooperative Agreements with Federal, State, and Local Agencies

Interpretive Activities

Special Articles Prepared by Service Personnel

Publications, Service

Signs, Markers, Memorials

Automatic Data Processing

Planning Program and Master Plans

Interpretive Conferences

F. 0. Memoranda, 1967

F. 0. Memoranda, 1966

F. 0. Memoranda, 1964-65

F. 0. Memoranda, 1962-63

F. 0. Memoranda, 1958-61

F. O.'s, 1957

F. O.'s, 1963-1956 including Interpretation


Plant Life including Names

Recreation Studies, Resources, Etc.

Handbook, WML, January 1965

Organization Service, February 8. 1963 December 31, 1964

Organization Service, April 1, 1965 - February 9, 1966

WML organization Chart

Organization - WASO

Archeological and Historical Structures


Proposed Areas

Portable Exhibit Areas

Planning Visitor Center

Correspondence - Personal

Preservation of Natural Beauty, General

Museum (and Other) Cartoons

Accession HFCA-0882 (record box)


A-34 Commendations

A-40 Conferences and Meetings (attendance at)

A-80 Space for Administrative Use (San Francisco)

A-80 Space for Administrative Use (Harpers Ferry)

A5639 Memoranda by Division of Museums

A8219 Tours, Group Visitations, Etc., 1966-1969

A8219 International Museum Week, April 1968

A8227 Special Projects, Summer in the Parks, 1968, 1969

 A-98 Conservation: Environmental Awareness and NEED

D-18 Planning - Issue Paper, 1970 Important!

D-18 Planning - General

D-18 Planning - Goals

D-18 Planning - Work Expenditures Exceeding Production (WEEP)

D-18 Planning - FY 1971 Program

D-18 Planning - FY 1970 Program

D-18 Planning - FY 1969 Program

D-26 Reports, 1968-1970

D-2615 Reports, Monthly, Harpers Ferry Support Group, 1968-1970

 D-2615 Reports, Monthly, Western Museum Lab (closed 1968) 1966-1969

D-2615 Western Lab and Support Group Museum and Exhibit Activities, 1957-1969

D-2615 General Correspondence, October 1969 - February 1970

D-2615 General Correspondence, 1967-September 1969

D-2621 Reports Annual, 1949-1968

D-66 Waysides

Files from Old Museum Clearing House - Accession HFCA-0935 (document box)

File marked K54 - Special Articles by Service Personnel, including articles, speeches, memos

Expanding folder marked H-14 History, Museum Division, Miscellaneous Items contains articles, and reports, internal memos, internal directories, stationery, guestbook sheets (filled out), reports, rganizational charts, activity summaries, etc., mostly 1967-72


There are 5 document boxes of photos, about one third of which are mounted, one quarter with negatives, and one twelfth on cards. One report has been left with the photos. Museums, exterior and interior, along with visitor centers are the subject of the photos in two boxes while the rest depict various museum activities as conservation, exhibit construction, preparation, museum cataloging, and record keeping.

ECW Museum Lab - Contains 140 mounted (on cardboard) labeled photos of activities

Photos - All Labs - Museum Lab Activities - Approximately 36 envelopes of photos with some negatives, 6 8xlO photos, file folder of photos marked Modeling and Facsimiles, report folder photos of Ford's Theatre Lab, 21 8xlO photos HFC, black ring binder of 8xlO photos with captions Bicentennial in plastic.

Museum Activities Photos - 26 photos of American Indians, approximately 85 photos of drawings used in exhibits, 32 photos of people working on exhibits, approximately 120 envelopes of photos with negatives of CCC museum activities

Museum Interiors Photos - 42 index cards of photos, 11 envelopes of photos, 12 loose 5x7 photos, 46 8xlO photos, 58 cardboard mounted WML photos, folder Manassas, report photographic exhibits in the Yosemite Museums, 1961. Folder - Museum buildings interiors, folder miscellaneous exhibits, mailing envelopes interior museum duplicates

Photos - Museums and Visitor Centers - Approximately 4 loose photos, about 120 index cards of photos and 62 WML cardboard mounted photos.

K3210 Series 6 - American Association for Museums

This series contains one document box of addresses, correspondence, notes, papers, programs, and a draft manual outline relating to this organization. (The material is also on 7C, shelf 1 (1987).)

Memo size of Park Collections, March 27, 1981

5 papers on Museum Exhibits, 67 meeting AAM, June 1967

Program, 20th Annual Meeting, Northeast Museums Conference, October 5-8, 1966

Correspondence File on AAM (NPS Museum Division), January 1960-June 1964

Notes and Papers from AAM Meetings, May 1960 - October 1963

AAM Correspondence (NPS Museum Division) November 1953- December 1959

Packet - AAM 54th Annual Meeting, June 3-6, 1959

Draft for Outline of Manual for Museum Register, 1963, non-NPS

Address List - AAM Convention, June 18, 1953

K3215 - Museum Exhibits

K3215, the classification for museum exhibits, is not at this time (1987) divided into series. There are 4 notebooks, 4 document boxes, and a record box under K3215. Correspondence and memos, files, forms, news releases and clippings, negatives, photos, plans, and reports make up the material. The folders are arranged according to subject as well as in chronological order. One notebook and one document box concern exhibits for parks and their installation while the rest, the bulk, concerns traveling exhibits. (The material is on the 2nd shelf in 7C (1987).)

Exhibit Planning and Design Guidelines, Branch of Exhibit Planning and Design, HFC, March 1979

Exhibit Planning and Design Guidelines, branch of Exhibit Planning and Design, HFC, June 1980 (supersedes the Guidelines dated March 1979)

Notes on Exhibit Progress

Status of Interpretive Prospectuses (Plans) HFC, March 31, 1977

List of Furnishing Plans in Library, HFC, March 2, 1977

Museums ONPS Program, FY 1974

National Parks and Landmarks, January 1, 1966 with installation dates of exhibits

Notebook - Photos and descriptions of exhibits made in NPS Museum Lab, 1936

Traveling Exhibits

Article - "Recent Developments in Mobile Units," Museum, Vol. V, No. 3, 1952

Bulletin - Education de base bulletin trimestriel, Vol. II, No. 4, October 1950, UNESCO containing article on traveling exhibits by Kenneth B. Disher, all in French

Expanding folder marked Traveling Exhibits containing mainly memoranda 1952-1959, 1960-61, some photos

Expanding folder marked T. E. History, negatives of exhibits prior to our real program, envelopes of prints as well as negatives

Traveling Exhibits - report on all

Spanish Architecture

Spanish Architecture (document box)

Spanish Architecture - label copy and script copy

Spanish Architecture - Loan - 1974

Spanish Architecture Publicity

Spanish Architecture, Springfield Reference File

Spanish Architecture - General Correspondence

Spanish Architecture - Pictures of the exhibit for publicity use

Accession 866 - Traveling Exhibit Historical Files (record box)

Inventory of Pictures, lists and polaroid shots

T. E. Files, General Information

T. E. Historical Information Files (Keep)

D-6215 Traveling Exhibits through December 31, 1970

D-6215 Traveling Exhibits, January 1971

Exhibit Loans

T. E. Centennial Exhibits

Centennial Exhibits, Springfield Reference File, T. E.

Woody Williams, 1977

T. E. Audiovisual Units, Correspondence

T. E. AV exhibits background data, Springfield Files

Audiovisual exhibit, photographs

Bertrand Conservation Laboratory

T. E. Nantucket Architecture

T. E. Nantucket Architecture, Springfield File

T. E. Nantucket Architecture, some pictures pertaining to

T. E. San Juan, 1971

Audio chair exhibit

Mini-Art Park Background data, Springfield

T. E. Mini-Artists in the Park

May 3rd Cocktail Party

K1823 Mini-Art, 1977, 1980

Reg. Off Lobby Exhibit

Horace Albright Training Center

P. 0. Portable Traveling Exhibit, 1974

Cooper-Hewitt Museum Exhibit

Peace Corps Program

Bicentennial Traveling Exhibits, '75-'76

Carl Sandburg - P. 0. and Correspondence

Carl Sandburg - Photos

Carl Sandburg Traveling Exhibit

Press Releases and Clippings, Carl Sandburg (exhibit)

Artists in the Parks (document box)

Artists in the Parks, FY72


Artists Biographies

Artists in the Parks, 1966-68

Artists in the Parks, 1969-

Artists in the Parks Collection (inventory)

Artists in Parks, 66-69 - Photo material used to prepare catalog

T. E. Artists in the Parks - background file, Springfield

NY501 - "Artists in the Parks, 1966-69"

K3226 - Museum Reports

The classification for museum reports K3226 has been divided into series: 1 for the two document boxes dealing with the division as a whole and 2 for the box from the Western Museum Lab. These reports are illustrated by mounted photos of the various museum activities discussed by the report. The Western Museum Lab reports are reflected in as well as incorporated by the reports of the whole division. The reports date from 1936 to 1968. Presumably those from 1969 to the present are still part of the files of the

various HFC divisions. The reports in the collection do not include those from the World War II years nor those from 1949 to 1953. Thus, there is good representation from 1936 to 1942, and 1954 to 1968. The reports are in rough chronological order. (They are on the third shelf of range 7C (1987).)

K3226 Series 1 - Museum Division

Museum Reports

Monthly Report, Museum Division, 1936-9

Report of the Morristown Field Lab for Month Ending December 31, 1936

Museum Division Report for January 1937

Museum Division Report for February 1937

Museum Division Report for March 1937

Museum Division Report for April 1937

Museum Division Report for April and May 1937

Museum Division Report for June 1937

Museum Division Report for July 1937

Report - Model Lab, Fort Hunt, Virginia, Museum Division, August 1937-May 1938

Monthly Report - Museum Division, August, September, October 1937 (handwritten)

Ford's Theatre Lab Report for March 1938

Report of the Museum Division, Washington Office, March 1938

June Report, 1938 - Model List, Fort Hunt, Virginia, Museum Division

Museum Division Report for July 1938

Museum Division Report for August 1938

Museum Division Report for September 1938

Museum Division Report for October and November 1938

Museum Division, January and February 1939

Museum Division, March and April 1939

Museum Division, May and June 1939

Museum Division, August and September 1939

Monthly Reports - Museum Division

Folder - Reports, Division from January 1940

Carbon copy with pictures, Annual Report, WML, NPS, FY 1939

Monthly Report of the Museum Division, Branch of Research and Interpretation, December 1940

Report of Ford's Theatre Lab and WML for December 1940

Report of Ford's Theatre Lab and WML for November 1940

Report of Ford's Theatre Lab and WML for October 1940

Report of Ford's Theatre Lab and WML for September 1940

Report of Ford's Theatre Lab and WML for August 1940

Report of Ford Is Theatre Lab and WML for June and July 1940

Folder - Museum Division Monthly Reports, 1941-42

Unlabeled Folder of Monthly Reports, Museum Division covering December 1946- September 1948 with some gaps plus mounted photos

Monthly Report, Museum Branch, January 1954 - December 1959

Monthly Reports, Museum Lab, January 1960, 1961; March 1963- September 1963

Monthly Reports, July 1964-March 1966

Report to Museum Branch, April 27, 1957- May 15, 1959, Vol. 1, Permanent

Monthly Report of WML to Division of Interpretive Services, May 1958-December 1961, Vol. 2, Permanent

Monthly Report to Chief, Branch of Museum Development, January 1, 1962-December 1966, Vol. 3, Permanent

Monthly Report to Chief, Branch of Museum Development, January 1967-May 1968, Vol. 4, Permanent

K3226 Series 2 - Western Museum Laboratory

Western Museum Lab Reports

Expanding folder of Reports, 1937

Expanding folder of Reports, 1938

Expanding folder of Reports, 1939

Expanding folder of Reports, 1941

Job Register, Western Museum Lab, 1958-1968

Mounted labeled photos from Report Examples of

Museum Preparation Work Being Done in WML, Berkeley, California, Field Division of Education

K3238 - Museum Handbooks
  The material dealing with the museum handbook, classification K3238, has been divided into 3 series: 1 - Drafts, 2 - Published Books, and 3 - Publication Material. There are 2 document boxes, loose manuals, drafts, notebooks, 3 hardbound books, 2 museum boxes, and a galley of museum handbook material. It concerns Ned Burns' Field Manual for Museums, the Museum Records Handbook, the NPS Museum Handbook, and Ralph Lewis' Manual for Museums. (it is above the first shelf on the 3rd and 5th shelves of 7C (1987).)
K3238 Series 1 - Drafts
  Museum Handbook
  Museum Handbook Department
  Updates to Museum Records Handbook, 1959, 60 and 61

Amendments - Museum Records Handbook, April 1966 and May 1967

Yellow typewritten draft - November 18, 1966, Museum Handbook

Field folder - Museum Records Handbook Amendments and Releases

Photography Museum Handbook, Part I, Collections, July 1967

NPS Museum Handbook, Part II, Museum Records, November 1966

Museum Manual, Ned Burns' Draft of 2nd Edition, late 1940's

File folder labeled - Introduction, interspersed, typed and handwritten

2 file folders labeled 4 (Chapter IV) interspersed, type and handwritten

File folder labeled 7 (Chapter VII) interspersed, typed and handwritten

Unlabeled folder - Carbons and yellow types, Chapters II, IV, VII, X

Unlabeled folder of Galley, also note cards

NPS Museum Handbook, Part I, Museum Collection, July 1967
  Museum Technology Book of Museum Procedures, Vol. II, WML, cl937 in folder labeled Museum Technology Handbook, WML

Notebook - Furnished Historic Structure Museum Handbook, January 1968

Notebook - Exhibit Art Containing Photos Mounted on Notebook Paper with Handwritten Identification

NPS Museum Handbook, 1968

K3238 Series 2 - Published Books

Hardbound book - Manuals for Museums, Ralph H. Lewis, 1976, GPO

Hardbound book - Field Manual for Museums, Ned J. Burns, GPO, 2 copies

K3238 Series 3 - Publication Material

Original typescript, slides, negatives, mounted photographs, other photos, and galley for Manual for Museums, Ralph H. Lewis, 1976, GPO - Museum Catalog No. 877

K3286 - Museum Training

K3286 is the classification within museum for training. There is one document box of correspondence about the Museum Methods Training Courses held in the early 1960's. (It is on the 3rd shelf of 7C (1987).)

Museum Methods Training

File Folder, 1962 - Museum Methods Training Course

File Folder, 1961 - Museum Methods Training Course

File Folder, 1960 - Museum Methods Training Course

File Folder - Museum Methods Training Course Files, 1960

December 14, 1987
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