Washington Memoranda to All, 1935-1940

National Park Service History Collection RG 56

A. Provenance

      This collection came from Mesa Verde National Park in 1974, accession HFCA-313 (old accession number 74-26). It is a set of memoranda issued by the Washington Office to all field offices for the period 1935 through 1940. The memoranda are grouped in one or more top-hinged document binders by year. Each year is provided with an "index" which lists the titles of all memoranda for that year. This finding aid is a copy of the indexes for each year 1935 to 1940.

      B. Index lists

MEMORANDUM FOR 1934 (loose)

Sept 26 O.O. 282, National Park Service signs


January 1935

3           Composite Pictures

11         Federal Prison Industries, Inc.

14         Service Uniforms

15         E.C.W. Wildlife Technicians

25         Discontinuation of Director’s Annual Report

25         Questionnaires for all employees

25         Travel reports not received in Washington

31         Sick and Annual Leave

February 1935

1         National Park Service envelopes

4         Organizing Federal Business Associations

4         "Is Tidiness a Vice"?

5         Questionnaire for Government Employees

5         Use of Emergency Funds (Services and Suppliers)

12         Educational Programs in E.C.W. camps

13         Requests for Requirements for uniform insignia

13         Foreign Officials who have visited parks

15         Use and repairs of Government cars

16         Price list on articles at U.S. Penitentiary, Leavenworth Kansas

19         Friendly cooperation between park operators and National Park Service

19         Haleakala road opening ceremony

19         "Something About CCC Education"

21         Compensation reduction – discontinued

23         Experimental two-tone uniform

March 1935

1            Probationally appointed employees

2            Nickel-in-the-slot coin locks

2             Park service uniform necktie

4             Transfer of investigation and field audit functions

4             Keeping E.C.W. naturalists informed of wildlife projects

5             Robert P. Holland, designated temporary acting representative, Mammoth Cave

8             Appointment of persons selected from Civil Service registers

10           Restoration of title "National Park Service"

12            Approved spelling of "Archeological"

12            Request for each employee to file an income tax return

14            Request for itemized record of expenses of official travel

15            Stock supplies, funds available

19            Forest Protection and Fire Protection Allotments, 1936

19            Forest Protection and Fire Protection Estimates, 1937

19            Forest Protection and Fire Protection Balances, 1935

29            Employment on field agreements

30            Revised application blank # 6-8327

April 1935

11            Regarding submission of examination papers

12            Quantity orders for tires and tubes for the fourth quarter, to be placed with contractors

May 1935

7             Deductions from E.C.W. and PW workers salaries

7             Referring to the sale of Indian silverware

7             Sale of souvenirs and curios in National Park Service

13            Improper identification on Form 4a

17            National Industrial Recovery Act approved

27            Vacancy in Hawaii National Park

June 1935

8              Relative to dairy products

10            Free accommodations to E.C.W. and P.W.A. employees

10            NRA provisions for all contract documents

12            Sale of genuine Indian handmade products

12            Correct spelling of the word "Saguaro"

13            Surplus groceries of Grand Canyon National Park

19            Extracts from Recommendations of Conference of Superintendents, 1934

 20            Telephones in Park Offices

25            Relative to repairs and alterations to equipment loaned to various parks and monuments by War Department

29            Sunday and Holiday work

July 1935

1             Nature Notes

1             Policy Relating to Emergency Improvement Projects

8             Report regarding the manufacture of Indian jewelry, southwest arts and crafts, Santa Fe, New Mexico

               Protest against the sale of foreign made souvenirs

15            Present classification of employees in the field

16            Change of title for Public Works appropriation Administration

24            Changes for Report Manual

August 1935

1              Establishment of the Branch of Historic Sites and Buildings

1              Literature on forest fire protection

2              Advices of change in cutline work

5              Request for actual or probable duration of employment by Civil Service Commission

8              Climate of Mesa Verde National Park

9              List of manufacturers of the regular National Park Service uniform

13            Referring to the practice of purchasing agents of the National Park Service to permit the use of Government requisitions by employees

16            Request for description of duties on form P.C.B. #4 whenever recommendation is made

19            Request from Federal Prison Industries, Inc., annual estimate of certain commonly used supplies

20            Plans of senators and representatives to visit National Parks and monuments

28            Saturday half holidays

28            Estimate of motor vehicle cost accounting forms needed

30            Exemption of Wildlife Division technicians from wearing field clothes specified for CCC personnel

September 1935

5             Reference to allotments of emergency funds

9             Request for E.C.W. press release

27            Cooperation with the Bureau of Public Health in depositing sewage into navigable or non-navigable waters

28             Suggestions desired to make regarding changes in the uniform rules and regulations

October 1935

5              Records of non-appointive personnel

8             Upkeep of repairs and painting

9             Indian jewelry up to standards of United Indian Traders Assoc. Inc.

11            Facilities and services in the National Parks and monuments

14            Selecting seasonal park rangers, etc.

18            Wages for laborers and mechanics employed by contractors on public buildings

21             Use of government cars

22             Changes of the Report Manual

23             Duties of ranger at checking station

28             Billing park operator and permittees

29             Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works provides 30-hour week

November 1935

1              CCC program development

4             Stoddard Solvent

11             Acknowledging receipt of goods purchased with E.C.W. funds

21             Center lining of roads

21             Discontinuation of weekly telegraphic reports concerning employment of Public Works Projects

29             Saturday 4-hour provisions

December 1935

7              Approval of Emergency Conservation Works

14             Geographic place names

27             Excerpt from the Post Office Department Appropriation Act, 1936


January 1936

3             Injury of employees: salaries under ERA and not under ERA

6             Regulations for automobiles entering park amendment

7             Office order on inventories of stores and equipment

7             Rental rates and transportation changes

7             Notice of requirement forms for tires and tubes

23             Procedure for closing completed public works projects

27             Pertaining to disbursing records of accounting manual

29             Reference to memorandum of January 3, employees compensation

31             Instructions for accounting and submission of vouchers for Government travel

February 1936

3             Instructions for employees suffering injuries: Employees Compensation Commission

7             Instructions concerning applicants for seasonal ranger positions

10             Radio network

13             Reference to memorandum of July 8, 1935 - articles to be sold

19             Report of committee on entrance fees

26             Notice of death by accident

29             Report of sale of milk in parks and monuments

March 1936

6             Age limit for temporary rangers

10             Instructions for reporting forest fires

24             Orders concerning solicitation by employees for promotion

25             Personnel Classification Board, form 1-356

25             Income tax returns for employees of federal government

26             Uniform regulations

27             Civil Service requirements for National Park rangers

April 1936

1             Order covering wages for fire fighters

1             Fellowship at Yale University

3             Protection of wildlife and plants

3             Report of committee and auto camps

4             Procedure in planning museum exhibits

7             Transplanting of faunal species

7             Highway planning in cooperation with BPR

10             Forest protection and fire prevention balances

10             Data relative to complaints on park service

11             Improper use of government owned property

13             Forest protection and fire prevention etimates

13             Drinking of liquor while in uniform

15             Notice concerning retirement deductions

29             Bonding of persons handling government funds

May 1936

1             6-year programs

5             Airmail postage

6             Change of address

7             Uniform regulations

11             Concerning recommendations given to rangers

12             Reports on seasonal park rangers

13             Recommendations of National Park Service superintendents

14             Civil Service information on unskilled laborers

20             Public Works projects

21             Superintendent's narrative reports

26             Surplus property of Yellowstone

26             "Shade #168 - Forestry Green"

28             Regulations on seasonal park rangers

June 1936

1             Concerning office order # 326

3             Complete information required on duties of positions

5             Badges, order # 324

6             Requests for annual report for seasonal year

10             Orders concerning vouchers and salaries of deceased employees

11             Concerning the expenditure of funds for the balance of fiscal year

11             Notice of pamphlet being issued

13             Approval of attendance at meeting and conventions

18             Statistical table corrections

23             Facilities for house trailers

24             Forms for house trailer record

24             Tabulations of expenditures

24             Statement of "Travel by Motor Vehicle"

27             Schedule of hours of duty for federal employees

July 1936

7             Civil Service employees on furlough

9             Committee appointed for safety measures

10             Request for statistical table corrections

11             Request for information on salaries and duties

15             Supplemental memorandum of 11/9/31, names of trees, etc.

20             Training of protection personnel

20             Federal House Administration, surplus property

21             Circular regarding overtime reports

25             Statement of proposed expenditures

25             Request for information concerning antifreeze compound

28             Memorandum concerning money to be used for typewriting machines, etc.

30             Information required on motor vehicle equipment

30             Recreation and natural resources

30             Purchase of equipment and supplies for employees

30             Recommendations of National Park superintendents, supplementing those of 5/14/36

31             Reporting change in report manual

August 1936

7             Surplus property at Hawaii National Park

8             Retread tires on E.C.W. trucks

12             Air compressors

17              Procedure under the general schedule of supplies

18             Forms to be used acknowledging receipt of memorandum and office orders

24             Surplus telephone wire

24             Appropriation and limitation symbols

25             Method of reporting overtime for ECW, RCP and TP employees

27             Awarding of contracts, etc.

29             Schedules of National Park operators

September 1936

2             Ruling on use of credit cards

9             Policy of service regarding quarters of employees in parks

11             Requests for copies of correspondence and reports concerning wildlife

15             Grazing plots within parks

15             Notice of change in personnel

16             Stetson Company: hats

17             Relative to purchase of equipment

17             Use of centerline striping

17             Fire protection training schools

19             Proper reporting of overtime

22             Memorandum from Procurement Division on prices

22             Committee: #1 appointment

28             Travel orders prior to change of headquarters

October 1936

1             Amendment to "hours of labor"

1             Regarding loans and gifts to National parks

3             Request for data on regular appropriation only

5             Copy of letter regarding inspection trip

7             Measuring fire weather and forest inflammability

7             Fire fighting: rates of pay

8             Regarding exchanges in uniform hats

8             Extensions of seasonal ranger service

9             Uniform field boots

15             Index and check list of memoranda to field officers

16             Purchase of supplies by superintendents

19             Service Report 314, form 10-258 discontinued

19             6 years maintenance program

20             Information requested on art in the National Park Service

21             Museum Exhibits

22             Instructions for addressing of communications

22             Decision by Attorney General on selling of gas in parks

23             Notice of intended visits by service officials to be given

26             List of reports no longer required

26             Change in report manual

28             Instruction on use of credit cards

November 1936

3             Rules regarding cabins to be built by park operators

4             Calendar of field office reports

5             Report of overtime to be made by 1/15/37

6             Rule regarding per diem allowance for 30 days or over

9             Annual report of retirement deductions required

10             Relative to appointments of civil service eligibles

11             Discussion of "The Wilderness Problem in the National Parks"

12             Orders concerning press releases

16             The rain gauge

16             Referring to index pages

19             Notice of certain reports no longer required

23             Annual fire reports

23             Instruction as to procedure in disposition of surplus property

25              Concerning school facilities for park children

December 1936

4             Policy of service on improvement of federally owned land as Works Progress Administration Projects

5             Christmas and New Year's holidays

7             Duplicate vouchers and personnel records to be saved

14             Pertaining to leave regulations

14             Privileges ranted in Section 1 of office order 215

14             Subject to superintendent's narrative report

17             Subject to tabulations of expenditures by classification

23             Narrative report outlines

23             Report of WPA accomplishments during 1936

24             Surplus property Federal House Administration

24             Ruling on use of full names and middle initials

29             Special memorandum to all field offices

29             Civil Service report required no later than January 10.


January 1937

1             Surplus property, Lassen Volcanic National Park

4             Civil Service circular, Certification of Eligibles

4             Policy on original tracings

5             Communications to and from Director, Washington DC

11             Injury Record 1932-35 Inclusive

12             Project training

16             Instructions on surplus property

19             Standard concession contract

21             Ruling on deductions for quarters of employees

21             Instructions on report manual

26             Appropriations for National Parks

30             Circular on bids and purchase of equipment

30             Preliminary estimates of appropriations

February 1937

2             Instruction on submission of reports of salaries, etc.

2             Reimbursement for services of employees loaned to other government departments

3             Report on efficiency of gas ranges and gasoline stoves

4             Surplus property, Yosemite National Park

6             Circular on equipment required

8             Announcement concerning Boulder Dam and area

9             "Electric Service with Safety"

10             Annual leave of probational seasonal employees

13             Report on employees of classified and unclassified positions

18             Criticisms of emergency programs

20             Requests for printing work

24             1938 budget, roads and trails

25             Medical certificates for appointees

March 1937

3             Instructions on use of windshield stickers

10             Travel per diem, trailers attached to government owned automobiles

11             Establishment of Safety Division

12             Announcement, Boulder Dam Recreational Area

12             Instructions covering reimbursements

12             Instructions covering sick and quarantine leave

16             Information wanted regarding campfire circles

17             Surplus property, Crater Lake National Park

17             Instructions covering sending of messages to Crater Lake NP

23             Reports on probational employees

26             Subsistence of CCC enrollees engaged in fighting fire

29             Announcement of change of address: Superintendent of Derby Wharf National Historic Site Project

29             Surplus property, Fort McHenry National Park

29             Surplus property, Antietam National Battlefield Site

31             Geology memorandum, "Caves and Their Conservation"

April 1937

1             Civil Service, housekeeper and duties

2             Inspection copies, their receipt and return

3             Surplus property, Grand Canyon National Park

6             Relative to address of Lava Beds National Monument and Oregon Caves National Monument

8              Request for report on crushed stone, sand and gravel

9             Surplus property, Mount Ranier National Park

12             Classification of injuries, Instruction on injuries

13             Pictures desired for historic site survey

13             Announcement concerning signs for National Parks

14             Applications for WPA funds

20             Corrections in shipping and telegraphic lists

21             Revised schedule of broadcasts

21             Summary of 1936 annual insects reports

26             Survey of expenditure requirements requested

27             Summary of data of house trailers requested

30             "Recommended Building Code" park operators

May 1937

6             Applications for leave by employees

9             Surplus property, Yosemite National Park

11             Relative to revised page, report manual

11             Revised page of report manual

12             Acknowledgment of memoranda on form 10-321

12             Instruction on "Certification of Deposit"

14             Relative to ammunition and arms

14             Report 303, report manual, form 10-215

15             Forest protection and fire prevention estimates for 1939

15             Instructions of profit sharing contracts

19             General restoration policy

24             Requests for stationary supplies

25             Memorandum of Agreement between National Park Service and Bureau of Biological Survey

27             "Geographic Names"

27             Requisitions for purchase of articles

29             Policy of research adopted by National Park Service

June 1937

2             Surplus property, Procurement Division

2             News notes under CCC and work under technical supervision

4             Surplus alcohol, Procurement Divsion

4             Regulation of hours of labor and wages for National Park operators

5             Safety measures for ranges in hotels

8             Committees on survey of highway auto camps

9             Request for annual report for year 1937

9             Paper, "Preparing Scientific Manuscript for the Biological Survey"

9             Name changes in field division of education

10             Complaints: receiving and submission to Washington

15             Purchase and operation of passenger car

15             Announcement of change in personnel

16             Requests for search of General Accounting Office records

18             Announcing change in headquarters for Crater Lake National Park

18             Museum exhibit funds

18             Celebration of anniversary of U.S. Constitution

21             CCC Cooperative Fire Fighting Agreements

24             Instruction on submission of travel vouchers

25             Trailer information, questionnaire

25             Civil Service requests for information, ECW, RDP, WC and Land requisition

28             Announcement of change in personnel

29             Requisition for federal specifications

29             Standards of quality for Indian products

30             Authorized free accommodation for park officials

30             Recommendation of probationary period for operators of motor equipment

July 1937

2             Safety measures

8             Vacancy at Crater Lake National Park

12             Vacancy at Colonial National Historical Park

19             Announcement of change in address

19             Announcement of change in personnel

20             Press information

21             Announcement of change in personnel

21             Information involving leave of absence

21             Request for bids on equipment for 1938

21             Information for U.S. Tourist Bureau NPS

23             Surplus property, Gettysburg National Military Park

26             Information on requisitions from lists of standard supplies

28             Policy of service regarding reference letters

28             Vacancy at Boulder Dam Recreational Area

30             Relative to standard uniforms

31             Regulations for leave for temporary and permanent employees

August 1937

2             Resolutions adopted by Advisory Board

4             Announcements of changes in personnel

5             Educational facilities for children residing in park areas

6             Personal applications for seasonal ranger positions

6             Relative to postage stamps

7             Regionalization of the National Park Service

11             Vacancy in Washington DC

13             Correct addresses of Regional Directors

16             Change of address, Wilcox to Douglas, Arizona for Chiricahua

18             Anniversary instructions

19             Nature notes for Evening Star

19             Proceedings of Organization for Federal Interdepartmental Safety Council

20             Notice of impending visits of prominent people

20             Examinations of heating systems

20             Policy of service relative to gifts for museums

21             Submission of plans for park projects

22             "National Industrial Recovery Act"

23             Change in shipping address

25             Lists of areas in regions II and IV

25             Instructions regarding number of visitors and automobiles during travel year

26             Instructions regarding written complaints

26             Resignation from service and accrued leave

27             Instructions on deposits

27             Information regarding signs for year 1938

27             Authority on fire lookouts

30             Relative to forest fire funds

31             Vacancy in Washington DC

September 1937

1             National Park Service appropriations and limitations symbols

2             Allotment advice for 1938

2             Change of personnel

3             Ruling on flags

7             Civil Service ruling on probationary employees

7             Ruling on resignation of employees or those on leave

10             Surveys conducted by National Park Service

15             Supplement to regionalization of the National Park Service

16             Documents to be sent to Washington

17             Change of areas in regions II and III

17             Policy of service regarding advertising literature

17             Publicity from regional offices

18             Surplus property, Yosemite National Park

18             Information sheet on literature

24             Property lost from Yosemite National Park

27             Concerning oath of office

October 1937

5             Lists of material to be sent to Washington office

8             Change in address of region III

9             Loans and gifts to museums

13             Change of personnel

13             Surplus property, Procurement Division

18             Vacancy at Wind Cave National Park

21             Concerning probationary period for operators of motor equipment

27             Lists of material to be sent to Washington

28            Information wanted on forestry graduates

November 1937

1             Functions and correspondence procedure of region III

2             Information on conference of Wildlife Society

6             Vacancy at Mesa Verde National Park

10             Information wanted on events of local interest

10             Change of address

19             Submission of plans for park operators

20             National Electrical Code

23             Submission of report on government owned motor vehicles

24             Reference to Park, Parkway and Recreational Study Act

24             Correction made on # 344

26             Forms for use of National Park Operators

27             Surplus property, Glacier National Park

29             Policy of Washington office regarding travel stories

December 1937

1             Surplus property, ERA region III

3             Suggestions as to method of handling vacancies

8             Relative to purchase of equipment and supplies

10             Christmas holiday granted

13             Procedure on reporting in Washington DC

13             Holiday greetings from President Roosevelt and Director Fechner

14             Relative to report manual

14             Regulations for use of government certificate on Navajo articles

15             Suggestions on selection of temporary rangers

17             Notice on windshield stickers

21             Express and railroad vouchers

27             Wood Utilization

27             Park, Parkway and Recreation Study Act

28             Announcement of change in Tourist Bureau

29             Ruling on travel orders

30             Forms to be followed in recommendations


January 1938

3             Civil Service reports of employment and payroll by states

10             Policy of service, plans and designs for private use

10             Qualifications for clerk accountant

17             Information circular, ladders, shoes, belts

18             Proof of birth for probationary appointees, circulars attached

18             Park accommodations for regional directors and representatives

20             1938 Contingent Fund

20             Legislation regulating campground, cabins, trailer coaches

27             Service communications forms

28             Relative to ceremonies for celebration of 150th Anniversary of Constitution

31             Policy of Geographic Board, names of living persons and names of projects

February 1938

1             Publicity notices, Tourist Bureau

2             President's schedule of holidays for 1938

7             Frank J. Yaeger, contract 1934

9             Congressional Directory, $1.00

11             CCC, 5th anniversary

14             Field officers, purchasers of equipment

19             Surplus property, Zion National Park

19             Surplus property, Platt National Park

23             Papers, documents, etc., to be discarded

23             Instructions, public works fund

25             Medical certificates for appointees

26             Park and monument operators, salaries, bonus, profit-sharing, contracts

28             Postage stamps purchased with government funds

March 1938

3             Sale of equipment and trade-in allowance

7             Mesa Verde Safety Committee

11             Regulations of production and sale of Indian jewelry by park operators

15             Report of textiles and clothing must reach Washington by 7th

21             Contingent fund

21             Regulations for telegrams and long distance calls

25             Relative to needs prior to June 1

25             Funds, obligations not to be incurred against WPA funds

26             Abolishment of Lewis and Clark Monument

28             National Historic Site of Salem

29             Charges, misdemeanors

31             Advisory Committee on camping, hiking and skiing

April 1938

3             Recommendations for park auto camps

4             Forest protection

7             Postal insurance on government property

8             Instructions on preparation of 1940 final estimates

9             Serial numbers for use by park engineers

14             Policy of Service, applications for seasonal ranger positions

15             Clarification of purchase regulations prior to June 1

15             Relative to questionnaire of Russell P. Andrews

22             Regulations relating to leave for government employees

25             Written statements required by Division of Investigation

26             Procedure for disposal of surplus and unserviceable government property

28             Information on form 4a Reports of Changes in Regular Personnel

May 1938

5             Retirement Act

7             Vacancies and appointments, Park Naturalists

10             Annual, resignation and separations from service

10             Report # 101, Revision

12             Sick and annual leave credits

12             Senate Bill, Act for Preserving American Antiquities

13             Date of birth, federal employees

18             Safe practices in use of oxyotlene (sic) flame

24             Lantern slide technique

26             Ruling of supplies purchased by field offices

28             Branch of historic sites, chief appointed

June 1938

1             Retirement deductions and report on same

1             Voucher and activity symbol assignations

1             Regulations for per diem employees

3             Announcement of change of acting regional director

8             Red Cross First Aid courses

9             Announcement of indebtedness of Paint Company

9             Preparation of museum exhibits

11             Instructions on violation of 8 hour law by contractors

16             Ruling on use of appropriated funds for payment of expenses incurred by officials

16             Announcement of intended visit of senators and congressmen

16             Museum photographs wanted

17             Technician titles to be used in future

18             Museum exhibits

20             Policies of service, development of research, reconstruction and excavation

20             Surplus property, Rocky Mountain National Park

23             Report, use of campground by organized groups

24             Courtesy of park personnel, complaints of visitors

24             Announcement of death of regional forester

July 1938

8             Use of telegrams and long distance phone calls

9             Uniform accounting system, Part II

19             Report, Personnel Organization List

20             Monthly report, all regular personnel

20             Distribution and list of office orders, Washington DC

21             Ruling on telegrams via Army and Navy radio

21             Application for change in outline of work form 10-196 Roads and Trails

21             Purchase of automobiles, trucks and equipment

22             Regulations applying to private lands in Lassen Park

22             Announcement of transfer desired by park rangers

22             Supplement on park research technicians

25             Instructions, emergency field agreements

27             Rangers wanted at Natchez Trace Parkway

27             Courtesy of superintendent and others

30             Monthly report and estimates, rule cancelled

August 1938

1             Photographs of human interest

1             Travel editor, "Evening Star"

1             Transfer desired by four park rangers

3             Applications for employment, form 1-173

3             Rescinding of order on "C.C.D. Telegrams"

3             Authorized attendance at meetings and expenses involved

3             Gale and investigation of surplus property

5             Reports of field trips by staff

5             Technical and scientific phraseology in park information circulars

6             Announcement of titles approved for heads of Washington office branches

11             Reports of actual purchases of textile and clothing

12             Announcement of imported wood-burning stove for sale

19             Order for change in service letter forms

20             Instruction respecting employment of aliens and persons under ERA and CCC

22             Instructions on transmittal of messages via radio

22             Allotment of PWA funds to National Parks

23             Procedure of future construction programs

26             Requests for transfer by employees

September 1938

2             Traffic control devices, manual attached

3             Amendment on park service uniforms

6             Request for number of visitors and automobiles in area

6             Comments invited in probational appointments in per hour and per diem positions

7             Relative to press clippings

8             Expiration of park ranger appointments and accrued leave

12             Relative to salaries of aliens, appropriations, etc., under Second Deficiency Act, fiscal year 1938

13             Announcement of personnel directory on National Park Service

13             Monthly report, Report Amendment form # 10-313

15             Emergency Field Agreement and forms 1-37

15             Grazing of big game

16             Announcement of paper furnished by Bureau of Biological Survey

19             Announcement of change in titles and names

26             Fire prevention measures

28             Requests for statements of materials issued

28             Names of government officials not to appear on office letterheads

29             Announcement of surplus property

30             Board of Survey reports, September

October 1938

4             Annual leave for seasonal rangers and naturalists

5             Announcement of superintendent assignment

6             Presidential appointees, leave regulations

7             Instructions for the preparation and submission of reimbursement

vouchers, government travel

8             Surplus property, Shenandoah National Park

8             Surplus property, Grater National Park

8             Superintendent, Hopewell Village National Historical Site

11             Instructions concerning shipments

12             Regulations for general travel orders

15             Equipment on hand report

20             Policies of the U.S. Travel Bureau

          21             Investigation of areas for federal status  
22             Circular on CCC project training

25             Supplement 5 to Purchase circular 276

26             Authorized attendance of officials at conventions, etc.

26             Instructions on method of accounting for PWA funds

27             Forms of certification on safety for CCC

27             Surplus property, Region II

31             Civil Service rulings, compensatory time off

November 1938

1             Fire control notes

4             Civil Service rulings, Candidates for examination

8             CCC safety regulations

10             Office order 350, uniform regulations, belt

10             Report, operators rates

10             CCC property transfer

12             Curtailments of all excess property of CCC camp

18             Safety regulations regarding CCC equipment

19             Misuse of the word "timber"

21             Surplus tires

22             License plates, traffic control devices

28             Communications concerning status of personnel recommendations

29             Dinosaur NM to Rocky Mountain for supervision

30             Lehman Caves to Boulder Dam for supervision

30             Regionalization, Regions III and IV

 December 1938

2             Transmitting notices of appointments, separations and status changes by memos, discontinued slips used

2             Accommodations to service officials

2             Titles only to be signed to telegrams

5             Rates including "Packet Tours"

6             Lantern slides of common hawks and owls

6             No special allotments to CCC during rest of fiscal year

7             Employment of foreign born applicants

10             Civil Service, temporary employment of former classified employees

10             Excusing of employees from duty December 24 and 31

10             Taylor designated in charge of Richmond National Battlefield Park

12             Holidays December 24,25,26-31, June 1 and 2

12             Department of Interior to be mentioned on all publicity

12             Surplus electrical materials

14             Concessioner's report of foreign made toys and souvenirs

14             Job approvals are work approvals only

14             Report of schedules of rates for hire of animals, equipment

14             Policy in connection with issuance of travel orders

14             Amendment to memo of December 2

16             Report 318, sections 303, monthly obligation report

16             Immunity of government drivers from state driving tags permits

20             Shortage of funds for office supplies

21             Landscape management schools, Syracuse and Michigan

28             Amendment to "Manual of the Branch of Forestry"

30             PWA telegrams chargeable to jobs


January 1939

1             Establishment and proof of birth for non-Civil Service employees

4             Reference material, books, slides, pictures, etc., needed

5             Changes made in personnel January 1

6             Submission of leave statement requested

12             Civil Service Commission circular 167 and Supplement # 1 pertaining

to physical eligibility

13             Report on seasonal ranger positions for 1939

17             Monthly report of purchases by seventh day of succeeding month

18             Free accommodation and reduced rates for regional directors and

authorized employees

19             Radio talks by field officers, conditions to be followed

20             Request for Easter Program, if any

20             Surplus property, Acadia National Park

23             Preparation and submission of reimbursement, travel

23             Contingent fund allotment for 1939 extended

24             Reduced rate accommodations, $5.00 per diem and breakdown

27             Surplus property, tires, rakes, etc. Chickamauga-Chattanooga

28             Cancellation of field office memorandum for June 27, 1936

28             Request for material, books, slides, pictures, etc.

30             Revised procedure for scheduling claims and demands of common carriers

30             Material wanted by U.S. Travel Bureau

31             Statements of cost, forest fires, quintuplet

February 1939

2             Civil Service procedure, separations during probational period

2             Yale University Fellowship, Park Service employees

3             Report requested on quantity and value of tableware purchased

4             Surplus property, Region IV, San Francisco

7             Engineering Design Manual

7             Use of words, tourist, visitor, guest

8             Civil Service regulation, period of probation

14             Surplus property, Yellowstone National Park

15             Authority for purchase of cement

17             Kerosene contracts not to be consumated

21             Instructions on annual forestry and fire reports

23             Classification sheets to be furnished with recommendation for

appointment to seasonal ranger, etc.

23              Employees list in accordance with Section 3 of Executive Order 7916 employees paid from public works alloted funds

24             Procedure on change of name

27             Policy, scope of museum exhibits in National Parks and Monuments

27             Civil Service status, ERA

March 1939

1             Appointment of seasonal rangers now revoked by the new rules and executive orders

3             Decision of the Comptroller General, competition be obtain for services of common carriers by motor vehicle

3             Safety precautions against snags and falling trees

4             Monthly cumulative reports required for service Public Works

Construction Program

4             Campgrounds records of organized groups to be kept

6             Prohibition against the sale of foreign made souvenirs

7             CCC sixth anniversary

7             Surplus supplies, electric motor, water pump

9             Civil Service, Procedure under Section 3 of Executive Order # 7916, promulgated June 24, 1938, status of unskilled laborers

9             Comptroller General decision, special invoice form for billing amounts due the Federal Prison Industries, Inc.

11             Letters of reprimand to be forwarded to Washington

13             Certified copy of the order of the court to furnished for U.S. Commission

14             Name and symbol number to be given for all ERA and CCC reports

15             Policy, visiting guests outside of service

15             Rules and regulations, fees, in certain parks and monuments

15             Notify Holmes upon arrival in Washington on trips

15             Revised section of Estimate and Accounting Manual, entrance fees and small cash sales

15             Purchasing office circular 276, purchase of cement

15             Position as clerk stenographer at Lassen Volcanic National Park

20             Fees for Special Use Permits and miscellaneous service permits are responsibility of region not Washington

20             Civil Service, procedure in effecting ppointments under Schedule A, Subdivision I, paragraph 10 of the Civil Service rules

21             Applications for leave without pay to be submitted in advance

22             Forest protection and fire prevention balances, 1939

23             Matters which should be referred to the regional geologist or to the Naturalist Division, Washington

23             Fire control sheet and vegetative cover type map of the Master Plan

23             Procedure outline for guide and admission fees for parks

23             Civil Service, effective date of classification under Section 6 of Civil Service Rule II, Executive Order, or legislation

24             Surplus government supplies, oil heaters and gas ranges

24             Copies of papers pertaining to Chief Clerks Conference

25             Monthly proof of balances statement

27             Civil Service, In requesting eligibles show Classification Act symbols for the grades to which positions have been allocated

27             Allotment ledge accounts and allotment ledger summaries to reach Washington by the 5th of the month following

27             Comptroller General, regular annual appropriations charged with the costs of printing cloth information and directional signs

27             Harmonize the policies of the Forest and Park Service

28             Status of funds for current year, letter of reprimand to someone

28             Civil Service, time limit for acceptance of medical certificates extended to 60 days

28             Method of employing seasonal rangers, left with Secretary

31             Comptroller General, liquidated dam age stipulations should be omitted from supply contracts

April 1939

1             Opening and closing dates of parks for 1939 season

3             Devils Tower National Monument under supervision of Rocky Mountain

3             Establishment of new positions, form 1-612

4             Authorization of sale of "Our Nation's Forests"

5             Interdepartmental Committee to establish harmony between Park and Forest Service

5             License plates being prepared by Federal Prison Industries

5             Change in grade of employees and positions paid from funds allotted to Public Works Administration

7             Rating report for seasonal rangers

7             Duties of all employees during regular hours must be performed at their ordinary places of duty

10             Complete record of all direct field employments to be sent to Washington

11             Signs, purchase of signs through BPR

12             Equipment, requisition for equipment purchased by Washington office before appropriations expire, June 30

14             Personnel, report 4a and reports to district managers to be made and serve as records

15             Legislative Committee, to consider and discuss legislation problems and procedure, etc.

17             Manual of Instructions, bids and construction contracts

18             Complaints, list of and request for copies

19             Uniform regulations, Office Order 350 amended in part

20             Rating Report on seasonal rangers, Report 632 of Report Manual

21             Accounting procedure for Public Works projects

21             Report 312 "Vouchers Paid for Other Parks or Monuments" no longer necessary

25             Corrections to memo re: Chief Clerks' Conference

29             Instructions for numbering Public Works forms 4a

May 1939

3             Money meter system of revenue control

4             Temporary fire fighting personnel need not be Civil Service

8             Appropriation symbols and titles to be shown on vouchers

8             Travel, advance approval in accordance memo October 3, 1938

8             Applications for travel advances to be submitted through channels

9             Routing of Narrative Reports changed

10             Animal Census Report, annual report due in October

12             List of books for various park operators

12             Life magazine and NBC cooperating with release of new map

13             Prior approval of department need not be obtain before contracting employees regarding transfers

15             An Act to simplify accounting

18             Surplus government supplies

18             "Attention" may be used when addressing the Director

18             Instructions for preparing classification sheets (form 1-356) for positions in the field service with salaries payable from regular funds

18             Form 1-173 must accompany recommendations for seasonal rangers

19             Propane gas, when several units contemplated, one approval

20             Mails, Section 6 of the Treasury Post Office Act

22             Personnel, one year probationary period established

25             Need of photographs

26             Fishing may be suspended in areas

27             Transfer of employees (all in eastern areas)

29             Report manual, Report 718, rates for hire of animals and equipment

June 1939

1             Center line striping

2             Mails, Exerpts from the Treasury Post Office Act

3             Statement on each EFA form stating nature of emergency

3             Signs, proper setup

6             Civil Service registers in open competitive examinations

6             Report manual, Report 322, travel report by month only

7             Discontinuance of Report 305, Section 303, Expenditures from appropriations or allotments for personnel

8             F. T. Been entered as Superintendent at Mt. McKinley National Park

8             Travel orders, terminate at the close of fiscal year, new authorizations and instructions

8             Sample a la carte menus requested from operators

9             Mails, record by weight of classes to be kept

12             Purchasing Office Circular # 276 , purchase cement required through month of July 1939

14             Errors in report of non-appointed personnel, form 10-215

14             Frank T. Smith desires reemployment with National Park Service

15             Report for period July 1, 1938 to June 30, 1939, need not be submitted until end of travel season

15             Starting July 1 an additional copy of all classification sheets to be submitted

15             Regulations on taking pictures

17             Starting with payrolls for July 1939, field offices to submit to Washington a copy of each standard form 1070-revised

20             Bill of Lading instructions

20             Oliver Adkins Duff eligible for park ranger or junior park naturalist

23             Record of non-appointed personnel required in Washington Office

29             Waiving collection of automobile fees

29             Regulations governing payment for telephone toll calls

30             Information requested relative park roads

July 1939

1             List of park operators

5             One man may not request another's name be added to mailing list

6             Questionnaire relative methods of raising more revenue

8             Regulations for request of transfer of surplus property

8             Information requested regarding purchase, rental, warehousing distribution and transportation of supplies

11             Seasonal employment of recurring nature not authorized under Paragraph 10, Section I of Schedule A

11             Items requested for Park Service Bulletin

11             Fire prevention stamps to be attached to letters

12             Washington office maintains records of all non-appointee personnel

12             Washington office desires list of publications on parks

14             Temporary rangers not to serve more than 6 months

14             Unclassified employees not to be assigned to skilled duties

19             Regulations on personnel changes in the field

19             Transfer desired by Fred G. Bussey, Yellowstone Park

19             Transfer desired by Virginia Goettlich, Yellowstone Park

19             Questionnaire on evening programs in parks

21             Name of Department to appear above name of Service and in larger letters

22             For Report Manual, revised Report 638, Section 306

26             Contact personnel to report arrival of members of Congress to park Superintendents

27             New uniform regulations

28             List of surplus property

31             Meriwether Lewis National Monument placed under supervision of Superintendent of Natchez Trace Parkway

31             War Department paint contract

31             Decision of Comptroller General regarding official travel in connection with permanent change of station, B-2890, July 11

August 1939

1              Cooperative arrangement between Bureau of Plant Industry and National Park Service in matters pertaining to forest pathology

2             Changes in assignment of field officers

2             Regulations on seasonal employment in classified positions

7             Tax regulations on sale of electricity by parks

8             Routing of title sheets for approval for Public Roads Administration

8             Stenographic reporting service contract outside of Washington DC

8             Park ranger position open at Ocmulgee National Monument

10             Letter on effecting improvements in administration and economies in operation

10             Procedure to be followed in connection with regionalization of National Park Service

10             Information material not to be mailed unless asked for

14             Compliments on ranger service

18             For Report Manual, revised Report 318, Section 303, concerning the submission of the monthly obligation report

19             Changes in names of parks and monuments

21             Presidential letter on compensation to private interests for improvements on government property

24             Surplus property, electric motor

24             Clarification of travel order and travel expense payments in connection with large forest fires

31             Opening desired for Assistant Geologist A. E. Jones

31             Authorities for making contracts

September 1939

2             Pre-season training for temporary rangers

5             Work with PWA funds to be completed as soon as possible

7             Regulations on supplying kodachrome pictures for Washington files

7             Certain officials empowered to administer oath

8             Instructions for use of March 1939, revision of form 124b, field, Declaration of Appointee

12             Deductions from road maintenance appropriations

13             Interior Department trucks available for P.O. during Christmas time

14             Service personnel and address chaanges

15             Blinds or shades not to be installed in fire lookouts

18             Regulations on taking still and motion pictures

18             Information on recreational demonstration projects

19             Proclamation, September 24, 1939 Gold Star Mother's Day

20             Instructions on new accounting procedures

22             Regulations on disposition of lost or abandoned property

October 1939

2             Work by government on lands occupied by park operators

6             Procurement Division conducting survey of park procurement activities

7             Transfers of CCC camps

9             Clarification of instructions Report 307, Section 303, Narrative Report

13             Surplus property list, stoves and safe

16             Voucher regulations on purchase from National Park Service Library Fund

16             New time sheet for National Park Service

18             November 23 a legal holiday

10             Procedure for submitting forms 10-37 and 10-235

19             Errors in form 1095

19             Regulations on collection of state sales tax by park operators

19             Armistice day proclamation

30             Attorney General Opinion # 19-2-328, September 6 disposition of certain CCC property

31             News release material on Christmas activities in parks

November 1939

3             Mr. Wolfer engaged as Junior Automotive Engineer

9             Proposed amendment to rules and regulations on dogs and cats

10             Filing of form 2806-1, Designation of Beneficiary is the responsibility of each employee

10             Regulations on sale of boats

10             B/L charges on Procurement Division items to be paid by field office involved

10             Travel payment regulations

13             Discontinuance of windshield stickers

13             Regulations on voucher corrections

13             Board of Inquiry for a major disaster

15             Interpretation and application of Hatch Law, Public Relations Policy

17             Construction contracts not to be reported, see Purchasing Office circular # 354 mailed November 11

17             Regulations on contracts for construction, alteration and repair of public buildings when contract is in excess of $2,000.00

17             Report 638, Section 306 relative equipment

18             Color card for Valentine paint contract

22             Use of government gasoline and expenditure of funds for operation and maintenance of personally owned vehicles or other equipment

30             Revision of Priority List form

December 1939

5             Regulations on selective certification by Civil Service Commission

5             Wood utilization policy on National Park Service

6             Quarterly mail report to go to Director

6             CCC Handbook revisions

7             Accounting regulations, Schedules of Collection

8             Leave regulations

11             Regulations on per diem allowances

12             Report at end of probationers five months service

14             Conference at Santa Fe in October to be referred to as National Park Service Conference

18             Miss Regina M. Schmidt appointed acting Librarian, National Park Service

19             Orders for GPO to be placed through Washington office, National Park Service

20             Appropriation symbols and titles effective January 1, 1940

26             Federal Park Use Study

26             Wildlife Division of National Park Service transferred to Biological Survey and Bureau of Fisheries

28             New agreement with PRA relative handling of funds

29             Surplus list, tires


January 1940

3             Comptroller General, # B-7384 pertaining to the 30-hour week provision of Section 205, Title II of the National Industrial Recovery Act

4             Transmittal of bids, revised pages 3 and 4

8             Answers to complaints

8             Excerpt budget message of the President of Congress

11            Unnumbered contracts

12             Communications addressed to persons within and to subdivisions of the Service

13             Purchase of additional annuity by voluntary contribution

16             1940 National Park Slogan

19             Alien employment

20             Request for number of seasonal ranger, ranger historian and ranger naturalist positions to be filled this season

23             Delay in obtaining payroll voucher citations

27             Annuity claims of employees retiring on account of age, optional or compulsory

27             Satisfactory type of bear proof garbage container

29             Transfers approved

29             Complaints

31             General procedure of the section on National Park Wildlife, Division of Wildlife Research, Bureau of Biological Survey

February 1940

1             Contingent expenses allotment for field offices

5             Quarterly report of official mail matter as required under Section 6

6             Yale University fellowship

7             Demand for winter use of the parks

9             Bureau of the Budget circular # 353, concerning reports to be made on Treasury Department form 1099

10             Announcement of open competitive examination for the positions of junior forest guard and minor forest guard. For the Departments of Agriculture and Interior

10             Replies to exceptions, original to be attached

12             Special examinations

12             Change in Titles: National Park Service and Bureau of Biological Survey

13             Department Order # 1445, governing the taking of still and motion pictures in areas under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Interior

13             Civil Service Commission Departmental Circulars #'s 210 and 211

14             Request for list of employees of this Service who are members of the Officers' Reserve Corps.

16             Copy of Decision B-7681 of December 29

16             Copy of Decision "B" 7659 of January 8

17             Proclamation of the President of February 14, 1940

19             Request that all written complaints be submitted to the Washington office

21             Agreement to handle directly emergency requests for freight rates and routings originating in the field

21             Submit store prices to Washington office

23             Copy of Decision B-6993 of November 21, regarding military leave for government employees

24             Report # 638, Section 306 of Report Manual discontinued

27             Copy of Decision B-7973 of January 29, regarding the claiming of reimbursement for travel expenses incurred on official business

27             Revised Quarters Regulations approved February 6, 1940

28             Form 10-42, revised September 30, 1939 available for distribution

28             Change in stall, Southwestern National Monument

28             Preparation of Fire Atlases (revised)

28             Change in all grades of historical research technicians

29             Fire suppression training, recommended

no date FPU-1 form, instructions for completing

March 1940

1             Memo of Understanding between National Park Service and Grazing Service

2             Chippers' and welders' goggles, purchase of

5             Surplus property

6             Surplus property

6             Procedure for handling seasonal ranger applications

6             Discontinuance of forms 124, 124a and 124b in connection with temporary appointments

7             Tire prices on G.S. to increase after March 31, 1940

7             Surplus property, air compressor and induction motor

7             Reference appointments of personnel earning not over $540 per annum

8             Report Manual changes, Section 306, Forest Fire Protection and ForestryReport procedures, Section 306, Report 616, Section 306, Report 619, Section 306, Report 625, Section 306, Report 626, Section 306, Report 636, Section 306, Report 639, Section 306, Report 640, Section 307 Report 701, Section 307, Report 702

12             Reference proof of birth

12             Forms furnished in connection with employment of regular and public works personnel

12             Reports of unskilled laborers on form 4a not required

12             Kings Canyon National Park approved March 4, 1940

13             Monthly reports of employment and payrolls (forms 3257b)

14             Furnish names, etc. of persons brought into classified civil service by Executive Order # 5916, June 24, 1938

14            Certification from CAA before spending funds on landing fields

14             Limitation of building cost raised to $3000

16             Requests for plans and drawings confined to those required for current work programs

18             All requests for equipment purchases to be handled by the Washington office to be received by May 1

18             Report Manual, Report 304 (revised 3/18/40), Section 303

19             Hugh M. Miller appointed Superintendent of Southwestern National Monument

20             Check on undesirable publicity, i.e., bear feeding

20             Expressions of Service engineers in conference in Washington, February 5-17, 1940

26             Public Utility Service Policy of the National Park Service

April 1940

1             White Mfg. Co., Elkhart, Indiana, indebted to U.S. Government in mount of $8.00

6             Safety recommendations by National Park Service Conference in Santa Fe in October 1939

9             William W. Luckett appointed Superintendent of Oculgee National Monument

11             Surplus property

11             Regulations for disposing of surplus and unserviceable property

12             Surplus property

15             National Park Service Winter Sports Policy

16             Vacancy for assistant clerk, FCS-7, Ocmulgee National Monument

16             Government employment restricted to citizens

16             George F. Baggley appointed Superintendent Isle Royale National Park effective April 4, 1940

18             Restrictions on purchases, office machines, motor vehicles, purchase and maintenance

19             Report on Portfolio on the National Park and Monument System of the American Planning and Civil Association

19             Reference employment of local Indians in permanent Civil Service positions

23             Hubert A. Gurney Acting Superintendent Appomattox Court House National Historic Monument, James W. Holland appointed Superintendent of Fort Pulaski National Monument

24             Revised procedure for applications for WPA Federal Projects

25             Method of handling retirement deductions of deceased employees

25             Job analysis sheets to be forwarded to Washington

25             Reference procedure in making disposition of surplus and unserviceable property

25             Policy in Museum Acquisitions

25             Division of Service into four regions

May 1940

1             Instructions on surplus property

1             Amendments to general rules and regulations

1             Surplus property

2             Transmitting of Secretary's memo of April 10, re: Efficiency rating

2             Regulations on proof of birth

4             Retention of examination papers of eligibles until the person reports for duty

7             NPS Administrative manual ready for distribution

13             Amendments to travel regulations

13             Granting of compensatory time off

15             Regulations governing Master Plans

15             Disposition of vendor's delivery tickets, sales slips, etc.

20             Information on food habit studies

21             Related activities in the fields of engineering and geology in NPS projects

22             Decision B-9370, April 17, Acting Comptroller General, reference PWA Appropriation Act of 1938

22             Corrected sheets for NPS Administrative Manual

25             Leave regulations, etc. for fire guards on monthly salary basis

25             Reference form 1-034 and leave status to go on payroll

29             Regulations on CCC guide and contact work

June 1940

1             Decision B-10017, May 11, Acting Comptroller General, reference inclusion of taxes on prices quoted

1             Regulations on people offering services to government in the present public exigency

3             Furnish list of employees by position and race

5             Regulations on F.P. and F.P. Funds

7             Surplus property

7             Allowance of travel expenses on permanent change of station

8             Rates for government communications by telegraph

10             Procedure for effecting correction of errors in charging or crediting CCC appropriations or limitations

10             Friends of the Land, society being organized

10             American Planning and Civic Association, description of

12             Bureau of Budget investigation with view toward reduction of interpretative program

12             Questionnaires relative membership in subversive political parties

13             Computation of salary to be entered on the Individual Fire Report, form 10-400

14             Report 637, Section 306 to be submitted as soon as possible after June 30

15             Surplus automobile

17             Rules and regulations of the NPS, Title I, Chapter I, Code of Federal Regulations

17             Regulations on compensatory time off

20             Granting of military leave with pay

24             Policy for establishing citizenship of employees

24             Paint contract, Valentine and Co.

25             Revised system of accounting for CCC funds allotted to the Department of the Interior

July 1940

1             Authority granted by Civil Service to make temporary appointments of fire suppression personnel in cases of emergency not to exceed 120 days

8             Smoking by park employees meeting public not to be indulged in . . .

9             Section 5 of the 1941 Interior Department Appropriation Act, re: funds not being used to pay salaries unless employee is citizen of U.S. or one who has filed declaration, etc., with certification to be used in connection

9             Announcement of radio program "This, Our America"

9             CCC personnel, other than camp personnel directed to forward toWashington office photograph

10             Clarification of position and duties of Associate Radio Engineer Wilfred C. Hilgedick

11             Freight and express addresses for Death Valley National Monument

12             Copy of Bureau of the Budget Circular # 360 of June 18, 1940 concerning the review of all report forms, regulations, etc., pertaining to the collection and compilation of information by or under the authority of any Federal Agency

16             Description of the duties of Historical Aides

16             Requisitions for equipment coming under 1941 Interior Department Appropriation Act to be submitted as early as possible

17             Quoting Executive Order of June 26, designating additional construction agencies and providing for the planning and programming of construction undertaken or aided by the Federal government

17             Revision of Schedule A, Civil Service Commission to include a provision for the Interior Department covering needs for temporary and seasonal personnel in several types of activity including seasonal employees for fire prevention work not necessary or desirable . . . .

19             Man days in CCC lost due to bad weather or as a result of improper working conditions caused by bad weather will be carried by the Army

20             Saluting of flag by all persons in uniform

20             Request for biographical and human interest data from field officers rangers, naturalists, etc.

23             Letter from Mr. Rene d'Harmoncourt, General Manager, Indian Arts and Crafts Board, relative to the purchase of Indian goods by operators for sale in National Park areas

23             Formula which will govern administrative within-grade promotions in the Department of the Interior for fiscal year 1941

24             Numbering of plans and maps,, standard park prefixes

24             Instructions for numbering of all plans and maps

24             Regarding letters of introduction

25             Transfers of employees announced (including John S. McLaughlin to Mesa Verde)

29             Designs and inscriptions for markers which are to be placed in National Parks and Monuments to be submitted for approval at least 6 months before date marker is to be dedicated

29             Public # 744, 76th Congress, entitled An Act To Authorize The Use Of Certain Facilities Of Indian Reservations, National Parks, and National Monuments For Elementary School Purposes

29             Recommendation by the Branch of Historic Sites for initiation of a collection of historic source materials from which a history of the Service can be written

30             Transmitting Report # 318, Section 303 for Report Manual

31             Prescribing symbols, titles and expenditure and fiscal year

August 1940

1             Possible to effect transfers between projects financed under Public Works Administration Appropriation Act of 1938 because that Act extended from June 30, 1940 to June 30, 1941

8             All purchases over $100 to be made only after entering into contracts in compliance with regulations

16             Limitation of $2,200 set by 1941 Interior Department Appropriation Act for purchase or exchange of professional and scientific books, etc. Request made for submission of probable needs of each park in book and magazine line

24             Announcement of contemplated publication of monthly magazine, PARKS

26             Rating report to be used for seasonal rangers

26             Quoting Departmental Order # 1514 of August 17, 1940, regarding unauthorized occupation of public lands by railways, tramways, pipe lines, ditches, canals, reservoirs, etc.

26             Request from William Ferguson, author of This Curious World: Your Your Horrorscope for the Vacation Months, for material for his strip

26             Compilation, from wildlife census reports, of 1940 booklet similar to that published in 1939 entitled Wildlife Conditions in National Parks

26             Procedure for determining the classification of CCC expenditures

31             Monthly obligation reports by objective classification will be required for fiscal year 1941

September 1940

5             Regulations governing the use of fanfold forms #'s 1-206 and 1-05, which replaces the field agreement form # 1-325 and regular justification form 1-612, beginning October 1, 1040

9             Procedures for the employment of temporary and seasonal fire guard and other forest protection personnel under the provisions of Executive Order 7916

18             James E. Cole, appointed Superintendent of Joshua Tree National Monument, Dr. Harold C. Bryant to region IV

19             Clarifying the position and duties of General Foreman (road surfacing) Arthur E. Underhill

19             Proclamation, Registration Day

23             Proclamation, General Pulaski's Memorial Day

26             Surplus Property at Colonial National Historical Park

30             Outline of wildlife research planned for National Park System

October 1940

8             Decision B-12219 of September 17 by the Acting Comptroller General concerning open market limitation on CCC purchases

8             Quoting certain sections of the Transportation Act of 1940

9             Quoting memo from the First Assistant Secretary re policies and actions in connection with selective training and service program for national defense

10             Quoting Order No. 1523 by Secretary of the Interior, re maximum rate to be specified in travel orders for use of privately owned automobile

10             Change of address for Death Valley National Monument

10             Quoting Act, Public No. 729 re defraying the cost of returning to the U.S., the remains, families and effects of officers and employees dying abroad, and for other purposes

11             Request for copies of National Geographic Magazine to complete Washington files

15             Joshua Tree National Monument placed under administration of Region IV Hq

15             Address for Kings Canyon National Park after November 1

16             Branch of Research and Information of the Washington office, this Service, changed to Branch of Research and Interpretation

17             Appointment of Clarence H. Schultz as Superintendent of Homestead National Monument of America

18             Reporting effective dates of personnel changes on forms 1-205

19             Ocmulgee National Monument, Georgia designated as independent unit

19             Including omitted enclosures mentioned in memorandum of October 4

21             Letter from Acting Comptroller General to Civil Service Commission Re Commissions' inquiry regarding employee who may receive early call to active duty . . . .

22             Re deferment of employees eligible for registration who should be recommended for deferment because of value of work to Bureau or Office

23             Proclamation of the President, re: Armistice Day

23             Re borrowing motor vehicles for handling mail during the 1940 Christmas period by Post Office Department

23             Re the loan of motor vehicles to the Post Office Department during the 1940 Christmas period

24             Permission given to the Geophysical Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution of Washington to enter National Park Service areas as desired for the purpose of . . . .

25             Issuance of tax exemption certificates in advance to contractors under Procurement Division and Navy Department term contracts

28             Transmitting copy of Civil Service form 1236a, Political Activity and Political Assessments

28             Quoting excerpts from letter from Secretary of War re purchase of government arms and ammunition

29             Decision B-12296 by Acting Comptroller General re improper certification of vouchers

November 1940

1             NPS radio travel series

4             1940 edition of the National Electrical Code being sent, Comments

5             Regarding granting of Yale fellowships to National Park Service employees

6             Mr. Emmett H. Sacrey appointed as Superintendent, Fredericksburg National Cemetery

6             Mr. Julian C. Spotts designated Acting Superintendent of Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

8             Items of equipment to be on all National Park Service pass, cars and trucks

9             Quotation of excerpts from Public No. 842, Chapter 851, etc., entitled An Act to consolidate certain exceptions to section 3709 of the revised Statutes and to improve the U.S. Code

22             National Park Service Uniform regulations

23             Supervisors of the New York office, U.S. Travel Bureau changed

25             Procedure for certifying as to citizenship for all employments, rescinding all previous instructions

26             "Safe Winter Driving" quoted from the November issue of Highway Research Council

26             Re the conducting of a highway planning survey by PRA since 1935 in cooperation with the several states

27             Re applications or inquiries as to the possible use of National Park Service areas for defense purposes

28             Instructions for preparation of correspondence

28             Appointment of Charles D. Wyatt as custodian of Canyon de Chelly National Monument

December 1940

2             Appointment of Julian C. Spotts as Superintendent of Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

4             Title, Regional Chief of Planning substituted for Regional Landscape Architect for official in charge of the Plans and Design Divisions of the Regional Headquarters

4             Quoting Order # 1533, re: maximum rate of per diem which may be allowed in travel orders for shipboard travel

4             Discontinuance of use of motorcycle permits wherever possible, substituting automobile permit therefore

5             Use of fanfold form 1-206 for reporting resignations, furloughs, etc., on employees positions which the field officers have been authorized to fill directly

5             Quoting Secretary's Order # 1534, re: travel procedure of an employee traveling under orders

5             Statue of Liberty National Monument made independent unit

5             Resignation of Dr. Herman C. Bumpus as Chairman of the Advisory Board on National Parks, etc.

5             Change in mailing and telegraph address of Kings Canyon National Park and of Dr. Harold C. Bryant, PWA consultant

9             Surplus property, Isle Royale National Park

10             Regarding emergency and temporary employees and his relation to the Service, etc.

19             Submission of requests for tickets for Inaugural Parade to be made early

MEMORANDA FOR 1941 (loose)

Mar 17             Rescinds O.O. 358 (1939) Park Operators Projects

May  6             Building Safety Standards

July 9             Soil and Moisture Conservation

Dec 17             Drury's war message