RONALD F. LEE PAPERS (1947-1972)

National Park Service History Collection RG 1

Preliminary Inventory

INTRODUCTION: Excerpt from a press release issued upon the acquisition of this collection in 1973:

"By its recent acquisition of the office files of the late Ronald F. Lee, the NPS Historical Collection has accepted custody of a prestigious body of papers, a rich lode from which significant contributions to the history of the Service, and of the historic preservation movement will undoubtedly eventually be mined. For Ronnie Lee was a saver, and while he was busy saving historic buildings for future generations of Americans, he also applied that zeal close to home -- his papers are in a disciplined order which will serve the needs of other researchers as well as it served his own.

"The bulk of the papers date from 1960 to 1965, when Ronnie was Director of the Northeast Region, and from 1966 to 1972, his "retirement" years when he served as Special Assistant to Director George R. Hartzog. In those years he was also author, columnist for History News, and Trustee or Committeeman for four national organizations in the realm of historic preservation. In line of duty with the Service, he helped establish today's Office of Archeology & Historic Preservation, served on the Director's Legislative Task Force, served on the Centennial Philosophy Sub-committee, and published three definitive National Park Service histories. The progress of these major efforts and countless minor tasks can be readily traced in the 440 file folders which constitute the Lee collection. It also includes 60 books and 210 unbound publications on parks, conservation, history, architecture and related subjects.

"The collection also reflects Ronnie's involvement in park management, training programs, planning for the future, and the history of the Service and its people. Conspicuous elements include notes and back-up material for The Antiquities Act of 1906 (published in 1970) and Family Tree of the National Park System (1972), two full file drawers on the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and smaller accumulations relating to HABS, the Rains Committee, Environmental Matters, E. & A. Association, the NPS Centennial, New Area Studies, and ICOMOS, to name only a few. The documentation of thought and action in historic preservation over the past 30 years is superb; this feature by itself would give national significance to the papers.

"For their thoughtfulness and cooperation in making this collection available to the NPS Archives, special thanks are due to Mrs. Lee and to Associate Director (Northeast) George Palmer, life-long friend and colleague of Ronnie Lee."

Description: The office papers, home files and personal memorabilia of Ronald Freeman Lee who held the positions of Chief Historian, Assistant Director, Regional Director and others in the National Park Service from 1933 to 1966, and served as a consultant to the Service until his death in 1972.

Inclusive Dates: 1947-1972

Location: 12 linear feet in 13 record boxes and 3 document boxes in archives vault room. 6 document boxes in stack area. (October 14, 1987)

Keywords: Antiquities, the Antiquities Act, Archeology, Architecture, Historic Preservation, Military Parks, Interpretations, NPS History, Cultural Resources, Landmarks, Memorials, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Advisory Council.

Accession Numbers: HFCA-0048,HFCA-0150, HFCA-0153, HFCA-0179, HFCA-0363, HFCA-0504, HFCA-0862

Catalog Numbers: HFCA 639 ; artifacts catalog numbers HFCA 57,58,68,69,70,114, 434, 633,634, 635, 636, 695

A. Provenance

These papers came from the files kept in the Northeast Regional Office as well as from Mrs. Jean Lee. They were generated and collected by Lee both during his active National Park Service career and his "retirement." Mrs. Lee gave us memorabilia, photographs and books of Lee. Lee gave us some of his publications prior to his death. The bulk of this inventory covers the papers from Northeast Region which comprised Accession HFCA-150. Some of the papers from Accession HFCA-153 from Mrs. Lee were also inventoried.

Accession HFCA-862 (old number 85-1) came from Independence National Historical Park and consisted of materials Lee had kept in his office at Independence.

Lee generated these papers from 1947 to 1972 as part of his official duties. His personal concerns greatly overlapped his official duties. The papers are both internal and external to NPS. Lee carried on a wide-ranging correspondence with others concerned about historic preservation and like matters. Some of the papers deal with organizations, especially the National Trust, rather than strictly NPS matters.

B. Biography

Ronald Freeman Lee served as a historian, Assistant Director of the National Park Service and Director of the Northeast Region. He was born in Montevideo, Minnesota, September 18, 1905, to Ernest Powers and Maude Susan (Anthony) Lee. The family early moved to Dickinson, North Dakota, and Lee was educated in the Dickinson public schools. He received a BS in economics from the University of Minnesota in 1927, and an MA in American history from the University of Chicago in 1929. Lee taught history at LaSalle (Illinois) Junior College during 1929-31, and from 1931-1933 was a teaching fellow in the History Department of the University of Minnesota while pursuing doctoral studies. In June of 1933, he along with several other members of the Minnesota History Department received jobs as historical foremen with the CCC in the National Park Service.

Lee was assigned to a CCC camp at Shiloh National Military Park and in his capacity as historian he laid a good foundation for subsequent interpretation of the battle. In 1934, he transferred to Washington to work with the Branch of History of the National Park Service. In 1935, he formed a History Division for the State Park CCC work. After the passage of the Historic Sites Act of 1935, he became assistant to Chief Historian Verne Chatelain and began his lifelong work and interest in historic preservation. Lee himself became Chief Historian in 1938, and continued in that important Position until 1950. He became very involved in historic sites and preservation, giving expert direction to the historic sites program, and serving as principle liaison to the Advisory Board on National Parks, Historic Sites, Buildings and Monuments.

Lee was instrumental in founding the National Trust for Historic Preservation and getting its legislation passed. He was a trustee, member of the executive committee, and for many years secretary of the board. From 1951 to 1953, he was Assistant Director of the National Park Service and instrumental in developing the National Preservation Program that later developed into the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. A reorganization in 1953 placed him in charge of a newly created Division of Interpretation. In this capacity he dealt with publications, museums, educational activities, and overall interpretation activities throughout the Park System and helped plan many facilities under Mission 66. He was also instrumental in the establishment of the National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings in 1957, which resulted in the Registry of Historic Landmarks.

In 1960, he moved to Philadelphia to become Regional Director of the Northeast Region. He became interested in the seashore and lakeshore program and urban areas while continuing his long interest in historic sites and historic preservation.

After Lee retired in 1966, he spent some of his retirement writing. The Family Tree of the National Park System came out in 1972 just before his death. A previous book which became the official history of the Federal government's historic preservation efforts, United States Historical and Architectural Monuments, came out in 1951. During his "retirement" he also authored 1872-2000: Public Use of the National Park System (1968) and The Antiquities Act of 1906 (1970). A manuscript entitled Origin and Evolution of the National Military Park Idea, was issued in 1973 after his death. Lee also served as a columnist for History News, the organ of the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) from 1966 to 1971.

The AASLH was one of the many organizations to which Lee belonged. He was also a member of the International Council on Monuments and Sites, National Park Association, Society of Architectural Historians, Wilderness Society, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Horticultural Society, Philadelphia Conservationist, Philadelphia Society for Preservation of Landmarks, Philadelphia Art Alliance, The Athenaeum of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Art Museum, Museum of Modern Art of New York City, Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Sigma Rho, American Legion, Air Force Association, American Veterans Committee, the Print Club of Philadelphia, the Century Association of New York City, and the Cosmos Club of Washington, D. C.

He was chairman of a special committee on historic preservation for the National Park Service, 1966 to 1971, and a member of its Legislative Task Force during 1961 to 1970. In 1947, he served as the U. S. representative to the committee of experts on monuments of art and history, UNESCO at Paris, France. Lee served at various times as a trustee of the American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society and the Theodore Roosevelt Association, a member of the Council of the American Association of Museums, the American Planning and Civic Association and the Historic Savannah Foundation, a member of the advisory committee of the Hagley-Eleutherian Mills Foundation; and secretary of the Old Christ Church Preservation Trust.

During World War II, he served as a staff sergeant in the U. S. Army-Air Force in England assigned as an instructor in the maintenance and operation of the Norden bombsight and the automatic pilot used in bombing raids. He married Jean Prochaska in Denver, Colorado, October 24, 1942. They had no children. The American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society awarded Lee the Cornelius Amory Pugsley Medal in 1952 for his accomplishments in the field of conservation and the George McAneny Medal in 1961 for his leadership in the field of historic sites preservation.

After his active NPS career, he became a consultant to the NPS and was active with special projects in environmental conservation, legislation, public use, and historic preservation, until his death on August 15, 1972.

C. Summary Scope and Contents Note

The basis of this material is correspondence, drafts, financial papers, information and research material, notes, publications, reports, and speeches. A full listing includes accountant's reports, agendas, annotated papers, articles, awards, balance sheets, biographies, budgets, clippings, columns, completed government forms, copies of other people's correspondence, correspondence, data, drafts, financial papers, excerpts, hearings, information and research material, leaflets, legislation, lists, meeting schedules, membership lists, minutes, news releases, newsletters, notes, pamphlets, papers, periodicals, photos, position descriptions, programs, proposals, publications, reports, retirement letters, speeches, and summaries. This material dates from 1947 to 1972, with photocopies of earlier material. The bulk dates from the 1960's.

The three boxes of material concerning the National Trust is significant. The legislative material found under "Early Preservation" as well as the Antiquities Act material is of interest to current researchers. The record box and archival box of drafts, research for, and material relating to Lee's book Family Tree of the National Park System is significant. This material does not date from Lee's tenure as Chief Historian and hence does not reflect his work in that important position other than the early work with the National Trust. The workings of the Northeast Regional Office are also not reflected in the material dating from Lee's regional directorship. Rather, the Lee Papers reflect his continuing work on national topics for the Director's Office. In summary, this material concerns the broad, national aspects of Ronald F. Lee's work rather than strictly internal National Park Service concerns.

D. Dispersal

When the collection was first received in 1973, much of the ephemera was distributed to park and other topical boxes, contrary to standard archival practice. The memorabilia (medals, etc.) are part of the museum collection. The books and publications became part of the library and in a few instances were distributed to other NPS areas. The photographic collection contains many of his photos. The accession folders give much information. Accession HFCA-150 is the bulk of the papers but there is also some Lee material in Accessions HFCA-48, HFCA-153, HFCA-179 (73-21), HFCA-363 (74-76), and HFCA-504 (76-12). The papers themselves have received much use. Other Lee material may be scattered throughout the collection but the papers are mainly together. This inventory was originally prepared in 1981, 9 years after Lee's death and at least 5 years after the last accession.

The library collection possesses five books which Lee wrote. There are also three oral history transcripts, one with tape taken by Herbert Evison, and two of notes taken by Charles Hosmer on two occasions. The photographic collection contains portraits of Lee as well as photos taken by him.

Most of the books from Accession HFCA-862 (85-1) have been sent to other libraries since they were not within the scope of the NPS History Collection or the HFC Library.
E. Folder List

Series 1 - Concerns and Organizations

This series has been divided into two subseries because it was originally located in two separate drawers of the "Dead File" Lee brought to the Northeast Regional Office from the Washington Office. These folders contain articles, clippings, columns, copies of official correspondence, correspondence, minutes, memos, papers, proposals, newsletters, reports, and summaries. The folders have been left in their original order. The activity, building, or organization listed as the folder heading is the topic for the papers in that folder. This material is stored in Record Boxes 1 and 2.

Subseries A. Drawer 1

Cosmos Club - 1952. Correspondence re sponsoring members

Historic Preservation Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 16-19, 1964. Correspondence, minutes, papers, summary

History News. Correspondence along with Lee's submitted columns.

Nature Conservancy. Pamphlets and Articles

National Parks Centennial Advisory Committee. Memos, minutes, proposals, January 1971-January 1972

Woodlawn Plantation Correspondence - 1954, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62. To, from, and copies of correspondence about.

Woodlawn Plantation Reports. 1956 through 1959

The Conservation Foundation Newsletter January 1967-June 1968

Historic Sites, Historic Preservation, Salvage Archeology and Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation Correspondence, 1960-1966

Subseries B. Drawer 2

National Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. 1966-70 Agendas, Correspondence, Membership lists, Minutes

Land Use Planning. 1971 bills and memos

National Park Systems - 1971 Legislative Program. outline

Department of Natural Resources Bills and Environment, 1968-69 bills, clippings, papers, policy statements

Legislation for Smithsonian Museums. 10/15/66 National Museum Act

Robbins - Lawrence Armory and Machine Shop, Newcomer National Landmark material

Pension Building. March and April 1967 Correspondence re use of building

Mount Independence, Vermont. April 5, 1968 visit, memo

Statement of Historic Preservation Opportunities and Problems, 7/16/64 given at Regional Directors meeting

Alfred Mongin. 1966 NPS historian, NYC memos attendance at meeting

Confidential - Dr. M. Nelligan. December 1965 copy memo re position in WASO

Confidential - Dr. J. D. R. Platt. December 1965 copy memo re position in WASO

Statement on Principles. 1964, 1967 National Trust Lee and others- notes drafts, outlines

Historic Building Craft Center. 1967-68 correspondence, memos, notes, resource material re establishment in Philadelphia

American Museum of Immigration. 1971 correspondence, memos, resource material

Department of Transportation. 1966, 1971 memos and papers re rights of way

Plimoth Plantation. 1957-1970 annual reports, invitations, minutes, newsletter notices

Old Salem. 1956-60 clippings, newsletter, reports

National Freedom Shrine. 1952-59 correspondence

Conowingo Visitor Information Center. February 1967 Philadelphia Electric, correspondence and reports

Historic Sites Survey Consulting Committee. 1967 correspondence, membership lists

Las Trampas. 1967 National Historic Landmark project material

Martha's Vineyard. 1966 correspondence re preservation

Trip to Mather Training Center, October 1966. Agenda, correspondence, notes

Pennsylvania Conference on Natural Beauty, 1966, Hershey, Pennsylvania. Correspondence, recommendations, talk by Lee

Centennial Philosophy Subcommittee. 1971 memos and notes

Notes on REACH program. 1970 includes memos

Series 2 - Individuals

Consists of 27 folders of correspondence both to and from and occasionally copies of correspondence about the named individual. The folders are arranged in rough alphabetical order by last names and the correspondence within is arranged in reverse chronological order. The subject generally deals with the correspondent's professional concerns. If not, the topic is mentioned below the dates and profession that are listed under the individual's name as given on the folder heading. Prominent correspondents include Horace M. Albright, Dr. J. 0. Brew, Major General U. S. Grant, III, Eric Gugler, Dr. Waldo Leland, Honorable Edwin O. Lewis, George McAneny, and Conrad L. Wirth. This material is stored in Box 2.

Albright, Horace M. - 1962, 64, 70 - Spring 72

Brew, Dr. J. O. - 1966 - Spring 72 Archeologist, also historic preservation

Carruth, Corton Carruth - McGraw-Hill, 1966, 68 books related to NPS concerns

Case, Leland D. - 1954-63 Methodist Magazine editor, chapels, Christian Ministry in the parks, general parks

Darling, J. Stormonth - 1964-65 Secretary, National Trust for Scotland

Eiseman, Ferdinand - 1970 Architect

Eiseman, Thomas S. - 1966 Lawyer, National Trust Advisory Board, Vincennes Restoration

Evison, S. Herbert - 1970-71 NPS Retiree, Oral history interviews and tapes.

Finley, David E. - 1962, 63, 70, and 71 Architect National Trust, Hamilton Grange, other buildings

Grant, Major General U. S., III - 1951-57 Civil War topics, speeches

Gugler, Eric - 1948-63, 1965 Restoration Architect

Hosmer, Dr. Charles B., Jr. - 1968 - Spring 1972 Historian and also typescript of 1962 interview

Johnson, Frederick - 1951-60, 65, 66, 69 and 70 Archeologist for Peabody Foundation

Leland, Dr. Waldo - 1952-61 Archivist and former chair of the NP Advisory Board

Lewis, Hon. Edwin O. - 1965-69 Philadelphia Judge, INDE, parks in general

Like, Irving - 1966 - Spring 1972 Lawyer, Conservation, Historic Preservation Easements

Masland, Frank E., Jr. - 1961-65 Rug Manufacturer, National Park Advisory Board Congress Hall Ingrain carpets (INDE)

McAneny, George - 1947-53, plaques and memorials 1953-56 Eminent Preservationist, American History and Preservation Society

Peterson, Charles E. - 1966-77 National Park Service Architect

Shepard, Donald D. - 1952-59 Lawyer, Mellon Estate, Cape Hatteras, National Parks as whole

Osborn, Gardner - 1969-71 Executive Secretary American Scenic and Preservation Society, Federal Hall NYC, writings

Tilden, Freeman - 1970-71 Interpreter, Donation Franklin Book

Wirth, Conrad L. - 1963-71

Tolson, Hillory - 1968 White House Book

Woodward, Charles H. - 1965-66 National Trust 1966 Conference in Philadelphia

Series 3 - National Trust

This series was originally located in the third drawer of the Washington Office files Lee brought to Northeast Regional Office and consisted of 44 folders, 2 1/2 record boxes. The folder material includes accountant's reports, agendas, annotated papers, balance sheets, budgets, clippings, drafts, financial papers, excerpts, legislation lists, meeting schedules, membership lists, minutes, news releases, notes, pamphlets, papers, photos, programs, reports and summaries. Lee's folder arrangement has been kept as much as possible. The folder contents are in reverse chronological order. Within the overall topic of the National Trust, subjects include awards, Board of Trustees, Executive committee, finances, legislation, membership, planning, programs, and properties. This material is stored in Boxes 3, 4, and 5.

National Trust for Historic Preservation Reports, 1954-1961. Budgets and financial reports

Annual Meeting - National Trust, St. Louis, Missouri, October 1967 Correspondence, notes, registration lists

Principles and Guidelines, Workshop II, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Williamsburg, Virginia, March 1967 annotated papers, correspondence, drafts, memos, notes, minutes, reports.

National Trust Conference, October 1966. Correspondence, information papers, schedules

National Trust Board of Trustees. Executive Committee:

July 1967







1957 - Correspondence, agenda, key statements, memos, minutes, notes, papers, lists, reports

1960-1959 - Also includes agendas, some correspondence

National Trust, General File, 1964-66 - Correspondence, notes, papers, reports

Properties Committee (The Shadows) - 1960-64 Correspondence, membership lists, memos

Finance Committee - 1962-66 Budgets, correspondence, reports, membership lists

Committee of Membership and Public Relations (Development Committee) - 1963 Correspondence memos, list, minutes, notes, policy

Summary NT Membership Practices - 1963 Correspondence and memos

Committee of Membership and Public Relations, 1963, 64, 65 - Agendas, correspondence, lists, memos, minutes, reports

National Trust for Historic Preservation, new Committee, 1961 - Membership lists, memos, reports

Lafayette Square - 1957, 58, 1962 clippings, correspondence, legislation, memos, news releases, reports

Dr. Frederick Tilberg - 1957-59 Gettysburg historian correspondence

National Trust - 1966 Organization Directory Report

National Trust Committee on Standards and Surveys, 1957 Correspondence, minutes, reports

Legislation - National Trust - 1965 Correspondence, drafts, memos

Financial Statements - National Trust, '62, 63, 64, 65, 66

Accountants reports, balance sheets, financial statements, supplemental information

Lyndhurst - NTHP - 1963-65 Council correspondence, history, membership lists memos, reports

NTHP, 1964, UNESCO's International Mon. Year Correspondence, clippings, memos, news releases, resolution

National Trust Planning Committee - 1957 Report, annotated program outline, correspondence

Policy and Program Information 1962-64 Budgets, memos, reports, summary

1952-67 By Laws Committee Correspondence, minutes, reports, membership, laws

National Trust Bill and Legislation - 1961-62 with 1948-49 material hearings, reports, old correspondence

National Trust for Historic Preservation Pension Trust Agreement 1962 legal agreement

National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1963

National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1962

National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1958, 59, 60, 61 - Correspondence re committee work and general NT, memos, programs, statements, reports, lists

National Trust History - 1946-48 Correspondence, conference report, proposals, speech

National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1951, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57 - Bill amendments, correspondence, meeting schedules

National Trust Awards Committee, 1959

National Trust Awards Committee, 1958

National Trust Awards Committee, 1960, 61, 62 - Correspondence, clippings, photos, reports, remarks

National Trust for Historic Preservation Literature, Miscellaneous, French Preservation, urban renewal clippings, pamphlets, papers

Wayside Inn, National Trust for Historic Preservation - 1958-60 Correspondence, costs, meeting minutes, reports, papers

National Trust, Cresap Report, 1959 - Correspondence, excerpts from minutes

Series 4 - Personal

Consists of 16 folders Lee had labeled personal. Although most of the folder contents is correspondence, including copies of letters of other individuals, they also include applications, appointments, awards, completed government personnel forms, data, invitations with replies or regrets, memos, notes, retirement letters for other personnel, and travel papers. The folders are arranged in reverse chronological order. The subjects include historical preservation, history, individuals, personnel matters, and properties. The folder marked "Personnel Actions" throws much light on Lee's NPS career. The folder dated 1933-1960 has many letters 1959-1960 about Lee's appointment as Northeast Regional Director. These folders are stored in Box 3.

Invitations, 1963, 64, 65, 66

Invitations, 1955, 56, 57, 58, 59 - Includes reply, regrets are to dinners, anniversaries, lunches, programs, tours, etc.

Ronald F. Lee, Personal, Official, 1969

Ronald F. Lee, Personal, Official, 1966, 67, 68

Personal, 1966

Personal, Official, 1965

Personal, 1965

Personal, Official, 1964

Personal, Official, 1963

Personal, Official, 1962

R. F. Lee, Personal, Official, 1961 - Correspondence and some mimeo publications, retirement letters, historical properties, individuals, histories, preservation, awards

Personal, R. F. Lee 1961-64 - Same as above with clippings

Lee, Ronald F., Personal File, 1933-1960 - 2 parts 1930's with correspondence, applications, appointments 1951-60 correspondence as in personal - official includes many letters 1959-60 re appointment as regional director

Lee, Ronald F., Biography - Late 1960's

Mr. Lee. Personnel Actions - 1933-1961 Applications, appointments, SF 50's, etc.

Joint Council on Housing and Urban Development - 1960 Notes, memos, data, trip

Series 5 - Speeches

Contains 14 folders plus 2 booklets. It marks the end of the "Dead File" Lee brought from Washington Office to Northeast Regional Office. It includes speeches given while he was at the Northeast Regional Office. The material includes some correspondence, excerpts, notes, quotes, and papers as well as speeches and talks. The folders have been kept as received. The contents are in reverse chronological order. Most of the speeches and talks deal with historic preservation and include many dedications and landmark plaque presentations. Other topics are ecology, government, history, national parks, recreation, and taxation. Some of the landmark presentations might be interesting to researchers. The speeches and speech material are in Box 6.

"Speech Data," R. F. Lee 1952-66 Excerpts, notes, quotes, talks

Landmark Material, Speeches, R. F. Lee

1963-66 includes correspondence

Talk given before the Soil Conservation Society, 8/25/65 re conservation history

Tocks Island, Newton, New Jersey, February 6, 1965

Statements re boundaries, payments in lieu of taxes, recreation needs and facilities

Talk given at Presentation of Deeds to State of New Jersey, 8/17/65 For Liberty State Park, given by Jersey City

Wirth Hall Dedication, April 17, 1964

History of building, Wirth support for historic preservation

History Written on the Land, 1949 Bringing History to the People, 1950


Seminar on Preservation, Williamsburg, September 6-11, 1963

Notes re government and preservation

New Jersey Planning Conference, Trenton, New Jersey, February 4, 1964

Envelope, presentation

Fire Island - Adelphia Suffolk College, 6/16/63 Re ecology of Long Island, barrier beaches

1/10/61 - Lee, Garden Department

NPS System, preservation, recreation

9/9/61 - Lee, Alagash

To Press Association re park proposal

Speeches and Talks, R. F. Lee, 1955-59

Speeches and Talks, R. F. Lee, 1946-1954

To various planning agencies, commissions, National Trust, NPS Conferences, at dedications, etc.

Speeches Regional Staff

1960-61 Historic Landmark Presentations, Recreation, Preservation

Two booklets on Preservation

Series 6 - General

Consists of 49 folders of Servicewide material Ronald F. Lee handled for the NPS Directors while he was Northeast Regional Director. This material covers agendas, articles, clippings, correspondence, data, drafts, information and research material,

leaflets, legislation, meeting schedules, minutes, news releases, notes, papers, reports, summaries, and travel papers. The folders are arranged in rough alphabetical order while the contents are in reverse chronological order. The folder heading gives the topic which range from Advisory Board to YCC Camps. Overall they encompass antiquities, associations and organizations, environment, historic preservation, international councils, land use, legislation, NPS areas and programs, and public use. The material on the Legislative Task Force Committee as well as the folders on Role of National Park Service in 1970's and National Park Service Reorganization should be interesting to researchers concerned with the National Park Service. The material is in Boxes 7 and 8.

Personal Correspondence with Director

1959-1969 re personnel, meetings, NPS programs and directions, visits, personal matters

Correspondence with Director (Special Field Assistant Matters)

1966-71 Also memos and summary reports re personnel, NPS programs and goals

Correspondence with Other Service Officials

1966-72 re National landmarks, publications


1966-72 handwritten and typed forms

Ernest Allen Connally

1966-72 Correspondence re archeology, historic preservation, people


1967-71 forms Travel Authorizations and copies Travel Vouchers

Special Field Assistant Records

1965, 66 Position descriptions and memos

Advisory Board

1967 Correspondence

American Association for State and Local History 1967-72 Agendas, correspondence, leaflets, meeting booklets

Camp Rapidan, Shenandoah National Park

November 1966 Correspondence re map

Employees and Alumni Association 1968-72 By laws, correspondence, meeting, minutes, reports

Environmental Conservation (National Environmental Policy) 1968-71 Correspondence and memos, information

Antiquities Act of 1906 1968-72 Correspondence and memos re publication (of study)

President Nixon's 1971 Environmental Program Memos, legislation, proposals

FDR Memorial, Washington, D. C. 1969-72 Clippings, correspondence and memos, legislation

H.A.B.S. 1967-71 Information, correspondence and memos re service on advisory board

Harrisvi11e, New Hampshire. April-June 1971 Publication, correspondence re May trip to historic Mill Village up for sale, trip with Albrights

Historic Preservation Conference for Pennsylvania, Friday, May 19, 1967, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Correspondence re attendance

Executive Order re Historic Preservation, 5/13/71 Correspondence, order, legislation, notes

International Council on Monuments and Sites 1965-70 Correspondence, information, minutes, notes, reports

ICOMOS Travel Representative 1964-69 Correspondence reports, resolutions

Nominating Committee for ICOMOS 1965 Meeting card

International Council on Monuments and Sites, January 1969... January 1969-March 1972 Correspondence, membership lists, minutes, press releases, resolutions

Legislative Task Force Committee (Messrs. Lee, Price and Tolson) August 1968-September 1970 Clippings, correspondence and memos, information, legislation, news release, notes, papers

Legislative Task Force. Dummy notebook with tabs for report

Legislative Task Force, 1971. 1971-February 1972 Agenda, correspondence and memos, legislation, news releases, summary

National Land Use Policy Act of 1970. Clippings

National Park Foundation. October 1965 Memo

National Register. October 1968-April 1972 Budget, correspondence and memos, information, lists, notes, people

Nature Preservation 1962, 63, 67, 68 Information, memos, news releases

New York State Historic Preservation Trust. June 1967-March 1968 Correspondence, notes, position papers, reports

NYC Group 1961, 71 Memos, news releases

Public Land Law Review Commission Report September 1970-February 1971 Correspondence and memos, notes

Public Use and Tourism 1970-71 Correspondence and memos re publication (of study)

Role of NPS in 1970's - 1969 Correspondence, drafts of statement

Regional Conference "New Preservation' November 1967-May 1968 Correspondence and memos, lists, minutes

"Reorganization" of NPS, 1969, 1971. Memos, Director staff meeting minutes

Statement on the National Park Service. September 1968 Correspondence and draft

Student Conservation Program. 1969 Booklet

Tourism. 9/67 Correspondence, draft statement

Underwater Archeology. 1969-70 Correspondence, prospectus

Vieux Carre. 1967-69 Clippings, correspondence

Valley Forge. 1971 Correspondence copy

YCC Camps. 1971 Booklet, press release

Miscellaneous. 1967-70 wide ranging correspondence

Reading Material. 1966, 70, 71 Articles, general

Newspaper Clippings. 1968-71 re Historic preservation

Special Committee on Historic Preservation, 1969 (Lee, Brew and Kohler) 1969, 70 Letters re meetings

Historic Preservation Task Force. December 1966-February 1967 Memos

Series 7 - Organizations

Consists of 32 folders of agendas, articles, clippings, correspondence, leaflets, legislation, membership matters, minutes, news releases, periodicals, and reports. Lee's order has been kept as much as possible with the first part dealing with the National Trust and the second part, about half of the folders, in alphabetical order by organization title. The contents are in reverse chronological order. The National Trust material concerns the various committees Lee served on. The material from and about the other organizations named on the folder headings consists of information given through annual reports, correspondence, membership material, periodicals, etc. The various National Trust committee reports along with the periodicals of the other named organizations might be interesting to researchers. The material is in Boxes 8 and 9.

National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1967, General Information - 1967-72 Agendas, booklets, correspondence and memos, invitations, periodicals, reports

Report on Committee on Profess. and Public Ed. For Historic Preservation July 25, 1967 Report to Trustees, National Trust

Graduate Program. October 1967 Columbia, U. Va., and Cornell program proposals re preservation and historic architecture

Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, August 1967. 1967-68 National Trust correspondence, reports, schedules

Membership Services and Government Liaison Committee. December 1966-August 1967 Correspondence, minutes, notes, policy statement, reports, tallies

Membership Com. and Public Relations, 1966 (National Trust) 1966-70 Correspondence, proposals, minutes

Preservation Leaflet Series and Other Public Pamphlets 1956-70

Ford Foundation Study Group. January 1967-October 1968 Correspondence and memos, proposals, publications, reports

Constitution and By Laws for a Tax Exempt Organization ca 1955-1964 Oversized leaflet

Public Law 408, 81st Congress, Chapter 755 - 1st Session July 28, 1953 Copies of bill

Nominating Committee to Nominate Officers to Executive Committee to be elected at Trustees Meeting, October 1962. 1962, also 1966-67 Nominating Committee correspondence

Criteria for Evaluating Historic Sites and Buildings. 1956 report with other pamphlets

Application for Membership Post 1964 Also Constitution and By Laws with

membership application on back

Member Organ. of National Trust for Historic Preservation November 1961 Directory with other pamphlets

Committee on Principles. 1963-67 Correspondence, membership lists, statements

Association for Preservation Technology. April-August 1969 Membership applications, newsletters, some correspondence

Eleutherian Mills, Hagley Foundation. 1970-71 Agendas, correspondence and memos, papers

Environmental Protection Agency. September-November-December 1971 Periodicals

Fellows in American Studies. 1968 List and letter

Friends Historical Commission. Undated memo and fact chart

Hunterdon Historical Society. 1969, 70 Correspondence, periodical

National Endowment for Humanities. 1970-72 Correspondence, periodical, press releases

Newcomen Society. 1967-68 Bulletins

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. April 1961 Correspondence from H. M. Albright re Philadelphia Conservationists. 1969-70 Periodicals

The Philadelphia Society for the Preservation of Landmarks. 1965 Annual report with copies of 1931 and 1934 correspondence, minutes, and reports

Resources for the Future. 1970 Periodical

Theodore Roosevelt National Historic Site, Advisory Committee and Association. 1966-70 Agenda, articles from Roosevelt's time, correspondence and memos, minutes, periodicals

TIRAC (Tocks Island Regional Advisory Council) 1966-70. clipping, correspondence, periodicals

Urban America, Inc. 1966 Clipping, periodicals, presentment

Welfare Council, Open Lands Project. October 1966 Letter and information

Wilderness Society. 1966-67 Periodicals, pamphlet

Series 8 - Preservation Policies and Legislation

Consists of 21 folders of mostly legislation along with clippings, some correspondence, many memos, and reports. Lee's order has been kept, which includes some chronological, reverse chronological, and alphabetical arrangements. Foreign, state, and city legislation is included along with government matters. Almost all of this material would be interesting to researchers, especially those concerned with preservation and its legislative history. Box 9.

Preservation Policies and Legislation, U.S.A. 1935-61 Memos, draft bills, copies legislation

State Historic Preservation Laws and Commissions. 1957-72 Information, laws, lists, manuals, reports

Current Preservation Problems (Newspaper clippings) 1965-71 Mounted, also a magazine clipping

Natural Beauty. 1965-66 Correspondence, report, TV script

B.P.R. [Bureau of Public Roads - now FHA] and Salvage Archeology. May 1957 Memo

B.P.R. and Historic Preservation. May 1964 Memo

B.P.R. Report to Rains Committee. November 1965 Letter mentioning

NPS and Salvage Archeology. 1948-60 Memos, records, reports

GSA and Historic Preservation. Information in galley form

Urban Renewal and Salvage Archeology. November 1963 Memorandum and program

Urban Renewal and Historic Preservation. Testimony

Urban Renewal and NPS Pamphlet. 1966 Urban Renewal Pamphlets and Fact Sheets

White House Conference on Natural Beauty. 1965-66 Correspondence, report

City Historic Preservation Laws and Commissions. 1963-70 Information sheets, laws, pamphlets

Preservation Policies and Legislation, Other Countries

Preservation Policy and Legislation - Poland 1962

Preservation Policy and Legislation - Netherlands - 1961

Preservation Policy and Legislation - France - 1964

Preservation Policy and Legislation - General, Other Countries 1968

Preservation Policy and Legislation - Great Britain - 1953

Preservation policy and Legislation - UNESCO - 1962, 65

Series 9 - Areas

Consists of 23 folders of correspondence with accompanying material. The folders are arranged in alphabetical order with the contents in reverse chronological order. The areas are those proposed for inclusion in the National Park System, historic landmarks, and/or with preservation concerns. Researchers interested in particular areas might check this file. The files are in Box 10.

Ansley Wilcox House, Buffalo, New York. 1966-68 Correspondence with data and notes

George Rogers Clark National Historical Park. 1965-66 Correspondence with clippings and legislation

Cold Spring House, Wickford, Long Island. May-August 1967 Correspondence

Countryville. 1966-69 Correspondence with information sheets

Delaware Water Gap. June 7, 1967 Memo

Ellis Island. 1965-69 Correspondence with clippings, costs, notes, plans and reports

Fort Augusta. April-June 1966 Correspondence with pamphlet

Fort Frederica. February-August 1966 Correspondence with clipping and plan

Gardner's Island. 1966 Clippings

Great Falls. 1967-69 Correspondence

Hamilton Grange. 1962-70 Correspondence, accompanying material

Hampton. 1970-71 Correspondence

Martha's Vineyard. 1970-72 Correspondence with clipping

Pensacola, Florida. 166 Background information, notes, photo, report, survey

Robert Frost. 1964-67 Correspondence with information sheets, records

Roosevelt, Campobello. 1961-65 Correspondence with agreement, clippings, legislation

Saint Gaudens. 1963-70 Correspondence and memos with legislation, minutes

St. Croix Island. July-August 1967 Correspondence

Salem Trip April 12-14, 1966. February-May 1966 Correspondence with map, plan, report

Salem, Massachusetts. 1965-67 Correspondence with clippings, map, notes

Heritage Plaza East Urban Renewal Area. 1966 Correspondence with clippings, map

Savannah, Georgia. 1965-70 Correspondence with clippings, pamphlets, reports

U. S. Mint, San Francisco. November 1965-March 1966 Correspondence with project construction proposal

Series 10 - Early Preservation, Antiquities and Monuments

Consists of 40 folders of research material that has been photocopied along with notes. It includes articles, clippings, some correspondence, drafts, excerpts, history, legislation, papers, and reports. Lee's arrangement, which may have a chronological basis, has een kept and photocopied material is arranged in reverse chronological order. The folder headings list the area, organization, or subject the contents concerned. Lee's handwritten notes scattered throughout might be interesting for researchers. The photocopied material should be valuable to anyone doing a legislative history. It is especially useful for the National Park Service Organic Act of 1916 and for the Antiquities Act of 1906. This material is in Box 11.

Organization of NPS. 1968,69 Chart, manual pages

Antiquities Act Report. April-July 1971 Correspondence

Uniform Rules and Regulations, 1958. 1906 Legislation

Draft Trans. Memo Study #1. Undated draft memo, notes

Casa Grande. 1886-1969 Correspondence, history, legislation, notes

Mesa Verde. 1906-1969 Clippings, legislation, notes

National Monument estab[lished] under Antiquities Act - General, 1916-1933. 1916-1933 History, legislation

Interior Mon[uments] to 1916. 1886-1916 History, legislation, paper, notes

National Mon[uments] General, 1906-1916. Undated notes, including handwritten

Antiquities Act. 1906 Legislation, notes

Antiquities Act. Undated chapter drafts, notes, research

Early Protection of Antiquities and Vandalism. Undated notes for article

Bandelier National Monument. 1916 History, legislation, report

Abolition of National Monuments. (Date not copied) Opinions of Attorney General Vol. 39 re Castle Pinckney

Department of Agriculture National Monument (Archeology and Hist.) to 1916. Undated notes

Archeological Institute of America. Undated articles, notes

Records of the Past, Exploration Society. 1902, 1904 Periodical

New England Historical Genealogical Society. 1882 Article

Ise' s "Antiquities Act". Undated notes

General Land Office. Undated notes

Bureau of American Ethnology, National Museum. Undated typed excerpt, notes

Breath of Life - An Outline of the Development of a National Policy for Historic Preservation, J. D. McDermott. March 19, 1966 NPS policy paper

Castillo de San Marcos and Fort Matanzas National Monuments. 1924, 33, 42 History, legislation, reports

Fort Pulaski, Fort Sumter, Castle Pinckney. 1924, 1948 History legislation

Wright Brothers National Memorial. 1927, 33, 53 History, legislation

Movement to Preserve Prehistoric Antiquities. June 1969 Draft paper

Antiquities Act - Biblio. and General. Undated notes

War Department Bulletin #27, 1915 and Bulletin #2, 1925, Cabrillo and Big Hole Includes legislation, history

National Park Trust Fund Board, 1935 Report

McDermott's Study of Preservation Legislation. August 1971 Correspondence

Historic House Museum Concept. Undated notes

National Trust Charter, 1949 Also legislation, history

Williamsburg. June 8, 1967 N.Y. Times, obit. A.L. Kocher

Extended National Historic Preservation Authority Beyond 1966. 1965-66 Memos, draft legislation

Philadelphia Society for Preservation of Landmark's 1931, 35 Correspondence, minutes, report

Notes on Meeting of Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Panel on Environmental Conservation DL 1968. Handwritten

Beginning of H.A.B.S. - Also Philadelphia Survey, 1931-33. 1930's Correspondence, notes

NPS Service Act 1916. 1905-1916 Legislation, history, legislation

Legis[lative] History of Historic Preservation Act of 1966 / Material on Advisory Board and Historic Preservation, Columbia University. Undated paper, excerpts, reports

Master Copy. June 6, 1969 draft paper The Movement to Preserve Prehistoric Antiquities and Monuments 1979-1933.

Series 11 - Military Areas and Early Preservation

Consists of 35 folders of mostly photocopied research notes. It includes articles, book chapter, clippings, some correspondence, excerpts, history, legislation, and reports. Lee's folder arrangement has been kept and the contents are in reverse chronological order. The folder heading gives the area or subject for the contents. This material was used in a draft study which is also included. Later portions were published posthumously as The Origins and Evolution of the National Military Park Concept. Anyone doing a legislative history of a military area should investigate this material. It is in Box 11.

History of H.A.B.S. Reprint 30 Years of H.A.B.S., Charles E. Peterson. November 1963, Journal, American Institute of Architects

Origin of History Themes, NPS. Report on the Visit by Dr. Clark Wissler to National

Parks and Monuments of Historical and Archeological Interest, November 8, 1929

Catalogue Cards for Rogers, Legislation History of NPS. Photocopied pages from Dictionary Catalogue of the Department of the Interior, also notes

Gettysburg National Park. Book excerpts, legislation, reports, notes

Morristown. Typed history notes, legislation

Colonial National Monument. Dedication address, legislation

Revolutionary Battlefields and Sites. Legislation, notes

National Military Park Concept and Its Evolution. Handwritten notes

Statue of Liberty. Legislation, notes, Presidential message

Washington Monument, D. C. Articles, correspondence, resolutions

Rescue of Independence Hall and Square, 1816 - Booklet, clippings, correspondence, notes

National Military Parks - Battlefields - Auth. By Congress, 1876-1970. Handwritten lists, notes

Mt. Vernon. Excerpt, notes

Nationalism. Book excerpts, chapters, clippings

Gui1ford Court House. History, legislation, notes

King's Mountain. History, legislation, notes

Moores Creek. History, legislation

Condemned Cannon for Monuments. Legislation, resolutions

National Cemeteries. 1939 legislation re Andrew Johnson National Cemetery

Antietam. Excerpts, congressional documents

Chickamauga-Chattanooga National Park. Excerpts, history, legislation, notes, congressional reports

Shiloh - Vicksburg National Military Parks. History, legislation, notes, congressional reports

National Military Park Commission Concept, 1902-1912 - Hearings, legislation, notes, reports

Restorations of White House - 1902. Correspondence, excerpts, notes

American Battle Monuments Commission. Directory, excerpt, legislation, notes

Investigation of Battlefields, 1926-1933. Hearings, legislation, notes, congressional reports

Transfer of Battlefields - War to Interior, 1933. Hearings, legislation, opinions of Attorney General, notes, congressional reports

General Concept - Preservation Study. Articles, map, notes, papers, photos

Section 106 . Articles, correspondence and memos, minutes, notes, periodicals

Rough Draft of Text. Our National Historic Preservation Policies: The Story of Their Early Beginnings and the Men Who Guided Them to 1933. February 26, 1969 with outline and notes, includes NMP, Antiquities, H.A.B.S.

Strays. Booklets, papers, programs, press releases, reports

Master Copy. Peface to Our National Historic Preservation Policies: ...

National Memorial, General Concepts to 1933. Notes

Bills - Stray Notes, revisions

Historic Preservation Study, Draft, 12/9/68. Our National Historic Preservation Policies: The Story of Their Early Beginnings and the Men Who Guided Them to 1933

Manuscript - R. F. Lee. National Military Park Idea. Unlabeled folder containing handwritten and typed manuscript material, National Military Park Idea

Series 12 - Environmental and Preservation Concerns

Consists of 27 folders of mostly correspondence and memos, information, and legislation. Lee's folder arrangement has been kept and the contents are in reverse chronological order. The folder heading gives the subject of the contents. This material would be valuable for legislative histories. It also gives a partial history of the environmental movement that swept the country in the late 1960's and early 1970's. These concerns are those of national importance that Lee handled for the Director's Office. Box 11.

Pending Legislation re Environment. 1970 National Wildlife Federation and Conservation Foundation periodicals

Legislative Task Force - Field Suggestions and Limitations. 1969 Information, memos, notes

Youth and Volunteer Programs. 1967 Agreement, correspondence, report

Draft Bill Referred to Committee by Bob Landon. Undated ca 1969 amendments

Environmental Procedures. 1969-70 History, legislation, memos

BOR Procedures. 1969-70 Correspondence and memos, legislation

Urban Historic Preservation. July-August 1970 Clipping, correspondence

Theme Studies. June 11, 1970

Historic Sites Act 1966-69 Legislation, memos

Urban Environment. March 1970 Legislation

Environmental Education. 1969-70 Agreement, correspondence, legislation

Extension Programs, NPS. Undated List

International Division. 1969-71 Correspondence and memos, information, legislation

Outline of Environmental Responsibilities of NPS. 1968 Correspondence, notes

Environmental and Travel. December 1969 News releases, U.S. Travel Industry

Antiquities Act Memo. 1968-70 No memo but research material

Drafts re Policies, Regulations and Statutory. 1970 Information and summaries as well as drafts

Policies - Natural Areas. 1966-70 Information, legislation, memo, press releases

Register of National Landmarks. 1967-70 Draft papers, info, legislation, memos, press releases

Grand Teton. 1951 Report to Congress

Yosemite. Many varied dates History, legislation, notes

National Environmental Policy Act Memo, 8/24/70 also includes correspondence

Guidelines for Environmental Studies. June-September 1970 Also memos

1971 NPS Legislation Program Information, draft papers

Public Lands Inventory. May 1970 Program, paper notices

R. F. Lee Analysis of Chapter 12, Outdoor Recreation, Chapter 3, Planning Goals and Chapter 18, Disposal, Acquisition and Exchanges 1970 Article, typed notes

Antiquities Act Memo, Jack Price re Jurisd. Water Rts. September 1970

Series 13 - Family Tree

Consists of 38 items concerning Lee's book Family Tree of the National Park System, 1972. It includes annotated copies, correspondence, corrected drafts, illustrations, notes, and publication material. The folders have been kept as found in Lee's file with some additions. Those interested in the book and its publication should investigate all this material. The pre-publication reviews and the corrections are interesting. This material is in Box 12 and a document box.

[NOTE: Lee's book was extensively revised by Barry Mackintosh and republished by NPS in 1984 under the title The National Parks : Shaping the System.]

Shortened version - Family Tree - Photocopy

Proof Sheets - Family Tree

Family Tree - Correspondence, clippings 1971-72

Our National Historic Preservation Policies - Typescript Part I

Family Tree - Handwritten and typed chapter drafts

Lists and Charts for Family Tree (unlabeled folder)

Unlabeled folder lists for Family Tree

Tables of National Monuments, 1906-70. Handwritten and typed lists, drafts, notes

Evolution of NPS System by Area. Hand-drawn chart, lists

Proofs - Family Tree Chart (not in folder) Hand-drawn, not set proofs

Unlabeled folder - Manuscript Material Family Tree. Also typed chapter drafts

Family Tree - Report covers introduction, chronology

Unlabeled folder - Proofs and Typed Manuscript Family Tree - Handwritten corrections

Travel Data - Handwritten and typed lists of park visitation

Copy shorter version Family Tree - handwritten corrections and notes

Family Tree Shortened Draft Version, 11/9/71, R. F. Lee. Copy reviewed by Utley

Family Tree shortened draft version 11/9/71, R. F. Lee, Copy reviewed by Kahler with his notes

Unlabeled folder - Typescript with corrections - Family Tree. Corrected copy with further corrections

Unlabeled folder - Typescript with corrections - Family Tree copy reviewed and annotated by Swem

Bill Everhart. Correspondence August 1971

Unlabeled folder - Notes re printing, spacing

Unlabeled folder - Notes, handwritten - Family Tree, Charts, lists, memos, legislation, research material

Cultural Parks. Typescript The Historian and Historical Preservation

Urban Parks. Correspondence, symposium minutes, publications

Registered Natural Land, etc., Registered Historic Land, etc. Notes and Federal Register Vol. 3, No. 37 February 25, 1969

Notes and Federal Register Vol. 3, No. 37, February 25, 1969

National Park System Act P.L. 91-383 August 18, 1970, other notes

National Environmental Policy Memo, Memo on PLLRC Report October 1970, August 1970

Clippings, 1969-71 re Dept. of Interior, Environment, Urban Preservation

National Cultural Parks, 1971 Survey, The Concert Scene in New England

Family Tree. Corrected copy with additional corrections in red

Comment on Family Tree, May- September 1972 Correspondence

Family Tree - Copy in blue note folder with note slip 3/72

The Family Tree of the National Park System by Ronald F. Lee, draft, 3 copies in report binders

Family Tree Galley - Folded in envelope

Series 14 - Antiquities Act Research

Consists of 13 folders of mostly photocopied material. It includes articles, some correspondence, drafts, legislation, papers, and reports. The folders have been kept as received. The folder headings give the subject of the contents. Those interested in the Antiquities Act and its legislative history should investigate all this material. It is in a labeled archive box.

House and Senate Committee Reports on Antiquities Act, 1900-1906 Reports on legislation, S5603, HR10451, HR11016

American Association for the Advancement of Science. 1945 National Archives report on the background of the 1906 Antiquities Act, correspondence, legislation, notes

General Legislative History - Antiquities Act. Clipping re Aspinall's legislative role, notes

Historic Government Buildings - GSA - Surplus Property. Living Monuments, Legislation notes

Historic Sites Act of 1935. Legislation, report

Reports of Secretary of Interior and Commissioner General Land Office, 1906-1916 Excerpts from annual report

Transfer of National Monuments to Interior. Opinions of Attorney General, report, paper

American Anthropological Association. Articles, notes

HUD - Department of Housing and Urban Development. Articles, correspondence 1966-67, drafts, legislation

Hearings on Antiquities Act, 1904. Congressional Record excerpts, transcript, notes

Antiquities Bills, 1900-1906. Legislation, notes

Antiquities Act of 1906, Draft on Paper, handwritten and typed chapter drafts

The Movement to Preserve Prehistoric Antiquities 1879-1933, Ronald F. Lee, draft, June 6, 1969. 2 copies - 1 carbon and 1 photocopy

Series 15 - Speeches and Speech Material

Consists of 25 folders that Lee kept at his home. The material includes clippings, drafts, information, and notes as well as speeches. The folders have been kept as received. The subjects include archeology, education, history, historic sites, interpretation, planning, and preservation. The site, thus audience, for the speech is listed with other pertinent information. The folder of History on the Highways is interesting along with many of the speeches, especially those on education, history, and preservation. Anyone studying the history of ideas and techniques and their evolution should read these speeches. Box 13.

Speeches about Park Planning, Historical Planning, 1952-53

American Planning and Civic Association, National Trust

Speeches on Archeological Salvage, 1947 Westerners, Chicago; Symposium on Government Archeological Research

Speeches on Travel, 1947. WQQW (radio?), D.C.; Controllers Institute, D. C.

Speeches of Commemoration and Dedication: Statue of Liberty, 1946; Hampton; AASLH, 1948; Michigan State College 1951; APCA, 1956; American History Association and AASLH, 1950; Beauregard House; Arthur Demaray; Chalmette, 1958

Speeches about Education: AASLH, Glacier, Jamestown, Information Manual

Unlabeled Folder - Information on the History of the National Capital Parks

Speeches on Historical Preservation: American Planning and Civic Association, AASLH, Duke University, Morris House Dedication, Michigan State College, Antietam, Institute of Pa. Life and Culture

National Park Service - General Information. Areas Administered 1950 & 1955, National Park Location Map #5 Rocky Mtns. - Plains

History on the Highways - Markers. Article reprint Planning and Civic Comment, December 1951

Quotes on History; Travel, etc. Clippings, notes

Notes for Speeches on Historic Sites - Social Value; Travel, etc. Handwritten, drafts

Notes and other material on Education, 1958 - 1944-58, clippings 1945-46

Material on Souvenirs - Handwritten notes, speech drafts

Notes on Travel - Social Value; Psychology; etc. Handwritten, clipping, drafts

Notes on History of Parks: Handwritten on Great Smoky Mtns, General, Fort McHenry, Jamestown, Fort Necessity, Wakefield, Fort Frederica, Ocmulgee, Hopewell, Salem Maritime, Guilford Courthouse, JNEM (Jefferson National Expansion Memorial)

Chief of Interpretation position - Handwritten suggestions to Wirth

Material on Conservation - Clippings 1953-56

Material Speeches - Talks by others - Clippings, correspondence as well as speeches

Historical and Architectural Monuments in the U.S.A. - Transmittal memo and 1950 paper (by R. Lee)

Material on State Parks - Tabulations, manual

Salem, Massachusetts - 1966 - Clippings, report notes (draft)

Theodore Roosevelt Association - 1962-1973: Agenda, budgets, correspondence, menu programs, minutes, speeches

National Council for Historic Sites and Buildings Quarterly Reports 1947-52, Historic Preservation 1952-56

Speeches - 1959-1964: Visitor Services Conference, Interpretation; Michigan

Legislature, NPS and Preservation Activities in Michigan; Garden Club, Impact of Recreation; Cooper Union, Historical Landmarks; New Years Message 1963, NPS Years Achievement NERO; Ecology Symposium Adelphi Suffolk College Long Island, Fire Island; Regional Directors Meeting; Historic Preservation Opportunities and Problems; N.J. State Planning Conference, Historic Preservation and the Environment; National Trust, draft statement of Preservation Principles

Miscellaneous - 1963-1965 - Clipping, dedication, invitations, notes

Series 16 - Proposed Memorial Study

Consists of 25 folders of research material Lee kept at his home. Included are book excerpts, clippings, compilations, correspondence, drafts, handbook, legislation, legislative histories, notes, petition, photographs, reports, resolution, and survey. The material has been kept as received. This original order may have a chronological basis. The various memorials and monuments identified on the folder hearing serve as the subjects for the folder contents. The legislation should be important for legislative histories, histories of the preservation and park movements, etc. Box 13.

National Memorial Concept and Its Evolution - book excerpts, handwritten notes

Groton Battle Monument - Handwritten and typed notes

Trenton Battle Monument - Book excerpt, legislation, handwritten notes

Bennington Battle Monument - Handwritten notes, petition, report to Congress

Monmouth - Legislation, handwritten and typed notes

Washington Monument - Newburgh - Handwritten notes, report to Congress, resolution

Princeton Battle Monument - Clipping, legislation, handwritten and typed notes

Lossing - Handwritten notes from book

Bunker Hill Monument - Book excerpt

Concord Monument - Book excerpt

Maumee Valley - Legislation, reports to Congress

Old Ironsides - 1830 - Book excerpt

Washington Monument - Baltimore - Handwritten notes

Study of National Military Parks - Proposed Battlefields, Monuments, etc. 1870's Compilations, legislation, reports to Congress, survey

Proposed Legislation for Revolutionary Monument General Legislation - 1884 Report to Congress

Lafayette's Visit - Resolution

Comments on Part 1 - Lee's Report - Correspondence 1969-71

Revolutionary Projects in Hosmer Correspondence, notes

Trenton - Drafts Chapter One, Monuments for the Battlefields of America, legislation

General History of Monuments - from Art Stand Point - World - Book excerpts, clippings, notes

Yorktown Monument - Book excerpt, handbook, legislation, legislative history, reports to Congress, resolutions

Equestrian Statue of General Washington - Notes, resolution

General Warren, General Mercer Monuments and Others for Wooster, deKalb, Davidson, Scriven - Notes, report to Congress, resolution

Notes on Chronology of Monuments - Handwritten notes, report to Congress, Montgomery Monument, Book excerpt, notes, photographs

Series 17 - Miscellaneous

Consists of 5 folders plus 16 loose items. Lee probably kept this material at home. Included are clippings, legislation, memos, papers, periodical, reports, and standards. The material has been kept as received. Subjects covered are land use, the National

Park System, parks, planning, preservation, and recreation. Box 13.

Legislative Task Force 1969 Memos, hearings

Copies of NPS Laws - Paperback book, legislation

A Preliminary Plan for Scenic Highways in California - March 1962 paperbound report

Urban Renewal Legislation. Also memo, papers, reports, statistics

Clippings re Adaptive Use HUD, etc. 1969

Draft Amendments to October 1966, Historic Preservation Act - Section 108 re appropriation from Department of Interior - Section 106 to permit U.S. participation in Rome Centre (International Centre for Study of Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Properties) and to expand membership from Advisory Council

Paper - Alternatives for Outdoor Recreation - Excerpt from report, undated (areas with minimum of 5 and maximum of 17 alternatives)

Draft - D. W. Humphrey Establishing Priorities...Land and Water Conservation Fund, 5/23/69. Urban areas, new appropriations

A Strategy Paper. Shenandoah National Park and Surrounding Region by Donald W. Humphrey, January 1969 - 4 part - basic facts and premises, program for park, need of action on adjacent lands, multi-county regional planning

Draft - MS 2604, Box 1 and 2 and MS 4323 - Preliminary archival inventories, unnamed repository

.Memo: Theme Studies and Gaps in National Park System 6-5-69 Natural and historical areas

NPS Involvement in Resources Inventory of Interior Lands - Draft with blanks Planning for NPS and Planning for Preservation

Small Natural Areas Bill - 11/69 Draft memo and bill

National Land Use Planning Act - 2 page proposal

NPS Organization, DI Manual 7/10/68 - Chart, Chapter 1 Creation, Objectives, and Function

Memo: Draft of Summary Chapter of Nationwide Outdoor - Chapter 2, The Recreation Imperative; 29 pages annotated

Policies, Programs and Activities of the Department of Interior Hearings, April 1969 Serial No. 91-2 includes NPS and BOR

Memo: Standards-Design and Management of Rec. Activities - Maintenance of Physical Facilities and National Resource Studies and Management - Memo and 29 page standards

Czech magazine Pamatova Pece, photocopy and material from George Svejda - Restoration of monuments and historic places

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, A Report to the President and to the Congress, May 1970 - 1969 annual report, annotated

That the Past Shall Live - Mission 66 Report inscribed by Shirley Hurst

Series 18 - Independence Office Material (Accession HFCA-862 (old no. 85-1))

Consists of 27 items Lee kept in an office he used in the Independence National Historical Park headquarters building. Included are articles, correspondence, drafts, excerpts, notes, periodicals, publications, and reports. The material had been further subdivided into six categories but otherwise kept as received. Topics include environment, international concerns, land laws, parks, Philadelphia, and preservation. Material on the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 and the Public Land Law Review Commission should be interesting for researchers. It is in a labeled archive box.

A. Magazines and Pamphlets

Magazine - Historic Preservation, Vol. 12, No. 1, 1960, last page annotated and updated, membership list for officers

Magazine - Historic Preservation, Yol. 12, No. 3, 1960, much annotation on 2 copies of last page, officers

Booklet - The Cost of Freedom, Frederick C. Rath, Jr., inscribed to Lee

B. Philadelphia

Park Planning correspondence enclosing Dr. McHarg's study on criteria for selection of open space for Philadelphia, 1966

Statewide Outdoor Recreation Plan Interim Report, Pennsylvania State Planning Board, 1966

Folder material - Philadelphia Bicentennial Activities

C. National Environment

Conference Report - NEP Act of 1969

Congressional Record - (Continued Report NEP Act of 1969), December 20, 1969

Excerpt - Federal Register, Vol. 35, No. 92, May 12, 1970, Guidelines Proposed Federal Actions Effecting the Environment

Memo for Director, NPS - NEP Act of 1969 National Environment Policy Act of 1969

H of R Report, No. 91-378 - Council on Environmental Quality, July 11, 1969 Congressional Record - Council on Environmental Quality, 9/23/69

D. Public Land Law Review Commission

Handwritten notes - Land Law, typed notes PLLRC Report, priority notes National Land Use Policy and Program

Excerpt - Congressional Record, National Land Use Policy 1970, January 29, 1970

Draft memo - Public Land Law Review Commission Report, R. F. Lee, May 22, 1970

Public Land Law Preview Commission Report, October 1970

E. Working Material

Draft - Park Road Standards

Typed notes - Purpose of Parks on Est. Legislation

Notes - Establishment of Parks, Coop. Functions of NPS

Statement on Historic Preservation Opportunities and Problems for NPS, R. F. Lee, July 1964

Article reprint - "A Current View of Area Preservation," Stephen W. Jacobs, AIA Journal, December 1964

Act to Amend LWCF Act of 1965, July 15, 1968

Correspondence Footnote to Legislative History of NH Preservation Act, 1969

Summer Roster - HABS/HAER, 1971

F. International

Second International Congress of Historical Mon. Architects and Technicians, Interior Draft Charter for Preservation and Restoration of Monuments, May 29, 1964

Report of U. S. Delegation to UNESCO Committee for Draft Recommendations on the Presentation of Cultural Property Endangered by Public and Private Works, March 11-20, 1968

Series 19 - Historic Preservation

Consists of 4 archive boxes of material filed on the movable shelves under category H-42. Included are budgets, clippings, correspondence, drafts, legislation, minutes, news releases, notes, papers, periodicals, reports, and speeches. The boxes were arranged by the former curator. This arrangement has some chronological basis. Those interested in the National Trust and the American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society would want to review the correspondence in these boxes. The entire Rains Committee box should be reviewed by those interested in historic preservation and legislative history. The statements on roles and functions in the OAHP box might be interesting for researchers. The labels of the four-archive boxes are given in the listing.

A. National Trust Statement of Principles Acc 150

Minutes Executive Committees, National Trust 1967, 68, 72

Annual Reports and Directory 1956-58, 1969-70

Envelope marked National Trust Memos and Report 1958 Contains correspondence 1958-64, lists, minutes, budget booklets, clipping, speech

Guidelines and Criteria

Memo, 2 report booklets

Folders - Statement of Principles - Original drafts, six revisions, some notes

B. Special Committees (Rains) on Historic Preservation 1965 Acc 150

Preliminary Notes for Use of Special Committee on Historic Preservation - Paper written by Lee 11/65

Committee List, etc. Correspondence 64-65, itinerary, study papers

Historic Preservation Legislation - 2 folders and loose papers correspondence, legislation 1965-66, 1970

Committee Briefing - Memo 10/65, papers, article excerpt

Historic Preservation Report - Clippings 1965, memos 1964-65, notes, December 1964 report, memo and itinerary, report outline

Special Committee on Historic Preservation (Miscellaneous) Mounted clippings 1966, correspondence and memos, 1965-66, notes, membership list

Special Committee on Historic Preservation, NPS "Draft" Legislation, Legislative summary, draft bill November 1965

Special Committee on Historic Preservation, NPS Special Task Force Records

National Survey of Historic Sites and Bldgs., Legislative summary

Special Committee on Historic Preservation Correspondence with Mr. Feiss, Technical Advisor December 1965

Special Committee on Historic Preservation Committee Study Reports October 7 & 14, 1965

Special Committee on Historic Preservation Correspondence with Director

Missing memo October 1965

Special Committee on Historic Preservation Correspondence with Mr. Rains, chairman November-December, 1965

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation November 1966 memo, reports 1971, 1972

Report of the Special Committee on Historic Preservation

Correspondence and memos 1966-67, notes, report

C. American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society Acc 150

Pugsley Awards - 1951-68 correspondence and memos, clippings, citations, biographies, news releases

American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society, 1967-1971

Agenda, minutes, citations, correspondence, meeting notices

American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society, 1962-1966

Correspondence and memos, meeting notices, press releases, biographies

American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society, 1957-1961 - Correspondence, citation, budget, meeting notices

American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society, Octagon

1965-1970 Correspondence, clippings, photographs, reports

Certified Public Accountants Reports for American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society 1950, 1956, 1966

State Control Management and Use of Historic Properties, 1944 Merrill Denison Sec. American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society

D. Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation (OAHP) Acc 150

OAHP - Memos, charts, papers, minutes re reorganizations, roles, and functions 1966-71

Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation Correspondence and memos, legislation, press releases, reports, bibliographies 1967-71

Historic Preservation Program (National Historic Preservation Act of 1966)

Correspondence and memos, legislation, papers, statements, notes, press releases 1966-70

Series 20- K1818 - Behavior, Visitor Use Studies

Consists of two archive boxes of material filed on the movable shelves with the other boxes in this category. Included are articles, clippings, correspondence, drafts, news releases, notes, periodicals, reports, speeches, and statistics. The material has been kept as received. It concerns a monograph Lee prepared in 1967 entitled Public Use of the National Park System 1872 - 2000. The statistics are important research tools. The material came in two different accessions that are labeled on the listed box heading.

 Public Use Study Accession  HFCA-0153

Public Use of the National Park System 1872-2000, a rough sketch prepared in 1967 by Ronald F. Lee, 2 copies Typescripts, one with corrections

Published Monograph Public Use of the National Park System 1872-2000 by R. F. Lee

2 copies, 1 with 1969 figure sheet, other with correspondence, notes, speeches

Reach for a Perspective to the Future Paper update NPS Long Range Objectives with Visitor Papers

Outdoor Recreation Literature: A Survey. ORRRC Study Report 27, 1972

Reprint "Will Success Spoil the National Parks?" The Christian Science Monitor, Copyright 1961

The National Park Wilderness Mission 66 Report. Monumentum, Vol. VI, 1970 Special Issue. Magazine of ICOMOS, contains report by Lee

Public Use Report. Typescript Public Use rough sketch 1967 and photocopy with pencilled corrections and annotations

Public Use Report Material. Correspondence and memos 1966-70, reports, speech

Travel Figures: Clippings, notes, press releases, reports, statistics

Unlabeled Report Book: Correspondence and memos, notes, clippings, speech, papers, report

Public Use Study - Correspondence and memos, comments

Letters from NPS Staff and Alumni and others on Public Use Study Book 1968

F. Appendices

Note on Lee's file drawers at Northeast Regional Office, Acc 150

Although the material in Accession 150 was received from Northeast Regional Office, it concerns national rather than Northeast Regional Office functions. The NPS Director personally delegated responsibility for the National Trust, historic preservation nationwide, and Advisory Council among other subjects to Ronald F. Lee. The other Northeast Regional Office personnel were not involved in the matters covered by these files. A letter from George A. Palmer, retired Northeast Regional Office officials explains this in full.

The material in Accession 150 was originally in two file cabinets. Lee labeled one cabinet the "Dead Files." They were brought from the Washington Office when Lee came to Northeast Regional Office. This file had four drawers. Drawer 1 material is now in Series 1, 19 and 20. The material from Drawer 2 is now in Series 1 and 2. Drawer 3 material is now Series 3. Drawer 4 of the "Dead Files" is now in Series 4 and 5.

The other non-Northeast Regional Office file cabinet in Lee's Northeast Regional office contained "current" material he handled for the Director. This steel cabinet had five drawers of material with nationwide importance. The general material kept in Drawer 1 is now Series 6 although there may be some in Series 19 as well. Drawer 2 material is now in Series 7, 8, and 9. The material kept in Drawer 3 is now Series 10. Drawer 4 material is now Series 11 and 12. Although Lee physically did some of the work at Independence headquarters, material concerning his Family Tree book was found in the fifth drawer of this steel cabinet. Family Tree is now Series 13.

Note on Antiquities Act Research Series XIV

The accessions are inconclusive regarding the source of Series XIV. The material is obviously Lee's and the folders came together.

Note on Accession HFCA-0153

The series description states that Lee kept the material in Series 15 and 16 at his home. It follows that this material came from Accession HFCA-0153. Likewise material in Series 17 is described as probably coming from Lee's home and is therefore most likely from Accession HFCA-0153. The series description for Series 20 states the material came in two accessions. These accessions are HFCA-0150 and HFCA-0153.