National Park Service History Collection RG 2


Description: the home and office files of Harold L. Peterson, Chief Curator of the National Park Service. A NPS historian since 1947, Peterson received the title Chief Curator 1963-64, and served in this position until his death January 1, 1978. The office files cover many curatorial matters including his expertise on arms and armor. The home files also reflect Peterson's activities as a prolific author on military art, history and science and material culture.

Inclusive dates: 1963-1977

Location: 11.2 lf. of office files in 11 record boxes and one archive box in the archives vault, 1.7 lf.- of home files in one record box, two archive boxes, and two and a half archive boxes in the archives vault, 5.7 lf. of home files in 18 archive boxes in the rare book area of the main library (1988).

Keywords: Arms and Armor. Artillery, Cairo (Gunboat), Conservation ENPMA, Firearms, HERO (Historic Evaluation and Research Organization), Military Areas, Museums, Ordnance, Peterson, Harold L., Swords, World War II - History.

A. Provenance

This inventory covers two separate sets of Peterson papers: his office papers and his home papers. The office papers were transferred to NPS Archives from the HFC Springfield Office in January 1978, after his death.(They did not receive an accession number at that time) The home files were acquired from Mrs. Dorothy Peterson a short time later. They comprise accession HFCA-685. The mechanicals for the book Round Shot and Rammers were acquired from Mrs. Peterson in September 1984 as accession HFCA-848. The office material was very well organized, with its own index, etc., and has been kept as received. It reflects Peterson's various roles as chief curator, historian, arms and armor expert and overall consultant for the NPS. The material from his home reflects Peterson's activities as a prolific author. There are reference files as well as manuscripts and drafts of his publications. The collection was catalogued into the HFC Museum Collection as HFCA 640.B. Biography Harold Leslie Peterson was the Chief Curator of the National Park Service and a noted arms scholar. He was born May 22, 1922, to Leslie Chauncey and Mildred (Croft) Peterson in Peekskill, New York. After education in local schools, Peterson received his AB magna cum laude from Drew University in 1945 with a break of nine months for service during World War II. Also, in 1945, he married Dorothy Parker. They had two children, Harold L., Jr., and Kristin Dorothy. Peterson worked for the Wisconsin Historical Society in 1946 while working on his MA that he received from the University of Wisconsin in 1947. Upon graduation, Peterson went to work for the National Park Service and stayed until his death on January 1, 1978.

Harold L. Peterson was an expert on arms and armor and did consulting outside as well as within the Park Service. He belonged to several professional organizations and received numerous awards and honors. He authored many books and articles on arms and armor, military and social history, including some for children. He was also interested in and played military music, some of which was recorded. His office drew up a four-page summary of his experience, publications, books, professional organizations, awards, honors and interests, a copy of which is attached to this inventory.

Although noted for his expertise in martial affairs, Harold L. Peterson was personally a gentle, peaceful, religious man. He carried on a long battle with illness and disease, but continued working to the end and was noted for his cheerful humor. He was an inveterate collector of arms, armor, and antiques in general. Peterson's expertise and qualities as a historical scholar were widely recognized. His legacy is felt not only in his writings but also in the collections and exhibits of the National Park Service.

C. Summary Scope and Contents Note The majority of the Harold L. Peterson Papers consists of correspondence. Many other types of material round out the correspondence. Included are agendas, bibliographies, clippings, completed government forms, drafts, drawings, illustrations, lectures, lists, negatives, notes, photos, proposals, publications, reports, speeches, and survey. These papers date from 1963 to 1977 covering the latter part of Mr. Peterson's career.

Because of Peterson's reputation as an international expert in the field, the correspondence labeled "Arms and Armor"; "Inquiries, Cannon Guns and Gunsmiths"; and "Inquiries, Swords" should be interesting. The correspondence on interpretive operations and artifacts pertaining to the parks and areas would also be interesting. Those concerned with the Eastern National Park and Monument Association (ENPMA) might want to look into Peterson's files on his activities as a very active board member. Military historians of the 20th century should look over the Historic Evaluation and Research Organization (HERO) material compiled for the military by Peterson as well as the above-mentioned correspondence on military artifacts. The home boxes are interesting from the light they throw on the activities of an author.

The Peterson Papers only cover the second half of H. L. Peterson's career. Material is not present from his work in Wisconsin or the first half of his Park Service career. Overall, the office correspondence reflects Peterson's roles as Chief Curator, arms and armor expert, historian, and consultant within the framework of the National Park Service. The home file reflects his activities as a prolific author that goes hand in hand with his Park Service work. Works authored before 1961 are not represented. The National Park Service greatly encouraged Peterson's writing.

D. Dispersal Some of the publications in Peterson's files were catalogued and placed in the Harpers Ferry Center Library. HFC Library purchased Peterson's book collection after his death. The bulk of this extensive collection has been catalogued into the HFC library. A few items listed in the office files index were not transferred.E. Series Series 1 - Administration

Consists of 12 folders that hold copies of correspondence, forms, notes, and publications. They deal with finances, planning, and personnel. Folders dealing with specific employees were removed before the material was transferred. The correspondence is arranged in reverse chronological order. They are in Record Box 1. The series was arranged and labeled by Peterson's office in Springfield, Va. (since closed and moved to Charles Town, WV).

Administrative Matters 1976-

Administrative Matters 1971-1975

Administrative Matters 1964-1970

Administrative Matters - Financial

Administrative Matters - Financial, Fiscal Year 1974

Administrative Matters - Planning


Division of Museums

Division of Reference Services

Harpers Ferry Center

Museum Development Personnel Correspondence

Museum Job Descriptions

Series 2 - Associations and Organizations

Consists of 48 folders, over 2 record boxes of agendas, correspondence, lists, notes, periodicals, programs, and reports. They concern Peterson's membership in and dealings with the association named on the folder heading. The folders are in alphabetical order with the material in reverse chronological order. There are 13 folders dealing with the Eastern National Park and Monument Association (ENPMA). This material is in Record Boxes 1, 2, and 3. The series was arranged and labeled by Peterson's office.

Advisory Council - re The Rome Center 1972

Advisory Council - re The Rome Center 1971

Advisory Council - re The Rome Center 1969

American Association of Museums

American Association for State and Local History

American Freedom Train

American Revolution Round Table

Bicentennial 1975-

Bicentennial through 1974

Bicentennial Ordnance

Bicentennial Poster

Bicentennial Poster Correspondence

Company of Military Historians 6/74-

Company of Military Historians through 5/76

Eastern National Park and Monument Association 1/77-

Eastern National Park and Monument Association 7/76-12/76

Eastern National Park and Monument Association 1975

Eastern National Park and Monument Association 7/73-12/74

Eastern National Park and Monument Association 1971-6/73

Eastern National Park and Monument Association 1968-1970

Eastern National Park and Monument Association Publications Committee 1/76-1/78

Eastern National Park and Monument Association Publications Committee 9/75-12/75

Eastern National Park and Monument Association Publications Committee 1/74-8/75

Eastern National Park and Monument Association Publications Committee through 12/73

Eastern National Park and Monument Association Requests to Publish - Volume I

Eastern National Park and Monument Association Requests to Publish - Volume II

Eastern National Park and Monument Association Requests to Publish - Volume III

Field Artillery Museum Association

International Association of Arms and Military History

International Centre Committee - Advisory Committee for Historic Preservation

International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works

Institute for Conservation Advisory Board

ICOM Laboratories Committee

ICOM Laboratories Committee - Replies to Gettens Questionnaire

Maryland Historical Trust

Museum of Our National Heritage

National Conservation Advisory Council 1/76-

National Conservation Advisory Council 6/75-12/75

National Conservation Advisory Council through 5/75

National Conservation Advisory Council Brochures

National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities

National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities Proposals

National Historic Society

National Rifle Association

National Trust for Historic Preservation

New York State Historical Association

UNESCO Convention 1972

Washington Committee of Correspondence

Washington Region Conservation Guild

Series 3 - Correspondence Consists of 63 folders, 2 record boxes of incoming correspondence with its outgoing reply. The presence of incoming is what distinguishes this correspondence from that in the rest of the papers. In Series 4 and occasionally in other series incoming will be present but this is rare. The correspondence sets are arranged in reverse chronological order while the folders are arranged in alphabetical order. The subjects are the folder headings. Approximately half of the folders are labeled "Inquiries", subject rather than subject correspondence. This shows how well Peterson's expertise was regarded. This material is in Record Boxes 3, 4, and 5. The series were arranged and labeled by Peterson's office while the subseries were later grouped by the Chief, HFC Library.

Series 3A. Arms and Armor Correspondence

Consists of 10 folders dated from January, 1964 to 1967.( with coverage up to Peterson's death).

Series 3B. Foreign Correspondence

Foreign Correspondence 6/77

Foreign Correspondence 1/76-5/77

Foreign Correspondence through 12/75

Foreign Correspondence - Canada 6/76-

Foreign Correspondence - Canada through 5/76

Foreign Correspondence - England 1/75-

Foreign Correspondence - England 12/74

Foreign Correspondence - England through 12/74

Series 3C. Miscellaneous Correspondence

General Correspondence - 1/76-

General Correspondence - 1972-1975

General Correspondence - 1971

General Correspondence - 1970

General Correspondence - 1/76-

General Correspondence - 1972-1975

General Correspondence - 1971

General Correspondence - 1970

General Correspondence - 1964-1969

Interpretation-Painting Correspondence


Living History Program

Military Music in American, Form Reply

Museum Correspondence 1966-1968

Museum Study Team Correspondence

Regional Office Correspondence 5/77-

Regional Office Correspondence through 4/77

X-ray Ordnance - Indian Head, Maryland

Series 3D. Inquiries





Cannon 6/75-

Cannon 1972-5/75

Cannon 1964-1971




General 1/75-

General through 1974


Guns and Gunsmiths 8/77-

Guns and Gunsmiths 1/75-7/77

Guns and Gunsmiths 1971-1974

Guns and Gunsmiths 1967-1970




Regiments and Persons


Source of Supplies

Suppliers, Acquisitions, Loans

Sword 5/77

Sword 1975-4/77

Sword 1972-1974

Sword 1971

Sword 1967-1970



Series 4 - Parks and Areas

Consists of 113 folders, over 3 record boxes of incoming and outgoing correspondence (including memos) as well as notes regarding artifacts connected with interpretive operations at various parks and areas. The site is named on the folder heading and those named in the correspondence in the 3 general folders are also listed. The folders are arranged alphabetically and the correspondence is in reverse chronological order. There is correspondence on the steamboat Bertrand, the gunboat Cairo (4 folders), and the Lincoln suit at Ford's Theatre. Material is in Record Boxes 5, 6, 7, and 3. The folders were arranged and labeled by Peterson's office.

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace


American Museum of Immigration

American Museum of Immigration Correspondence, 1971-

American Museum of Immigration Correspondence, 1965-1970

American Museum of Immigration Project, 1967-1971



Arkansas Post

Army-Navy Museum, 1966-

Army-Navy Museum, 1961-1965

Army-Navy Museum Preliminary Plan

Bent's Old Fort

Big Hole National Battlefield

Blue Ridge Parkway

Cape Hatteras

Cape Hatteras - Man and Nature on the Outer Banks

Castillo de San Marcos National Monument

Castle Clinton



Colonial National Historical Park

Colonial National Historical Park - The Nelson House

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg - Flowerdew Plantation

Coronado National Memorial

Cumberland Gap

DeSoto National Memorial

Edison National Historic Site

Federal Hall

Ford's Theatre - Lincoln Suit

Fort Caroline, 1971-

Fort Caroline, 1967-1970

Fort Caroline Correspondence and Donations

Fort Caroline Purchase Order Donations

Fort Clinch State Park

Fort Davis

Fort Frederick

Fort Garland

Fort Jefferson

Fort Laramie

Fort Moultrie-Fort Sumter

Fort Moultrie Plans

Fort Necessity

Fort Ninety-Six

Fort Point

Fort Snelling, Minnesota

Fort Stanwix, New York

Fort Taylor

Fort Ticonderoga

Fort Union

Fort Vancouver

Fredericksburg Battlefield

Gateway National Recreation Area, Sandy Hook

General Parks A-F contains:


Allegheny Portage

Andrew Johnson

Apostle Islands

Appomattox Court House


Bolivar Heights


Canaveral National Seashore

Cape Cod

Carl Sandburg

Chaco Canyon

Chickamauga and Chattanooga




Delaware Water Gap

Effigy Mounds


Fort Bowie

Fort Donelson

Fort Foster

Fort Frederica

Fort Hancock

Fort Larned

Fort LeBouef

Fort Ligonier

Fort McHenry

Fort Mifflin

Fort Pitt

Fort Pulaski

Fort Smith

Fort Spokane

Fort Washington

Fossil Beds

General Parks G-M contains:
  George Washington Carver

Glen Canyon NRA

Golden Gate

Gulf Islands

Horseshoe Bend

Hot Springs

Lava Beds

Lincoln Home

Lyndhurst, Irvington-on-Hudson

Mammoth Cave

Manassas NMP

Mount Rainier

Mount Rushmore

General Parks N-Z contains:
  Navajo Hill Visitor Center

New Market Battlefield

Nez Perce

Pacific NHP Museum

Pea Ridge

Perry's Victory

Petersburg Battlefield

Pictured Rocks

Plimoth Plantation

Richmond Battlefield

Saint Croix


Salem Maritime

St. Simons

St. Roch NHS, British Columbia

San Juan, Washington

Theodore Roosevelt

Turkey Run

U.S.S. Constitution

Valentine Museum

Virgin Islands

William Howard Taft

Wilson's Creek

George Rogers Clark

George Washington Birthplace

Gettysburg National Military Park

 Golden Spike

Grand Portage

Guilford Courthouse National Memorial Park

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

Herbert Hoover National Historic Site


Independence National Historical Park, 1/75-

Independence National Historical Park

 Independence NHP - Ring in the Jubilee

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

Kings Mountain National Military Park

Lassen Volcanic

Longfellow National Historic Site

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Site

Marine Corps Museum

Marine Corps Museum Correspondence

Marine Corps Museum Plans

Mead Hall

Minute Man National Historical Park

Moores Creek National Historical Park

Morristown National Historical Park, 6/76-

Morristown National Historical Park through 7/76

Mound City Group

 Mount Vernon

Museum of the Confederacy (Brandenburg)

Natchez Trace


St. Mary's City

San Juan NHS, Puerto Rico


Saratoga - Guns on the Heights

Saugus Ironworks


Ships The Bertrand

Ships: The Spencer


Smithsonian Armed Forces Hall

Southeast Archeological Center

Springfield Armory

Stones River National Battlefield

Thaddeus Kosciuszko

Tumacacori National Monument

Valley Forge

Vicksburg National Memorial Park

Vicksburg NMP - the Cairo, 1969-

Vicksburg NMP - the Cairo, 1967-1968

Vicksburg NMP - the Cairo, 1966

Vicksburg NMP - the Cairo Plans

West Point Museum Fort Putnam

White House

Winterthur Museum

Woodrow Wilson Birthplace

Wright Brothers

Series 5 - Personal - H. L. Peterson

Consists of 19 folders of bibliographies, incoming and outgoing personal correspondence, employee skills inventory, lectures, memos, notes, completed personnel forms, travel forms, and travel tickets. The folders are arranged in alphabetical order according to headings - bibliography, correspondence, education, travel and others - while the contents are in reverse chronological order. This material is in Record Box 9. The series was arranged and labeled by Peterson's office.

Bibliography - H. L. Peterson

Correspondence, Personal - 1975-

Correspondence, Personal - 1972-1974

Correspondence, Personal - 1970-1971

Correspondence, Personal - 1967-1969

Correspondence, Personal - 1966

Correspondence, Personal - 1965

Correspondence, Personal - 1964

Correspondence, Personal - 1963


Correspondence, Regarding Lectures

Education - Cooperstown Graduate Program, 1967-1968

Education - Notes M-Chemistry Conservation Course

Education - Seminar Material

Speeches - H. L. Peterson

Travel, H. L. Peterson - 1966-

Travel, H. L. Peterson - 1963-1965

Travel, European Trips - 1965-1971

Travel, European Trips - 1956-1964

Virginia State Capitol Correspondence

Series 6 - Reference

This series has been divided into 2 subseries - General and Publications. There are 24 folders of general material and 4 folders of publications. The material includes correspondence, drafts, lists, proposals, publications, and surveys. The folders are arranged alphabetically while the contents are in reverse chronological order. The headings included conservation, demonstrations, ENPMA, Mission 66, museum, preservation, prints and specific artifacts among others. The publications are bulletins and newsletters of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. This material is in Record Boxes 9 and 10. The series were arranged and labeled by Peterson's office.

Series 6A. General



Demonstration Courses - 1967-

Demonstration Course - 1967-1968


Firearms Demonstration - 3/1968

"Notes on the Fointwinder" by Cy Behutsam

ENPMA - Cowpens Manuscript

ENP&MA - Hot Springs Manuscript, Valley of the Vapors

ENP&MA - Ivan EnvironmanENP&MA - Zenger Manuscript

Interpretation Talk and References

Inventory of Government Owned Oil Paintings

Mission 66 Cannon Survey - 8/57-

Mission 66 Cannon Survey - 1/57-7/57

Museums, Interpretive

Museums, MPS - Lists and General Information

National Museum Act Program - Fiscal Year 1974



Smithsonian: List of Prints Available

South Bend Replicas, Inc. (Barnett)

"Star Dust" by Earl Jackson

U. S. Rifle Model 1862 Remington Safety Manual - 4/l/68

Series 6B. Publications

Bulletins of the Advisory Council of Historic Preservation - 1/76-

Bulletins of the Advisory Council of Historic Preservation - 6/75-12/75

Bulletins of the Advisory Council of Historic Preservation through 5/75

Newsletters of the Advisory Council of Historic Preservation

Series 7 - Reading Files

Consists of 18 folders of outgoing daily correspondence arranged in reverse chronological order. They are in Record Box 11. The series was arranged and labeled by Peterson's office.
Reading and Daily Section (18 File Folders, 1/68-12/77)

 "Reading - H. L. Peterson"  Series 8 - HERO (Historic Evaluation and Research Organization)

Material consists of 32 folders of memos, papers, and publications. Peterson kept this material at home and arranged it himself by what seems to be chapter headings in a publication the collection does not have. Little is known about the Historic Evaluation and Research Organization beyond the information found in these papers. The material is in 1.5 archive boxes.

Memo - January 18, 1965, Re: Payment of Fees

Mass Casualties Memo No. 8, 3/3/65

II-B-2 - Other West European Experience, Marshall Andrews, 5/4/65

II-D-2a(l) - Strategic Bombardment of Europe German Operation vs Allies, Marshall Andrews, 5/4/65

Shaw II-D-2-b(l) - Strategic Air Assault of Japan (1) Non-Nuclear Attacks

Rothenberg, 3/15/65, II-C-2 - Case Studies of Mass Attacks on Population, C. Early Modern Examples 2 other European Wars of Religion

Rothenburg, II-D-4-b. 3/23/65 - Smyrna Massacre, 1922

 Rothenburg, II-D-4-b, 3/23/65 - Armenia, 1915

Rothenburg, II-D-4, 3/24/65 - Genocide in the Balkans: Yugoslavia, 1944-1945

Military, Political and Psychological Implications of Massive Population Destruction in History, a HERO Study Proposal

Mass Destruction Memo No. 5, 1/26/65

Terms of Reference - Mass Destruction

The Eighteenth Century

The Age of Gunpowder: Early Weapons

HERO - Military, Political, and Psychological Implications of Massive Population Casualties, Vol. I, 9/17/65

HERO Mass Casualties, Vol. IV

Mass Casualties Memo No. 6, 2/17/65

Revised Terms of Reference Mass Casualties

Revised Study Outline Mass Casualties

Revised Allocations of Effort Chart Mass Casualties

Mass Casualties Memo No. 15

Mass Casualties I

Mass Casualties II

Foley, II-D-5-B - Toxic Chemical Weapons, Central Pacific, World War II

The Age of Technological Change (Part B)

Summary Final Report on Historical Trends Related to Weapon Lethality Mass Casualties Memo No. 7, 2/19/65

Addresses of Mass Casualties Participants

Recommendations for Armed Forces Museum

Mass Casualties Vol. III

Mass Casualties Vol. II

Series 9 - Miscellaneous Curatorial Materials

Consists of 10 folders of correspondence, papers, publications, reports, speeches, and miscellaneous material that has accumulated in the collection. There is no specific arrangement while the subjects cover curatorial matters. This material is in an archive box.

Folder - HLP Filing, contains letters of inquiry re objects and carbon of answers

Folder - Ordnance Papers, late 1600's

Report - Conference of Regional Museum Curators, September 13-18, 1964

Object Inspection Report - Cairo

Pamphlet - The National Historic Preservation Program Today, January 1976

Ft. Caroline Correspondence

Correspondence, General

 Comments and thoughts on Springfield - W. Meuse Slide-Lecture, Bill Brown, Roosevelt-Vanderbilt, March 1977

Folder - ENP&MA Material

Mechanicals - separate, etc.

Series 10 - Additional Home Reference

This Material was unearthed by the librarian who said it came from Peterson's home. It consists mainly of photographs and drawings along with correspondence and clippings. The folder headings were kept as found, but it was rearranged into the categories of artillery, edged weapons, firearms, and other. It is in a record box, an archive box, and a half archive box, which are stored in the archive vault. Two large flat boxes are located in the attic (1998).

Series 10A. Artillery


Ancient Artillery

18th Century Artillery

Federal Artillery

Recent Artillery

Series 10B. Edged weapons


Early Swords and Daggers

Series 10C. Firearms



Long Rifles

Percussion Cartridge

Yaeger II

Series 10D. Other

Bullet Molds and Tools


Conservation Pictures





Shipwrecks - Underwater Archeology

Series 11 - Home Files

This material was obtained from Mrs. Peterson and had been kept in the Peterson home. The material includes clippings, correspondence, drafts, drawings and illustrations, manuscripts, negatives, notes and notecards, papers, photos, prints, proofs, publications, and research material. The Chief, HFC Library arranged the Home Files and labeled them by contents. The contents/subjects concern various publications authored by Harold L. Peterson along with research material by other authors. There are 18 archive boxes of material, temporarily located in the rare book area of the library.

Box 1 Artillery

Box 2 Armor

Box 3 Note sheets for American Swords, Americans at Home; Biblio. sheets

Box 4 How-do you know its old?

Box 5 How do you know it's old? - Box 2

Box 6 Edged weapons, polearms, tomahawks, Asiatic edged weapons, notes on swords

Box 7 Illustrations, notes, manuscript American Knives

Box 8 Reference files, flags, museums and collection, HLP Collection

Box 9 Pageant of the Gun, data files: "Rifles," notes on Columbus gun

Box 10 Data files: uniform and dress, early; uniforms, 1800-1860, 1861-1865, 1865-

Box 11 Miscellaneous, miscellaneous letters received, Jamestown artifact photos

Box 12 Data file miscellaneous

Box 13 Miscellaneous publications by other authors

Box 14 Miscellaneous publications by other authors, Box 2

Box 15 Miscellaneous publications by other authors, Box 3

Box 16 Arms and Armor in Colonial America (illustrations)

Box 17 Miscellaneous slides, slides from "Fakes" lecture, "War of 1812 in Michigan"

Box 18 Notes and handwritten drafts for a book - possibly Arms and Armor in Colonial America

F. Appendices

AB (magna cum laude) - Drew University, 1945

MA - University of Wisconsin, 1947


Weapons Consultant, Wisconsin Historical Society, 1946-47

Curator, Museum Laboratory, National Park Service, 1947-48 Historian, National Park Service, 1948-51

Chief, Historical Investigations Branch, 1951-55

Staff Historian, 1955-64

Chief Curator, 1964-

Advisor on military matters to Colonial Williamsburg, 1949-50

Advisor on military matters to Plimoth Plantation. 1949-

Honorary Curator of Edged Weapons, West Point Museum, 1952-58

Consultant on Weapons to Henry Ford Museum, 1953-1967

Associate Curator, U. S. Artillery and Guided Missile Center Museum, 1959-


Editor of Military Collector & Historian, 1949-51; Editor-in-chief, 1951-52; Consulting Editor until 1978

Technical Editor, Artillery Through the Ages, Washington, 1949

Editor, Military Music in America, 1961- 1978


The American Sword, 1775-1945, New Hope, 1954

American Silver Mounted Swords, Washington, 1955

Arms and Armor in Colonial America, 1526-1783, Harrisburg, 1956

Arms and Armor of the Pilgrims, Washington, 1957

American Knives, New York, 1958

Notes on Ordnance of the American Civil War, 1861-1865, Washington, 1959

A History of Firearms, New York, 1961

The treasury of the gun, New York, 1962. Also editions in England, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Holland and Spain

The Encyclopedia of Firearms, New York & London, 1964

Forts in America, New York, 1964

American Indian Tomahawks, New York, 1965

A History of Knives. New York. 1966

Remington's treasury of Historical Guns, New York, 1966

Pageant of the Gun, New York, 1967

The Fuller Collection of American Firearms, Richmond, 1967

The Book of the Continental Soldier, Harrisburg, 1968

Daggers and Fighting Knives of the Western World, London and New York, 1968

A History of Armor. New York, 1968

Cups of valor (under pseudonym N. E. Beveridge) (Harrisburg, Pa., 1968)

Round Shot and Rammers, an Introduction to Muzzle-Loading Land Artillery in the United States, Harrisburg, 1969

Americans at Home, New York, 1971

America's Fighting Men (With Peter Copeland) , New York, 1971

The Great Guns (with Robert Elman), New York, 1971

Various articles on arms and armor in Encyclopaedia Britannica, Concise Encyclopaedia of Antiques and Collier's Encyclopedia.

Professional Organizations:

Company of Military Historians (Founder and Governor, 1949-1972, President, 1960-63)

Wisconsin Gun Collectors Association (Founder, first secretary)

American Society of Arms Collectors (Honorary member)

Executive Council of the Association des Musees d'Arme d'Histoire Militaire (an international organization 1963- 1978)

American Association of Museums

Society of American Sword Collectors (Trustee, 1949 until merger with

Company of Military Collectors & Historians)

Potomac Arms Collectors (Director, 1955-58)

Armor and Arms Club

Arms and Armour Society Great Britain

Vaabenhistorisk Selskab, Denmark

Svenska Vaabenhistoriska Sallskapet - Sweden

Massachusetts Arms Collectors (Honorary member)

Maryland Arms Collectors (Honorary member)

New Mexico Gun Collectors (Honorary member)

International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works

Accademia di San Marciano, Italy

National Historical Society (Board of Advisors, 1970-1978)

Awards and Honors:

Elected one of first Fellows of the Company of Military Historians, 1957

U. S Department of the Interior Distinguished Service Medal awarded in 1958 for outstanding contributions in the fields of historical research and museum planning

Awarded Order of St. Barbara by U. S. Artillery, 1959, for distinguished service to the Artillery

Ancient Order of the Artillerist, awarded by U. S. Artillery, 1963, for distinguished service to the Artillery

Honorary memberships in organizations listed above

Drew University Alumni Achievement Award in Arts and Humanities, 1967

Best Book of the Year related to the history of the American Revolution

Honored by the American Revolution Roundtable, 1968, for the Book of the Continental Soldier.

Other Interests:

Fencing: Variety foil and saber in college, undefeated in 3 years varsity competition in saber.

Collecting arms and armor - since 1932 developed extensive private collection.

Military Music - have played in numerous military bands, was conductor and arranger for Drew University band while a student.

Collected books and records of military music of all periods.

Participated in the production of several historical records for commercial record companies and have began production of a series of records entitled Military Music in America under the sponsorship of the Company of Military Historians. Three records "Fife and Drum Music of the American Revolution" (1961) "Military Music of the War of 1812" (1962) and "The Army in the West, 1870-1890" (1967) have appeared thus far. Records on the French and Indian War and Early Band Music were in progress at his death.

April 11, 1988 by Ruthanne Heriot
Revised October 14, 1998 by David Nathanson