The Harold P. Fabian Advisory Board Collection (1961-1973)

National Park Service History Collection RG 3


A. Provenance

Mrs. Josephine C. Fabian donated these files. The late Harold P. Fabian collected them during the course of his work on the Advisory Board on National Parks, Historic Sites, Buildings and Monuments. He served on the Board throughout the 60's and 70's.

The material was sent to Fabian for consideration at board meetings and as a follow up on projects discussed there. Much of it was generated by the WASO Office, National Park Service as well as the various parks and sites investigated. Fabian produced a small amount as well as annotating the information sent him.

B. Biography

Harold Pegram Fabian was a lawyer and conservationist. He lived in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he was born April 1, 1885, to Ferdinand John and Minnie (Pegram) Fabian. After preparations in the public schools of Salt Lake City and the Mercersburg (Pennsylvania) Academy, Fabian received his A.B. from Yale in 1907, and went on to be awarded the L.L.B., by Harvard in 1910. After graduation he was admitted to the Utah Bar (1910) and in October married Ruth Chapman. The Fabians had two children, Ruth P. and Ferdinand J., II. He later (February 14, 1936) wed Josephine Cunningham, his widow. During World War I Fabian served in the U. S. Army as an infantry major. He began his legal career as a member of the firm Dey, Hoppaugh and Fabian, practicing there 1910-1917. Upon release from the service, Fabian joined the law firm of Bayley, Fabian, Clendenin and Judd that became Fabian and Clendenin. He practiced there from 1919 until the 70's. Harold Pegram Fabian died in 1975.

Fabian was an active Republican, attending the 1920 and 1940 National Conventions as well as serving on the National Committee 1928-1932. He belonged to the American, Utah, and Wyoming Bar Associations. Fabian was active in the Chamber of Commerce, serving as president 1930-31, and was on the Board of Governors. Fabian belonged to and held officer posts in both the S.A.R. and the Utah Society of Mayflower Descendents. He was a member of the Alta, Bonneville and Elihu clubs as well as Psi Upsilon and in addition was a 32nd degree Mason.

Fabian was also very active in the following organizations:

Rocky Mountain Packing Corps (President 1934-35);

Jackson Hole Preserve (Executive Vice President, Treasurer, and trustee to 1954); Grand Teton Lodge and Transportation Company (President and Director, 1946-52, Executive Vice President, General Manager and Director 1952-54); Jackson Hole Wildlife Park (Treasurer and Trustee 1946-52);

Travelers Aid Society, Salt Lake City (President, 1957-58);

Utah Pony Express Commission 1959-60; St. John's Hospital, Jackson, Wyoming (Trustee); Sugarhouse Park Authority, Salt Lake City (Board Member and President); Utah Heritage Foundation (Trustee); Nauvoo Restoration, Inc. (Vice President and Trustee); Utah Park and Recreation Committee (1957-66; Chairman 1962-66); Salt Lake City Board of Education (Member and Vice President); National Advisory Committee New York Worlds Fair;

Citizens Defense, Salt Lake City 1941-42; Board of Governors, Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce (President 1947-48); Continental National Bank and Trustee Company (Director 1929-43); Western Air Lines (Director 1929-43);

National Park System Advisory Board (Chairman 1962-64).

C. Summary

The files that were not dispersed are housed (1988) in 3 record and 2 archival boxes. The material is so diverse it has been divided into 23 series.

D. Dispersal

Some of the program books for Advisory Board meetings were not already in the NPS History Collection and were placed in that series rather than kept with Fabian's papers. There were many National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings Reports which were also placed within their own series and the duplicates distributed. Similarly treated were the many Proposed Area Studies and other reports. Editorial Briefs, many news releases, NPS Newsletters, and copies of the Courier were also placed in their own series or distributed. Fabian had collected many park handout folders and booklets that were placed with similar material rather than kept with his papers. Materials dealing with the Second World Conference, the NPS 50th Anniversary, Employee and Alumni Association as well as NPS Directories were also placed in their series in the History Collection. A set of maps was distributed and two reports were catalogued for the HFC Library. None of this material included any personal markings or notes by Fabian.

E. Folder List

Record Box A

Series I - Program Books

Program Book - 63rd Meeting, October 1970

Program Book - 66th Meeting, April 1972

Program Book - 67th Meeting, October 1972

Program Book - 68th Meeting, April 1973

Program Book - 69th Meeting, October 1973

 Series II - Minutes

Minutes of 46th Meeting held April 1962

Minutes of 47th Meeting held October 1962 (2 copies)

Minutes of 48th Meeting held March 1963

Minutes of 49th Meeting held November 1963

Minutes of 50th Meeting held April 1964

Minutes of 51st Meeting held October 1964

Minutes of 54th Meeting held April 1966

Minutes of 55th Meeting held October 1966

Minutes of 56th Meeting held April 1967

Minutes of 57th Meeting held NOvember 1967

Minutes of 58th Meeting held April 1968

Minutes of 59th Meeting held October 1968

Minutes of 61st Meeting held October 1969

Minutes of 63rd Meeting held October 1970

Minutes of 64th Meeting held April 1971

Minutes of 65th Meeting held October 1971

Minutes of 67th Meeting held October 1972

Record Box B

Series III - Meetings

Status Reports - 45th Meeting Advisory Board, September 15-19, 1961

Folder marked Advisory Board Fall Meeting, 1961, Olympic

Folder marked 1962 Spring Meeting - Memos, Correspondence, Proposals, Letters

Folder marked Advisory Board 1962 Fall Meeting, Hawaii

Envelope marked 49th Meeting of Advisory Board, October 24-November 6, 1963, Correspondence, etc.

Folder marked 1964 Spring Meeting, 50th Meeting Advisory Board

Folder marked Advisory Board Fall Meeting 1964, 51st meeting

Series IV - Field Trips

Folder marked Hawaii Trip

Folder marked Advisory Board - Ws & Nt Trip, 1964, Res., TA and Transportation

Material for 1968 Field Trip

Memo on 1969 Field Trip

Folder marked Advisory Board Trip, January 30, 1960, February 7, 1970

Series V - Rules and Regulations

Folder marked Advisory Board Rules and Regulations

Folder marked Advisory Board rules, Regulations and Laws, NPS Organization

Series VI - Reports

Folder marked Advisory Board Report of Wildlife Control Committee

Series VII - Personnel

Folder marked Advisory Board Personnel

Folder marked Collaborator File Beginning 31 August 1966

Series VIII - Correspondence and Memos

Folder marked Advisory Board Miscellaneous Correspondence

Memo June 19, 1969, Management of National Park System

Memo April 1971, Overview of NPS Operations

Overview Report, March 1973

Memo on Land Acquisition

Series IX - Regional Advisory Board

Envelope of material marked Regional Advisory Board Meeting, November 1974, November 1975

Record Box C

Series X - Parks

                    A. Great Smoky Mountains National Park Large folder marked Great Smokies, 1964, containing reports, much correspondence, the Master Plan, several studies, etc. Two newspapers on the Smokies                    B. Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks Memorandum November 9, 1971 on the Yellowstone-Grand Teton Master Plans

Landscape Alterations Map and General Development Maps of Yellowstone, 1967

Envelope marked Receipts and Expense Statements, March 15-18, Yellowstone and Grand Teton Planning Team

Information About the Master Plan for Yellowstone, 1970

Folder marked Yellowstone-Grand Teton Study Team Meetings, Trips, etc.

Envelope marked Data from Chet Brown, 18 May 67, re Yellowstone Park and Grand Teton National Park

Folder marked Yellowstone-Grand Teton Study Trip of Advisory Board, 1967 with addition heading Grand Teton and Yellowstone Parks Master Planning Team, 1967-68

Folder marked Yellowstone-Grand Teton Planning Team, 1967-68

Folder marked NPS Yellowstone Park and Grand Teton Park Planning Team Data re March 15-18, 1970 Meeting in Washington, D. C.

Some articles, public hearing notices, Master Plan draft, and 3 envelopes of material all once tied together and marked National Park Master Plans for Yellowstone and Grand Teton

Folder marked Yellowstone Park and Grand Teton National Park Planning Team Advisory Board Travel Orders and Expense Data

Archival Box 1

C. Canyonlands

National Geographic magazine, May 1962, Canyonlands

Western Gateway magazine, Autumn 1967, Canyonlands

D. Redwoods

Material on Redwoods


Large booklet - Summer in the Park, 1969

F. Gettysburg

Map of Gettysburg Battlefield of 1863

Series XI - States

Newspaper clipping - "Wyoming's Spaced Out Boom"

Travel and Leisure magazine, February/March 1971, Hawaii

Report - California Parks Are Forever

Report - Project 70, Pennsylvania

Series XII - Officials

A. Correspondence with Officials, etc.

Folder marked Re Secretary Udall's Letter October 8, 1962

Folder marked Advisory Board - Correspondence

Director Wirth and Secretary Udall, Hartzog Talks

Folder marked Correspondence George B. Hartzog, Jr.

Folder labeled 1973 Director Ronald L. Walker

B. Hartzog Statements

Statement of Hartzog before House Interior and Insular Affairs Committee, January 30, 1967

Statement of Hartzog before Senate Appropriations Subcommittee, 1971

Archival Box 2

C. Minutes - Director's Staff Meetings

Minutes - Director's Staff Meeting, August 6, 1954

Minutes - Director's Staff Meetings 7,10,12,20 - 1966

Minutes - Director's Staff Meetings 4,9,11,20,22,24 - 1967

Minutes - Director's Staff Meetings 1,2,3,5,6,7,9,16,17,18 -1968

Minutes - Director's Staff Meetings 1,2,3,4,5,15,16,17,18,19 - 1969

Minutes - Director's Staff Meetings 6/18, 8/27, 9/10, 10/8, 19/22, 12/3 1970

Minutes - Director's Staff Meetings 1, 2, 5, 6, 11 - 1971

Series XIII - Landmarks

Memo - August 29, 1968, National Landmark Inspection Standards

Natural History Program Information

Historic Landmark Sheets, 1968

Notes - National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings

Drawings of Acoma Pueblo

Series XIV - NPS Superintendents' Conferences

Envelope of material marked Conference of Challenges, Yosemite, October 1963

Series XI - NPS News Releases

1969 News Releases - March 20, April 26, May 11, May 18, May 29, October 31

1970 News Releases - January 18, May 4, June 15, December 5

1971 News Releases - February 28, March 7, May 14

All news releases annotated

Series XVI - National Park System

Large booklet - c1955, National Park System

Memo - Management of the National Park System, June 19, 1969

Series XVII - Film Proposals

Proposals by Turnball Educational Films for movies on national parks

Series XVIII - Travel and Tourism

Booklet - Travel and the National Parks an Economy Study, Ernest W. Swenson, 1979

Common Ground newsletter, June 1969 re Tourism

Series XIX - USDI Yearbooks

River of Life, USDI Environmental Report, 1970

Quest for Quality, USDI Conservation Yearbook, 1965

Series XX - LWCF (Land and Water Conservation Fund)

Material including House Resolution, LWCF

Series XXI - Christian Science Monitor

Reprint of Christian Science Monitor, series 1969, "Will Success Spoil the National Parks"

Envelope marked Christian Science Monitor article on Park Planning

Series XXII - American Enterprise Institute

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research memoranda - Summer 1975, Fall 1976, Winter 1976

Series XXIII - Miscellaneous

Folder marked Conflict of Interest

Analysis of S Bill 1, YCC

1968 Gun Control Law Report

Memorandum - June 19, 1969, Management of VP System

Memorandum - July 12, 1971, Inholding Wilsonia

Oversize - Proposal for Historical Restoration and Preservation of Lahaina

March 20, 1986
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