Publishing History of the Courier:
Newsmagazine of The National Park Service and Related Publications 1977-2004

The Employees & Alumni Association began a publication called the National Park Courier in 1956. It was issued in a large newspaper-like format. On August 25, 1966, the Service began publishing the Newsletter. It was issued twice a month until 1976 in a small 8½ by 11 format. In March 1970, the name was changed to National Park Service Newsletter. In 1977, The National Park Courier and the National Park Service Newsletter merged to form the Courier: the National Park Service Newsletter. The numbering started over with volume 1.

1977 Vol. 1
1 Nov
2 Dec

1978 Vol. 1
3 Jan
(3a) Feb ( "Vol., no.3 February 1978")
4 Mar
5 Apr
6 May Special edition on the Superintendents’ Conference
7 May
8 Jun
9 Jul
10 Aug
11 Sep
12 Oct
Special issue "Training Opportunities" October 1978

1978 Vol. 2
1 Nov
2 Dec

1979 Vol. 2
Monthly issues Jan thru Dec nos. 3-14.
1980 Vol. 3
1 Jan
2 Jan Special issue on the National Park Service Women’s Conference
Monthly issues Feb through Dec nos. 3-13

1981 Vol. 4
Monthly issues Jan thru Jul nos. 1-7
8 Aug (misnumbered "7")
9 Sep
10 Oct
11 Nov
12 Dec
Special issue "Training Opportunities" Fall 1981

1982 Vol. 5
1 Jan
2 Feb
3 Mar
The publication changed to a large format newspaper-like edition. The issues were not numbered, but they are
assumed to be in Volume 5.
Monthly issues May through December
Special issue (small format) Fall 1982 "Training Opportunities"

The publication changed back to the original small format and started the volume number at 28, issue number 4.

1983 Vol.28
Monthly issues Apr through Dec. numbered 4-12

1984 Vol. 29
Monthly issues Jan through Dec nos. 1-12
Special issue "Training and development Opportunities" Fall 1984

1985 Vol. 30
Monthly issues Jan through Oct. nos. 1-10
11/12 Nov/Dec
Special issue "People, programs, policy: Cultural Resources in the 80’s and beyond"
Special issue "Training and development Opportunities" Fall 1985

1986 Vol. 31
Monthly issues Jan through Dec nos. 1-12
Special issue "Employee development Opportunities" Fall 1986
With the November issue, the publication was redesigned and the name on the cover became Courier

1987 Vol. 32
Monthly issues from Jan through Dec nos. 1-12
November issue misnumbered "9"
The January issue lapsed back to the old design and name on the cover. The February issue resumed the redesigned format and the name Courier.
With the December issue, the publication was again redesigned and renamed
Courier: Newsmagazine of the National Park Service.

1988 Vol. 33
Monthly issues Jan through Dec nos. 1-12

1989 Vol. 34
Monthly issues Jan thru Dec nos. 1-12
Special issue: Oct. 1989 on the 21st Century Task Force

1990 Vol. 35
Monthly issues Jan through Oct nos. 1-10
11/12 Nov/Dec
"Special Employee Development Issue for 1990"

1991 Vol. 36 (became a quarterly publication)
1 Spring "Anniversary Issue"
2 Summer
3 Fall
4 Winter
"Special Employee Development Issue for 1991"
Special issue Aug 1991 on National Park Service housing
Special issue Oct 1991 on the Columbus Quincentennial

1992 Vol. 37 (resumed monthly publication)
Monthly issues Jan through May nos. 1-5
6 Jun/Jul
7 Aug
8 Sep (misnumbered "7")
9 Oct
10 Nov/Dec

1993 Vol. 38
1 Jan
2 Feb
3 Mar
4 Apr
5 Summer
"Special Employee Development Issue for 1993"

"Special Employee Development Issue for 1994"

In February 1995, the Electric Courier began to appear via the Servicewide bulletin boards. It appeared, without graphic material, until the final issue on March 12,1998.

In 1994, the Employees & Alumni Association of the National Park Service began their own publication entitled Newsletter: Employees & Alumni Association of the National Park Service.
In 2000, the title changed to Arrowhead.